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My soon-to-be Website ''

It's going to be a fansite for on online isometric chat, that will include news, safety tips and articles from it's staff members to keep everyone up-to-date with everything. It will have a phpBB forum and etc..

I'm glad to have made my hosting choice. Very Happy

I think it'll be a great time here.

As for an introduction of myself..

My name online is Jyoko, and nothing else.. Wink I work as a Council Member on one website, while being a content/news reporter on another. I enjoy chatting with great people and making new friends. I am learning flash slowly, but when I know much, I will be taking on the task of making my OWN isometric 3D chat room with users I can meet and greet as well. I've been on many web hosting sites such as Roxr, and IconRate, etc.. by by far (email / ftp account wise, probably other areas as well) FRIHOST wins.

One of my 'friends' I guess we should say is a veteran member of the game I play, ( is a moderator on it, and we have gotten attatched quite a bit. Very Happy

As for any neat things, I have been a player moderator on the WELL KNOWN MMORPG RuneScape by Jagex Inc. It was a blast helping/banning bad people, keeping other players safe.

I guess you could call me an eDrifter, or someone who does various things to help out the online communities.. but I have a nice acedemic life as well. Just recently (maybe a month or two ago) I was offered to travel to Washington to learn more about the government/politics. I declined the offer, but regret it.

I think I filled y'all in quite enough. Very Happy
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