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[OFFICIAL] What's your hobby?

Just a nice topic for you to talk about your hobby and what is it about.
My hobby is computers Very Happy

I was active athletic before, but I injured and had to quit. When I'm able to do sport actively, then I do that. I don't want take any risks now.
I used to be a bad ass swimmer, trained in and out but then my coach got all cocky so i quit.
Now im deep into photography and dont see any reason to stop!
IceCameron wrote:
I used to be a bad *** swimmer, trained in and out but then my coach got all **** so i quit.
Now im deep into photography and dont see any reason to stop!

Swimming is an awesome sport. I personaly like quading too.
IceCameron wrote:
I used to be a bad *** swimmer, trained in and out but then my coach got all **** so i quit.
Now im deep into photography and dont see any reason to stop!

Maybe you should continue swimming in your own and watch lesser porn, because that makes you happy and health, not one of those sick bastards.
I do some sports here and there, computers for sure, and I like to drum (I'm not too great at it though). I want to learn set, and I will learn guitar before I die!
Is helping a hobby? I practically have to do it when I'm on the computer. xD While doing that, I work with Flash, Visual Basic (which I suck at by the way). I am the Live Help Manager of

For music, I play the saxaphone, piano, and drums. Smile Smile

For sports, I play football, and soccer. I'm not exactly a weakling, xD At age 11/12, many people said I'd be able to beat up my 15 year old brother, but I didn't. <3
My hobbies?
im, skateboarding...
computers: web design, hardware
Books and movies

And try to train my dog ulisses.
SamiTheBerber wrote:
IceCameron wrote:
I used to be a bad *** swimmer, trained in and out but then my coach got all **** so i quit.
Now im deep into photography and dont see any reason to stop!

Maybe you should continue swimming in your own and watch lesser porn, because that makes you happy and health, not one of those sick bastards.

Photography is not porn..
IceCameron wrote:
SamiTheBerber wrote:
IceCameron wrote:
I used to be a bad *** swimmer, trained in and out but then my coach got all **** so i quit.
Now im deep into photography and dont see any reason to stop!

Maybe you should continue swimming in your own and watch lesser porn, because that makes you happy and health, not one of those sick bastards.

Photography is not porn..

I'm sorry, so sorry, I read wrongly Embarassed Photography is good hobby.
Where to start.....

Ok best first!

Airplanes (everything to do with them Razz)
Video games
Supporting my soccer team ( SS. Lazio)
Currently learning to sing Razz
Photography, Photoshop, Karate, SCUBA diving, making jokes.
I'm most involved with gaming. Not FPS or MMORPGs but real games. The kind where you sit around a table with friends and have a good time. Right now I play Battletech in the evenings.

I'm also starting a company to develop games (again, not for the computer).

I'm into computers and electronics. I like to read a fair bit and wish I had more time to do so.
Well not much to say.. But it probably is computer. And Learning more about everthing else that is computer related.
My hobbies are basketball, photographing, computer games and so on Smile
My hobbies seem different to everyone elses, Cool .

They are:
Radio Control (everything-not toy)

Web stuff

They are the main ones, anyone else do lapidary?
I am not a collector of minerals, but my father has a nice collection and in my childhood I got a good dose of rock hunting following my father in the woods and hills of Eastern Finland. My hometown hosts an annual international mineral show - I really enjoy visitng the fair and looking at the displays and showrooms.

My hobby is ham radio and dx:ing (listening to distant broadcast stations). I got hooked when I was 11 years old, when I realised that there was more to radio than local FM-stations. Even in the age of internet there is a thrill in making a connection with a like-minded radio amateur from a far-away country. Maybe it is enchanting because you have to make an effort to be able to do this kind of communication: you have to get licensed, build your station, erect an antenna, be aware of propagation conditions... With internet it is just too easy!

I our radio club there are people who are into RC (and I mean the REAL stuff)... I haven´t tried it, though, apart from kids toys!
My hobby is playing games Laughing

(OH! Do I need something more creative ?)

Well, when I'm not sleeping,

1. Photography
2. Travel (I do this along with my primary - Sleeping)
3. Reading (a lot)
4. Movies (Well, collecting 'em too)
5. Computers (Seems too low in the list)
6. Computers
7. Computers
8. Computers
9. Computers
10. Do I need more hobbies ?
When I am free, I like to lie in bed, reading and maybe eating snacks. Laughing
I like to go to concerts. Any kind... I'm a kind of live music junkie, no matter which music style, no matter how experienced performers are, no matter is that musicians play thei instrument or dj mix on the pult. Pop, rock, punk, techno, minimal, drum 'n ' bass, electro,... you name it...
Can work be a hobby? I work too much. My co-workers call me 'Neo' because I am always "plugged in".

My work is using, supporting, and designing computer systems. I do it for money and for fun. I also play the piano and I would like to learn to play the guitar.
for me, Programming and making websites, though my programming knowledge is still far too limited...
I play guitar and I love to do websites and the like... I used to be a runner... and I still really enjoy running but I got tired of the team and so I didn't join this year... more time for my computer skill building....

I think I've also made a hobby of procrastinating ^_^
i love sports
and im in the basketball team at school
we'll have a compettion tomorrow
My favorite is computer and playing football.

I think david beckham is the best footballer in the world. Cool
I like computers, building them, altering them, just plain using them. I also like computer games, playing and modding, and I like basketball, playing guitar, and sitting around listening to music. That about covers it.
I like computers, Web Design, Reading, Music (I love music Very Happy), Kerrang! Magazine (it's this zine nin England), flash movies, Talking on msn, School, Drama and my Playstation 2
My hobby is photography....
here some text ofmy website

In 2003 Armand Blaaker went to Tulsa, Oklahoma (USA) for 3 weeks. He went stormchasing/ tornadochasing. He was so fascinated with it that he tried to combine it with his male nude photography. It became a very nice series of art pieces. Now he focused on portraits and studio photography. You can see the result on this website.
I love Sports, I play hockey for my school and my club every saturday. Its such a good sport that anybody can play, no matter what level of skill. I play for my schools 1sts and my clubs 3rds. I train on mondays, twice on wednesdays, thursday, and two/three matches on a saturday. It is so good because I love to eat as well, and playig hockey means that I can eat what ever I want, and I always burn it off. But also not good cos I want to gain a stone or so. So if you want to be able to eat whatever you want, play hockey!!! Very Happy
decard cain
lets see
long distance running- Your stanima almost goes down to nothing, but after I did two miles for the tsunami charity appeal, it was definately worth it

football-My dad used to play for a team, thats why i just love playing.

gaming-Do i need a reason?

yugioh- I love going to these tornements, even if i don't win I just have a good time

pararnormal research-I'm trying to find out everything I can about the mysteries of this world, the deeper you go , the more you find and the more interested you become

Anime style fighting-I remember me and a few friends would sneak upstairs in school and fight like dragonball z/X men characters(I've done this with my cousins when they introduced me to it, i nearly sent my cousin out the window)

keeping fish-trying to get my GSCE's to become a marine biologist.
When the weather is nice and warm and I'm not busy, I take out my bow and will start to shoot around the woods. If my friends are out, we will run in the woods and come back out with torns all over hours later.
If the weather is bad and cold, I might just go on the computer or just read.
Hi all,
in the winter I play football quite a lot, 4 times in a week and in the summer i ride my motorbike and enjoy that,
i love to surf and sail. i sail a hobie cat 14. which is a 14 foot long catamaran which is a singlehander. it is sweeeeeeeeeeeeet. it is so fast and soooooooooooooooo much fun. it is so cool. i also surf and i am going for 2 weeks in the summer if got my own board i can't wait it's going to be so cool waking up at 6:30 every morning to go get some good waves before all the newbies get in the water at 8 and you can't do anything. also i am a computer freak when i can't get to the water.
My main hobby is fencing. In a way. I do some star wars fanfilms where I duke it out with some of my friends, and we do that a lot. To be quite honest, that and filming are basically my only hobbies. oh, and kids. I like kids Smile
Taking photographs: It's great.
Cycling : I really fell free and very happy myself while i'm riding my bicycle.
And also computer & web design, reading books, collacting music albums and movies...

Have a nice day !
Cars. Taking photos
My hobbies are :
1. Drawing
2. Reading
3. Playing games
4. Browsing
5. Listening music
6. Writing
7. Sleep... -_-a
Not much of a athletic guy but i run sometimes.
I like to play guitar and drums.
Theyre the only thing to do besides using the computer.
I LOVE my computer, a bit slowly but it’s a good one.

What I like to do on it is drawing, with Photoshop. My favourite thing with that it to use pictures of me or friends/family and just turn them to something else.

I also like to write. Right now I am writing on my birthday gift to my boyfriend, I want to make him something special. I mostly only have ideas, never get to sit down and complete them. I also love to read fantasy books

I don’t have any hobbies that require running or really hard work. But that doesn’t mean that I am in a bad shape, have sports at school 4 hours on every Wednesday.

That is for the mostly what I like, I also like to just lay in front of the tv and watch (comedy series Very Happy )
I design and create retro video games, mostly fan games of pre existing series. The only original game I am working on is quite long and in depth, so it has not even had a demo yet.

Check out my latest game, Metroid Dreadscape. Original storyline, 2d puzzle/shooter/platformer. The link is in my signature.

I also ride sportbikes, like my Honda CBR 600 RR that I use primarilly for stunting.

And thats my hobbies!
I have a ton of hobbies. My biggest hobby is computers. I'm a real geek. I sit in front of the computer for hours. I use the computer for surfing the web and email, but a lot more advanced stuff too. I write programs, build websites, make computer games, and mess around with a lot of stuff. Other than computers, one hobby I have is collecting coins. Unlike others, I like to find the coins instead of spending money to buy an old coin. I'd like to, but I don't. Another hobby of mine is running science experiments. Using some simple house hold items, I do a lot of neat things. But, computers is still my biggest hobby.
my hobies are fishing, computers, music, learning golive and maya 7, reading,
My hobbies are internet, website, football, table tennis, basketball....
I like so many things, so I have a lot of hobbies~
I love Painting, Classical music, Computers,
I like doing a lot of things, some of which might be called passtimes rather than a hobby. Surfing the internet, computers, reading, music collecting and playing, brewing beer and other things, fishing and boating, having friends over and going to their place.
It's all good fun and very enjoyable. There are probably a few I haven't mentioned.
certainly digital art, including photography, video and web design. Smile
I like to do lots of different things. The big one is that I love computers. I like programming, web development, computer games, and generally anything to do with computers,

I also like to play baseball. I have been playing baseball for 18 years and still play. In addition to playing I enjoy umpiring little league games. Also, I like to collect baseball cards. Any player it doesn't matter to me.

I also enjoy going to movies. I have kind of become a movie collecter.
I've got alot of hobbies. I love to draw and play on the computer. 'Playing' on the computer includes working in Photoshop and 3ds Max to create things. I and my husband are also video game fanatics. We have 3 game systems (not including the computer). My latest obsessions have been World of Warcrack (i mean Warcraft) for computer and Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion for the XBox 360. I also love to roleplay. D&D, Vampire, name it I'll at least try it. I'm currently obsessed with online text roleplaying over Yahoo with a friend of mine. I've also been taking a sewing class, which I've only started, but I think I'm going to enjoy this.

With all that you think I'd actually have no life... well ^^ I don't.
making friends,chatting.surfing
i like to listen to music, that mostly, write music or tabs or stories, and i love to skateboard and chat with people on the internet
mostly to people from different countries Very Happy
My hobby are computer and I like palying football every day Smile

Or if you like football ??
Michael B
Computers of cource.

I am also a keen stamp collector, i have almost 6000 stamps, and the whole collection would be worth hundrends of dollors.

I am trying to breed chooks.

Reading for sure.

I like to do wood work when I can get the wood, which is not often because dad dose not take me out to get it, and you need a car to bring it home.

Computers again.

Sleeping, I spend 12 hours out of every 24 doing that.

Oh and procastenating
My hobby happens to be Nintendo. Though it may seem stupid to many, I have a great passion when it comes to video games. Nintendo however, has stuck by my side through thick, as well as thin. My first video game happens to be Super Mario World for the SNES. I also enjoy other franchises like Zelda, Soul Blazer, and Final Fantasy.

I also enjoy Football. I happen to play football at my high school and hopefully we have an excellent year. Are record in the past 2 years is 2-20........ Shocked
like to play basketball from time to time in the evening, for rest i'll be in front of my computer. wierd, now i sound like a computer geek @@"
Let's see...

1. Computers
2. Internet
3. Video Games
4. Programming
5. Web Design
6. Creating video games

Yes, I'm a nerd. Very Happy

1. Visual Special Effects
2. CG
3. Star Wars
4. Waterpolo ---> game played in the water with a ball Razz
5. games...............

what else is a hobby Razz ???
Is it just me, or did like 8 people say photography?
oh well...

My hobbies:
    Knitting (YAH!!!)
    NOT photography

Very Happy
main hobby is hill walking, you have got to love the outdoors!
modding hardware, home automation, asterisk
My hobby is tricking... it's a sort of combination of all kinds of sports such as martial arts, gymnastics... well, it's difficult to explain what tricking is all about so I'll explain what a trick is: "every movement which looks cool"
snowboarding is the best thing on earth! nothings greater than freeriding! ok... me, as an austrian, i have to say that! ^^
My hobby are :
  1. Swimming
  2. Football
  3. Programing :
    • PHP
    • HTML

My hobby is owning and operating a recording studio. Smile
i like study on websites and i like converting something from English to Turkish...i like Basketball and i play it 2 hours in a day...
my hobbies are mainly sports e.g basketball soccer tennis and golf but i also like to try stuff like php and want to learn a programming language. i enjoy modding forums and i wnat to make one of my own again now.
Hey, Got a RC Car racer here. I belong to the CMCC in Gloucstershire, UK. Its a really good club with a nice tarmac track. Currently racing a Mugen MTX-3 ProSpec. Very nice car to drive. Been adapted for rubber tyres, with a .12 RB Concept engine. All to BRCA regulations.

More info on the club:
Dog sledding, camping, dogs, swimming, reading, bikejoring, learning, dogs, web design and other computer stuff, mushing, writing, dog training, music, dogs, school, photography, dogs, hiking. Oh, and did I mention dogs?
I like sports such as Basketball and Football. Video Games >.<, Movies, Music, Hunting, and stuff like that Wink
I love to grill. To me, there aren't many more activities that are as enjoyable and as relaxing as grilling.
Me? I love to read: chick lit, classics, thrillers, fantasy... anything that's well-written really. I've been into books for as long as I can remember. I also love to write fanfiction, original fiction, poetry and novels. My laptop is my life. Aside from that I love shopping and creating graphics, fashion is also a huge obsession for me. I used to play the violin but never really got into it and I'm too weak to do much sport.
My hobby is computers and sports! I loves sports, every of them!
My hobbie is alternative music, sport (volleyball, street-bike), break-dance, computer, girls Razz & other...
My main hobby right now is fishkeeping. Im constantly doing something fish related. I also like outdoor sports.
my hobbys are tennis and computers Smile
Does MSN Messenger count as a hobby? Laughing
My day doesn't go by without MSN Messenger so I guess it is a hobby =)
Besides MSN, I love to read a wide variety of books from fiction to non-fiction. Right now, I'm addicted to the "Left Behind" series. I've collected all of the "Left Behind:The Kids" (40) and currently reading and collecting the 'adult' version of it. Very Happy I also read a lot of foreign books and I collect Korean Internet Novels as well.. which are stories written by uni students in Korea on the Internet. lol. it's better than you think Smile
Anyway, yeh, they are my hobbies Very Happy
My hobbies include: Playing games, making games, watching movies, making movies, listening to music, making music. I think thats about it.
Computers, Cars, Skateboarding, Women (Of Course right? Just like the rest of us Very Happy) Drag Racing, Partying.
Computer and motorcycles most. I spend almost all free time for those two hobies.
i have many many hobbies.... but i like dancing and music especially.

i am learning Chinese traditional dance and modern dance. Both are so good and beautiful. i am very keen on them and wanna be a dance performer.

For music. i am learning the tradiitonal flute, the bamboo one, and i am going to learn saxophone. Everybody says i am a musicoholic. And, i am also looking for a band to be a vocalist. (haha, going to have, discussing with them~)

and in summer, i like going to windsurfing with my friends. The feeling is so good, just like flying on water.
Hockey, Lacross, CS 1.6.
Computers and Biking
Computer and Going out with friends Laughing but most of the time are busy doing school work...
I love swimming
The one I am most involved in right now is site design and of course writing, also have a great time with paint shop 10. Have dabbled in tarot reads for about 15 years now and anything to do with what is called by most supernatural. Have also been collect polarbear stuff for many years and think i need to purge some of it since kind hard to type with a bear staring you down all the time lol. Well thats all that comes to mind. Later
hobby is not only to pass the time but is also improve our personality development.......there are various types of hobbies...web page designing,earning money,surfing on the net,playing cricket,playing different types of pc games,playing chess,reading books.....
I have a dog san bernard, and now i ve a little son of my dog.
i enjoy this dog.

take care
Computers.[May be this the most prevalent one, where i can give most of my time ]. Smile ,
My hobby is my pc!
I also like going out with friends/girlfriend...
Well I have alot of hobbies, but I guess my main one would be building electronic circuits and projects. Current project I'm working on right now is building a rail gun. My other hobbies are programming, computers, and listening to music. Yea I have a pretty boring life and yea I am a geek lol.
My main hobbys are sports. I like runing, frisbee and volleyball. But my second hobby is programing computer games, i really like it Cool .
I love soccer...both watching and playing...I can't wait for the world cup.
Following are my list of hobbies
1.I Write poems
3.Play badminton out
6.taking pics with my digital cam n editing it to make them fantastic..
7.learn new trying to learn brazilian portuguese..Oi.tudo bem:)
8.creating crosswords..(not solving it)
9.playing guitar
I think that I pick up jobs as hobbies. I work as a Graphic Designer and am also working on a video game mod for half life 2. I draw and write.... anything that lets me express my artistic side.
mano1979 wrote:
My hobby is photography....
here some text ofmy website

In 2003 Armand Blaaker went to Tulsa, Oklahoma (USA) for 3 weeks. He went stormchasing/ tornadochasing. He was so fascinated with it that he tried to combine it with his male nude photography. It became a very nice series of art pieces. Now he focused on portraits and studio photography. You can see the result on this website.

Your site looks really cool.. great work with graphics... really cool work
My hobbies are all about airplanes and helicopters.
I have just finished PPL-A (Private Pilot Licens Airplane) so most of my time goes in a Cessna 172 high up in the air, or else I love to just watch planes and to try to keep my rc aircraft in the air Razz
My hobbies
are Web/internet stuff. Designing websites/forums and stuff. When I get my hosting here, I'm gonna try and start up my own boards. (Not phpbb, but Disco) So, yea.
I also like soccer and swimming.
It is nice that many member has shared their hobbies and interest. just like many other members, I am interested in music. I love playing the music and also listening to the music. for playing, I like playing the guitar (no matter the acoustic, classic or the electric one), and also the flute. Does anying also play guitar or flute?
For the type of music, I like folk song the most, since they are comfortable and peaceful. The simple harmony, stories are totally different with the modern world nowadays, do you agree?
I love to play sports Very Happy

Mainly i like to make 2d games, that is why i need a webhoster, to have a website for my MMORPG, if your interested in playing it, go to and register at my forums, there is where i will tell when the game is ready Very Happy
Its nice to see that many replies have come up for such a sweet topic post. See my favorite hobby is playing cricket, surfing on the internet, web designing, earning money, watching wwe sometimes and praying to jesus christ. Out of all of them my favorite hobby is to pray for jesus christ becoz when i pray i feel totally relaxed and when jesus is with me who can be against me and what can they do..? Jesus is my lord and my saviour and my hobby too.
I play the electric guitar for 8 years now. I also play in a band with some friends. My other hobbies are buidling websites, playing GTA, play soccer and tennis. In dutch we say: de mazzel!
My hobby is computers
I love to game. My clan is going to join CAL Open next season for America's Army.

I am in a multigaming clan,

I love to ride horses and hang out at the beach too Smile
Soccer or real football
I love mangas& animes 4 life and of cuzzzz COmputerrr ......I love it to sit by my PC and listening to the music in the same time ...this makes such a kind of fun ,,,,i like to chat surf in the internet ....make new friends and much much more Rolling Eyes
There are some things that can make me addicted - in my case it's not drugs but football, i mean soccer in AE.

I play soccer since 15 years. Of course you can get injured, which happened often to me, but the fun is that big that you forget the risks.

By the way as you probably found out now, I'm from Europe and we nearly don't play american football here so I don't really know the rules - so because of that it looks to me that in this sport people just jump on a ball an break (and so on). Can anyone tell me what makes that sport so addictive to americans? I don't wanna say that it's a stupid sport, no way!, I just don't understand the whole thing.
Mine hobbyes are: school (i hate it, but if you haven't been in school - you can't get some work Confused). Then it's music, because i can get calm then, when i listen to the music. And programming Very Happy (because it's good for your brain Very Happy)
My hobbies are
1.pc strategy games
2.pc's in general
3.model rocketry modding
5.playing baseball
Very Happy
I dont know which hobby chose...

1st place - Capoeira Smile

Yeah - this is the best active time spending way for me Smile Running, kicking, "dancing", fighting ... All in 1 + music, shows in clubs ... ehhh Smile

2nd place

computers ... especially (x)html , css - webmastering Smile Im going to learn PHP on this vacations Smile
Marco wrote:
My hobby is tricking... it's a sort of combination of all kinds of sports such as martial arts, gymnastics... well, it's difficult to explain what tricking is all about so I'll explain what a trick is: "every movement which looks cool"

I like Marco Cool

Yeah tricking would be my number 1 hobby. It's basically gymnastics, martial arts and some breakdancing combined - purely for aesthaetic pleasure. It feels good to go upside down, soaring through the air in a field of grass Smile

Next to that I enjoy video editting... filming the tricks and creating a sampler with music. My second big hobby is weightlifting, but I train specifically for tricks and strength rather than for looks.
Could we consider studying is a hobby?

Studying is so fun! Learning is so fun!
Other than studying I also enjoy:

Making plans in my planner
Reading manga
Watching anime
Drawing manga-style
Cooking (not baking)
Drawing anatomy
Play The Sims 2

I used to get addicted to playing games but now i'm kinda bored of it.. Somehow I got addicted to studying.. I think I'm a freak. But.. not really.. My hobbies are just healthy for my own mind.. *tee hee*
my hobby´s are

playing games
and build old bikes
mostly i like to tinker. Pretty much anything i can take apart and put together again. Lately its been bikes and computers. Also i enjoy keeping a variety of animals with my girlfriend. At last count we had about 20 reptiles,fish,ect and three dogs.
Well, for starters, I like to garden. Almost exclusively fruits and vegtables. Pumpkins are by far my favorite plants to garden but I like others too. Giant pumpkins are pretty cool but kind of tough to grow.

I also like digital photography, although my digital camera is really low end and except for the neighbors cattle and maybe a few odd things here or there, there's nothing to photograph where I live... It's really isolated out here in the middle of nowhere.

Wine making is an interesting hobby and it replaces gardening once it's too cold to grow anything outside. I don't really know how successful I've been with this. I'm always too afraid to drink what I've made/tried to make :|

And I think browsing through the forums is gonna become a hobby. These forums are huge. I could spend hours here reading unique therads/posts. I've never seen a message board this big before, or this interesting for that matter.

Oddly enough, working on websites isn't much of a hobby. It used to be when we had DSL but since the move I've had to use dialup so that kind of screwed up running a server (or at least a fast one). So that's what brought me here to begin with.
Drinking. In my experiance, even at the nice ripe age of 18, I drink enough to consider it a hobby.

There is no hobby more versitlie. You can do it anywheres, and during any situation (though, most are inapropriate)

In my opinion, beer is the finest drink you can get. Its perfect. It drinks well, and it gives you, not only the standard sence of confidence that comes with being drunk, but also a sence of being and happieness.

At times though, a beer just doesn't fit the bill. You need to move unto something stronger. Something with a little bite. I highly recamend a 50/50 dose of redbull/vodka. Oooooh SNAP! Thats good drinkin'

Other preferred hard liquors are whiskey, and rum. Anything else is for pussies, in my opinion. Except absinthe. I've had the green fairy the once, and it was of most blissful drunkenness.

That just about sums up my hobby.
I like rubber stamping and scrapbooking.
I also love to travel, so I spend time planning that alot.
I am trying to start a new business, so that is my new hobby
I play basically any string instrument I can get my grubby little hands on. Especially the guitar. I like to either play really fast metal or pretty fingerpicked acoustic songs.

I dance. I love dancing. No good at dancing, but I love to.

I sing a lot. I have a very very deep voice, which doesn't seem to be in vogue right now, but I love it anyway.

I draw and do graphic design, too. It's all good.

I plan to be a renaissance man.
Hobbies huh?

eating, sleeping, observing everything then eating again

oh and judging others by taking care of my own ego. A big hobby indeed

Evening each, my 1st post. My hobbies, in no particular order:

1: Watching Football (that would be soccer to the US members)
2: Skiing
3: Computers
4: Music (listening and concert going mainly)
5: Gaming (loving my xbox 360 Laughing )
6: R/C Planes, Cars and Heli's
I love playing sports for fun, not for the seriousness of it. At times I can have that drive to win, but I'm not always like that. Out of all the sports, I absolutely love snowboarding. When I'm not super active, I enjoy DJ'ing at parties for my friends. I love breakdancing, and glowstringing. I don't like using the term "rave" because some people get the wrong idea sometimes. I pretty much enjoy anything that involves me hanging out with my friends, because that simply can't go wrong.
sports: horse riding (dressage), snowboard, bicycle
drawing, photography, architecture, design, 3dmodelling, CG-ing, dogs & horses and everything about them;)
what else...internet of course;) and good movies;)
i have a number of hobies...the top of my list is motocross..i love riding dirtbikes ive done it since i was about 5 years dad actually tricked me into riding by jumping ofthe back of ym bike..i like to snowmobile as well..when we have snow..i paid for my own snowmobile last year and it is a really fast one... i snowboars asd well...ive got all the cool gear..a backpack that can carry my board while im on the sled...and the thermos that caries my hotchocolate--(that makes me feel like a kid) i did some freestyle bmx for a while...(bicycle jumping) and started to get into the more offroad type know those ones that cost thousands of dollars... but i lost interest in that...i did some ski racing for a while..took tenth place my first year overall with a division of 260+ people wich made me feel pretty good...meanwhile i am an aspiring ive posted a few times my shots from trips around the united states..and hope to somday have som published work in magazines or other materials...and while im not out killing myself i sit here on this computer either designing websites or playing runescape..if anyone else plays runescape tell me my name is "diestoooomuc"

and i spelled it right so type it like i selling a rune plate body for 80K and need a buyer...
Lets see where do I begin.....

Collecting Coins
Collecting Sports Memorbilla
Collecting Pocket Knives
Writting Songs
Making Websites and Graphics
Movies Movies and more Movies
Old Cars
Building 1/24th scale metal models of old cars
Radio Controlled Boats
Computer Games (Any Tycoon game)
Driving my car and singing along with the ones I know. Laughing
Playing games
Surfing the Internet
Playing with my dogs
Baking some cake


Why should I care
Cause you weren't there,
when I was scared,
I was so alone
I collect stuff like music memoribilia, books, older games that I never play but am obsessed with buying for some reason, and DVDs. I've also recently got into art history so I've been thinking about taking up collecting local artists paintings and stuff, to display around the house. There are a few great artists here. This month, Kathleen Lolley and a woman named Kathy Horan are on showcase at a place in Louisville called the Old Louisville Coffee House, and both of them are wonderful. I wish I could afford some of the stuff at the moment, but I can't : (
Computers obviously, and a lot of sports. Basketball, Football, Baseball, Soccer, and some more.
online gaming
driving car
riding bike
riding ATV
use to play volleyball
playing crib and hearts
working outdoors
collecting cards such as baseball football and more!
Topic "stickyfied"
I love photography. It's one of the best things I can do.

I have a strong passion for food. So I love cooking and eating out.

I love listening to jazz music. It sooths my soul.
I' ve more than one Hobby, but my most interessant one (and difficult also!)
is Mycology. I try to grow mushrooms (not magik!) from just a piece of mushroom. I grow first mycelium in liquid, then I inoculate some substract.

Sterility is important, for the moment I failed!!!!
I love surfing the net! Without the computer, I can't survive. Hehe. I love listening to music. I love reading. I love driving back to memory lane by tickling the old pieces of letters. I enjoy writing to my friends. I love watching TV! And a lot more.
Mi hobbie favorito es el futbol!!! Aunque este mundial dejó mal sabor de boca.
i have a number of hobbies
the one that i really like is reading magazines and books so far collected lot of books and magazines ....the next thing i enjoy is travelling island is the best get away so far and never fail to make that an annual event
I love drawing !

I don't know if I'm talented though, you can check some of my work here:

I also like reading and stuff... actually, I don't really have time for hobbies besides drawing right now.

I hope when I finish my study to become an accomplished parachutist.. I skydived once, and loved it.
Well, my hobbies include posting on forums, programming, and updating my various websites Smile
karysky wrote:
I love drawing !

I don't know if I'm talented though, you can check some of my work here:

Are you kidding? Your work looks excellent! Very Happy
Listening to music of course is the best! Smile
i play football
I have quite a few hobbies actually, for example: movie making (mostly abstract editing), music production, gaming, animation, web design, 3d modelling, art (mostly photography but also abstract), and more! I love being creative as you can see, It doesn't matter as such if I'm good at them but I just like doing them.
Is playing guitar a hobby? I used to play the card game Magic. Man, those were the days. Still have about four thousand cards locked away somewhere. And LEGOs, too. Anyone using the new Lego kits?
Ow yeah, Legos rulez! I like to watch TV, walk and play basketball and chess. Also I am keen of programming (Pascal) and i studying on actor (sorry for my English, it's my hobby too! Very Happy ).
My hobby is computers and software,web
Playing my bass, guitar, harmonica. Riding my bike, video gaming. reading books about politics and laws. hehe. watching tv. listening to a wide variety of music.

life's good.
sport - riding horses is my obsession - western pleasure, hunter, jumper, dressage, barrels, chasing cows, whatever - if it gets me on a horse and requires concentration and competitiveness, i'll do it. i love training.

i also used to swim and definately enjoyed that. i was never particularly fast, but i've been told i have a very nice freestroke. they ought to come up with a style event so i could actually win for once Wink

i also enjoy drawing, raising my guppies, eating, listening to music, and i'm a total WoW addict (damned current dialup connection can't handle it tho Confused )
I have plenty of things I like to do but my main hobby is making 3d graphics. I draw a little too but I am not good at it. mostly I use it to help me conceptualize what I want to do in 3d.
I wish to turn this hobby into a living too.
When I get my free hosting here I want to make a website where I can show some of my work.

I don't know if I'm talented though, you can check some of my work here:

Well I think that talent is sometimes over rated and hard work under rated, so just hang in there.
Jakob [JaWGames]
I have many hobbies like running, videogames, programming, internet, playing trumpet/keyboard, I do also create own games with Multimedia Fusion.
lol some ppl have so many hobbies, I wonder where they get the time Razz

anyway mine are:
- music
- internet
- movies
- drinking and getting wasted at parties and regreting it the next morning
- I like meeting up my friends and just hangin talkin about nothing
Remote control Cars - I am interested in cars but do not have any money to go making awesome cars - models ones are far cheaper but not quite as mich fun
erm because of my body size and make me learn new hobby which i really liek to play basketball and swimming....i wan to grow taller and over thin =.= ... erm i wonder y i eat alot still wont grow fat...
I like making scoobies. They are cheap and functional.
My hobby is komputers ofcourse , electronica . I like fishing and beer too Smile
my hobby is freestyle walking. jumping off of parkbenches, doing 360's down stairsets, it's all fun. There's nothing funnier than seeing the look on people's faces when they see you jump over a balcony they were leaning on, or leapfrog a parking meeter that was in front of them.
Unicycle Street UK
hmm lets see....

Internet and computer graphics
extreme Unicycling
Extreme mountain biking

interesting question

I play badminton

read a lot of buddhist books
and marketing books

is that considered a hobby?

and now come to think about it

I havent collected anything for
a long time.

used to do stamps but just accumulating
all this junk - i realised it was a little pointless.

but that's me =P

I need to get more of a life!


roller blading and collecting postcards. It's nice to have a postcard as a memory from all the places you've been. I'm at about 300 now I think
Anyone else on the forms a mailler?
I've been working with chainmaille for a little over 3 years. Mostly just tinkering, but I'm starting to get into the bigger things.
play basketball and drawing both are my favourite hobby
my wife
computers or .org
My number one hobby is hide my bike... =) but the rain is boring me =(

First, I used to play guitar, and now I play bass guitar. I take lessons so I can be super-good like Billy Sheehan, not just a punk like all the current pop music bassists are. Ugh.

Second, I used to do kung fu. I can't anymore at the moment due to some medical restrictions, but I hope to get back into it. Along these lines, I also took fencing for a few years, which was my favorite of all hobbies.

Third, I am a painter of very small figurines. I've painted over 100 of them, and you can see them here:

I do lots of other stuff, like gardening, cooking, etc. But those are somewhat necessary when you're a homeowner!
I love to play video games. I work at EB Games where I live and I very often spend my entire paycheck in the store! I am obssesed and I am about to start teaching myself how to make my own games. I own two Xbox 360's, two Xbox's, A Gamecube, PS2, N64, Super Nintendo, and a ton of games. My gamertag on Xbox Live is "Silent Kniqht24" (notice that the lower case 'G' is really a lower case 'Q'). SO if you share this amazing hobby with me, please look me up on XBL.
i have hobbies in my computer

for ex flight simulators
my web site
editors(i love em)
car games(i dont like to race i just go on a trip)(weird)
google earth
designing(3d max,blender)

and outside of computer

making some science toys(telescope=:>really homemade)
cooking sauces(salsa and traditional)
paper airplane making(sometimes it can make home really dirty)
mine would be surfcasting. it thrills feeling the rod bends and sinker dropping as far as 200m mark
Im working with computers and archery
my hobbies include:
Reading, Swimming, Listening Music, Surfing Internmet, Walking at The Beach,
Playing Football, Cricket, chess, Badminton, Photography,
my hobbies about computer:

coding, try new program, playing game online (i play online game pangya and gunbound at Indonesia Laughing )

make a program, read e-book about computer related, some time try ti hack my wireless card Very Happy

my hobbies out of computer:

playing badminton, football, read a book, sleeping Very Happy
My Hobby? Haha... Daydreaming!!! But i love to take a walk to the kitchen and find food, once in a while!! Most of the time there is nothing in the fridge, but hey, it's really to kill time!! Other than that, my hobby is to Google the news.... and then stare blankly again into the air.... and daydream.. again..
I play piano and keyboards. I write lyrics and music.
I am an inventor (see my website). I enjoy solving problems through engineering.
My other hobby is the Chevrolet Corvettes. I am a founding member of the National Corvette Museum. The museum is celebrating it's 12th anniversary this Labor Day weekend. I am also a master level judge in the National Corvette Restorer's Society which is dedicate to the preservation, restoration and history of this unique automobile.
It is my computer scientist informatics hobbi. And everything that with from relate her . Though I am compliment young each and it says that I am very wise. I concern also architecture.

I thank,
I salute,
Merth Jerbeises.
I like to sail and ski.

I live in California so there are ample places to do both here.

Non sport wise, I like to read, especially classic literature. At the moment Im working on War and Peace and the first part of Dante's Divine Comedy: the Inferno.

I wish I could play piano, someday Ill get around to learning...
My main hobby would have to be graffiti, I write graffiti to express emotion through the letter designs and fills (the way you colour them in). There are three stages of graffiti, Tagging consists of writing your name quickly with a marker, Bombing that is where you write your name in bubble style lettering usually two colours (black and white, But some others have different variations) and last but least Peice'ing which is the works, Your name full on a wall with fill, 3D effects etc... sometimes a background too. Piece is short for masterpiece. One reason people graffiti and that is to "Get Up" (make that name known) kinda like a mystery as if someone would say i've seen that name soo many times yet i've never seen their face, i wonder who they could be?!?. That's the main reason. Wink my other hobbies would have to be play videogames and surf the net :lol Very Happy
I like to play basketball,swimming(do not have free time now),cycling(do not have any bicycle now),jogging should be okay for me. Rolling Eyes
My main hobby used to be Soccer, but now my main hobby is Snooker and Pool. My friends got me into playing it more often, and now I play it nearly 5 times a week. Don't get me wrong, I still love soccer and still play it a lot, but my new favorite hobby is Snooker/Pool. Another hobby I enjoy is swimming, it's a good way to keep fit.
Hobby and Job! Music. Get a job u enjoy and u never have to do a days work in your life!! Laughing Idea
I like sports and computers
My hobby is computers and to play on my PlayStation™ Portable Wink
Videoke-ing. I love to sing. Songs doesn't like me though!
Going to the gym ang pumping irons. (Well I guess it is more of a habit than a hobby now... I can't stand two days without it.)

Reading is my first hobby. I love reading before I sleep and would usually visit a bookstore at least once a month just to get some thick book to read.
Seeing that I live in Johannesburg, South Africa my hobby is to try not getting killed by muggers, hijackers, murderers or any of your common or garden variety criminals that proliferate in this not so amazing country. Serious, I’m not being sarcastic.
Rad Ultima 2
I think I would move to another country... Sad

(Going on-topic) I have a collection of DragonBall Z (anime) toys and magazines from when I was younger. It's quite a collection that I work towards. Other than that, I play the guitar, and go to school. Razz
I like web design, computers, not so much myspace, magic cards, bowling, and a great many more that I can't remember right now I will post again when I think of some more.
Boxing, Computers and fishing Surprised
When I was younger I had a love for collecting key chains. I bundled them all up to make one massive key chain. I also used to collect Tazo's, Badges, Hats, and small figurines.

Now I mainly stick to playing music. Bass and Guitar. I occasionaly write lyrics, but mainly music.
I like to make webpages, nothing too fancy.
I don't have a hobby really.
I would like to make movies I think.
But using real people in their real lives. Not doccies though...
I wanted to make a movie about nothing. A movie like waiting for Godot where nothing happens. Nothing at all.
Playing the piano, reading, computers, sports...
My hobby is:
Computer Smile
Dogs (my dog Smile)
Female Smile
Photoshoping images Wink
I like collecting patches from the places I've been. I would say my hobbie is traveling and getting souveniers helps me remember where all I've been. I also enjoy getting to a big lake and windsurfing, or an ocean and surfing. Those are definatly my favorite pasttimes.

I spend like all day listening to music and buying cds. I received the new Mastodon cd in the mail today and it's freakin awesome.
I used to be Danish champion at Waterpolo for three years straight. now I am a worthless skinny kid with a PC Laughing
Percussion, which is a fancy word for anything relating to Drums. I love everything about it.
I love to write, create new worlds existing only in my imagination, but I like to share them somehow too, and that's why I like to design games. Just unprofessional now, but who knows what'll be in future...
I love to read for almost the same reason. Every good book is like a new world to me. For the sake of my curiosity I just must read it Smile
Of course apart of (for now) physics, maths, and so...
well i got lots of hobbies,

-video gaming
-warhammer 40k
-rc cars
-mountain biking
-break dancing
-collecting soda cans next to my pc

and lots of other stuff
I just attended a month or so before at a climbing lesson. It was only an initiation, teaching us the security rules when you do such a sport but only that was amazing. It's a good way to get over our limites.
I'm Into computers, more specifically Programming/web-page design/networking.
well some of the hobbies that I have, like most of you here, include computers, I enjoying designing systems building them then useing them.

in designing a computer i generally start with what I want it to do. In my case I want a computer that can hold hours and hours of movies. I also want something that can play a decent amount of games. So the first thing i look for is the mother board. does it have enough ide and or serial ata channels for my current hdds? then what processors does the board support? will it take sumething less than top of the line? then from there i choose the rest of my hardware.

my second hobbie is paintball. I love playing paintball and I love the technology behind it. being an electrical engineer I want to design other electronics to make the markers shoot quicker and more accuratly. I'm also a part owner of velocity paintball in Ephrata PA where we sell paintball equipment and rent out our field to groups.

which brings me to my 3rd hobby that I enjoy webdesign. I am currently just a newb at it but getting better. the Velocity paintball website ( ) was designed by someone else and I sall the site and said even though I dont know php or css i know I can do better than that!!! so any way long story shoort I'm designing the new site. as soon as I find a decent host to temp host my test program I'll let you know where the new site is.

so yea
thats me and my hobbies.

Sometimes when i dont have anything to do, my friends en i go to another city just jumping from roof to roof,, very cool and dangerous.
But if you didnt try it before, dont do it.. lol Razz
I love ham radio.

Ham radio is the talking, and development of radios and other equipment for two or more people to get on the radio and talk across the block, or around the world.

There are 3 different classes of ham radio, and you have to take a test to go higher.

We also provide emergency communications if something happens.

That is my hobby

Tyler Lewis
online gaming
making music
My hobbies...

I do competitionswimming, and ofcourse the pc...

Music and webdesingg and most of all... FORA! Surprised (dunno if fora is also used in englisch so i'll say it again: forums)
Hi all, my hobby is playing badminton. Badminton is a sport that needs a lot of teamwork when you play with your partner. Single is quite easy to play, as it does not require any teamwork. But it requires skills and good strategies. I like playing double, maybe becoz i am not good in single =).
Hobby? Hobbies in my case, to tell the truth. I love playing (with) music, dance and nearly anything creative. I draw and take pictures, done so for ages.
My main hobby atm is:
Le Parkour.
Then im good at computers, other sports, acting, martial arts...
football and computergames
Well, hobby? My hobby is .... It always changes, I an such a man. My current hobby is making flash movies, I have learned Flash 8 for a month, and now can make some simple flash header and ads, as for a flash movie with unabridged scenario, I still lack of enough ability. I can not draw dramatis personae lifelikely, I never learned how to draw, I only can draw mechanical blueprint,that's my major:-)
I think I should practice more, or just make movies not in that style.
Hiking is my favorite hobby now, although a few years ago it was skydiving.
for me that is learning anything. I mean something related to pc. Very Happy
Well, I dont really know but im hook in playing basketball, billiards, guitar, web development,
I love anything you can use without moving Laughing

I love airplanes hte best. It still amazes me that i can build something that can actually fly Shocked

I prefer Electric over nitro models as they are cleaner, with less fiddling about.
Cars, Modding them. Trying to race them. haha. <- my site
My hobby here in my town Cebu, philippines are restoring a vintage american muscle car, my current project is 1969 ford mustang mach 1
I'm not really a hobby person. I work, selling books, I read books, I play Sims 2, I cook, I do stuff with my kids when they let me. They are at the age they don't like to hang with Mom too much.
i draw...a lot. i also play and collect magic the gathering cards.
i play halo on pc a lot too.
my favorite animals (in no particular order are):
Eagles (and other birds of prey)
Tigers, panthers and lions.
Wolves and other dogs.
small monkeys(such as a kapuchin monkey)
and all forms of reptiles(especially chamelions)
lmao...i guess i lik all kinds of animals...
except bugs Very Happy
I like to play soccer and to swim.I basically like any kind of sport, and I'm also into webpages and that kind of stuff.
My hobby would be anything related to computers whether it be gaming (1st priority), chatting or learning. Currently trying to get back to web design and finding new opportunities through the world without borders. Internet is so cool and has opened great opportunities for everone around the world.
my main hobbie is to bike ride. mountain bikes are great cause i love to go places with it and its good exercise
My favorite hobby?


For the following Reasons:

  • I love the way that drummers move
  • It is fun to make noise that makes sense in music
  • To just have fun on stage while performing, drumming is the best fun a person could have!

I love the way that drummers move

  • Why? Because they are the only instrument that you can tell what they are doing. Guitar you really can't tell what chord they are on or what they are doing besides when they are soloing, but other than that I really can't tell what they are doing..I thought it was boring. One day I was watching a music video and it started with drums, and I can't seem to remember the song as of the moment..but anyway, I couldn't help but fall in love with the way they move!

It is just fun to make noise that makes sense in music

  • When I play I play from the soul, it makes sense in other words. I have a band and we have recorded some tracks but we plan to go big. I love playing stuff that makes sense and all of that. I play rock and stuff, I love just setting there and playing forever! It makes me a lot happier!

To just have fun on stage while performing, drumming is the best fun a person could have!

  • Performing on stage in front of many many people is what I find to be a great thing to have done at least Once in your own life. It is a great thing to do. Hear people cheering you on..and its just for you. Its a great feeling! A GREAT feeling...

But that is my hobby enjoy!
I sew... I make purses, bags, clothes... pretty much anything. I learned how about 4 months ago I guess... My mom signed us both up for classes. I didn't wanna go, though I thought I should since it would help me fix clothes of my own. After the first class, I was LOVING it! Now I can make pretty much anything. The big projects I'm working on now is 3 halloween costumes. Two pirate costumes, and one phantom of the opera.

I also roleplay online and stuff like Vampire and D&D.
my favourite hobbie right now is computers, but i belive that when the snow is starting to fall its time to take out the snowboard Smile

and then when it comes to summer its Golf, when its not raining then its computers again.
sometimes, werry rarely, i take a tour on my bike in the summertime, but for that it has to be werry nice weather Smile
I have a great no. of hobbies :


The last three are what i just like to do.

I mean, sometimes i think it is really cool to sing on a stage and have everyone admire you.... Wink Laughing
I also have a great number of hobbies:

Playing video games
My lovely computer
Collecting comics
Reading Books
My number one hobby is dancing - I go to the dancing school 2 days a week and I have 3 partners. I am doing this for eight and a half years now and it's still fun. This summer I won a Saxony-wide (Saxony is one of the 16 federal states of Germany) dancing contest together with one of my partners. Unfortunately she had to quit dancing because she started to study and therefore had to move to another city. Crying or Very sad

I am the guy on the right Wink
My hobby are windsurffin and duing things whit my computer. I´m from Finland and here in winter the sea get frosen. So it is prity hard to windsurf in winter. I´m duing my first web bages and it takes a lot of time.
I dabble in graphic design. I started teaching myself about 8 years ago or so as a necessity. I do some contract work on the side when opportunities arise. For the most part I tend to do a bit of fan art, manipulations, icons, and layouts. Some of it's on request, though most I do for my own enjoyment. I don't know what it is about working on photographs and layouts that is so peaceful to me.

I do have more normal hobbies though, like gardening and reading. I'm not very good at the gardening bit, but I'm getting better as I go to classes and the like to learn. I do scrapbooking too, but that's rather new for me compared to the others.
I'm collecting lost humans. I like to devour their essence piece by piece...
Yes, I am a thirsty god.



Ammm, OK, not really. I collect ideas.
Besides that, I eat, that's a nice hobby Smile
Besides that I sleep. Ooo, that's my favourite hobby.
I have lots of hobbies, some of which are too personal to tell...
I also teach music, that's a hobby. Oh, wait, no, it's a profession. No, it's not anymore, since I don't want to be a musician... but a 3D animator... so I guess for now animation is still the hobby and music is the profession, but in a couple months this better change... music will be the hobby and animation the profession.
And they lived happilly ever after
(or did they!!!)
PS - no, I'm not insane, I'm just... born this way... Very HappyVery HappyVery Happy
My hobby is totally all things about the computers
From surfing the net till repairing a computer.
I am not a very sport person and I hate football/soccer as I've injured my eyes during a football match in my previous school.And I had undergone an operation to replace the lens in my left eye with an artificial ones.
Sad to say,I still must wear spectacles to obtain optimum eye sight
I have several hobbies I pursue with great interest. My main hobby is photography with a passion for wildlife photography. Particularly nighttime photography of Grey Fox, Raccoons, Coyote, Skunk and even an occasional Bear. Nighttime is the best time to catch these critters out and about although it takes some imagination amd inventiveness to rig the lighting just so. I have also been known to do some macro, landscapes and an occasional stilllife or two.

I also enjoy collecting fossils, although I am by no means an expert on the subject. Not much more than a dilettante.

I enjoy sailing, snorkeling and beachcombing, basically anything which gets me out, on or by the ocean, although I don't have much occassion to do any of those these days.
Lot of hobbies hehe...

In Water: Surf, bodyboarding, Jet Ski, Boat, Beach ( Beach Games ).

Ground: Bodybuilding ( just a little, not like ones in books Razz ), Downhill (bycycle), Moto Cross - Trial... And more.

I will finish with certainly the most comon here: Informatik, Video Games, Television.
n0obie4life wrote:
Just a nice topic for you to talk about your hobby and what is it about.

I like to play on computers... that is make music and videography. I really need a girlfriend....
i like to play on computer ,ps -2,psp,gameboy
sports likechess, football,cricket etc etc

i am wat i am   :wink:
kevin briggs
i am into my motorcycle racing as a fan and also a takes up a lot of my time and also money.if am not racing then am watching it on tv.if am not watching it then am out in the garage servicing and getting the bike ready for the next race meeting.if am not servicing the bike then am out trying to get sponsorship for my motorcycle racing/hobby.

i call motorcycle racing my hobby because although i take it very seriously i know that i would never have the money to step up into a national level,and i am also 32 which is a bit late to expect any big sponsors looking at me,they would be more interested in the young teenagers with a lot more racing years in them
Dougnut King
From mostly done to rarly do...

1.Video Games
2. video games
3. FriHost (doing it more often though...)
4. computer video games
5. watching TV
6. video games video games video games
9. cartooning
10. watch TV

I doubt it can get any more boring. Wink
well right now its comming up to winter so ill be pulling out the snowboard, although im not good at it. Im in pool legue every monday but our team sucks bad lol i think we are 36 out of 39 teams but still fun. in a beer legue baseball team. and of course computers, spend way to much time on this thing.
i like:
- video games
- watching TV
- play in football
Hello All:

For me it was baseball (played all through college) and rowing crew.
I am also a drummer and a star wars colector.

My favorite hobby is

statistics + analysis of sports
sports in general
skating. though im not to say good at it
my latest hobby is knitting!
just finished a hat today in time for winter~ Very Happy
photography, net, metal music and of course meet my friends
Studio Madcrow
Photography, videography, old computers, other retrogaming.

Yep, that's definately one of my hobbies as well Very Happy
fishing, soccer, punting, clubbing, chilling and eating ! Laughing
iets a great site
My hobby is fossil hunting.....and soon i want to lead expeditions for fossil hunting
i am in Pennsylvania United States of America...
I go and just look in quarrys and on the bottom of creeks and find fossils
My hobby is hand crafting random stuff.

I've learned on my own how to knit, and sew, and braid, and make tiny useless cute 3d beady animals.

I'm a tennis player, so I play tennis for a hobby too, along with drawing, painting, stitching, baking..

right.. XD
My favorite hobbies are computers, sketching, painting, and POSTING ON FRIHOST FORUMS. I also have plenty of other hobbies that occupy my 'free' time but those are the ones I do most often.

my hobbie is my car, a 1992 honda prelude
Man, I have a full list of hobbies:
-Playing on the piano
-Building Custom Computers for Friends
-Playing on guitar
-Playing on X-Box, PS2, PSP
(Soon, I'll be playing on PS3 and Wii!!! YES!!!)
-Hanging out with friends.... Online!
I'm an anhler through and through, it is now the only thing I partake in as it is accessable to me.

I was a keen rugby player with a promising future but injury put pay to that and I love footy, boxing and MMA aswell as surfing.
Football (Southampton FC all the way!)
Or sitting here updating my computer; constantly! Laughing
Okay, so not really scaring YOU because YOU are probably an adult and not easily scared by what I've built. But the kids get scared, and their hesitation amuses me.

What I'm talking about is haunting the front of my house for Halloween. This is the first year I had a house, so this is the first year I built props for the small front yard. I built a cemetery fence, complete with skull finials for the tops. I built a large obelisk as a monument to my family, and I built several graves with witty sayins. Unfortunately, the horrible windy weather wreaked havoc on them, so it was a lot of work and re-work to keep everything stable and upright for two hours.

The highlight of my display this year was the "kicking legs". I built it from wood, steel linkage bars, and a windshield wiper motor (2001 Saturn, thanks!) Throw pants and shoes on them, and you have kicking legs. Throw them under a lawnmower pushed by a full-sized adult skeleton, and you have one hell of a laugh!

The final effect is the "thunder and lightning". My friend KickTheFog ( helped me build this since it was my first time, and the effect is outstanding. With the crappy October wind, it was all perfect!

So here is the final outcome of everythinng I worked so hard on:

Please let me know what you think!!!! I am very interested in everyone's thoughts and ideas and ways I can improve all this for next year. Let me know, thanks!!!!
Hobbies don't always consists with games, sports, etc... but i have a hobby that i don't you could consider is helping out people around the neighborhood, volunteering around Detroit, and just overall giving advice to my friends, family, and people that want it! This is what makes me happy! Just seeing the faces that people have when they are helped! Giving time to help is the greatest gift of all! You may not all agree, but I define a hobby to be something that makes you happy and the people around you excited and ull of energy!

In service,

i love sports, especially basketball.. second football .. Cool Wink
I paint some piece of collection! The last piece is a German soldier.
Hi, My hobby is soccer!! and ofcours ps2! I love pro evolution soccer 6 if any of you played it you should know it's the best soccer game ever! I love going to football games! I like the beach and all other stuff like that. me and my friend always playing PES6, I'm the best player! Smile who whants to chalenge me?!? Smile
well, you can't really call it a pet, but I just love my horse! he's black! just like the black stallion! each saterday, me and my brother going on a trip for like 4 hours! I most like going to the beach with my Ceaser! yep, his name is Ceaser! wow, it's amazing running with him on the beach, he runs so fast I can hardley hold on! plus, I have a dog named Nikkita. she's a Mastino Napolitano, a verry big dog! but she's so cute! I love her to death! she always licks me, and acctually, I think I'll go play with her right now! I can hear her barking.
My hobbies are:
- listen and make music (I play the drums)
- drawing and painting
- computers, games & programming
- theatre

And I've collected holograms for 8 years...
That's about it... Razz
Shopping Shopping
I love seeing things around~~~ wahahaha
Skiing the mountains of colorful colorado -- mostly Copper and Winter Park....
philately, computers, chess... Very Happy
My darling
sports (sambo)
friend and fun with them
looking for free time...
I don't have much free time now so I guess my hobby would only be going to the gym and working out. Before I had my current job, I usually would go to gym, play badminton and read books that I like. But now due to my unusual working hours, it is workout that I do most and of course sleep. =)
My hobbies, include, but are not limited to: spending time with my family and friends, usually playing games (board and card), WOW (MMORPG), collecting badges on Pogo, reading, writing, breeding guppies, candy making, baking, searching for stuff to add to my sons curriculum, looking at different catalogs, helping people, etc.
i have a ton of hobbies Smile primarily, i enjoy riding and training and showing horses, but i think that's more of a life obsession than a hobby... i also raise fish, primarily guppies, and that's great bc you can play with color genes and you never know what you're gonna get (at least when you use the pet store fish). i'm also a complete WoW addict, so if you happen to have a character on the Norgannon server, call up Helliane and we can go quest together Smile
Primarily I enjoyed playing basketball, being Physically fit is important to me. I love NBA Live series playing NBA Live games is what I love the most i also do some patches to improve my NBA Live Game on my own Ive been supporting NBA Live since 01 is released. The current hobby I enjoyed the most is designing websites from Portals up to installations and designing of forums,
I love Martial Arts, Bodybuilding and Fitness, some computer games, football and comedy shows ^^
My hobbies used to be soccer and bandy than came mmorpgs and made me a gaming addict so i guess thats my hobby but trying to find a more healthy one Smile

On lineage II and WoW i had highest lvl of my class and 3rd fastest char to lv60(was listed at but that site is no longer) on the server i playd.

MMORPGS playd most recently: knights online, lineage 2, WoW, flyff, eurose.
My hobby is fish, hunt, computes osv.
online gaming with friends. it is a way we can bridge the miles and still hang out to do stuff.

course now I have a 1yr old daughter... hard to believe how time flies... so I am spending most of my time with her.
I'm a hobbyist knifemaker. Below are a couple of my nicer project (both gifts). I'm hoping to set up a page for myself here at Frihost Smile

I love riding my sled ( snowmobile ), my quad, and mud bogging in our Dodge Ram. Oh yea, and snowboarding.
My Hobby/Sport is mountain biking, as my website will show, but i am in the process of making it. Shocked[/b][/u]
I share this account with my BF, so it might be weird for me to say this with my username. XD

Anywho, I collect asian ball-jointed-dolls. You can find out more about them here: (I'm bunnywink there...)
I love baseball, but play soccer there's not really a big baseball club here Sad
My hobbies are varied. I like...

Graphic Design (mostly small stuff by request these days)
Xbox (HALO, Splinter Cell, Mech Assault)
...and LOTS of reading.
I like to do lots of things. When I'm bored, I play video games, but I also like to read a lot (especially sci-fi and fantasy novels Embarassed ). In my spare time I like to sew things, especially Renaissance themed costumes or outfits to wear when I dance. Speaking of dance, I like to do just about every style of dance that I can, except hip-hop and tap, at which I fail miserably. Right now I'm in a bellydancing class, but I have studied and quite enjoyed ballet, jazz, pointe, lyrical, and ballroom dancing. I also like to design websites and watch a bit of anime and cartoons here and there (favorites are Revolutionary Girl Utena, Rurouni Kenshin, and the Pirates of Dark Water).
I am a collector of antique and vintage ceramics. I love researching an obscure piece and trying to figure out a time period and maker. I also have made buying things I don't need on e-bay,flea markets, garage sales,and second-hand stores a huge hobby. I have so many trinkets around the house I had to start an E-bay store just to make room, so I can buy more stuff. LOL I love to read, usually wierd/scary type books. I'm always in the middle of a book, right now one by Orson Scott Card. I do arts and crafts like making necklaces. I am into gardening in the warm months. Love camping and fishing too. I can build computers but that got kinda old and really expensive so I haven't done that in a while. Still do all our upgrades though. I have more but I don't want to take up all the web space. Laughing I used to do so much more until my back went bad on me. Now I am much more sedentary. Still determined to have fun though gosh darn it!
i tend to go back and forth between hobbies, but the ones that have lasted the longest are playing guitar and songwriting. for a while i was really into playing chess. i wanted to get into guitarmaking for a while, and i made an electric bass from a kit, but sort of lost the urge.

i spend a large amount of my time playing on the computer, and playing with my dogs.
n0obie4life wrote:
Just a nice topic for you to talk about your hobby and what is it about.

i dunno really
My hobbies are as follows;

Playing games...
Internet all the time...
I'm finding it really weird because I suddenly got the inclination to write.

Not long stories or essays. They are actually just snippets of anything and everything that I think of.

But truth be told, I am NO writer. I never took writing as something I can be serious about.

So in reality, I hate grammar, punctuations and such.

And just out of the blue, I felt like writing. Confused *I'm weirding myself out too*

Some of my recent writings are here....

Musoune blog
my favorites hobbies is i love playing football, i like badminton too. Sometimes i like jogging Smile

I Like read a book (especially book about Infomration technology), download e-books Smile ,

I love playing online game like gunbound, pangya

at animals, i like cat, bird and horse
I love reading and writing and I'm currently working on a book. I've written poems and such. But my most fav hobby is also my work and that's glassblowing. I'm a neonglassblower and work for one of netherlands biggest and best company. Whe make the letters of verry known brands as coca cola, heineken, rabobank and many art object. Whe make it all by hand(you can tell by the burn I have on my arm) I love doing it. It doesn't pay much but at least is a satisfactoring job and hard to learn to.
i don't really have a fixed hobby. Or perhaps there's too much of it that none of it becomes the only activity I do in my pastime. Well, things I usually do are like maintaining my website, go travelling, play badminton, find anything fun on the web, watch movies, well, you know, things like that.
i collect baseball cards over 3000 now.
cross country
video games (guitar hero and halo 2)
I'm very interested in sports cars (unfortunately i can't afford one, yet Very Happy ). I collect infos about Mitsubishi cars like Lancer EVO(huge fan) and I realy study handling by watching Best Motoring and so on. In addition I'm collecting Fifth Gear, Top Gear and Best Motoring shows whih are really good ones.

But of course the first hobby fas computer Laughing
i like to create softeware/games on the computer. and i am an active skate boarder and skier.
I'm into music. So yeah, my hobby is to play my drums and guitar. I also like discussing in forums and I like to socialise with people.
My two big hobbies are Capoeira and using the Internet, the first hobby is great fun and adrenaline and the second lots of entertainment. Very Happy
My hobbies is chatting and fishing. Sometimes, when I am bored I like to fishing , make me relax and have a quite env. I have a lot of friend too, so when I am bored, I could share it with my friend. They could make me smile and give me a good life. i have all of messenger, so don't mess up with only one messenger. Many of people make reading as his hobby, but I am not agree with them. i think reading is become a needs for me.
I enjoy reading lyrics.
I like to record bass, acoustic guitar and keyboard.
I'm addicted to music. Can't get enough!
MY most favorite hobby in the entire world is paintball. I am on a team i have a site for us and we play many tournies. I absolutley LOVE!! Paintball
I like spend my free time on computer and programming. I like to learn new programming languages too Very Happy
crimson tempest
My all time favorite hobby is chainsawing someone in half, but only if they can fight back [so its considered self defense] lol j/k. But drawing, paintball, programming, and some other stuffs are cool. Crying or Very sad Sad Confused Rolling Eyes Smile Very Happy Laughing
well im a very active person so i have alot 0f hobbies, rock climbing, skiing, athletics, drums, trumpet, etc so i am also very fit. but i only rele go on the pc or my pda at night when i can;t sleep. lol
I have a lot of hobbies. Swimming, reading and a lot of craft hobbies like scrapbooking, knitting, sewing, crocheting. Because I have a lot of hobbies I never seem to finish anything. My main hobby is writing though and I spend a lot of time writing short stories.
I collect gems.
At the moment I have about 2300 stones from 145 countries all over the world.

NOTE: I'm only 14. Cool

Besides that I like all kind a sports and games.
I'm playing Runescape a lot lately.
I'm pretty sure I haven't posted here already..

umm, I play guitar, though I should practice more..
Computers: I know some basic programming.. went through a phase where I liked that
I whittle now. I carved a knife. It's pretty cool.
Listening to music. that's a hobby, right?
ooh, and browsing wikipedia Smile
one of my hobby i sphotography... you can see my works here -
but i didn't post pictures for a while, coz i'm busy with my second hobby - not my own, but MY web page and fan club about german group Tokio Hotel. it'w Wink
my hobbies are tinkering in painshop pro, chatting reading, web design...although i think most of them are addictions Wink
mine are
pc game warcraft 3
collecting comic books
watching sports and playing them
My hobby is computers. Very Happy

More specifically: Computer Programming, Web design, Graphics, Hardware... Laughing
I'm having this weird hobby lately on looking at my 'color index' book by Jim Krause for a few minutes every day. I don't know why. XD
1. Soccer
2. Basketball
3. Gameing
4. Drawing
5. Web designs

That is my list and I try to get better at it as much as I can.

1-2-> I'm playing in a Soccer club and I play basketball with my frends in school or in free time.
3->Gameing is something I do mostly at night and usually I play Freelancer or some games to improve my aim.
4->I love Drawing stuff, mostly sketchs for grafitties and some characters from games.
5.->I'm not very good with it but I have some exp. in php so I'm doing my best in this.
Playing Computer Games like NFS Carbon! I love this game!...
Web Designing! hmm.... I know PHP and MySQL! Wink
My Hobbys are, montain bicking, Golf, play soccer with friends just for fun, Hiking, Traveling (although I don't have enogh time to do it, some time I hope I will. I'm studing Teology and I really like it.
I lovo motorbykes
and computerrs
I have tons of hobbies hmmm i'll list them

1) painting/drawing
2) playing the violin/piano
3) shopping ^^
4) playing volleyball
5) swimming
6) webdesigning and computers

none in particular order..really. I love every single one the same and hope to do all of them!
collected license plates as a kid, have no idea what the heck i am doing with life now lol.
no no..i m not a skater..Smile just like it but can not do it heer..coz there is no snow at my place.....
I pla Long tenis...a great activity to keep me active in daily life:)
Well.... I have a lot of hobbies. First of all - web-design and web-graphic! I like to create web-sites, I've had several projects.
The second is computer games! It's so amazing and interesting! The second is dancing! No comments, it's my favourite hobby!
And as like as any other girl I love shopping! But of course it's not all my hobbies. I like reading, traveling, sport and so on.
I like to do graphic design and flash animation and programing. This has been a hobby for a while now. I also have random hobbies from time to time just so that i learn a variety of skills. Right now its card throwing but its getting tiresome.
I love running, it's a great hobby, (when you are without injury). It doesn't cost much and you can run alone or with friends or join a running club.
Echo Printer
My main hobby is collecting vinyl records.
I like to play all sports except baseball.. ugh i hate it. I also like to design websites and graphics. Yep thats pretty much it. I also like to learn stuff... thats cool i guess... right? Embarassed
stalking Cool

just kidding Laughing

i like reading, riding, listening to music and playing games....

i like badminton also, but not playing much for the pass few years,
When I'm bored at the office, one of the things I often do is just surf, surf and surf more on the net unitl I get onto a site that would inspire me to work again. XD
My hobby is football (soccer) and computers! Laughing
agility whit my dog Wink
I have a lot of it!!!

basic hobbies i do, PC whole day. Watching cool anime that i download from the net. Playing some online games and if there some client on PC shop who plays CS, i join them.

sometimes i play basketball and volleyball specially when theres a money involve, hehehe!!
recently i'm really keen on computers and everything (ahm.... almost everything) connected to them: graphics, video making, photoshob, web design, forums and site administrating... it appeared to be sooo interesting that i think sometimes, i've chosen the wrong profession - not an economist should i've been, but a web-designer or smth...

it's so cool, when our hobby bring us to know more about the world around us and teach us staff that we might need in our future, don't you think so? ))
My Hobby is Conmputer Very Happy, XBOX, and other.. xD
n0obie4life wrote:
Just a nice topic for you to talk about your hobby and what is it about.

Well my hobbies are based on what day of the week it is Razz See like wednesdays I go skating (roller and or inline). Thursdays I hang out with my painting friends (normaly at a club in seattle). Fridays I shoot pool and saturdays I go clubbing, the rest of the weekdays computers and cars haah and dont for get the females Razz happy posting!!
n0obie4life wrote:
Just a nice topic for you to talk about your hobby and what is it about.

Well my hobbies are based on what day of the week it is Razz See like wednesdays I go skating (roller and or inline). Thursdays I hang out with my painting friends (normaly at a club in seattle). Fridays I shoot pool and saturdays I go clubbing, the rest of the weekdays computers and cars haah and dont for get the females Razz happy posting!!
One of my hobbies is...

For some reason I can't sleep if I don't read something before I go to sleep. Even a few paragraphs from any reading material would do. XD

It's kind of weird.
My favorite hobby is soccer! It is an incredible sport and I play at least once a week. I also coach two high school teams. So what about Beckham coming to the US?

n0obie4life wrote:
Just a nice topic for you to talk about your hobby and what is it about.
I've been playing paintball for a while these past few years. Then it got too painful (both on my body and wallet), so I gave that up...

Now I'm just playing some guitar or piano in my free time, if I'm not reading some books or watching TV.
Basket is a cool sport. I'ts fun to play with friends
playing the guitar, the harmonica.
drawing cartoons
computer(!)=surfing, making sites, playing game
reading books
watching tv... and the SIMPSONS
I don`t have all the time hobby but I have it fore some time. For example: Then it was FIFA football world cup I was football fan Very Happy
I love to watch videos on youtube when i'm bored... it's the best... you can find everything,... and also met people from around the world... i love to watch kitties videos and i also watch america's next top model... which is my favourite reality show.... can't wait to watch season 8
I think it's very difficult to say one single hobby of yours... For instance, I have many hobbies, from reading to writting, some sports, like swimming, astronomy, photography, talking.... and the list could go on and on and on... Very Happy

But I think my major hobby is astronomy. It's a really fascinating domain and it never ends! Smile It represents so good the infininy, and still can't define it! Where else to find out about your origins? About the world(s) around you? About your future? Astronomy gives you answers to many questions and, also, leaves some gates opened... just in case you get bored Wink

On the second place in my hobby list, there is talking with people. I just can't thing of a better way to spend your time with a person than... talking to him/her! Very Happy Ha ha, right?

Anyway, no matter what you hobby is, just try not to transform it into your career! You might become the best, but you'll defintely get to hate your hobby pretty quick!
My most important hobby is riding and working with horses in my free time. Actually, I'm not able to fincance my own horse but i've got the possibility to borow some animals.
Homebrewing beer and ciders is my hobby. it is economical and you can create better beer than you can buy because its catered to your personal likings.
im killing time photographing things ... - some of my work
My hobby is anything to do with a computer. I like making graphics. I like playing computer games. I like fooling around on the internet. I like running websites and forums. And I love getting on my mom's nerves by being on the computer so long. Very Happy
i have quite a few numbers of hobbies. But most of them are just indoor, minimum body movement hobbies.
I love playing with the computer, whether it's games, graphics, or just trying to make it look cooler.
Playing music is also one of the things I like to do. I play the piano, the organ, and a little bit of the guitar as it was self taught.
Outdoor hobbies would definitely have to be basketball and table tennis.
Sometimes in the night when i couldn't sleep i just love to drive around, don't know whether if it's a hobby or not, but i just like doing it. Laughing
I personally Play 2 sports


I love them both very well, i have a basketball net in my back garden and i live around 100metres away from my local cricket club in which i play in the team.

But, i gotta admit cricket is an expensive sport, mes just spent the best of £900 to get new equipment and £.50 on the box Wink
I've been into graphic design and site design for quite awhile now. I've lately taken an interest in digital art and have been studying using digital media for drawing. I'm curious about how to take my graphic design to the next step. I've got involved with a few groups of people that have been great help lately in doing that.

Other than that, I do quite a lot of reading. More so lately than ever before. I think part of that is my job. I have a lot of down time and don't have much to do other than reading or writing since we're restricted on using digital devices while working.

When I'm at home, the reading continues, but then I throw in some gardening now and then especially since it's been warming up (even if it's in fits and starts).
my hobbys Photograps,subdreamer cms , olympus fe-180 Very Happy and ss2 skystar2 digital tv card
i have a lot of hobbies in fact i have 4 and here they are

1 - collecting caps off pop / beer and other bottles

2 - When we go driving for a long time to somewhere far i write down license plate and make up a word for it

  example : B53 TF3 = Be 53 and Train on Flight  number 3

NOTE : ^^^ was made up and did not come from a car license plate that i have seen ^^^^^

3 - i collect shopping purchase tickets receipts i have a big shoe box full of them

4 - i collect keys i have a big box full my mom friend husband owns a hardware store and he has a key making machine and the ones they are messed up he gives me i get about 200 a month since i was 7 and that was long ago
using the computer play the electric guitar and sometimes listen to music
Hot Wheels
basically, mattel collectibles

I love collecting those two things.
I love money, so my hobby is collect money, coins & note different types from different country
I am webmaster for a not for profit organisation so Messing with our Linux server and 20 something subdomains takes up a lot of time.

I also brew my own beer, it's legal tomake here but not to sell it. I make it completely from raw ingredients. Tastes so much better than the commercial stuff.

Oh and making user bars... rarely now but sometimes I get the urge to make a new one.
yes, it is very nice to discuss our hobbies,
I have a new hobby, that is to learn from music,
whatever i heard a song, i will try to express some opinion from it, and drawing a picture for my ideas, it's nice
I love to do Internet surfing like a lot of people here, frihost, Laughing .
And I also like to watch movies. Movies somtimes are fun. Moreover, they give me a lot of opportunity to think about different people's life...

In addition, I like to fix hardware including computers. And...I love to go fishing. I don't go fishing nowadays but in the near future I would go fishing.... Very Happy
My best hobby is to follow graphic card technology.I really like this and it started to be dependence for me.I interest in other hardware innovations such as mainboard and mobile technology. I spend many time on internet to follow hardware technology news and innovations.I am interested in software
innovations too,but it's not as much as my hardware passion.I also like playing chess online or with my friends.
my hobbies are as follows

- Working out in the gym
- Web Design and coding
- General Computers

Oh and going out every saturday night and having a good time, well thats not really a hobby but I do it alot ha.
My hobbies are computers, of course, stained glass working, and anything else that interests me.
mine is Embarassed Embarassed

Computer , and watching my beautiful fishes
For some reason, I'm going through the phase (again) of collecting ebooks and fanfics though I don't get to read them all. XD
I am not a collector of minerals, but my father has a nice collection and in my childhood I got a good dose of rock hunting following my father in the woods and hills of Eastern Finland. My hometown hosts an annual international mineral show - I really enjoy visitng the fair and looking at the displays and showrooms.

My hobby is ham radio and dx:ing (listening to distant broadcast stations). I got hooked when I was 11 years old, when I realised that there was more to radio than local FM-stations. Even in the age of internet there is a thrill in making a connection with a like-minded radio amateur from a far-away country. Maybe it is enchanting because you have to make an effort to be able to do this kind of communication: you have to get licensed, build your station, erect an antenna, be aware of propagation conditions... With internet it is just too easy!

I our radio club there are people who are into RC (and I mean the REAL stuff)... I haven´t tried it, though, apart from kids toys!
My hobbies include listening music, reading books, playing any sort of game but i like cricket the most and gardening.
jasmine wrote:
For some reason, I'm going through the phase (again) of collecting ebooks and fanfics though I don't get to read them all. XD

I'm with you on that. I collect them like crazy, but read very few of them. I figure one day I'll get around to reading them all.

There are after all the few and far between days where my internet goes down.
Football, 3D rendering, PS2:)
Playing my guitar, hanging around these forums, music is my life basically.
Topic stickied.
reading-be it book, magazine, journal, internet reading, encyclopedia, shopping shopping and shopping.
My hobby is table-tennis and fishing, also, as true lithuanian I love to play basketball in my free time
In my childhood I used to collect coins(from some exotic countries like china) and phone cards, but it was short chapter in my life. Now my hobbie is making web sites. I love it. And iI like Le Parkour(free your mind) Cool
i love swimming every weekend, it cools be form head to toe.
A doctor once told me it relax nerves in the human body,i don't know about that,but i do know it helps me take away most of the stress of the day.
I prefer swiming in a pool than going to a beach i don't know why but i just love pools.
Does any one love swimming?reply me i'l love to know you.
I have a couple of differents hobbies..
Photography- Just getting into it but have a nice camera and loads of fun.
Web design- justmad one site so far and looking for othes
Poker- I supose you would call this a hobbie there's nothing sporty about it.
It is nice that so many members have shared their hobbies and interest. just like many other members, I am interested in music. I love playing the music and also listening to the music. for playing, I like playing the guitar (no matter the acoustic, classical or the electric one), and also the flute. Does anying also play guitar or flute?
For the type of music, I like folk song the most, since they are comfortable and peaceful. The simple harmony, stories are totally different with the modern world nowadays, what do you think?
love swimming in the weekends,then i'll hang out with friends, might end up boozing till late after going to the clubs.
I do love staying in doors with my girl thats when she's in town.
My hobby is kung fu. It's more than a hobby actually, it's my life right now.

I train in Hung Gar and Tai Chi every day, because there is this world cup coming in my city this summer. I'm really eager, and I work really hard to perform on that day.

What I like about Kung Fu is that it exercices not only your body, but your mind as well, and it develops a sense of always wanting to go farther and farther in your movements, to border your limits and push them.

Kung Fu saved me in a dark part of my life, it brought light into my life.
my hobby is playing music, every kind of music, e.g. classical, pop, playing guitar, singing, playing piano/keyboard...etc.
playing music really can make me feel calm and relax.
My hobby is thinking of what I should do. If I can't decide within a few hours I put my thoughts in a big box. A few days later I open the box and start from the begining.
Ive always been the guy with the computer and im not gonna stop Very Happy
So I guess my biggest hobby is Computer and playstaion..

I do some sports, been playing badminton for some years.
Joined some competitions but are only playing for fun now.

Recently I got the greencard so im slowley getting better at golf. Cant call it a hobby yet, need to get better at it first.

Going to USA in 2 days, gonna play on the big courses in Miami, gonna be great.
my hobby is paintshop pro i have been using it i think for nearly 6 years now, my next one is hopefully photoshop and dreamweaver i have had them for awhile but haven't used them yet.
I preform magic and play bass in my spare time. For anyone who could use a hobby I would suggest magic, it's fun to do and people's expressions are priceless.
I have so many hobbies i couldnt name them all but recently Ive been doing alot of sewing. Mostly, babycarriers...slings and things. I started my own lil business....custom-made babycarriers.

got to keep my hands busy......

I'd have to say my hobby is computers, and games ^^; I plan on taking many computer classes as I start high school/college. They include...
Computer repair
Computer Science
Computer Law
hi all

okay, my hobbys aren't so intresting. but I tell you about any way.

I love airsoft, i play airsoft with my friends on the forest.
I have a Glock 17 airsoft-gun. Very nice gun.
It has 0.5 Joule...enough power to hit a enemy from 25 meters distance.

Then i play also soccer, with my friends. I'm a good keeper.

So, that was my hobbies. English is not my language, but i hope i don't made too many mistakes Laughing

bye all
skateboarding!!! thats not a hobby is a way of life!!!
My hobbies listening music (Evanescence, LP, Avril and more), theen playing SRO (Silk Road Online), writing, watching TV (Mtv, Dream Tv and more), playing table-tennis, web desing, computer programs, drinking Coca Cola Very Happy ( i dont like pepsi, its just like cleaning stuff, whatever... Smile ), then i can make music, playing guitar, piano, chating with msn messenger from my friends.

i'm living so funny Smile
my hobby is the internet, web design, and the like. of course it seems i am shaping the post off the forum haha!

but in truth, it is the case. i do prefer the time to make the web site. its my fun time each day Smile

Kudos to the frihost which hosts my sites!
i also enjoy listening to music.

my favourite genres are electronica, indetronica, indie pop, and indie rock.
My hobbies include programming and playing mission games on computers to literature and gardening. i do love to listen to soft music during leisure
i like basketball, video games, playing guitar, mmm, and im learning a bit abuot web designing, not so interesting but thats what i do
I really like to watch a series call FRIENDs actually I have a pack of 6o cds that I bought it through which to be information its very expensive. But it worth! Because FRIENDs is very funny and that is a comedy series all about I love everyone in this series Ross Rachel Monica Chandler Joey Phoebe and all the other plays like gunther the one who fall in love with Rachel [the waiter at central perk] and I do like mike phoebe's boyfriend he is very good at pingpong Surprised
[="n0obie4life"]Just a nice topic for you to talk about your hobby and what is it about.[/quote]quote

Brand new to this and no clue of what or where I am going with this. As for hobbies - I unfortunately have far too many. I have always loved animals and first started rehabilitating them when I was five. I work with all kinds of wildlife, get them better and turn them back into the wild. I also like to draw animals and used to be pretty good at it but not as good as I would have liked. I am just now starting nursing school and hope to help people out in that field. I need the knowledge just to help my boys get through life, one has no fear and totally craves exhiliration of high places and jumping. I love all sports, played all sports and now teach my kids. It's a lot of fun. I love to camp, hike, and fish.

So what about you?
My hobbies are dynamic.
Greatest thing i like is Travelling ,but not in afternoon,in the evenings.
Next comes my job,ie Programming,i like to do it at night.
but i am forced to do it all the day.
at afternoon i like to eat.
Worst thing about me is that i really like to sleep when i get up in morning.
I am bit lazy.
I am a little bit disorriented lately. Well, i love to practice sports.
i loves computer and recently i bought new camera, and i started to take photograph everyday. when i'm at highschool, i was a photographer, i took photo using SLR camera but now i only use a point and shot digital camera. so that is a big challenge for me. but anyway, i started to love ptography again.
I have a lot of hobbies Very Happy
I like singing (I sing in a choir), collecting minerals and programming (In C++ and Python language)
i think that more people should take this hobby on. it takes quite a bit of practice, in reality. people seem mostly to snicker or chuckle...but real good-god-i'm-gonna-piss-myself, or maybe just hyperventilate, type laughter takes real practice!

fortunately, i have a twin sister to practice bouncing hilarious scenarios off of.
Most of us have the collecting instinct. That is why we have to keep certain objects just for the fun of it. Many children collect stamps, stickers, coins erasers and cards.

My hobby is collecting stickers. It is also one of the most popular hobbies among children. Children can enjoy this pastime because it is not an expensive hobby. I started collecting stickers since I was four years old. My hobby began through the influence of my neighbour, Wilfred. One day when I was playing in his house, he showed me his stacks of sticker albums. I was amazed to see so many colourful stickers of all shapes and sizes. He gave me a few pieces from his collection. My interest in stickers started from that day.

I kept my first set of stickers in a scrapbook but my subsequent collections were kept in beautiful boxes. I was quite reluctant to paste them on sticker albums which my mother has bought for me because I think some of the stickers could not be removed easily when pasted onto the albums. By keeping the stickers in boxes, I can exchange some of my stickers with my friends conveniently without damaging them.
Hmm I have alot of hobbies but I would say my favorite hobbies are: Game Programming-Designing,Graphics design,Drawing, and collecting Anime action figures.
My hobbies includes reading, playing cricket, chess, writing, music. And ya wasting time in front of computer.
My hobbies are drawing, football, basketball and playing CoD2 Very Happy
Oh and I shouldn't forget web designing Wink
Well I am a person who is just like others but quite a lot different when it comes to thinking, hobby, etc. I am a person of spiritual kind, like thinking about destiny, world, existence of god, universe, nature and everything what comes into mind.

I don't like bookish knowledge but I like practical knowledge. I like to work on my computers, spend hours on sites like orkut, contest sites, money making sites, or just browisng the web...and yaahhh also frihost!!. If you ever get a chance to enter my study room you will guess what kind of techie freak I am, hundreds of CD's & DVD's spread across my room, 3 printers, etc etc.

My Other hobbies include collection of perfumes, watches, shoes; also I like to sleep a lott!

I have about 20's of branded perfumes and deodorants, some I have got more than one piece. My desk drwer is always filled with watches, I like watches which have american diamonds. Most of the perfumes and deodorants and watches I have got is won by me on contest sites.

That's all my hobbies.
I'm a chem/premed major in college, so I barely have time for hobbies!! Wink
i do love to ride my bike, make movies, and to hang out talking for hours with friends. oh yeah, i love rooftops & roadtrips!
well, i love traveling. I want to see nice views like sunset and sunrise in beaches. I love riding in bus viewing and seeing nice spots. I love also singing even though i don't have a talent to be singer. Mostly , i love music....
Well, I have a few:

Playing the Piano
Playing Boardgames
Running around
Watching TV

That's probably all of them.
my hobbies!!!!!

i like computers, gadgets, electronics
i m a geeky person Very Happy
i i m counter strike addict
i like swimming, lil bit of cricket & some other outdoor sports
sometimes study too Razz
I actually have 2 hobbies: writing poems and computers. I love to write poems and I have won awards for my poetry as well. I haven't written anything in a while but I will get back to. I have been on a computer since I was in the third grade and have not left one since.
Friends xD
European Football (Soccer)
Shopping xD

I would say that my hobby is programming. I also play the viola, but I program a lot. I know php, java, html, javascript, css, some c++.
my favourite hobby is web development. now fancy you finding me in here!!
mine is simple, playing soccer, watching soccer and collecting soccer jerseys Laughing Laughing
well, Guitar, Computer Games & web design ^^
My hobbies pretty much consist of basketball, guitar, computer/electronic related stuff, making money online, and Warcraft III. I go to school too obviously, but it's not a hobby lol Very Happy
I like programming. I also am a boy scout and play the viola. I tend to do a lot wi these hobbies so I would say that they define me well.
I love sports--- i play basketball... football,... golf...snowboarding and what I love the most is SKATEBOARDING.
my hobbies is go to the mall with my family every saturday and sunday..and im very happy at the time...
I tend to switch hobbies every few years. My latest Hobby was Radio Control flying. It's fun but can be challenging. I have 3 big planes with wingspan about 5.5 feet wide. One challenge is controlling the plane when a plane is flying toward you since all the control are backwards ( it's like flying in a mirror). After a while it becomes second nature. Anyone else here fly RC ?
I love..........
computers with internet, listening to music, playing cricket and pool.
My hobbies include breeding pedigreed rats((call me crazy)Deneb Rattery), reading(mostly historical/science fiction, fantasy and science based non fiction), web development(I'm working on some web sites), blogging my thoughts away, and photography(I work as a semi pro photographer). I also spent a lot of time with my family, and competing in Taekwondo. Of course on top of that comes my school work stuff, and my special fascination with doing billions of chemistry/lab projects.

Sounds like a lot, and I do tend to focus heavily, almost obsessively, on one thing, which right now would be my web development.
I like playing 4-square with my friends. Very Happy
I love swimming and web-designing. Very Happy
I don't know if i can file this in the category "hobbies" but the best thing i like to do is hang out with my friends. Especially travel and sports combined. Like going to the Alps for a week of snowboarding and apres-ski after. Or on a surf tour in a van hacking out different spots in different countries. obviously the highlight of the day is at night with a few drinks and with a little luck a few local chicks ..Wink i guess a hobby is a thing you like to do, so this is my favorite hobby
My hobby is travelling to the new destinations....
Athletics and computers. Also other sports go.
Computer programming, athletics, magic & illusion... all sorts of things.
mononukeleosis wrote:
modding hardware, home automation, asterisk

Your hobbies seem like futuristic, btw what do u mean by "asterisk"?
Backpacking, camping, exploring, hiking, wilderness survival, anything else outdoor-related, chess, tennis, computers, lifting weights, and math
Among my various "Hobbies" are woodturning (which has really turned into a small business), retirement (ex Maths Teacher), surving the web and computing in general, computer gaming and last but most frustrating of all that evil game of GOLF.
Science, life, photo, nature...there is no need to have a limited number of hobbies:)
my hobbies are :
-to give love to my wife
-make some good sounds
-be free

but i don't understand anything to the computers!!!

Peace everyone!!!
i love to listen my girlfriend when she is singing!!!
Some good songs like "think" from aretha franklin or some other else from Ella Fitzgeraldand a still lot of others!!!
She has got a so beautiful voice!!!
Karate, Graphics, art (painting drawing sculpture writing... the whole bit), Rock climbing + scrambling, Sailing, kayaking, swimming, diving, running, reading, Online forums, eating ((heh, it's a hobby. XD I promise)), photography, sewing, theater, activism.


I don't know. I just really love life. D= Most anything is fun. X3 <3
my hobbies are reading, listening to music, chatting, watching movies
Just added playing World of Warcraft to my list. I have to admit it is loads of fun.
LEGOs Very Happy
I have quite a few hobbies:


Playing Violin

Playing the French Horn

Playing Computer Games (can that be a hobbie)

I also collect Warhammer minitures - you glue these models, paint them, battle them, big hobbie.
I have many hobbies but here is atm. "Winter"

I am going in for electronics mainly based on AVR microcontrollers for home automation, and different applications. For example yesterday i've done a polyphonic doorbell that plays a WAV files from SD card. 8bit and 16kHz - the sound is well enough for low cost and cheap solutions. 512Mb on board to keep 10 hours of different music ))
Not sure if it should classed as a hobby or an obsession but mines classic Lambrettas.
From restoring to customizing, they've been a big part of my life for over 25 years Smile

You can't beat the smell of 2 stroke Laughing
My hobby is playing football:!:
My prime hobby is collecting birth cards. I don't really know if this exists in the country you live in, but in Belgium and The Netherlands it's very familiar!
Besides that I like reading and writing, my sites, going out with friends...
I like online game, programming
I like too skate and Go on the computer and learn new stuff.
my hobbies are playing music, reading some books, computer, and sometime cooking
I have several hobbies. I love to take pictures, read, and write. I tend to write fantasy. I'm not good at it, but I enjoy doing it. I'm not very imaginative, though, so my writing tends to have a lot of cliches, but I just do it for enjoyment.

Something I collect...I used to collect snowglobes. Not the little ones, but the big ones. I had to stop after having children since it was an expensive hobby.

Another thing I collect and still do are keychains. I have one that has the symbol from "The Never Ending Story" with the two snakes. I've had that for several years. It has, unfortunately, seen better days.

I also love to draw. I don't get to do it very much since my childten take up so much time. Maybe when they are older.

I also enjoy music. I sing for fun and dabble in the piano. I'd love to learn how to play the recorder and guitar, maybe even the banjo. I used to play the violin, but fell out of that. I love to listen to it, but I much prefer to let someone else play and me listen. I never was very good. I played the trumpet for a short while and really enjoyed it. I'd love to pick it up again, but I can't afford a trumpet or lessons at the moment.

One hobby that I do is Aikido. I enjoy it immensely. Who wouldn't enjoy throwing people around and putting them into joint locks? I just started this a few months ago, but I enjoy it quite a bit. The place where I take it is a non profit organization so the cost is low and I get a good workout.
My hobby is collecting stamps - only joking.

Few years ago I used to play chess but then I stopped and my hobby became sports now. Mostly it's basketball and athletics.
My hobby is playing computer

Almost everyday i play computer but my mother will make me study for 1 day or 2 days....
I feel so bad.....But i hate to study and take test...
Sometimes i will blogging or msn with my friends. Wink
This is my second reply to this topic, because I now have a NEW hobby. My outdoor hobbies (gardening, mosaic) kinda suck this time of year, and I got tired of crocheting. So, I've started making beaded jewelry. It's pretty fun, and a fairly inexpensive way to jazz up my wardrobe.
and also learning programming
and also computer networking
sorrow for spam
Jskalky wrote:
and smoking pot everyday. 420=20.5^2

Please do not spam. You could've simply fit those four posts into one.

On topic, my hobbies consist of karate and the Internet. Smile
My hobbies are:
Table tenies.
Badminton and hiking.
My hobbies are: reefkeeping, orchids, carnivorous plants and last, but not least, my cat - master of the house Laughing .
beside my electronic work i am also inline skating...

like it a lot... it is also a great way to stay in condition!
I ride a bike very often,too...
n0obie4life wrote:
Just a nice topic for you to talk about your hobby and what is it about.

I like computers and amateur radio. And I like my job too.....b/c I get to work with computers and radio Smile It's really more w/ computers, but radios are still involved. Right now I have a general class license, but I only have radios that will transmit on the popular 2 meter frequencies.
Driving is my fav hobby Razz

More like cruising Razz
My hobbies currently are painting, reading and movies.

In the past, at one time or another, I have done stained glass (the real kind - cutting pieces of glass and fitting them together) ceramics, leatherwork, silversmithing, sewing, drumming, camping, photography, sculpting, woodworking. I am almost 54 years old you know, so I've had lots of time to play. Laughing

I'm in the process of figuring out what I'd like to try next. Something that doesn't take up too much room, make too much mess, or take too much equipment.

Probably it will be painting with watercolor and/or acrylics (because you don't need paint thinner like you do for oil paint) and photography, when I can afford a good quality digital camera.

Spending time with my pets
Having long walks in the nature
Listening music
I like to play guitar, keyboards and drums in my spare time. Lately, I've been putting these off though.
Sometimes I read when I get the chance or when I'm not too lazy to go out and find something decent to read. Lastly, designing web sites has always been a hobby of mine, but I've also been putting this off for a while.
My life is GALATASARAY and all my hopies around GALATASARAY Very Happy
My hobbies are videogames, puzzles, chess, books and painting.

I play videogames since I was 5 years until nowadays. Puzzles like sudoku, brain challenges and even with puzzle with thousand of pieces are my favorites. I read about 3 books per month. And finally, I paint when I'm so stressed or bored.

See ya
I like doing the following things:

Artisting endeavours
Reading - though I haven't been able to do much this year
Thinking of snack recipes
Hanging out with my friends - the college campus is really big and filled with gardens so there's always lots of bumming around to do
Swimming with sharks! - the locals call them 'butanding' or 'whale shark'
I rather enjoy:

Futsal(indoor soccer)
Web Development
And just general computer stuff like doing up old computers.
my hobby is photography and traveling.thats all ......but thats not all if u know what photography is? Surprised
My main hobby at the moment is fantasy baseball. It is a game where players manage imaginary baseball teams based on the real-life performance of baseball players, and compete against one another using those players' statistics to score points.

I enjoy it because of the analysis involved in it; you have a large amount of information for which you can predict the performance of the player the following year. And because it's such a long season, you have to be active and aware of what is occurring in the league. And the best part is taunting your opponents when you win. Every manager in your league thinks they know baseball and especially fantasy baseball and when yo win, it feels great to let them know they suck.
Hi Everybody

I have a very rewarding hobby, which is taking photos of aircraft. Although the setup cost to do serious photograph are expensive you can get away with a very good digital camera with a nice zoom capability.

I usually attend one or two air shows or visit some air craft museums to photograph aircraft. I also stay very close to an airport and I often get the right conditions to take photos of aircraft as they are landing. The benefits of this are that they are travelling much slower and you do not need a super speed camera to get lovely shots.

Going digital is very cost effective because with film you have the cost of the Film and the developing costs. With digital you just decide what you want to print and print only there photos

Trust this helps
my hobbies are Scrapbooking, reading, travelling, computers, webdesign......did I say travelling??? I absolutly LOVE to travel!!
TechnahardcoreangstaRap DJ
playing guitar, chessboard
web design
computer tech
watch porn

hahahaha Razz
Ghost Rider103

Well that's abnout it. Not sure if all those are actually hobbys, but Poker is sometimes considered a sport, same with Motocross, but I guess they can be hobbys too.
My hobbies are:

Once upon a time; my life was largely built around "hobbies."
When I was a youngster in grade school everyone moved at a faster pace than I did (not intellectually, for I was basically a know-it-all) so they taunted me by calling my "turtle" and other such things that, sure, perhaps in another context they could've been cute, but to this day I HATE being called "turtle."

Anyway, I figured I didn't need their companionship so I would roam around the playground singing to myself. Does sound a bit like a childhood psychosis, doesn't it?
Anyway, singing became my first real hobby.
Along with hanging out with my dad at Seattle International Raceway and watching NHRA top fuel dragsters. I wanted to be a dragster driver, but mama got me the pony instead and I embarked upon my "career" as a horse person. Little did I know my hobby would later make me some good money!
Then came the rabbits...
Followed shortly thereafter by the chickens...
Both which make me money...
I write, of course...

I've been working on the same story for the last seven years now and several publishers later (and lord knows how many pieces of paper) I'm still a poor suburban girl in the country.
Funny thing is; I always figured my knack for writing stories of epic proportions - scripts of tasteful suspense- and my natural talent for cinematography ... well, I figured those things would make me money.

But, alas, if anything my 1-year career in the media industry merely left me with the taste of sour apples in my mouth.
i love sports, i enjoy playing many sports like soccers, basketball, tennis and badminton. ! gaming online is fun too, used to play online game all night Very Happy
My hobbys is pets. Ive got right now a hamsterbreeding and im loving it. See the tiny little hamster babys grow up is such a beautiful moment.
When I grow up I wanna be like a petnurse because I seem to be a great job.
Photography and Krav Maga... I also like to just learn. The more things I learn about, the more I realize I know absolutely nothing!
My One and only hobbyis Surfing the net at the moment Surprised and posting in a e-community called TLR.

Yep, I'm a internet Addict. Wink

But I have a life outside the net. Other than surfing, I like speeding on my bike in clear (non traffic jammed) roads.

Ah, and the other thing i love most is to play with my 2.5 yr old Nephew. Cool kiddo Rolling Eyes
Definately Piano, it's my addiction ^^
I've been playing for about 10 years now, and I love to play the popular songs, like Love Song, All I Ask Of You, No One, and Rihanna's newest, Take a Bow ^^

I learned on classical music, but I'm not all that good at sight reading, so it takes me a little bit to get the song, but once I have it, I just automatically memorize it and play it from memory ^^
i play guitar alot,
also doing many kilometers on my bike and also i have my igor -white cat with blue eyes!
I play guitar. It's been 3 years now. It's always fun playing it.
Astronomy and Science
Glentoran FC - my local football side
And Poker, both online and live. I've won quite a few things from the game which helps. Ipods, Trip to World Cup, airmiles return to Vegas etc etc etc. and well as a few £££'s.
snooker..! but not pool!
My Hobby Is Guitar
I played Since I Was 9
I Cant Last A Day With Out One
I Even Love The Shapes!
I Also Love Computer Programming (Websites)
My hobbies include yoga, bellydancing, and painting. Yoga for me is more than an exercise, it's a spiritual experience. I often meditate while doing poses. During this time I basically revel in symbolic thought. Bellydancing is something I've been doing in a class setting for some time. I actually should say 'class-taking' as a hobby because that is what I often do to meet new people and diversify my interests; however, I'm really getting into bellydancing as it gets any excess energy off my chest and is simply fun... Painting is also a hobby that I find becomes the synthesis of my thoughts and ideas. All are very special to me. Smile
my hobbies i love cricket
and love using net
chit chat with new friend
make da new friend in Orkut
and get some knowledge frm there
and also share knowledge
my freind call me test cricketer
and my family call net virus
som thing lik that
i like football the most. But many sports are interesting.. I like the one where the whole body works..

my most interesting hobby has been homebrewing.

I have created a total of 75 gallons of beer and 10 gallons of honey wine:

2 kegs of 15gallons made entirely from scratch...
4*5 gallon carboys made partially from raw/malted grains
3*5 gallon carboys made completely from dry or liquid malt extract (yum)LOL
I love making CRAFTS.

I just recently learned how to crotchet and that's pretty fun.
I also love recycling things -- I'm experimenting with fusing plastic grocery bags together in fabric and that's been pretty fun. I like making paper too.
Stencilling and screenprinting...

Another hobby of mine is vinyl records. I have a bunch of those, my favorite being The Dead Kennedys Skateboard Party.

I used to read a lot of comic books but I've gotten bored with them. Except Scott Pilgrim, Scott Pilgrim still rocks my socks.

Only other hobby I can think of is going to shows, but I don't know if that's really hobby when there's only like one show a month around here. Smile
[b] My Hobby Is To Play Cricket And Computer
1, 2, 3) Computer
4, 5, 6, ..., 10) Games
11) Football
12) C++
13) HTML
14) Wedesign

I shoud use less the computer and go outside, I know... Wink
My hobbies are music, music and a lot more of music. I also love coding, so usually it is coding with musi. I tmakes a really great combination, coders here can try it..
I love reading and sports such as volleyball, badminton, swimming, tennis and diving. One of my recent hobbies is photography.
i love photography,
i love swimming and i am very much interested in coding
I play paintball internationally. With sponsors, divisions, etc.
My hobbies are photography and video. I have a photo company called Brandi Von Black Photographs and make videos for fun. I like the fantasy side of everything! you can check my stuff out on myspace. or

watching tv,cartoons,going for long drive...listening music, hanging out with friends,
I love games, all of them. computer game, PSP game, XBox, PS, WII...... all of them. Actrually, Outdoor sports is also my favorite.

I like to play tennis, also to watch the match between Nadal and Federel. I prefer gravel blocks, its is smooth to play and more difficult to hurt.
I like the car too.
I like the hills and sports radical

Guitar - I am rubbish though....I pull different faces when I try to change chords
Well one of my biggest hobbies are computer and computer games. At the moment waiting for Warhammer Online. And thus I also picked up another of my old hobbies, that being to paint warhammer miniatures Smile.

Also music (mostly singing) is a big hobby of mine, and well, some guitar as well Smile.

Keep it up with everyone's hobbies! Very Happy
Computer and football Smile
computers and video games i think...
I love sports, usually at the end of the days a play basketball, afterwork to keep fit,
my main hobby is, computers, from programming to design, to digital art, I do traditional art as well Very Happy
Yeah, I am now a stay at home mum so I have lots of hobbies!! Mostly are playing kids games!! But I love sewing and creating new things.
I learnt to knit when I used to live in Canada and had a long bus ride to and from work each day, so now I love knitting, most of my hobbies are crafty type things I think.
But I am married to a very sporty outdoors guy, so I have developed an interest in tamping (or hiking) and stuff like that too.

I just learnt how to write a bit of html code, so that was fun! Now that is a new hobbie too!
My hobbies consist of:
Mrs Lycos
My hoobies :
-Play the Guitar, Piano, Armonica .
- Figure Skating
- Anime and Mangas
- Computer
- Robotics (I'm a Beginner)
- Listen Music
- Cats, Dogs and ¿Hamsters?
- Take care of my sisters Laughing
My hobbys are mostly sport based. I play a indoor hockey sport called Floorball. Thats why I am here, I am wanting to setup a site for us to show the world who we are. Our last site went down becasue of some virus and was not being maintaned. Other hobbys include:

Badminton, once a week.
cycling, more than before now I am going to be a bike courier as of next week
photography, not as much as I used to do
I like to play guitar and read. Also, I'm a cooking enthusiast and I enjoy working on computers and such.
I like to read, write, game, and practice card sleights. I'm a bit of a CS geek as well, but that's more an occupation than explicitly a hobby.
Computers, internet, cinema and literature!
My hobbies are:
Playing Cricket
Watching TV
Reading Books
Computers. Especially building them. I've made about a dozen so far, for myself, friends, and family. Most of them even work.
did anyone say 'sky gazing'? cos its one great hobby to have. Lying on your back on a dark night looking at the splendors of the milky way (with some warm clothes on Cool ) and watch the sky pass over your head. nothings greater than that. it makes you feel you are a part of the universe. something like, you are looking at yourself and trying to discover what you are like, something like looking at the mirror maybe.
would be great if you own binoculars, shows up pretty good clusters and other galaxies too, some detail on the moon, and the planets. . and then learn how the sky moves around you (though it is actually earth moving Very Happy ).. get a planisphere and find a lesson on the internet or find a book at the local library on 'getting started to astronomy'.. errr find a software too, sth like google sky on google earth and cartes du ciel or starry nights..
the final thing would be getting a small scope (or a big one acc. to ur budget).. learn to use it first, and do your research Smile

err what abt joining a local astronomy club?

thats my hobby Arrow
My hobby is sketching cartoons of my own imagination. I enjoy doing this anytime & then sharing my views with friends. People say I am good at my job & I receive lots of appreciation. Even in the classroom I can't stop myself by showing my creativity in notebooks & my notes contain more cartoons than any study material Laughing . My aim is to be an animator & I think I would be fulfilling it. Smile
Listening music, listening music and listening music Smile .... and reading, biking, hiking, programming... and so many other stuff....
My hobby is computers,cars and beer. Very Happy

But off course my family comes first
my hobbies are listening music, chatting and sleeeeeeping... I love sleeping long ^^
I do real estate which is kind of slow right now, so i find myself usually on the internet while im at my other job. I found a few great sites that offer old school nintendo and genesis games. I guess if you never had this stuff growing up it lacks the nostalgia, but its fun to go back and beat the games i was too young to beat before, or find games that i was too broke to buy back then. I heard nintendo wii does this too.
My hobbies are reading, writing and online gaming. Oh yeah and my very very very favorite hobby is annoying my wife with my other hobbies... Laughing
my hobby is computers, and i also play the drums.
My Hobby is collect Hobbies...Funny...don't you think? Wink
lately I have a lot of things like:
playing ffxi
the gym
and hanging out with friends
Well I love cycling, I try to use my bike as much as I can, the longest trip I have done is cycled from Brisbane to Sydney
uhh I got 2 hobbies lol
first one would be listening to music, second one would be collecting pictures of anime girls (dont think im a noliver with no grilfriend, i jsut like the art) my collection so far is like 600 images, and growing each day ^^
My main hobby is to do bycicle... I am fond of bycicle. Wink
I have created a test site for the thing I like most:

Tell me if you like it.
my hoby is to paly with Java Language and yes playing GTA vice city

my hobby is playing soccer
I treat improving my English as a hobby:) I study English and I need to admit that it's very interesting. I can mix duties with pleasure:D
music is food for the soul. My fav pasttime is listening to music. Without music, you lose a taste fro the good things in life. Your life becomes boring and people make no sense. Jokes go over your head and you find it hard to recognize humour as well. Believe me.
playing cricket and yes Web designing stuff especially with php and Jsp/Servlet,,,,,,,,,thats alll .
Gaming, gaming, and playing games. Hopefully making games as well when I get around to it. I am also interested in cycling, basketball, golf and web design.
I love building model planes. It is extremly satisfying, and takes your mind off all your worries and anxieties but I also like sports, especially cycling.
Specially ships, Travels, Music, Books, Women, Movies.
I enjoy:
1. Shooting
2. Hunting
3. Fishing
4. Kayaking
5. Cooking
I do a lot of reading. Somehow that helps to keep me sane('ish Wink). Also, and probably with too much of my time, it's nice to build websites and chat with people on local community boards. So those are hobbies, riiiight? I'd hate to find out after all this time that it's not. Very Happy

Though to be honest, I don't really enjoy writing as much as I'd like to. It's just become sort of tiring, and so I've stayed away from most political threads for the last eight months.. Kinda getting away from that for a while. But one of my goals (to be a hobby) is to setup a modest blog sometime, and try to lean back into writing on a few real topics and probably just some notes for fun.

Oh, and... Umm.. I slap n00bs for fun. It's a great thing to do in spare time. I'd suggest it to anyone. Twisted Evil
Video games
Supporting my soccer team ( SS. Lazio)
Video games
Supporting my soccer team ( SS. Lazio)
Video games and building computers. Mostly games recently because I tend to be broke all the time Wink
my hobby is wasting my time xD
My hobby is my children and my cats.
My hobbies are computer, concerts and pets.
I like music and computers,,
And playing on my guitar
And that's it Razz
i'm a student at faculty of Law Wink
My hobby is making websites i love it. also i like to hackysack that is my other hobby
My hobby is PHP/MySQL coding!
My hobby is computing and listening to music.
Let's see...

Coffee Roasting (and imbibing!)
Food craft (cheese making, brewing, baking)
History research
Bush craft
Open Source
Web Design
I have a few hobbies here and there. I play violin, code Java, build model sets (I recently built a roller coaster from a Knex kit), paint (miniatures and pictures), and play board and video games.
Video games
Supporting my soccer team ( SS. Lazio)
Currently learning to sing
I enjoy cooking and reading in my spare time, and also playing random video games on the computer and such. Also, I play the guitar and piano.
My main hobby would have to be web design. I started doing it about 7 years ago and love it. I have learned everything from just looking at examples of others and tutorials. A lot of head aches later I feel that I have become a pretty good designer. My other hobby and career is cooking. I went to college for Culinary Arts and I currently am a Chef for a local private college. I love my job and plan to continue my career in the culinary services.
Finally having gotten a guitar for Christmas, my new hobby is learning guitar.

The family is playing Runescape, the easy, lots of free stuff, MMORP. Lots of goblin killing. The young teen son thinks it's so cool that his mother is playing.

Evenka rules, even more than the flying skull.
previously i used to have a number of hobbies like swimming, cooking, playing video games, stamp collection, writing and a lot more. i gave that all up.
but thanks to my friend i started on a few of them again... i've two betta fish now, and learning photoshop, also started cooking (only trying out something that i've not tried before)(not a regular cook), and thanks to frihost i've started my writing again... Very Happy Smile
music - rock mostly
computers - building maintaing fiddling and breaking
photography - i like taking photo's, never really do much with them, but i still like to do it
gaming - xbox 360 mostly, i love my xbox Embarassed
other consoles i enjoy are pc, you just cant beat the mouse and keyboard on unreal tournament 3
learning html,php,xhtml and a few otehr code techniques

Smile i think thats it, i do various other things, but not hobbies as such
I love Sports, I play hockey for my school and my club every saturday. Its such a good sport that anybody can play, no matter what level of skill. I play for my schools 1sts and my clubs 3rds. I train on mondays, twice on wednesdays, thursday, and two/three matches on a saturday. It is so good because I love to eat as well, and playig hockey means that I can eat what ever I want, and I always burn it off. But also not good cos I want to gain a stone or so. So if you want to be able to eat whatever you want, play hockey!!!
i like to play cricket which is mine one of best hobby
i also like to read a book on movies and also like to play football
i am also interested in taking pics from my mobile and also collect the older coins
My hobbies are reading comics, watching horror movies, collecting action figures, and making my own photocomics
My hobbies are:
Tai Chi Chuan and Chi Kung. I do it as a moving meditation. I love how grounded it makes me feel.
World of Warcraft - we have a friends and family guild and have a blast playing together.
Role-playing and miniatures games - ICE's Rolemaster and Battletech are what I am playing right now, but I also enjoy Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) and Warhammer, especially painting the miniatures for Warhammer.
I have lots of hobby. But right now I am going to talk about drawing. I really enjoy drawing. I am not a painter or an expert. I just enjoy it. When I am making a drawing I really get lost in to it. I don’t know what is going on around me. That is the best part of drawing. Also when I have completed a drawing I feel great looking at it. I take a proud on all my drawing. Most of my drawing is sitting in my drawers, some are on my wall and that’s it. It is not for sale or anything, just for me to have some quiet moments with my self.
Rocketry, Astronomy and Aviation (sure!!). Laughing
I take pictures... Lot's of them! I have taken several courses in photography. It's so fun and rewarding when you get that perfect shot.
searcing 4 information, play games and other
I love to draw and play basketball. Although I must say I'm much better in basketball than actual drawing. =p Drawing is just good for me when I want to relax while basketball is more for me getting active.
My Hobby is Photography=)

Photography is awesome, anybody can take it up and will grow to love it. I started Photography a year ago with a small compact Point and Shoot, but I moved on to the big guns, the DSLRs. I have a Sony A350 DSLR and it does nearly everything thing I want it to do. If your remotely interested in my hobby check out my Flickr PhotoStream:

The beauty of Photography is you can do it anywhere, so give it a try and see where it takes you!
i write rhymes & poetry... different pieces now and again... mostly focusing on real world topics... otherwise I do a little graphic design, work on sites, and also produce hip hop music.
my first love is basketball, and then computers ....
I LOVE crafts...but not projects that take days to finish, but rather ones that can be finished in a day or two. sadly most easy crafts are also useless...
I like music, movies and reading novels.

Sleeping is also an hobby for me which I enjoy a lot .
I would have to say that computers are my hobby. I'm not on a computer 24/7 but most of my spare time does involve computers weather it's playing a game , checking my email, or just surfing the web.
n0obie4life wrote:
Just a nice topic for you to talk about your hobby and what is it about.

I'd say computers and amateur radio. Both consume most of my free time and provide me with much enjoyment.
Ice hockey all the way!
My hobby is Volleybol
Among others, I\m into trekking, reading books, cooking, badminton.
I love to watch Anime, and read Manga ^^ I just get lost in it . =] (yea, im such a nerd) Embarassed
I absoloutely love to quad bike.

I have my own and ride it down the fields, almost every day! (Exept from when I have work to do, or when the weather is too bad!) Wink

I also quite like going on the PC!

It's fun playing PC games and posting on forums, etc. Smile
my hobby changed into a lifestyle haha.

its bboying or in media or common knowledge breakdancing
I'm into photography, mostly. Also collecting records and record-diving and going to concerts. I'm a bit of an amateur graphic designer, too. Smile
I like sport , especially basketball . I often watch NBA . Surfing on the net is also my favorite .
Plays basket ball and my computer.
the best is swim
Well, i collect paper money by few years now,and i would like to ask anybody that knows a software specialy made to keep a record of an entire collection of scans and archives of exchanges that have been made during the years....Thank you

I like animals
going to the beach[/b]
i love listening to music and singing. i love to read as well. i love to watch films. i love typing. some of my hobbies have helped me in my current work schedule. its good to have hobbies and to persue them. some hobbies tend to become lifetime work and you actually earn money from these hobbies. i think hobbies should bo encouraged when children are growing up.
Oh dear, I have so many... Between singing, reading, LARPing, drawing, cooking, sculpting, and making new candles from old ones, I just can't decide! Belting out the words and notes of a favored song is something anyone can do and enjoy. Even if you can't hit all the notes, it's still fun to try! I'm currently stuck on the Anita Blake series, as far as reading goes... Zombies, Vampires, and Werecritters, oh my! Ah, there's nothing like dressing up in Renaissance Faire garb and running around the woods, beating each other with padded sticks... So much fun! I actually want to start up a site to sell my artwork, including drawings, paintings, sketches, and sculpted jewlery. As for the candle thing, that's just so I don't have to toss out so much wax and pay even more for new candles. ;3 I'm cheap, I know.
my hobby would be blogging and music...used to like to listen to music but somehow nowadays prefer playing the piano and violin Smile although
latter is lesser as it requires more energy when comes to playing..
also love playing wii and PSP, they are indeed cool gadgets to play with Smile
there lots of things like to do but I guess over time my favourite things to do during the leisure time will change depending on how much time I have and my mood
I spent most of my time writing fiction or fanfiction
I like to make clothes, knit and croquet and something sew
I like rock climbing, but I only done that 3 times my whole life, so that can't be a hobby can it?
translate lyric and make graphic to represent the songs

my favourite hobby is eat, if you can call it one, and although I can't eat that much, I do like trying out new foods, as long as it nothing extreme like monkey brain or insect
oh, hiking - which I don't have much time for
and sight seeing holiday (not sunbathing) - but can't afford many of those
Easily my favorite hobby is playing sports or playing video games.
nice thread ;D

i used to love to rear fish, but due to someone killed my gave up this rearing fish business

love to dabble on the piano, keyboard-tweaker and violining ^^

avid moviegoer and love to eat! ranges from power juices, strawberry yoghurt, doriyaki, kasewurst, pretzels to ice cream, orangina, orange chocolate, sherbet lemon sweets,

lazy to read for the time being but love Deutschesprache, japanese culture & food,

hopefully one day can travel around the world in (80days?)
I have meany hobbies including playing sports like basketball and also like table tennis.
i like to play games mostly videogames and maybe a few board games.
i also collect stamps and enjoy my job.
my life is in a way very enjoyable and all my hobbies are what i find fun because if it wasn't fun i wouldn't do it.
I have meany hobbies including playing sports like basketball and also like table tennis.
i like to play games mostly videogames and maybe a few board games.
i also collect stamps and enjoy my job.
my life is in a way very enjoyable and all my hobbies are what i find fun because if it wasn't fun i wouldn't do it.
My most obvious hobby is games... Computer games, mobile games etc.....

I go to swimming like twice every week.
I read pretty much everyday since we get books we have to read at english Surprised
hmm and i cant think of anything more...yet...
I don't remember whether I've posted in this thread before...

My hobbies include computer, internet, reading, volleyball, and just messing around. Wink
My hobbies are cycling, exercising in the gym and online money making.
Anyone here go to club or similar for whatever they enjoy doing?
say, you like reading and join a book club, what's the club like?
I done knitting club before, it not much, just chatting and do whatever knitting/crocheting you want, very good for stress release and everyone is nice and friendly, and you learn all sorts of tricks - though i'm sure you could do the same with online tutorials

what exactly do you do at book club? or rock climbing club (beside climbing) or sailing club? though I don't mind joining on of those, if it weren't too pricy
I love to visit new places, nature and traveling is my hobby. This is really very refreshing, peaceful, attractive and fulfill me with positive energy.
favorite hobbies, and what I can physically do are 2 seperate conversations.
I would like to go fishing, hunting, snowmobiling, dirt biking, 4x4'ing, and skydiving.
But that will never happen.
Instead I dream of such things for the rest of my life.
C'est la Vie!
Mostly basketball and playing the XBOX360. But now I really spend most of the time studying... Why oh why the summer ended so quickly?
My hobbies are photography and Science, specifically Biology. I like wildlife and nature photography though, not portraiture.
My hobbies are:
watching anime
reading manga
collecting anime figures
playing magic card
and psp
n0obie4life wrote:
Just a nice topic for you to talk about your hobby and what is it about.

Ham radio among other things. I also like to work on computers.
My hobbies are: Computer and basketball.
I can't pass a day without seeing my desktop Very Happy and about basketball i don't usually play it alot cuz i don't have time too go out and play i have to studyyyyy plus i don't have friends that like basketball, my brother likes basketball to but he's not here,, so i don't play right now.. i think basketball is a good sport for health and body. C YA!! Smile
I roast my own coffee.
Huh i hava many hobbies.

First one is computer. I'm learning all the basics about them in school at the moment. Problably going to work with them.
Second is Ping-Pong (table tennis). Very intresting game, sometimes unbeliavable things happens, sometimes it is funny. Perfect for waiste your free time.
Third is skateboarding. Have skated for 2 years for now. I can do some tricks like 360 flips and so on, but it is only summer outdoors activity. Winters are here cold and snowy and we don't have many inner skateparks.
My Hobbies, usually are.

Website Coding,
Fishing(not good at it, but i like doing it)
Taking care of step-sister's kids (all under 5 lol, she has 6)
Video Gaming (so much fun! lol)
my hobbies are

doing illustrations
- comic creation
- drawing anything out of the blue
- digital art
- painting as well
playing basketball
tending my fishes Very Happy
playing games when theres nothing else to do really
my hobbies are
playing games
making sigs on photoshop
and playing sports Very Happy
my hobbies are:
horse riding
ski/snowboard in winter
meeting with friends ;D
listening to music
and of course - computer / internet

You have learned somewhere how to use ps? or you learn by yourself ?Wink
I'm learning how to use ps4 with book ;]

as you can see many hobbies = sport ;]
Once upon a time; my life was largely built around "hobbies."
When I was a youngster in grade school everyone moved at a faster pace than I did (not intellectually, for I was basically a know-it-all) so they taunted me by calling my "turtle" and other such things that, sure, perhaps in another context they could've been cute, but to this day I HATE being called "turtle."

Anyway, I figured I didn't need their companionship so I would roam around the playground singing to myself. Does sound a bit like a childhood psychosis, doesn't it?
Anyway, singing became my first real hobby.
Along with hanging out with my dad at Seattle International Raceway and watching NHRA top fuel dragsters. I wanted to be a dragster driver, but mama got me the pony instead and I embarked upon my "career" as a horse person. Little did I know my hobby would later make me some good money!
Then came the rabbits...
Followed shortly thereafter by the chickens...
Both which make me money...
I write, of course...

I've been working on the same story for the last seven years now and several publishers later (and lord knows how many pieces of paper) I'm still a poor suburban girl in the country.
Funny thing is; I always figured my knack for writing stories of epic proportions - scripts of tasteful suspense- and my natural talent for cinematography ... well, I figured those things would make me money.

But, alas, if anything my 1-year career in the media industry merely left me with the taste of sour apples in my mouth.
My hobbies... I play much too much computer for it to be good for me but i dont think it counts as much of a hoby... I used to play a game called Warhammer 40K which is where you build and paint and then fight with minature models, but it was to expenisve and time consuming for me to continue playing. I am also starting to get into basketball but its taking a long time to catch up to the Pro's in my age group. I also ski at winter for a week and enjoy it but it is also expensive...
I like playing online games and other games pc/ps and other, and camping is the best way to relaxing my mind. Idea
My Hobbies? wow that's a good question. But some of are secrets, so don't tell anyone...

Vintage Car
Die Cast Cars
Pigeon Racing
Island Hopping together with some bikini girls....
I'll post some other more soon. thanx.
Ppl my hobby is to play cricket...and just chat with ppl arnd...
I enjoy lots of different thing. Craft is one of my favorite time pass. I always like to try some new art. I like to create art peace that I can give as gift. Whenever I am not feeling good, I work on my art project and it makes me feel god. Kind of boost my ego that, I have special skills and I can do something productive.
I also like to read good books play with my son, read books with him, watch movie, play games with friends, play cards or outdoor games. The only thing is I don’t really get time to do these things.
Forgot one more thing I like to do is painting. I enjoy both Painting on paper and painting on computer in paint brush.
Actually I can go on and on about my hobbies, because I like to do lots of things. I also enjoy cooking. I like to try new recipes. And of course!!!! I enjoy eating new things and all kind of junk food (all unhealthy food!!! Ok I know not good)
One more hobbies!!!(Addition to my big list of hobbies). Recently I am also in to “Yogasan”. Initially I started doing it forcefully, but now I am really enjoying.
Lately I've been enjoying taking care of kids. My mom's friend's one-year-old daughter is so much fun to play with. So I guess that's one of my hobbies nowadays. I also enjoy playing with our two golden retrievers named Rafa and Martina (yes, the they were named after tennis players). One hobby that I am really fond of though is online stalking (not the creepy type). I don't really know why but I enjoy looking at other people's social networking sites. I guess I'm just interested in knowing more about them. Smile
o meu hobby é o aquarismo, amo peixes
airplanes for sure! love it!"
my hobby:

Reading books
Watching movie
my hobbie is play video games! Laughing
My hobby to play World of warcraft on Private server. Bacause i cant pay per month on Original Blizzard server Very Happy
I like animals and more informatica, informatica by labor and facility, pets for companionship and loyalty.
Watching TV, playing musical instruments, learning random things. I've learned that I tend to pick up tons of hobbies but I never seem to be able to become an expert in any of them. I suck at all instruments, and I lack the attention span to do anything else with my life.
I play guitar, play war rock on the internet and I spent most of my time on my PC
Over all i would sya that computers are my favourite hobby. Ive been into computers since i was a little boy. Learning new things was amazing. PHP, scripting. It's alot of fun once you know how to work with it. But sometimes you can get dragged by it. This one time my website i owned myself got hacked and was redirecting me to a site in the Philipines. They hacked my site. Sad That wasn't cool at all.
Does lying on the couch count as a hobby? No one reads these types of threads anyway Razz
I just adore watching birds in their natural surroundings. Some how it seems to be inspiring to watch these birds fly, duck and catch preys. It also shows how wonderful God's creation is!
I played badminton for a while. I've just stopped: I was much to busy, and I saw it more as a thing I had to do, instead of a thing I would like to do...

Anyway, At the moment I love to investigate the computer. As well the hardware as the software. I've just passed my exam, so I head to my second study: ICT...! Hope it isn't too hard Very Happy!
I like computers, building them, altering them, just plain using them. I also like computer games, playing and modding, and I like basketball, playing guitar, and sitting around listening to music. That about covers it.
I love to play soccer and volleyball. I play some PC games too.
I like playing guitar and singing and playing the drums. I would like to play drums more but I don't think I can have them.
I have hobbys like volleyball, PS3, electronic stuff, Photoshopping and many more, just cant do all, maybe when work age is over....
Hobbies in the life creates an awesome adventure weather it is outdoor hobby or an indoor hobby. I am a person of a indoor games so I would prefer the best hobby of mine which is playing videos games and more video games. I have a huge collection of the video games which never turns me off to play.
For example im doing capoeira but the other things like indoor activities, certainly video gaming is the top of the list of it. other than that one are watching animes, taking care of my pets sometimes taking non-professional of the places where i live.^^

ive tried to collect some stamps once but i failed to collect them and lost my interests on it.

edit: forgot to add role-playing, it's really the best thing that i have fun to do in my life Razz
my hobbies are internet surfing, downloading, playing online games, computer troubleshooting, collecting vintage cars, and vintage cars name a few Wink
I raised a cute duck as my pet. He was a boy,actually a handsome and elegant boy! white and soft feather, yellow mouth and feet, still black eyes. Was it lovely? :D
The duck,my pet, always waiting for me beside the door whatever early or late everyday. I thought he had already taken me as his mother. I ofter kissed him face and touched him when I back home.Sometime I feed taste food to him, such as noodles and green vegetables.
He slept in my bedroom. I was on the bed and he was under the bed. Every moring he standed beside my bed and looked my eyes silently. If I opened my eyes he would become very active and happy, weaving his tail ceaselessly.
He was like a movie star in our uptown. neighbors all loved him,esp, children and the youth.They always asked me such kinds of questions:what does he eat;where does he sleep;how old does he,etc.
Now he is a beautiful angel in the heaven.I missing him every day,esp. feeling lonely or being in the upset. He gave me happiness time. I will never to forget him. He is my little,little son,forever! God bless him!
How about u? Could u share with me ur lovely pet in ur life? Thank u!
my hobbies are
online learning different languages( Spanish , Hindi)
learning web page coding(HTML,CSS)
learning affiliate marketing
posting forums(most recent)
poetry(rarely in present)
reading books
in free time i use to write stories,compose sngs.........i love writing..........till nw iv written more lots of stories and short plays.....other than writing i love playng cricket..........
Racketball,, TV, Movies
Hobby Question
listen to music
Reading books
Watching movie
My main hobby is sudoku.. I find it very calming
I have many hobbies: bicycle, guitar, programming, learning strange languages, but the most weird is collecting google's doodle when they appear.
my hobby is to eat a lot of siomai and to drink a lot of chuckie (yeah that's really a lot) Laughing

going back to my old days...
gaming, coding, and mapping are my main hobbies.. Very Happy
I love my computer as a hobby. I can't just do without it. I love surfing the internet always looking for new ways of doing things. Then I play a lot of games too (adventure mostly) it helps improve ma IQ. Recently I have started seeing movies as a hobby. Like 24 and prison break. I also see a lot of recent movies (all types) but I can't say for sure if its a hobby (maybe I am just doing it cos ma game pad is bad).
my hobby is computer games and sports. sorry for my bad english
Well...My hobbies are much kind off a nerdy geek...Loves playing PC games,surfing intenet for half of the day,Chatting with friends,programming and website designing... Razz

I loves to play cricket and football too... Wink
everyday i sit in front of my laptop to online or play mirc script flood.. i think becoz of this, it become my hobbies. i like my macbook pro cause it serve me well. Very Happy
my hobbies are
playing games
making sigs on photoshop
and playing sports Very Happy
Guitar, computer, music, video games, movies. Smile
You'll love the service and facilities provided by Frihost...!! Wink
n0obie4life wrote:
Just a nice topic for you to talk about your hobby and what is it about.

my hobby is hockey all i do when im not at work is play hockey at the rink or play road hockey with my m8s
i like fishing Smile
Hmm after developing my social network, I have started singing and uploading my songs on my site. Its quite a lot of fun in doing it. sometimes it sounds great and sometimes it sounds lol u know.. If anyone is interested in listening to what I have sung. do check those on my site
I'm so much fun in listening music, especially to the songs with meaningful lyrics.
I am an extrovert person and also an introvert.
i enjoyed listening to music and mixing it creating beats using my dad's old LP lox ^__^
I'd say I'm a man of hobbies, I can't live without one. Every time I stop doing something I start with another.
When I was a kid my hobby was to plant seeds in pots and take care of them until I was able to gather more seeds from the plant and plant more.
Then I got myself absorbed in beetles, I'd take them and put them with the books in the library. I used to do that until I discovered that they would become dust once they had been there 2 weeks or more.
I had forgotten both of them a while ago when I moved to where I live now and started learning new languages. I was twelve or thirteen years old. That has been my hobby until now (I am 18, almost 19).
I have had many "sub-hobbies" since then. A perfect illustration would be my obsession with communication codes (morse and things like that) and web-design codes.
After learning web-design codes I started my new hobby: web-design. I planned many websites and then I realized I was able to show them to the world through Frihost. I learned how to do it and started my new hobby, which is my actual hobby.
take my greetings to all forum members. this is a nice topic to discuss. what is my hobby??? oh i love travelling the most. i get pleasure to roam in different places. it helps to increase the knowing of different places, different cultures and certainly different kind of peoples. i have a dream to travel different parts of the world. but as i am from poor country like bangladesh, that's not possible. thats why i travel different interesting parts of my country. as there is hills, sea, seashore etc. most of u may have heard the name of cox's bazar of bangladesh. i love it too much. i think who want to travel different places, he may come to my country. i will help him to explore my country.
I sit by the computer a lot, programming/making games in Game Maker, drawing, 3d modelling and doing other creative things, or at least try to.

I've always liked to draw, and was into comics a few years ago.

My first game console was PSOne, on which I played Spyro and Crash Bandicoot, inspiring me to make games. I've been using Game Maker for 4-5 years, since GM 6.1. Other than gml, the language in GM, I have used java a bit, looking at simple applet game making.

I'm using Blender for 3d modelling. Of all the functionality Blender has offer, I believe I have only scratched the surface, with several models and a few small animations.

I also like being outside, and now in the winter, mostly skiing.
My hobby is paint, and for now set the leguaje about the world of the web.
My Hobby is,
2.Coding like Actionscript,android etc...
3.Playing games
My hobby only to play world of Warcraft game no another. Very Happy
Fish tanks! That and the occasional putting something together or building one of my ideas.
playing guitar and singing. Just for fun. Wink
tomisme wrote:
playing guitar and singing. Just for fun. Wink

They allow you to do this? Smile
Hobby is best way to get relax, refresh and change our routine work. My favourite hobby is watching television. Due to this I get lots of information and knowledge about all over the world As well as we feel relax and refresh. Television is like one type of magic box.
Play football, work at my job, gaming, and chill out with my friends.
my hobbies are playing outdoor games...
Playing Dota and digi-painting!!
I have a couple hobbies like playing foot ball video games lol and ..... Sleeping
I have a lot of hobbies
it starts with my computer, all about what i like is here
than I like sports, much more soccer than others
ans I play drums, that makes me feel up always
My hobby is stay connected with friends through social networks

Topic is very good and interesting.Every person have a hobby,Some like games,Swimming,book reading etc. My hobby is Computer work and search different things related to computer.And 1 hobby is more which i like That is Book reading.

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Meu hobby é escrever e as vezes eu desenho, mas não sou boa nisso.
My hobby is to write and sometimes I draw, but I'm not good at it.
miniature games, video games, movies sometimes airsoft
i used to have some hobbies in the past

tickets from Bus, Plane, Concerts, museums etc (all lost in movings)

Coins i already have some coins from several countries

little cars once i owned a plus 500 diferents models (all gone in hands of my nephews)

build models I built dozens of models, from planes, boats, space ships etc (same like last one)

astronomy i own a scope and used to go out to watch the sky (i already start again)

campingand fishing i have some years out of this one ( i still have my equipment but no time)

Running from 10 K to Ultramarathon
I like designing websites as my hobby, I love it.
Gardening is my hobby. I derive great pleasure from this hobby. In the back of my house, there is a small plot of land. It is my garden. I grow flowers and some vegetables of the season in this plot. Besides this, I have a number of flower pots in which I have grown some very green plants and some flowering plants. I let my love for the morning as soon as I'm out of bed, or at night after returning from my college. I do not let my love come in the way of my studies. I've been gardening in my time only bar.

My hobby is a good hobby. It is useful in many ways. It gives me pleasure. I refresh what I'm tired after a day of hard work. In the morning, I get in contact with green plants and flowers. Thus, the lungs fill with air. This is good for health. My hobby is health giving. Besides this, it provides the family with fresh vegetables. My hobby has another advantage too. It's pretty cheap. Which imposes no additional burden on my parents.

Everyone should have one or the other hobby. India, usually have no hobby. Lost leisure time in gossip. This is bad. They should try to have a hobby. In this case, should not be guided by others, but you must select a hobby that suits their tastes and circumstances of their lives. Pleasure is the main purpose of a hobby, and therefore the best hobby is to delight and recreation.
I like listening to music, playing video games and I'm bored of games, I go for walks usually @ night, since I can't be outside during the day because I get major headaches which is rather a pain. :/

If I get bored, I just facebook using my phone lol<<

On a Job site, I listen to music to help me concentrate because it helps me focus.
all around music, running, gaming
i love listing music...
Here is an updated list of my hobbies.

I enjoy riding my bike I have to everyday in order to get to class. I try to do a long ride once or twice a week. I like mountain biking and living in the mountains just makes it that much more awesome. Another one of my hobbies is Firefighting. I volunteer my time at my local firehouse. It is a great feeling helping others and an amazing rush every time the bell goes off. That leads to my next hobby which is teaching people about firefighting. I love when people come in and I have to teach them what everything is and how to do certain things.

Another hobby of mine is reading and learning all about Cosa Nostra which is what most know as the Italian mafia.
IF ( Board game) {
Magic The gathering Rules Very Happy
IF ( PC game ) {
IF ( MMO ) {
League of Legends is the best
if (LAN) {
L4D and Betaffiled Very Happy

else {
Adobe After Effects Very Happy
is any body playing dota too?
My hobbies are:

Playing guitar, harmonica, keyboards.
Maybe littlebit photography too. Smile
And playing with my dog of course!
FMX riding - though at the moment arm (Elbow Injury) is in a sling - "Hurry up and Heal"
i have no hobby but i love computer gaming
buts no hobby

i have no time for it.
My hobby is to surf the web,make websites,play cricket and watch television Smile
I like to collect HD movies.
I have every new HD movie in my HDD
I like to draw and take care of animals. Reading books is my #2 hobby and taking care of animals goes after Very Happy
For fun, I browse the net just like I do now. I watch movies on DVD and in the cinemas. I listen to music especially when I'm riding the bus or on the subway.
Gaming/Computers, Photography, an web design
Playing video games, and a lot of it. Embarassed
my hobbies ;
1- computer : php or game
2-table tennis
3- football

Note: i hateeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee lesson
My Hobby is to do Plastimodel and in a few time i´ll come back to play guitar.
My hobby is basketball .. Very Happy Laughing

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my hobby just bloging, web desigen and sleeping Sad
My hobbies are:

~web designing
~editing videos and pictures
~playing my guitar (sometimes piano/keyboard)
~playing computer games
~watching anime
~reading manga
~reading fan fictions and some books
~browsing the internet
~writing stories (sometimes essays)
My hobbies are:
- Drawing
- Playing computer games
- Killing people (joke, lol) Razz
I'm just prefer to Basketball, and other sports.
And some computer games too btw...
Hmm.. strangely enough I have not answered this thread yet. xD Must be because there are so many hobby-related threads in this section of the forums (well duh, what am I saying, this is the Hobbies section). Haha it's funny, I'm very much like chellesei...

I usually like all things related to the Internet, computers, sleeping, reading, art, and food. Pretty broad hobbies, but it's good to have variety I suppose. Sometimes though I feel like there's so much to do that I end up not doing anything at all, or wasting time just deciding what hobby I want to spend my free time on. ^_^;
My hobby is programming - php, MySQL, JavaScript. Other hobby - photography, although I am not very active in these. (:
I have a ton of hobbies that I loved to do. My first hobby when I was a child is drawing my favorite cartoon and anime characters everyday and I consume about 1/8 of my notebook because of too many erasures. When I started my teen years, I began to like playing different musical instruments like the guitar, piano, and drums. Nowadays my favorite hobby is surfing the net researching information and blogging.
I love to makes greeting card and very passionate about any new idea that can help me.
You say all kind of interesting, I'll help you add a point of popularity!
when i was young i used to collect lots of ... things: postage stamps, cigarette packs, feathers, bones, little bottles, nice stones, seashells, pieces of wood, dead insects like butterflies, corks, coins, well, there might be some things i don't remember anymore?
I am a jewelry designer and I want to continue. I like to do many things,so...I can't make a list...too long o.O
sport is the most important Very Happy
I love it to be in action to keep the body healthy.
Well, Not sure if i have a hobby i spend all day on computer looking for new site. software and info about all type of things.. I also play on xbox and orginal.
my most favorite hobbies are
Pets keeping and Gardening.[/img]
my hobby is playing cricket, gardening.
Sleeping can be a hobby right? My hobby is sleeping during the day (not during the night, I'm such a night owl). And when I sleep nothing can wake me up.
my hobby is surfing the internet, you can verify that by checking my join date and my no of posts. lol
my hobbie fly r/c plane,play fps games
Right now my hobby is change.. what i like now is creating and research more advance stuff..

but before when i was in high-school my hobby is playing basketball. we compete in league together with my friends and classmate when there is a new basketball league we register and play.

As time goes by i have notice and for sure you have notice also that our hobby keeps on changing as what days and year goes by..
Regardless of encounter every day, I will live each day, because I think this world is beautiful.
I have a dog. her name is Lajka. Like the first dog on moon. =D
dont have these many hobbies - just taking some clicks with my camera - while on PC - Facebook and some joomla / wordpress nowadays - main hobby is Photoshop Illustrator Smile
b/c I really like Designing !
Video games
Currently learning to sing
Travel (I do this along with my primary - Sleeping)
Reading (a lot)
Movies (Well, collecting 'em too)
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Well my favorite hobbies that I like doing is;

= Tinkering around with computers.
= Trying to get my own enterprise going. Smile
Well my favorite hobbies that I like doing is;

= Tinkering around with computers.
= Trying to get my own enterprise going. Smile
I have a lot of hobbies like writing, playing games, reading, watching movies, and trying out new things... I'm just not that into sports Smile
Multiple things these days. Most of them linking back to technology though.
Muito legal
my hobby is bike riding.I am very crazy in driving..... and i love to drive car in top speed
I am generally not one to spend much time on hobbies, unless you count surfing the net and Facebook as a hobby. I do love to collect coins, and I also have a selection of model trains. I've tried my hand at photography for a little while (until I became a mother for the first time, then I stopped going to the club). If I had to say one current hobby though, it would have to be card reading (as in Tarot and Oracle). I enjoy doing that.
I do water colour painting nowadays Smile I'm no good, but it's fun and you get to just paint freely, it's good.

Video games
Currently learning to sing
When ever i feel free, straight away i rush towards my game, where i spend my free time on it.
My favorite sport is Soccer, I play it a lot.
I used to play Rugby but didn't have enough free time to keep doing it.
And I'm a musician, so I'm always playing my guitar or drums.
I have several hobbies ... love playing pc, video game, but football just play station ehehehe also really like music, being with friends and doing all the joys always ... one very fancy barbecue, plenty of coca cola .. my God why these things are so good so bad right?
I really love to swim. Swimming is my favorite hobby. When ever i find free time, I love to swim.
I have no coordination and am trying to learn to juggle. Amazing how difficult it is to start out.
I have many hobbies, for example:
1. Computers(programming and games)
2. Books(Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Western)
3. Movies(Fantasy, Sci-fi, Action,)
4. Music(Rock, Metal) I play guitar.
5. Travelling.
6. Anime and Manga
my hobby internet surfing also connected social media
also i like graphics degining work also web degining
hi @iliyasshaikh,

I notice you spell "Designer" as "Deginer".. also in your sign

The correct word is "Designer" with s

Lx Wink
My hobbies are

Watching movies
Listening to song
Playing games
Dunno if it's an actual hobby, but I collect golf balls with logos on them; corporate logos, tournament logos, country club and golf course logos, etc.
I live near a golf course and that's where I walk my dog so I pick up all the golf balls I find. Most of the balls I collect are used for swing practice when I come back at night with a couple clubs Razz
But the ones that have logos and no blemishes I keep Smile
My favorites are one from The Olympic Club in San Francisco and one that just says EVIL
My hobby is cooking. I like dishes of various regions but they must be vegetarian. I learn to cook new dishes fast. My favourite dish is paneer with chola.
My hobby is weather and space.
Internet, websites, programming
I really love to play chess. I also like reading novels. I think I could spend weeks doing either of those activities exclusively. Smile . I love programming, of course. It's what I do most of the time. I am studying to be a software engineer. So, all in all, pretty geeky stuff. Very Happy
I love to play chess too ! It's remarkable how many programmers and technicians like it. In my workplace, there are some very strong players.. I'm not a really bad player, but it always strikes me, how people who join a chess club manage to play much better than me, in a few months ! Unfortunately I've no time to play in a club. It would take 2-3 evenings per week..

I normally play around on my computer, I work 6 days a week as well.
My is definitely inline-skating.
Mevans9860 wrote:
I normally play around on my computer, I work 6 days a week as well.

6 days a week must be harsh for a gamer! Any league of legends in your near future?

Anyway, I'm a gamer, but I also really really enjoy surfing. I'm not all that great, but it is really humbling to put yourself at the whim of rolling oceanwater. I'm along for the ride!

I also have a little vegetable garden to which I lovingly tend. Tomatoes, green beans, strawberries, raspberries, squash, garlic, CATNIP <3!

I want to start blogging, which is why I am posting here. I think it's really generous of the host to give free space to people who want to invest time, but aren't ready to invest money, in a hobby like publishing online.
My hobby is everything in IT.
Hmm.. My hobby is to play games on computer.
All kinds of games
I have a lot of hobbies and it always seems to grow...

My main hobbies are brewing beer, gotta love brewing it and then drinking it and sharing.
Gaming on both computer and ps3.
Computers, electronics and other nerdy things.

Now I just need to pickup woodworking, plumbing, and other things so I can finish building my kegerator and bar!
My hobby is inline skating.
Travel: I have a passion for traveling and exploring. I am always ready for an adventure. Not only have I traveled extensively around the U.S., but I have had the opportunity to have experienced many other countries as well. Among the countries that I have visited include: Germany (10 times), France, Austria, Switzerland, Monaco, Mazatlan and Los Cabos, Mexico, Bahamas, Grand Turk, Caicos, Half Moon Cay, Grand Cayman, and Marrakesh, Morroco in Africa.

I recently started a new hobby, to say.
It is telekinesis. I am not that sure that if can be treated as a hobby.
I used to rotate psi wheel, and wonder the science behind it.

the unknown secret behind it make me attracted to it.
I love go fishing so much, I just can help go fishing every time I'm available, it's gonna be extremely relaxing then.
My hobbies are:
I'm thinking to create a blog about arts and crafts and share different techniques.
Right now I am reading this guide

I think it's very helpful for Internet Marketing beginners( like me), with great ideas on what to focus on and how to avoid online scams.
I love to see the world and know a little bit about different languages and cultures, food, people and the way they live. I am always ready for something. Traveling is my passion. It is my bread and butter. I would do it every day without getting paid for it if I had the resources to do so. Let me see... Where have I been so far? Jamaica, guadaloupe, st Thomas, st Vincent, Dominican republic, Haiti, Brazil and off course Cancun mexico. and if you have not been to any of those places especially Brazil, you are missing out. These are some of the most precious and beautiful places on earth. As for the Us, I have been to Boston (Them Bostonians are something huh), Connecticut, Maine, Vermont, Washington, Louisiana (now that was something), Jersey ( The Jersey Shore did it for me), Atlanta (I would not mind dying over there, I mean Savannah and Atlanta are breathtaking especially at nighttime), new Mexico, Dallas ( my husband is a hard core cowboy fan, we argue all the time about switching team), and last but not least the Carolinas both north and south. No offense to anyone for my first anniversary we decided to go to north Carolina to spend time with some family members in north Carolina. I had never been there before and I thought it was gonna be a boring trip. But I gotta say I am sorry for my ignorance but Charlotte made me change my mind. I will definitely go back. I mean if anyone has ever gone downtown where the skyscrapers are at. ooooo baby. So I have not been everywhere but I have a long list to finish. to the next few years. here I come
You guys have some really awesome hobbies! Here's mine:

Drifting! You know, balancing vectors in a moving vehicle in a controlled state of oversteer around a corner Wink See: Formula D

Programming. Hand in hand with gaming. I play a few mobile games that I've hacked together tools for my alliance members to collaborate w/ eachother with.

Learning. Every day, I try and dig in to something new. Recently, it's led me to Vortex Mathematics, Tesla / Dollard systems of resonance and the Aether. The implications of successful experiments on this matter are simply astounding. The kind of thing that I see bringing about a wonderful world for us all.
I LOVE to read and watch TV series!
My hobby is to programme programme and programme.
basically in web.
Searching for dead ancestors (living relatives too!) with the black sheep being the most interesting.
Knitting and crocheting along with landscaping, growing my own food and feeding my brain with graphics/web design.
Whoops! That was many most favorite hobbies.
They all pretty much feed into each other so it is hard to pick one as I work on them pretty much every day.
So many interesting things, so little time.
My hobbies are
1. Computers
2. Video Games
3. Website design
4. css html python php .etc coding
5. Anime
6. learning japanese (again)
7. learning new things dealing with computers

that pretty much sums it up for me
surfing frihost,.... Embarassed

it hosts my website for free btw,, its kindof loyal return from my side.
my hobbie is gym, all days after work Smile
Well, I play an online MMO called Lord of the Rings Online. So, I guess that's my 'hobby'. I am not a hardcore raider, but a casual player. I am in a very friendly kinship and we have a ton of fun together saving middle earth. I really like it because if I can't pay my sub for a few months; as it is now since I was laid off, I can still play.

My other 'hobby' I guess would be making beer at home. I love doing it, and whenever I can I brew a batch.

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i have great interest in electronics and automation and computer programming.I have lot of electronic things small to big.electronic is my hobby.i have great knowledge in electronics so when ever any thing is out of order i try to fix it.Even i can try to fix car.although i am not car mechanic but i find that where is the problem i try to fix it.
My hobby is traveling i love to see world and beauty of nature.i already visited many countries but i want to see more.
Hobbies are the best source for spending our spare time.Every body has a special type of hobby,some body like gardening, some body like coins,stamps collection and such types of activities as well.Very Happy
My favorite hobby or activity in my spare time is books reading and listening music Wink. I like inspiring,inovative and moral lessons type books,I also like history related books very much. Smile

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- Ankhanu
Chess is my new hobby. I just like to plan strategy and tactics and when you think about it, chess is all that.
n0obie4life wrote:
Just a nice topic for you to talk about your hobby and what is it about.

I've too many hobbies like games, basketball, dancing..blah blah.....but my favourite one is CODING
I love to travel around the beautiful places and often go for tours. According to my point of view; tourism is all about outdoor adventure, fun and learning. It lets us open our minds to new things and we get to experience life in exciting different ways. Traveling gives us the opportunity to disconnect from our regular life. You get to forget your problems/issues for a few weeks. I can also help you to find out time to enjoy your life as your desires and according to your crazy schedules. You can enjoy boating, camping fishing and photography and outdoor cooking for fun during travel.
Hmmm top hobbies ?

- 8th art
- traveling
- ping pong
- computers
- peapole !
my favorite hobby is to watch series and play pc games....
I really do not find time for hobbies, But i like music and movies or just relax as i have very less time to relax.
As long as you bring it up, one of my hobbies involves web programming and technologies, especially:

Other hobbies include reading and travel.

Very Happy Smile
music books and using internet
Production music
My hobby is to travel around the world
Sailing and Skiing
I like games:P
Playing nintendo 3DS games. I know it's childish with regards to my age but I love playing 3DS games after work and during my off. It relaxes me though.
i like to visit new places
Actually too much that i can't tell.
Politics in my home country.
Playing games on my awesome game console Very Happy Very Happy
Badminton, soccer ,games...
My new favorite hobby is to play baord games. I mean games other than the traditional Monopoly, but other games that are more complex and more fun. They can eat up a lot of time because of all the time spent learning all the ruels and everything. I prefer them to playing video games because it's more social and the replay value is so much more than traditional single player games because it involves many more people.
Recently I've been obsessed with papercrafts. Not much experiments, I mostly play with origami, but I'm also looking forward for creating some larger scale models.
My favourite hobby is playing snooker,and I like to run with headphones too. etui Samsung Galaxy Star 2 coque silicone Samsung Galaxy Star 2
Swimming, Badminton and Cricket is my hobby
One of my hobbies is programming.
Sometimes I try out different stuffs like flying RC Helicopters.
n0obie4life wrote:
Just a nice topic for you to talk about your hobby and what is it about.

During the weekends we do party and sports.
Thats better than boring TV oder using drugs.
My Hobby is programming but now a days I am creating Games.
Hobbys: Sport- Jogging- climbing, Games, Learning by doing, surfing-web, repair all elektroniks components, smoking, community,......
Thank you Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing
We started 18/12/2016 a cooking group
every sunday
12 humans 10-12 cooking and afterwards eating

Starting August 15
Yoga 3 Minutes am 7 am offline since 1.1.2016 also online.
Lately hobbies have been limited mostly to learning new programming languages. Used to be working out and video games. Do love some pickup basketball and beer-league softball.
I love playing basketball even only for 30 minutes. Most of the time I am on my computer just trying different thing. And also I love to fix things even though my knowledge on a particular thing is lacking I am still trying. And most of all watching South Korean drama.
Flying model aircraft, electrical design, gardening, fishing
My hobby is travelling coz travel as a hobby for the adventurous who have a natural curiosity to go where they haven’t gone before and see what they haven’t seen before Very Happy
Sport esp Voleyball
Watch film, listen to Music ( pop & R&B)
Some time i like cooking, but i'm not good. Smile)
I love fishing
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