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[OFFICIAL] What's your favourite pet?

Do you have a pet??

I have a dog and a cat.
My dog is a Newfoundland.

Here is a picture:
I've got a cat named Bamsan, who is black and white. She is 5 years old now and she has really grown big.

Love her! Very Happy
My cat is 9 years old and her name is Cindy.
well recently my mother bought two gold fish, and my elder sis named them Zippy and Zappy
A 2 year old doggy named Rocket. Very Happy
Yea I have a labrador named Osa, a male cat named tigger, and about 14 fish and half of them are guppies....
i ve got 3 cats, i found em all in the street Razz

also one dog but he is old and going to die soon,snif. whatever most of the pets that are in my house are like my sister's pets because she takes care of em pff.
I love animals but i am so ungry with all these people who keeps them prisoned in apartments, considering them as furnichers. Thats why i never had one.
I have 1 Dog, named Holly.
And 1 Blue-Tongue lizard, named Zippo.
I had a puppy but it was hit by a car :'( worst day of my day last year
Bubba wrote:
Do you have a pet??

I have a dog and a cat.
My dog is a Newfoundland.

Here is a picture:

Just soso~~ like it
i lovel cats, especially homeless cat
they're all my family Very Happy
Dark_Jedi06 wrote:
A 2 year old doggy named Rocket. Very Happy

You have a very nice dog.
I have a Lion
had a Coker spaniel named Aba....but somebody poisoned her....never get another one after that
My family have a cat (whiskers) and a dog (Logan).



I have a guinea pig. Laughing A very slow one. And he's a great escaper. Neutral He knows how to escape from the cage. Sometimes, when I'm sleeping, he suddenly walks on my bed. Or, he's in the trash can. (I realy don't know how he did that Neutral)
I have two outside dogs and two inside dogs. One of the outside dogs is a black lab and the other a yellow lab. With the inside dogs they are both Pomeranians. I also have a cat that lives outside, cows, and two horses. That's about it for me.
I have a very beautiful black duck in my garden. She's 16 years old! Shocked
Yes, I do have a big cat (20 pounds)
I have 2 dogs. Shar peis
I have a very cute dog.

Her name is Áidna and she is a female dog from the breed finnish lapdog.

Some times she is a bit naughty, cause she has not grown up yet and is a bit "puppy-like" Smile

See a picture of a male finnish lapdog here:
I have 2 cats; both are male and equally psychotic. They keep me up half the night, bothering me for food...

I have 3 chinchillas ! Not the cats, the rodents. I like them so much that I brought them from France to Hong Kong with me, even if it is not easy !

I even have a website to help chinchillas owners to put them to adoption, but it is in french : I hope that I'm not breaking any rules by writing the link here...
i have beautiful cat in the house Smile
i have a dog....and my pet pikoy under my he cute?...
I have 2 cats (Tiggy [Sometimes called Tiggian] and Lilly [Sometimes called Lillian]) and 3 dogs (Taz, Puppy, and Shadow). Photos (a little out-of-date, but they still look the same) :

Tiggy :

Tiggian and Lillian together :

Lillian :

Taz (cast on his leg from when he sprained it a few years ago) :

Puppy (Taz in background) :

Shadow :

Check out Tiggy's Catster and Lillian's Catster.

Sorry for so many photos, but oh well. Very Happy

- Mike
I have a male neutered cat named Gandolf the Gray. I call him Gandy for short. I got him neutered because 1, I've rescued enough abandoned kittens and dogs to know that there are already lots of animals who need adoptive homes and 2, because his wandering away and staying gone for 2 or 3 days exploring his territory worried me and perhaps most seriously 3, he was getting in fights with other animals and getting hurt. He even has some small scars from fighting. Now he still goes outside to play and excercise but he comes home in time to cuddle with me when I go to bed most of the time and he hasn't been hurt since. I also treat him with flea and tick repellant drops so he doesn't get fleas or anything when he goes out and make sure he stays current on his shots.

When I was younger and lived with my mother we had a lot more animals, as many as 8 or 9 cats and several dogs at one point, almost all of them found abandoned or adopted from people who were going to take them to the pound or dump them if we didn't take them in. We even had a pack of wolf hybrids we were breeding for several years. I've also had rabbits, a ferret, a horse, a lizard, a bird and even two opossums at one point or another in my life.

That's part of why I enjoy living in the country so much. I'm such an animal lover and I'd feel guilty if I had to have a pet like a dog in an apartment in the city. I know a lot of cities have parks where you can take your dog to play, but I'd much rather live away from town and have pets.
no...but i wanna get a gold fish or a parrot...there pretty nice pets
i have a hamster and fishes.
dont hav any... only roaches if that counts
I have 3 fishes. Their names
4 dogs, 2 alsations and 2 pomeranians....i love animals, i'm gonna have a lot more when i can afford to have them...
I have 3 dogs. One of them is a purebred border collie, another (her son) is half border collie and rest I don't know (not sure who the father it), and lastly I have a 1/2 St. johns dog (he is actually a lab but looks a lot like a st. johns dog) and 1/2 cadahula. I also have 4 cats. 1 of them is pure black, one of them is a grey tabby with black stripes and hints of almost every colour a cat can have. Two of them are Orange Tabbies with Siamese in them. One is puffy and the other is yowly (descriptions not names). I also have 11 chickens and 6 cows. My herd is mostly longhorn but only one is "pure breed" and that is the bull who is a black Angus. Breeds mixed into the herd are Her-ford, Terontai (sp?), Chalay(sp?), as well as many others.
i have a small cavalier kind charles spaniel called benny, hes about 3.
still acts like a puppy though
I have a dog, breed is a Yorkshire Terrier, the very last dog in the list of dog breeds =(, is name's Bangy..

See my display picture..
i have a pet

picture here Smile Smile Very Happy

Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile
Don't have any pet (yet).
I have two fish called Cyril and Percy. My housemates take it upon themselves to drop different things in their bowl. So far there's been

1. A coin
2. A dirty tea-cup
3. Some jewellry
4. My Keys
5. Various other bits of food

It seems that goldfish are suprisingly hardy. They have also evaded capture several times, a magnificent turn of speed too
don't have any pet till now. how about keeping a parrot?
No I had once, two rabbits. Turned out they were opposite sex and whoop! Babies!! Shocked
i have a bullmastiff, a real beauty, sleeps on my feet when I'm on the net which makes my feet go numb very quick because he is an almost 60 kg (yet very lean) heavy little pet.

Had two cats but when I moved to my new house one got lost (probably went back to home number one, never heared from her since), the other got ran over by a car (if it were you : thanks a lot)

the two horses in the garden (my garden, not my horses) are very therapeutic even for the dog

and the frogs passing the garden from the reserved forest at the other end of the house to the ponds below are very regular visitors but they don't cost me a thing
I don't have no animals in my house! Oh wait...i do actually. I have 2 goldfish in my aquarium. I love them! (laughs) Our previous fishes died...and they were really nice! "Nice" as in they have the nicest colors ever. They died after 2 weeks...

But anyway, my dad wants to buy a dog because he loves them. His old dogs died because they were old anyway. I love them though...they're fun to be with. But yes, my dad wants to buy a new dog even if my mom doesn't approve of it.
Arent they Cute ?[/url]
Lady Elensar
blingbling wrote:
Arent they Cute ?

You forgot to typ the [url] in front of this link. If someone clicks on this link, he/she gets an error. But I copied the link, and saw the picture, and they are really cute! Very Happy So sweet.

And about my (our) animals:
I've 4 fishes (Schubunkins), 2 rats and 1 rabbit (she's mine and my mothers).
We all have a dog, a bird (canary) in a cage in the kitchen, and a vollière (don't know how to translate it to English, but it's a bird cage outside, with about 30 birds) and we have a tropical aquarium, with beautiful fishes.
And my brother has a quinea pig.
I have a nice kitty who mostly walks or sits around all day instead of eating birdies.

my brother has a calender with lots of cute little kitten pictures on it, but it doesnt have the one with the sniper rifle Sad
i very like dogs,but i have not my own one,because my family do not allow the dogs sleep in the bed and run though the house all the time,they will make evey thing rush and dity .so..........for now,i still have not my pet yet
Dog, 4 birds
I have a dog.
It's name is Lord.
Razz hehe,I have a cat and two dogs.The coat of my baby cat is black,so fat.The two dogs are snow white poodles,like two snow ball.they are so lovely!
I have the bestest most loyalest most lovingest just BEST american staffordshire terrier (some know them only as a type of pit bull/bully breed) EVER.

His name is Thor and he is one sexy muscle-clad teddybear.
I dont have any pet now
But i used to have a Parrot which died due to an accident .
Since then we didn't keep Pets
it was really Tragic
wasn't it
I have no pet... Sad
I have a cat , a crasy cat, his name is ouzo.
I also have cat flea but I don't wanna count

Well, i lurveeee fishes. I used to have an australian arowana (jardini), Oscars, goldfishes. Unfortunately age...and maybe bad keeping caught up with them.
Now i've got a turtle, a snakehead fish...and other goldfishes. I'll post some pics asap...
I have a lovely 18month old cat called Skye. Shes a blue point Birman breed, and is very cute!
I have a small fox terrier x that's adorable called Spike (my bro got to choose the name at the tender age of 10) he's black and tan and looks like a puppy, but he's about 7 years old. so cute!
I have a midget dog, who doesn't seem to want to grow.
All my pets have a habit of dying or running away. My cat is the only liveing pet left Shocked but oh well. I should have my 10 points soon and shall be cool and buy me some hosting... tatah people. xx ^_^
I've got a dog and a hamster(my brothers).

The dog is a Golden Retriever.
The hamster is a teddy bear hamster.

Aren't they cute?
I ain´t got no pet, but I do want a certain bird. I dont know the english name but in swedish it´s called undulat.
I have 3 dogs, two are muskies (malamute/huskie mix) and one is a german shepherd-mutt.

The muskies are sweet dogs, but the shepherd is a little turd. I hate it sometimes.
Two cats Wink.
2 cats
Amy & sassy

a dog Lady

and a Hamster Sweetie
I own 1 dog, named Holly, and 1 Blue-Tongue lizard, named Zippo.
I've got a black collie named Miro. He's now 10 years old but is still playing all the time.
i don't have a pet, but i want to buy hamsters
when i am a student,i have some fish .
i had a hamster but he died Crying or Very sad

I shouldve burried him but i binned him without thinking Evil or Very Mad
I don't have a pet ;; because I hate the wet pet smell.
When you stand around people and they smell of animal...


But I would like one.
However ;; my fabreeze expenditure would be silly.

I wish i had a dog Sad but my mom wont let me because she thinks she will end up having to do all of the work with it.
70th reply... (I wanted to be 69th) Sad
About the topic, I have lots of fishes and a turtle named Mimi. lol
I have now 3 gold fish and i had once a cat , big aquarium with lots of fish , a dog and a turtle , now i just have my 3 Goldie's and they are growing fast , i would like to have dog , big dog , but i don't live in house maybe one day i will Smile
susanna mayfair
I have 2 pugs and we also just got a german shepard pup almost 2 months ago. She is getting a little better but for the most part, she is a total pain in the bum. We also have 4 goldfish (our daughter's birthday present)
I have two boxers from Miami Florida. We just moved to Halifax Nova Scotia in the spring so this is gonna be the first time they see snow. As a matter of fact I think we are getting out first snowfall now. YIPPIE!!!
i have two cats they always fight and they always jump on the table when im trying to eat it gets really annoying
Crying or Very sad Sadly enough, I don't have a pet... But I really do want one. For It is not a dog or a cat, but it will be a lizard or a snake. All my life I've wanted a lizard or a snake. I guess it's b/c that my aunt used to catch wild snakes in the yard and stick them down my shirt and let them wrap around my body when I was younger. If I were to get a snake, I would probably get a corn snake or a black snake. If I were to get a lizard, it would be a Gecko (Banana, Golden, South American), a small Monitor Lizard, or a Horned Lizard. But that's just me...

Crying or Very sad (p.s. I want a lizard sooo bad...) Crying or Very sad
no i have no pet but i want to buy a dog....

which kind of dog you can recommend to me ?
I have an adorable black and white, 2 year old cat named Isabell, who i believe would look absolutely stunning in a cube shape. (see my post on bansai kitties)

In my house there is also a Rottweiler dog, named Cheyenne, who is big, black, brown, and stupid.. and a kitten named Baby, who is small, multicolored, and stupid.. (We don't like male animals in this house... can you tell? Twisted Evil )

I want another pet.. a trained ferret.. so i can have it guard my room at night.. Or i can lower it down someone's chimminey and have it steal things! Oh yeah! Go Trained Ferret!

roeenoy wrote:
no i have no pet but i want to buy a dog....

which kind of dog you can recommend to me ?

It depends on what you're looking for in a dog. If you want a dog who's mean and nasty, and can clear a room with her flatulence in under 5 seconds... go for a rottweiler. If you want a good looking dog, thats bred for guard dog duty... try a doberman.. They're cute and cuddly.. If you're looking for a lap dog.. try a Lahso-Opso, or some other small annoying breed.. but be warned.. little dogs like that bite, they have the most annoying bark, and they shit all over the place when they're scared..

I'd go looking around lucal humane league areas, or the pound, and see if any dogs look nice to you. Puppies are nice, but older dogs need homes too. Older dogs also tend to be less of a hassle, as you don't have to teach it to go outside, and all that stuff.[/quote]
yes i have a cat
I know it sounds a little bizarre, but I have a hermit crab that I'm totally obsessed with. In fact, everyone who spends a short amount of time with her becomes obsessed with her. She's really small so she molts (sheds her exoskeleton) at least once a month. This experience is quite stressful because she'll bury herself for a solid week without emerging, and just when I start to think that maybe she's dead she comes back out. But I love that crazy crab! She also makes a chirping sound at night that is so cute!
i have got:
1dog, called frankie
2 cats, boy called george, girl called poppy
also i did have 2 gerbils but they died T.T
I have a dog and thats it Laughing
I have about 15 fish, 6 mice here at home, and at my mom's in nova scotia I have two cats and a dog. Hopefully I will get more pets soon.
I have a dog, a yorkshire terrier..

(see my avatar)
I've got a (very loud) bird en some fish to compensate (for the noise) Laughing
No, i do not have any pets. But i like cats, and i think i will pick one from the Animal Protection group after i have a long term job...
I've got a cat. She's 5 years old and her name's Yuffie.
Half-stray, half-persian.
Uh oh, this is gonna take some typeing. I have
1 louisana catahoula leopard dog
a Yello Lab
a pug
2 cats
2 bearded dragons
1 turtle
8 Sugar Gliders
1 guinea pig
1 chinchilla
2 tropical fish (store bought)
18 tropical fish (netted out of the ocean)
African Grey parrot
45 finches
(looking around) whew i think thats all of em.
My wife used to work in a pet store can ya tell?
ohh man i love animals... but right now i dont have any pets coz i moved to my own place about 1 year ago and cant house a pet just yhet

but i have olwys hade pets dogs cats birds ect att 1 point we hade about 5 cats and dono 20 kittens ( thay bread like .... rabbits) and 2 dogs it whas a mad house bha u know like when ur gona go to bed and ther 2 dogs and 12 cats in ur bed lol
Svalliam wrote:
I ain´t got no pet, but I do want a certain bird. I dont know the english name but in swedish it´s called undulat.

the undulat is a very beautiful bird. i also dont know the name in english, maybe the us dont have it? very pretty - many colors.
I have 2 cats and a dog.

One cat is nearly 20 years old. Matted, Deaf and whiney!

Almost like me Smile Except I'm 2 times here age with slightly less hair.

I once had a cat named Þorlákur(icelandic). He actually was older than me. 16 years old when he died.

But a couple of months later we got another cat wich is about 2 years old now with black fur and a pretty little face. His name is Skuggi(another Icelandic name). He can open doors and stuff.
I have 2 parrots named Miki and Becki, they are about 2 to 3 year old each, and a cat named Mitzi, she has almost 5 years.
I have a cat, named Bamsan (swedish) who are 6 years.
hello, I have a five years old cat named Mickey and 4 turtles (but they haven't a name Rolling Eyes ). But i will buy some ants Razz
I have a dog named Angus, a cat named Shadow, and my sister has a very smelly ferret.
i have a dog hes small white and fluffy
i have a dog hes small white and fluffy
I have a cat named Whiskers. He rocks the socks!
Had two cats and three dogs...only one dog left unfortunatly Crying or Very sad
Loathing in Fear
i've got a dog and a cat Smile my cat's named: tyghr, and my dog is named: todd Razz (my cat is almost 18 years old Cool lol...)
i just want to have a baby cat but my mother does not allow


i am so sad

i love cats so much

but my house is too small for a cat to live in.......
Hmmm... I have had quite a few pets. Although I haven't had too much luck with them, unfortunately. When I was small, like three or four years old I think, I had a turtle. However it got too big for it's aquarium and we gave it away...

I also had a hamster, but it died not too long after Sad It was kinda sad. I also had 9 goldfish someone gave me once. Although one died the next day, two died in like a month. And after 7 months they all died. (I also had many goldfish when I was small, i think I got like 5)
I have 2 dogs, a pidgeon and 4 cows =D One dog is a Toy fox terrier And the other is a Rat terrier, the pidgeon is well... umm, a pidgeon¿ And the cows are cows.. =(
I have a's never really liked me all too well. I'll feed it and groom it and water it or whatever but it always hisses at me. One time it got out of its cage and decided to wake me up by rolling over my face in it's defense spiny ball position....anyone had a similar experience?
i have a dog, but i can't put a image because i don't kwon how to put it Confused
can anybody explain me how can i put the image to put it??? Sad
Sadly enough, I don't have a pet... But I really do want one. For It is not a dog or a cat, but it will be a lizard or a snake. All my life I've wanted a lizard or a snake. I guess it's b/c that my aunt used to catch wild snakes in the yard and stick them down my shirt and let them wrap around my body when I was younger. If I were to get a snake, I would probably get a corn snake or a black snake. If I were to get a lizard, it would be a Gecko (Banana, Golden, South American), a small Monitor Lizard, or a Horned Lizard. But that's just me...
I have a dozen or so procambrus alleni crayfish, they get to be about 5 inches long and are bright blue

my oldest male Virgil
Yeah I have 2 dogs
I have one cat, MJ (don't ask...)

She's pretty small ( I picked her because she was the runt of the litter), she's playful and has the most beautiful colours on her chest and all over. She's black, white, ginger, brown...a bit of everything.

an 15" of aquarium....all my pets are living in the harmony place except my intervnetion of water replacement .x
dog named anka
we actually named her after an anchor because she had a white shape below her neck on her back that looked like an anchor. She is a kelpie blue healer cross.
A dog - Rottweiler crossed with something, I forgot.
Is it only me that thinks that every animal (more or less for one reason or another) is food?
No Can't look after them here

my parents have a doggie......
nope never have had one
at this point I do not have a pet with me, I had a dog few years back, her name was Mini..
Jack_Hammer wrote:
Is it only me that thinks that every animal (more or less for one reason or another) is food?

I think I would have a hard time eating a dog, only because i've had such a close bond with pets over the years...other then that, its the old saying, Pets or Meat?

I know my crayfish are great pets and I wouldn't eat them, however my sister in law loves Cajun food and gets a weird look in her eye when she comes over. I don't think having them as pets would stop me from eating them.
yes, i have two cats.
and three goldfish.
'tis a sad tale, the story of my pets.....
I used to have 3 little parakeets...annoying little things, really. When I got them they were only a few weeks old, and cuter than anything you can imagine...but I guess that comes with a price. Since they are so young, they are one day, when I wasn't looking, the most gentle one out of the 3 flew away!!!! (she was such a pretty little thing, with sky blue and white feathers that looked like clouds... *sniff sniff*) It was quite a shock, so I locked my birds up and didn't let them go on their daily exercise flying trip anymore (which, btw, was a giant mistake). So yea, time passed and I forgot about the incident, and took less care of the remaining 2, until one summer day I left their cage out on the balcony before I went to school. Normally this wouldn't be a problem, but you see, I lived in Texas, and it was the middle of the summer, so obviously it was a stupid thing that I did. My second best parakeet died of overexposure to the sun!!!!! Shocked It was a really sad day... I didn't even get to see her body seeing that my grandparents who were visiting, being the "sensible" people that they are, threw her into the giant dumpster to make sure no bacteria got anywhere!!!!!! I was very very mad.. So anyway, now I'm left with only 1, sad, loney parakeet, who hates my guts! She would bite off my fingers if she wouldn't starve to death afterwards... -___-;;

Ha, I'm sure I just managed to bore the heck outta ya, if you even stayed to read this far!! LOL
I have rat. It`s female. She is black with white stripe on head. She looks funny but is very smart animal.
I have two dogs, although one of them belongs to my uncle and we're looking after him for a while...
I dont have a pet heh! Im just too lazy, hell I rarely have freetime nowday with a job and all. With a pet, I dont think that I would have time to even sleep Laughing

But if I can have a pet without taking care of it, I would get a dog, so I can play with it outside in summer.
Zelda Night
i have 2 dogs

one of them is a shiba una
and the oder one was a labrador
its very cool
i have a parrot... green and noisy as hell, cannt understand what it says just jibberish..
i ahve a 10 month old kangal dog, turkish shepard!
I have three dogs, well actually they actually own me. I use to take care of them with my sister, she really loves them eventhough they're just mutts, but they're like part of the family now. One is about fourteen years old and the other one is about twelve, she as a matter of fact has the same birthday as me, and the youngest is at two years old.

we used to have pet cats and rabbits and fishes and guinea pigs, we used to have a managerie at our place, now it's just three dogs. which reminds me I have to bathe them soon. oh well.
piecesoftrees wrote:
I have one cat, MJ (don't ask...)

She's pretty small ( I picked her because she was the runt of the litter), she's playful and has the most beautiful colours on her chest and all over. She's black, white, ginger, brown...a bit of everything.

I had a cat when I was younger that looked very much like that. We refered to cats of her kind as black calicos, since like the more ordinary calico cats they're a patchwork of many colors. In fact, we had a regular white, orange and black calico named Patches (so creative, I didn't get to name her...) and a black calico with verigated orange, brown, & ginger shades whom I named Equador Skunk, becuase she had an orange stripe right down her nose and the top of her head. We called her Fluffy though becuase she had longer hair than her sister and my mother insisted she seemed to be shy and embarressed by her full name. They were an odd pair. Patches was sort of adventurous and irresponsible, always getting pregnant and then only halfheartedly raising her kittens. Fluffy -perhaps becuase a very large relative of mine accidentially sat on her and squished her badly enough to make her spoil herself when she was a kitten- never had any young of her own that lived more than a couple weeks in spite of her devoted care. So she'd steal her sister's kittens while Patches was out hunting or carrousing or whatever and cart them off to the back of a cabinet or some out of the way box and care for them herself.
I love cats because they're generally every bit as pecular and odd as people. As a matter of fact, I had another black calico we called Momma Cleo becuase she'd adopt any baby animal -including puppies (three on two occassions), a squirrel and an opossum- that you put in with her to nurse if she was nursing a litter of her own. We would suppliment with formula to make sure no one got too little nurishment, but she did all the parenting, including bathing and discipline. It was Adorable. My mother had whole photo albums of our various pets and animal familes over the years. I had a number of canines with remarkable personalities and social lives too, in fact. I'd love to try raising a few rats since I've read and been told they have personalities and social bonds every bit as complex and varied.
The only pets I've ever had were fish, and that was in the 6th grade or someting. I'm allergic to dog hair and cat hair, and happen to think birds suck.
Got a lauchan. Pretty easy going.

But so lazy! And deaf.
I have a parrot. It's an animal that request alot of time, but the fun you have with is priceless...
G'day All,

I have two dogs a golden retriever and chiwawa and a himalayan cat.

I have a shi tzu. Her name is chelsea. She is a very calm dog. Every now and then she will go crazy for her ball. But usually she is very mellow.
jajaja i had fish, is a pet? and birds.
but i like the dogs, but on my house is no permetily, Confused
I have an old Packard Bell PC running at a blistering 75mhz with 32mb of RAM.....does that count? I know I won't get rid of it, it doesn't mess on the floor (only the printer does that), it's real cheap to feed, and I don't have to walk it everyday.

It's a perfect pet Very Happy
For many years I live together with cats. They are the only pets, in which I can see, that they keep a big part of freedom, so that they can always leave you, when you don´t treat them right. Looking in their eyes shows me a part of the world, and this world is in me, and the look ends in my inner truth....what a deepness, to embrace all worlds in my heart...

Every creature is a part of me, my bigger me....

Greetings to everyone
Just a topic for you to show your favourite pet or talk about your favourite pet Smile.
n0obie4life wrote:
Just a topic for you to show your favourite pet or talk about your favourite pet Smile.

my favourite animal is a horse, does eveybody here class it as a pet ?
wumingsden wrote:
n0obie4life wrote:
Just a topic for you to show your favourite pet or talk about your favourite pet Smile.

my favourite animal is a horse, does eveybody here class it as a pet ?

yea it is. Mine is a dog. They are just like the coolest.
Cats are my favourite pet, don't want to sound like a little 5 year old girl but they are smart, loyal, clean, independant, don't smell, funny and ofcoarse cute.

I eqaully like dogs though, just only when they live outside Sad, well inside too but they would require A LOT more care than a cat.
I have a cat. I dont really like it though. What I really want to get is a snake. Not a huge one or anything, there are just so cool.
Ive got a dog, it is a brown mini-dachshund. It is a family pet, though it is normally a hunting dog. This is our second mini-dachshund, our first one we left with some of our friend in Boise, Idaho since we didn't think she could make the trip. Still miss her. T_T
Gryffins wrote:
Ive got a dog, it is a brown mini-dachshund. It is a family pet, though it is normally a hunting dog. This is our second mini-dachshund, our first one we left with some of our friend in Boise, Idaho since we didn't think she could make the trip. Still miss her. T_T

At least you left it with a person you trust. Do you see it every now and then?
Blaster wrote:
Gryffins wrote:
Ive got a dog, it is a brown mini-dachshund. It is a family pet, though it is normally a hunting dog. This is our second mini-dachshund, our first one we left with some of our friend in Boise, Idaho since we didn't think she could make the trip. Still miss her. T_T

At least you left it with a person you trust. Do you see it every now and then?

Nah we live down in California, and haven't been to Boise since we left it due to that we still move a lot. I mean at least once every year. But yeah, I am pretty sure she has passed on though this was about 10 years ago or more and she was 5 back then so it would be a miracle if she were still alive.
i just love cats, and for some reason whenever i come near a cat it follows me then sits in my lap when i sit down. i dont have one of my own though
My favorite pet would have to be a fish; I've owned quite a few aquatic animals in my life, but fish have proven to be the most fun to take care of. =)

I had a pet goldfish a couple of years back that I managed to raise for seven years; it was one of the coolest things for me back then, and it was sad to see it go, though.
My favorite pet is always a dog.

My dog named Uno Shi Ke Kung Laughing
This is my Main Coon...

I don't have any pets for a few years. My father has few of goldfinchs. Beautiful bird with adorable voice. They may can be coupled with canary, the children are in beautful color and very, very good singer.

I would have a domestic lizard (Lacerta viridis) one day at home.
Hi all

I love animals in our house we have 3 dogs and 2 birds.

I have a scottish terrier crossed with a wolfhound by the name of Tess he is 11yrs old and we have had him since he was given to us when he was 2mths old. He can scare the hell out of strangers but he is the most placed dog you could find.

I also have a jack russel crossed with a pomeranian and his name is roo. He is about 1/3 the size of Tess but he is the boss. He is also a beautiful dog and we bought him from a pet store when he was 8 wks old he is now 7yrs old.

I also have a white chiouwa (spelt wrong) she is so beautiful and her name is angel. she is very tiny and she came to us in a storm about 2yrs ago and nobody claimed her. A few months ago she had to have a tuma cut out of her mouth and this was when we found out that she is at least 10yrs old. She is so adorable do not know how someone could abandon her.

We also have a blind Galah that my husband rescued named max and a cocoteil named buby who is only a baby. We did have another cocateil named porky who could wistle for about 6yrs but had to give him away when we moved long distance.

If I had pictures on my computer I would post them but I dont as yet.

I have Golden Retriver. It's a beautyful dog Wink
I have 13 chinchillas, 1 rabbit and 1 cat. Here's lots and lots pics Very Happy Have fun with loading times Wink I tried to keep the pic sizes small.

Queen Bunny, named Tivii from that show untalkative bunny (untalkative - talkative - tive - tivii)

Callie the cat, she and the bunny get along most adorably.

Some of my chinchillas and their babies (I only breed show quality pedigreed chins)

I have a dog called Bobo, he is a sharpei (Which means Sand Paper or Sand Skin in Chinese) and below are some pictures of him

I have a dog named Pole and two little afghanistan pigs named chelo and choro. They are really funny because they love to play in the mud.
Mijn favoriete dier is een kat
Slim eigenwijs en niet te trainen...gaaf
Binnenkort zet ik wat foto's van mn katten erop
Ik vind japanse vechtvissen ook wel geinig
I would say, a dog however I would love a wolf. They look unbelievable. Also, my first pet I had was a hamser. I went away to camp when I was bout 10 and asked my parents to look after it. When I got back, I was gutted, they had killed it, well it had died. Also the worst pet I had was, a goldfish,which was silver. When we got it home we put it in the tank. After a while I went over and tapped the glass of the tank. Then went upstairs, when I got back it was dead. WORST PET EVER, LASTED LIKE 20MINS, POOR FELLA!!!
Ferrets - I love Ferrets. Having a Ferret is like having a kitten that will never grow up. They are also (at least for those from the Marshal Fettet farm) the sweetest creatures in the world. Not a mean bone in their bodies.

My two cents. Smile))
I have a dog name Rich, I think it's quite smart. I like dog much more than cat because they're much more smart than cat Smile
I like cats and dogs best as I've owned both cats and dogs at some point in my life and enjoy caring for both. I'd say cats were more independent than dogs as they don't require as much care, but dogs get you fitter because you're always walking them - my daily exercise regime is a 30-minute walk every day with my dog.
my favorite pet is my dog Silas
what kind of dog is Silas?
DDBKA wrote:
I have a dog name Rich, I think it's quite smart. I like dog much more than cat because they're much more smart than cat Smile

Boy I don't know. Just becuase dogs can do tricks does not make them smarter than cats. I know people that you can get to do anything - they are what most people call gullible. Me, I don't do it unless I want to - much like a cat. That, and cats have better hygeine - that has to say something too...

I should also point out (before I get flamed to death) that I like (and have owned) dogs too.... Smile
I have two goldfish, I trying to train them to play soccer, lol. my brother's hamster is dangerously danger. He bit me like five billion times when I was just feeding it. Dangerous small animal, lol
I have 3 dogs, two are muskies (malamute/huskie mix) and one is a german shepherd-mutt.

The muskies are sweet dogs, but the shepherd is a little turd. I hate it sometimes.
I love dogs. I always visit my aunts to play her dog. My aunt name her Vivi Cool
We have several pets, 2 dogs, 1 cat, a tarantula and a snake.(we also had a Chinese water dragon(died of old age), and tree frogs).

Doberman Pinscher named Xander. most lovable pet.
Golden Retriever named Toby. Good looking, likes to play dumb.

Norwegian forest cat named Bowtie: Loves to cuddle.

Rosie Tarantula and Monty the ball python are my youngest sons pets.

Unfortunately I don't have any pictures stored on the net at the present time, but I will be delighted to share some pics as soon as it is possible.

I had on german Shepherd Dog, named TIPU, but he is no more with us, died because of some unknown reasons.

It was handsome, well proportioned and very strong. The coat was in black with tan.

This is some history of GSDs
The breed was originated by Captain Max von Stephanitz in the late 19th century and early 20th century. His goal was to breed an all-purpose working dog. The first registered GSD was Horand v. Grafrath [1]. Von Stephanitz admired the landrace herding dogs of his native German Empire, and believed they had the potential to be all-purpose working dogs. Additionally, he was aware of the declining need for herding dogs and believed that the working abilities of the breed would decline unless it was put to other uses. Von Stephanitz created the Verein für Deutsche Schäferhunde [2], or SV as the official governing body for the breed.

The SV then created the schutzhund trial as a breed test for the German Shepherd Dog, and prohibited the breeding of any dog which could not pass the trial. The schutzhund trial, along with the SV's conviction that "German Shepherd breeding is working dog breeding, or it is not German Shepherd breeding" led to a rapid development of the breed's abilities.

After World War I, British and American soldiers, impressed by the abilities of the dog, brought home examples to breed. The breed instantly become popular, both as a family pet and as a working dog. To this day, the German Shepherd Dog is considered one of, if not the most intelligent and versatile breeds in existence.

More information can be found on.
I have a siamese cat named Jasper.

I 'had' a chihuahua called 'Cortez' but he died around a year ago.
I have four cats at home, so they are my favourite pets.
Not really. But we don't have one. Last cat experience was not great.

We do have 4 dogs, 20 birds, and a 120 reef tank.

Our dogs are really good. We have worked hard to train them so they would be a pleasure to live with and they are. We have a Great Dane, a Weimaraner and two Chihuahuas that we refer to as Mexican Big Eared Rats. We used to breed finches and a few smaller parrots. That's why we have so many birds.

well i have a hamster who is very chubby, but i really like dogz

dogz RULE!! they are the way to go, i mean cats... have nothing compared to dogs, i used to have a dog, cept it died of old age, and so i wanna new one.. but the parents say no....

and note that i ve tried every single excuse that u can think of, ive tried different looks, ive tried making deals... EVERYTHING!!

but oh well... guess ill hyafta get one when i leave the house, coz dog s RULE!

and u know it... unless ur a cat lover... but u guyz r crazy, how can u not want a dog, they are the most loyal pets ever!!... well i think so anywayz...
Cats... those magical creatures. Actually, they are the whole reason of me beeing here. I live in paradise, that's what they call the neighbourhood Smile

Here is also me lady and a kiddo, but for this topic most related are the cats!

Four of them, so far, and more to come. There is 'the polarbear', 'the small one', 'the thief' and 'the beauty'. More of them to come on the homepage We're creating. In due time, check it out! It will be announced when ready Very Happy
I have dog. He nam andas. He old ten years. He is very hungry. he is good dog but I have and two parrots.My parrots NAME ARE cikis and mike. Cikis is green. Mike is yellow
I have 2 aquaria in house with fishes... Smile
They are beautiful Razz
I had a pet, a goat. She does now love at somebody else. My family had two goats, one got sick and we had to put her to sleep Crying or Very sad .

After that I noticed that the other one got sad and lonely, I was right. Now she lives at a family that has two goats from before.

I was a bit afraid that the family that would get her would send her to butcher Crying or Very sad Mad , but I know the family a bit and now that she will have a great time there.

Still, I miss her Crying or Very sad . Hope to see her soon one day.
i have 3 dogs and a cat. dogs are: boxer Borys-2,5 year old, his a father of 5 poppies but he's still very agressive when a child appears; pug August-8 year old, he sits all day long on a chair in the kitchen, he doesn't like children too; saint bernard Malwa-6 month old, she's a real tornado, recently she steals some cosmetics from the bathroom:] she loves kids; and a cat Marcel-6 year old, the killer(he's killin' mice, rats and old birds) hunter, real family-man, he like dogs but dislike kids. all of them lives at my house:]
i have a corn snake, a labrador, 4 gerbils, 2 geckos, a garter snake and mice
I've got aquarium (with some fish Very Happy) and two guinea pig.
It's quite interressing to see the way they are living: eat and drink the hold day, always be afraid of me even thought I'm the one, who feet them. They've never let me take them in the hands. They always running away.
But I wanna have a dog. A very tiny dog, who grow up to a big and dangerous one.
I don't understand why so many people hate them. They're the opion dogs've not got a will. They always do what u want it to do. What the problem?
The best animal hands down is a ferret, if taught right there smarter then a cat. Mine I taught how to "Sick" people, little bugger has quit the bite too Razz
Two ferrets and a cat...
I have a's name is Yvonne..
i love cats, hamsters and little rats Very Happy
they're so cute.
we have 2 guinea pigs now, and they're cute too, but they're a bit lazy actually..
i also love reptiles, like snakes or salamanders Very Happy
I like cats and dogs most Smile
I have a yellow lab (Jenna Ti, Ti for short) that is about four years old that does several tricks: sit, shake, lie down, roll-over etc. She's short and fat, but is one of the sweetest dogs ever. My cat (Target) is black and white and one of the wierdest cats ever. I think he thinks he's a dog. He got his name from the ring that was around the base of his tail. It looked like a target. He plays fetch, sits, begs, and comes when you call him. He is absolutely hilarious, very social... Everybody I know that HATES cats, loves Target (including my wife). I think it's because he doesn't have the typical "Cat Attitude." Well, that's the long and short of it.
Michael B
I have six chicken. They are all bantums, and two are belgium bantums. I am trying to breed them (on of the belgium bantums is a rooster). They are woth $15 each so 10 egges = $150 is not bad for pocket money. Do that 6 times and I will have more then dobbled my saveings.

I wan't to get birds as well be there is no were to put an avary.
i don't really have a pet of my own but my sister always have pets that just like to mess up my things. i never really enjoy having a pet because i'm not the kind of person who is caring and patient but if i were to chooose 1 i would like to have a dog
Oh, cats are definitely my favorite animal. They're more sophisticated than dogs are, and they'll be content to lie around on your lap the whole day. Smile

As for what pets I have...
3 cats
2 dogs

Don't get me wrong, I love my dogs... I just love my cats more. Smile
I have two border collie sheepdogs, they are fantastic pets Very Happy
I have a dog and I don't like cats.
Because cats are egoists and they doing what they want
but the dog is the most friendly pet in the world
Well, I love farriets, there especially smart. My ferret knows a series of commands.
cats rules! i got one nice cat Smile
cats and fish! they may not mix that well, but when seperated, they make for interesting housemates! Very Happy

by the way, i keep tropical fish, and some time soon i plan to keep saltwater fish, which are difficult! oh joy.....
manta rays are the best! imagine a 6 meters large ray flying 1 meter in front of you! incredible feeling!
I love a beautiful cat.
i like dogs and i like fishes...but i don't like cats.Dogs are good friends i think and we may relax with watching fishes...
My favourite pet just has to be a dog. I had two of my own, a silky terrier and a bull terrier/cattle dog cross. I loved them to death, so to speak. They were both 16+ when they died, and I was devastated when they went. I very much want another dog but will have to wait for a while as it is not a good time for me to get a dog just now. However when the time is right I will look for one and I will know the right one when I find it.
I have a dog but i want have hamster. Smile
I have Border Collies who are my sled dogs. I've also got some fish, a soft-shelled turtle, frogs, a hermit crab, 2 algae eaters, 2 water snails, and probably something else I can't remember Very Happy .
LostOverThere wrote:
I have 1 Dog, named Holly.
And 1 Blue-Tongue lizard, named Zippo.

LIZARD !!! Shocked
ladyrobina wrote:
My favourite pet just has to be a dog. I had two of my own, a silky terrier and a bull terrier/cattle dog cross. I loved them to death, so to speak. They were both 16+ when they died, and I was devastated when they went. I very much want another dog but will have to wait for a while as it is not a good time for me to get a dog just now. However when the time is right I will look for one and I will know the right one when I find it.

I too like dogs Smile
My pet cat rocks! She like.. idolises me. Everywhere I go I am almost tripped over by a cat walking around with me, not that I mind of course. Company is nice, especially when it has fur and fangs.
I have an 8 year old Westhighland White Terrier called Jake and alot of tropical fish of which include:
1x Male Dwarf Gourami
2x Female Guppys
1x Male Guppy
2x Male Leopard Danios
7x Neon Tetras
1x Black Widdow Tetra
1x Male Sailfin Mollie
1x Female Mollie
5x Mollie fry (babys)
My tank is a 20 Gallon with some real plants, the measurements are 30"x15"x12".
Any questions just ask me! But don't tell me my schooling fish numbers are low, I plan to up them soon!
I got dalmatian named blackie. Wink
I want to get a Labrador. I think it's a great sport breed of a dog for man. Rolling Eyes
i don't have any pets Sad
but i want a pet
I dont have a pet but interested in dogs and cats and to a certain extent in fish.
My favorite pet is a dog.
I have a pair of cockatiels, and a parakeet. One cockatiel is Checkers, who is spoiled, one is Lindy, who is stupid, and the parakeet is Sammy, who is evil.

I love my dysfunctional birds.
My favourite pet is probably a dog. This because they're so funny and if you have one long anough he becomes 'a close friend'. Also i like cats, but since we moved to a new place the house is too small to have cats.
My favourite pet is cat. I like them more because you don't want to be occupied by dog promenades. I have 5 cats at home at the moment.
My favourite pet is my dog. His name is Rocky. It's withe and brown. It can jump very high, more than a meter Laughing

I hate cats
I do not have a pet yet,but I will make me one.
I think make any animals pets are painfull,I will make a robot myself and teach him things by programming.I do belive I can make it.I am learning something about AI and It is interesting.
my favourite pet is cat and fish. But i do not have either now... ... Sad
I love cats. Razz
My favourite pets are Dogs, and wild cats (tigers, lampards etc).
I have dog in house and i love him. He is cool. Wild cats are cool too.
my favourite pet is a dog. i have a little dog ( a jack russell terrier) CALLED GLADSTONE ( AFTER THE BRITISH PRIME MINISTER) HE IS SMALL AND FURRY.
ahmedzup wrote:
I have a Lion

I'm not rolling on the flor, but I am lauging. Very Happy
I love my horse.

I've had all sorts of pets...boas, rats, hamsters, cats, dogs, fish, rabbits, lizards, gekos, birds...

but he is, by far, the funnest.
I had a dog Sad

HE was so cute and fluffy...

He was name Floefie Very Happy

But then a car ran him over Crying or Very sad

we never got a dog ever since..
But Im thinking of getting one this year
i heave,a Dog,hamster,fishe's and spider's in the garden:P
Would have to say for a favorit pet would be a golden retrever. Excuess spelling up for 24 hrs nowlol anyway, at the present time we have a beareded dragon, male, about 2 years old and has the name of da_bubbie. He can be a carector at times, trying to hop out of his cage like a egunia would do. he is over 2 feet long and loves his bugs lol. The other is a nothern banded water snake, and what a beauty she is. She is about a year and a half old and loves to swin in her pond and loves her fish. Yes a snake that east fish, go figure. her name is peeker, for the simple fact she loves to peek around the corner of her cave and out its little opening; around the little plant she has to climb. seems to be most active at night while I am typing since her cage is next to the puter desk. Opps sorry kinda rambling here. Tc all
Of course Dogs. They are really loyal creatures. But every pet is nice.
I've also got a Newfoundland or Terranova, she's called Eneia, and she is 3 years old.

she has this beautiful red/brown fur and weights about 50 kgs.

Newfoundlands are beautiful dogs, who love to play and are not violent.
Ive got a dog, English Srpingerspaniel. He is 8 years old and wants to eat all the time Rolling Eyes . Hes crazy each time he doesnt get his dinner on time, running around like mad Razz . But hes 6-times father too. Look at his lovely daughter Smile.

I love cats and dogs.
Here you'll find more about my favorite pets:
Himaylian Cats rock. That breed is an ancient mix of Siamese and Persian. Although those two breeds are notorious for being "snooty", the Himaylian is know to be friendly and loving. My cat will just follow you around like a dog wanting to be petted. My cat also will look you straight in the eye which I also find to be a strange trait for a cat.
i have 3 dogs Very Happy 2 big ones and one small Razz
I had a bird (not any more, it died last month) and a big dog.
i love dogs. they're simply the best animal ever, with the most personality, the most fun, the most loving, etc, etc, etc. having said that, i don't have one to call my own right now (my last one died a number of years ago). my girlfriend has the cutest shih tzu/maltese cross (who i'll be living with in less than a couple weeks), i love that dog to death.

right now in my house we have a kitten and a full grown cat, a cockatiel, two leopard geckos, a bunny and a chameleon. the leopard geckos are mine Very Happy
my fave pet would have to be my little hamster

aka."swirlz" Laughing
ive got a 2 yr old Cocker Spaniel named Gabby and three cats named Tosha, Fluffy, and Misty (who is 17 yrs old)
Bubba wrote:
Do you have a pet??

I have a dog and a cat.
My dog is a Newfoundland.

Here is a picture:

My favorite pet was my cat China, but I lost him in a storm. Someone basically stole him from me. Just picked him up and drove off. I was screaming after them too. But not it would be my red tailed hawk, Bessy. Or Bess for short. Bessica is her nickname though. She has a lot of names! Smile I will upload a photo later.
dogs are the friendliest, they like being aroudn the owner. Cats are cranky and stubborn . They bite. Boo
Bubba wrote:
My cat is 9 years old and her name is Cindy.

my fave pet is my dog and i take it 4 a walk down the street every single day
My pet Winston an eclectus parrot, he is beautiful and intelligent
i have a dog and i dont like it
Scorpions, but I have 2 cats
I don't currently have any pets. (My pet rabbit died in February. Sad )
But I do like dogs and cats.
My little dog molly!!! she is a chiwawa!! Very Happy
I have a cat, and 5 goldfish, a rabbit and a horse. I was going to get another horse and a dog, but people keep reminding me i dont run a zoo and i dont have enough room for the animals i've already got.
i have a dog, two cats and a rabbit. The rabbit is very clever : amazing. I didn't imagine it could be clever as that.
macfly wrote:
i have a dog, two cats and a rabbit. The rabbit is very clever : amazing. I didn't imagine it could be clever as that.

Yes. Rabbits are very clever creatures indeed. Wink My poor little pet rabbit. (RIP)
She was so smart. She knew what to do and when to do it.
I have 4 dogs Sad
3 of them is bloody nightmare.

Kill me before they do XD

But they belong to my sister Sad

I don't like pet meself.

I used have dog, cat and fishes. But my favorite is dog.
I have a cat. She is a tiny predaror animal, occupiing my flat. All members of family can be attacked )
i like cows.. i have 3-4 of them at my countryside to! they r so cute...
my favorite pet is hamster. white and red eyes Twisted Evil
I have a 2 dogs and my favorite pet is the dog.Like i said before i have 2 dogs 1 german male and 1 canada female.
i don't have any pet
Ahhh! The elusive Walrus. It takes the activity of feeding the ducks to a whole new level! I got to the shore to walk mine at least once a month.
My favorite are chameleons and they're scaly greenness! It's pretty cool watching them change colors and all.
[size=12 ]I have a small parrot, his name is pepe. I love him so much, though he is not here with me. *sigh I have to leave him with my grandmother's forever so that he doesn't die. But I visit him often!! I love him.[/size] Very Happy
Our newest additions to the family are three dwarf hampsters. Dang cute, but tend to bite more often than one would desire tobe bitten. Smile
Dogs and rats. I have 2 dogs, one is a hairless chinese crested(yes the rat dog) and a Austrailian Sheperd/ Austrailian Cattle Dog mix. The rats are(well in my experiences) actually better than hapsters, they actually do things, and they don't mind being social. They're also good for a good shock when people are expecting hapsters.
I have 2 cats. Both of them have rather large personalities. The female is called Jemima and is a fluffy ginger idiot. She's the only cat I've ever seen that falls off things. Not a very good cat at all really; very loveable tho'. The tom cat is called Neville [my wife named it!] and he's a perfect freewheeling bastard. A total git. But also the most affectionate cat I've ever met.
I have a cat and 3 dogs.
My favourite one is an old dog called “pit”.
His tail is very similar to foxes´ tails, and that is its most distinctive characteristic.
He has a very strong personality and he enjoys a lot running free on my farm. He’s already has 13 years old, he’s becoming a little bit deaf and he has two or three tooth’s missing.
I have always had cats, and he tolerates them a lot, except when they try to get his meal. What he doesn’t tolerate are my neighbours´ cats. He runs a lot to keep them at distance, and his very careful with his eyes, since he take all the precautions not to get injured by them.
That’s one thing I don’t like about dogs, it’s their short period of life. Fourteen or fifteen years are too few comparing to the love we have for them, they should live longer. My first dog died when I was 5 years old, and I never forgotten his dead, he was hit by a truck. This one is the oldest dog I ever had, and I now that in a year or two I will lose my best friend.

I like dogs very much. But the thing is - Since iam very busy with my work, iam not in a position to take care of dog.

So - currently, i don't have any pets in my home. May be in future, i will get a dog... Very Happy
My favorite pet is dog and fishes. I have fish in my home but there is no dog, since we are there. Just kiddin. MY favorite fish is golden fish. I love it becoz it is very good looking in my aquarium. My favorite dog is labrador, becoz i know this dog very well. I have seen this dog in my friends home and have seen the characters of it there. It behaves very well.
we have to kittens(brothers) that I love of all my heart!
My family owns and breeds horses. We also have lots of cats.

Our caretaker has lots of dogs.

I have to say that my favorite pet is a horse though Smile
I have three cats. The first cat we got is about five years old now. She's a orange-black-white calico. The second cat is almost four years old. She is gray with orangey-rust-colored splotches, so we call her "Rusty". Our third cat was named "Danger" by my brother. He's a mix of Siamese and something else. (I'll ask my brother later.) He's about two years old, and he's orange and white. I also have a parakeet that has lived a very long life. She's about 18 years old.

Obviously, the cats are my favorites.
I had Guinea pig but he died ... it was funny animal Very Happy
And i like dogs ... especially this sharpei:

One of my favorite pictures Very Happy I just like to watch it... but i think that i don't want to have it - sharpei is hard to care Smile
I have 2 dogs at home. One just gave birth to 3 puppies. I love them very much. dogs are the most lovely & intelligent pet in the world Very Happy
My little sister has a guinea pig if that counts. It's pretty cool, it bites people that he doesn't like and poops like everywhere. It's fantastic. We also have fish but I only like fish on my plate (grilled): they're pretty boring otherwise.

Haha really now, I like cats. They're so sneaky Very Happy Dogs are nice as well.
I want a new born puppy... Very Happy
but I can't take care of it since Im really lazy and careless...
I used to have 2 hamsters but they died because I forgot to feed them ><" it was horrible because 1 of them died and the other was so hungry... it.. it ate the dead one... Shocked .. it was so gross ><"
at home we have 2 dogs en 1 cat and a fish
Well, I spent a year living in a mobile home with my parents, two dogs, two birds, and a cat. And then as a Christmas gift, one of my parents gave me a weasel... Things were pretty crowded and I got kind of sick of pets even if I do kind of like them. Today we only have one dog, a satanic dog that randomly bites people. He and I get into fights :D It gets rid of tension and energy for sure, but leaves you in some pain afterwards if you screw up.

I think I like my neighbours cattle better, lol. It scares them whenever someone touches the electric fence and it's kind of weird to see them back off for it. But then they come right back to see what you are, although rarely do you get the chance to pat one because they're too skitish.

Also, I think sheep are hilarious at times. I saw this video where these guys were chasing sheep in an enclosed area. There were three or four of them trying to chase this pair of sheep that were runing around and jumping all over the place trying to get away from them. In the end, one of the sheep jumped right over the guys head (even though he was standing up straight) and with the fence right behind him, the sheep jumped it too... It makes you wonder if they ever caught him...

Anyhow, weasels, cattle, sheep, they're all pretty cool.
Theres no one pet better then a pet dog. You've got loyalty, and obediance. Dogs are perfect.
Mitch wrote:
Theres no one pet better then a pet dog. You've got loyalty, and obediance. Dogs are perfect.

lol. That's rich.. Maybe YOUR dog is loyal and obediant, but that sure isn't true for all of 'em! And dogs require a lot more work than some other pets.
I'll let you get away with "your dog is perfect for you", but that's it.

To my way of thinking, a dog is slobbering, sycophantic beggar Laughing But then, I like cats! Go figure. Very Happy Very Happy

(appologies to dog lovers everywhere! I'm just yanking your chains!) Wink Wink Wink Wink
I have been fortunate enough to have owned a pet once, currently I do not because our landlord doesn't not allow pets in the house we're renting. But in the past I have mainly hads cats. Two Mainecoon cats both named Tigger, and a Siamese named Calista. I've also owned two goldfishes named Spaz 1 and Spaz 2, named for the obvious reason because they swam like they were on steriods, and two frogs that I had to keep for a school science project, they're names are forgotten to me Sad . If I could I'd like to get another Mainecoon, a black Lab, and a bunny Smile .

freshwater, and daim marine
4 szl 4 sr

i have two cats, two dogs, lots of fish

and if i could have any pet in the world

hmm i would want the thylacine (damn stupid farmers...its their own stupid, imbecilic fault, there is no forgiveness, no FORGIVEnESS!!)
areacode_777 wrote:
hmm i would want the thylacine (damn stupid farmers...its their own stupid, imbecilic fault, there is no forgiveness, no FORGIVEnESS!!)

That WOULD be cool. That was one odd looking crittter. I've heard that some people think there still may be some around, but I think that is pretty unlikely.
Sad I don't have any pets. I really wish I had some though.
I wish I had raccoon, fox, dog, and a cat. It would be really lovely.......
Sad Oh I really wish I had some...... My family has allergy so we cannot raise any....
The newest addition is another Ferret, bringing the total to 2 Ferrets, 2 cats, and more fish than I can count.....
Got 2 cats, and a dog that moved out... (staying with the parents)... Had a snake, until it died recently. My wife has a problem with getting tired of animals easily and wanting new ones and those animals were just after a year, so.... hehe I'm sure we'll have a farm by the next year Razz
Its easy to say, since I was a baby i liked dogs more than any other animals.... Tommy and Foxy are the two names of my dogs. Unfortunately both of them died. Sad Crying or Very sad
Dogs rulez Smile My first dog die, second too, but third is still alive Razz
I don't like to keep pets. Because I have very sad momory of a dog.
When I was young, about 6, 7 years old, I had a great dog. He was like a family for me. But one day he died by an accident.
I was very sad, I had been crying for several days for him.
After that I have been afraid of keeping pets. I don't want to make such memory. Actually I'm afraid rather than not like.

However , my wife really likes her dog. We had lived with the dog for 1 year. But unfortunately, We immigrated to another country and she was pregnant. So we couldn't come here with the dog.

It's little bit difficult to keep a dog because our child is so young. But as he bcomes 5 or 6 years old, we are going to keep a lovely dog.
I have a Boston Terrier that I rescued from a shelter, and she is the smartest and best dog I've ever had.
I have two goats, both girls with the names Ritza and Blackey. They love to play, eat and be cudled by me. They hate dogs, cars and bells.
I also have a cat by the name Pelle who is 16 human years, he likes to take walks trough the forrest and relax with me. I have also planed to get a new male cat that will be called Jupiter.
And Ialso have a female dog that is called Alfa. She loves to run after wild animals, to eat and to be cuddled by me. She and the cat is friends by the way.
I also have two chickens that has the names Anabell nd Rosabell. We will not kill them, because they are for eggs only.

This is all the animals I have for now, problably I will get more later on.
Surreal Killa
All my pets are dead. Crying or Very sad
Surreal Killa wrote:
All my pets are dead. Crying or Very sad

Well, atleast you are alive, go get yourself another one.. Razz

Yeah Dogs are great !!!
i love pets , they give u to feel that ur not the only specie on earth other are way better than humans , i have rabits , fish , dog and cat
I love cats. Maybe its because i used to see alot of them during my childhood. Too bad i cannot keep any at home as my parents oppose to it.
I've got a dog named Duck...
I like cat very much. but my mother don't let me have a cat aat home. the reason is the cat will make the hause dirty. Bu i really hope I have a pet at home..
I had a dog when I was a kid. The only dog I didn’t become scared of. Unfortunately, he left home one day and we couldn’t find him. Hiks.

I want a cat as a pet.
Topic stickyfied.
Of course. DOGS!

Hi! My name is Mossad. Nice to meet you guys.
cats cus i am in a cat mood like cats they are so cuddly like my third favorite kitty jj his is an advanturer, he always up to somthing i would tell you a long story but this is just telling your favorite cat Smile
omg pickle
My favorite pet would be a fish, nice to look at, not high demanding and of course silent! lol

Fish are great (atleast the exotic ones wich are usually nice coloured)
All through my Life I have had pets. Currently I have 3 Dogs and 3 cats. I live on a farm, so I dont really want to add the sheep and the cows as well because they are not really pets. Smile At one stage I had seven cats and they were all named after the mortal kombat characters Smile

I prefer cats over dogs because they are more independant and most probably more intelligent. Smile I bet many people will disagree with me but I think so anyway.
omg pickle wrote:
My favorite pet would be a fish, nice to look at, not high demanding and of course silent! lol

Fish are great (atleast the exotic ones wich are usually nice coloured)

I had a green puffer for about four years. Huey was pretty interactive compared to my other fish. Whenever I walked in the room, he swam to the front of the tank and would follow me as I moved about the kitchen....

He was a pretty neat little guy.
hi guys, just came in. Rolling Eyes

having dogs and cats together is best i think. they're fighting all day, better than watching tv. Laughing

unfortunatly my cat is dead, too. boring for my dog, as you can see...

I'm not sure actually, I've been all my life with dogs and cats and it's a hard decision, I'd probably go cat in the end but just out of random elimination.
Josso wrote:
I'm not sure actually, I've been all my life with dogs and cats and it's a hard decision, I'd probably go cat in the end but just out of random elimination.

if i had to decide between cat and dog i probably would go cat, too. a dog is way more work, especially if you are alone. Rolling Eyes
A dog of course! They're too cute
I HAD a cat and now i'm just obsessed with them:) I also had a rabbit, but it died Crying or Very sad So my favourite animals are cats & rabbits, I also love golden retrievers, beagles and long haired dashunds.
I have 3 dogs 5 cats 42 horses and birds and..... alot of things..... im not joking..... Razz
Zorrin wrote:
I have 3 dogs 5 cats 42 horses and birds and..... alot of things..... im not joking..... Razz

Wow...Do you consider the horses pets or livestock ? I bet they arent indoor pets. Laughing
my favorite animal is a cat because its so very genle and cute but sometimes very harsh

sorry i dont have a pic of my cat Sad
I have a bird. My bird's name is Kusum. I love birds.
i mysef do not currently have a pet but my friend has a siberian husky called zook who is 5 weeks old and he is adorable. I would love a dog but i isnt possible where i am currently living. Rolling Eyes
lol horses can be pets OR livestock depending on how you look at them. some people coo at them and spoil them and treat them like pets (or even family members!) while others see them as something to use, for a profit or competition or whatever - livestock.

but back to the question anyways lol...

i love horses... don't have one at the moment unfortunately (and it's driving me insane!!!) but that's only temporary! (<--stubbornly decisive) they've been my focus for as long as i can remember and i plan on continuing to focus on them - i want to be a trainer and breeder Smile

otherwise... i have a little obsession with fishies... i've got guppies and i've kinda been playing around with breeding and seeing how the genetics work there.
i have a dog,i dont like cats.
I have a dog. Dorothy is her name and she loves to fight with the cats of our neighbors.

I love cats though.
cats are best!

they are independed, not like dogs. Dogs just do whatever you ask them to, that's boring and predictable. the cat who walked by itself, you know? a quality cat...
I have several dolphin.
they are very friendly, and their skin is very expensive it is a good income for me.
Yeah! I´ve got a Dog, he is called Vincent...
it´s a Weimaraner (Bird Hunting Dog) from Germany

um I would say dog because they are so smart and cute! I haven't had one though Sad My parents doesn'r want one *cries*
I have a golden retriever.
I have a Red-Eared Slider Turtle Named Tardy. She has been part of my family for over 2 years and I Spoil her rotten. She is about 6 inches long and live in a 100 gallon aquarium with 2 algae eaters and one Clown loach. And before you ask, No she does not eat fish.. so they are safe in the tank with her.
Very Happy
I loved my little gerbils... I was very sad when it died of old age Sad ... they were my best friends when I was little...
i got dog...a doberman... he is called Duke
... i really love him a lot..
Dog , dog , dog and ones again dog ! I dont like cats ...
Dogs forever

When you first left me I was wanting more
But you were doing that girl next door, what ja do that for
When you first left me I didn’t know what to say
I never been on my own that way, just sat by myself all day.
I have a few pets two horses called polley and spice, a dog called suzie and 3 lizards called roxy lucky and buster.
I admit I havent tried it, but I think it'd be pretty cool to have a pig.
1) not a huge one, one of the shorter ones that is still only say a foot or so high when fully grown
2) would have to have it from a very young age, so it could be trained properly to use a litter box etc.
3) would need a decent sized garden and probably no carpets on the first floor (I dont think pigs can climb stairs)
I've got three dogs, so I've gotta say dogs! Very Happy
I'd say cats purely for easy of care. Water bowl and refills of dry food, no walks, weekly litter change... wow so easy. Can even go on vacation for 3 days and don;t really even need someone to come in
I never really liked dogs until now. I found a new understanding about dogs. They are smart, caring and really are mans best friend. Everytime I look into my dogs eyes, I feel bad for not giving it what it wants sll the time
My favorite pet is BY FAR the domestic cat. My husband and I also have a lizard and some carnivorous plants, but the three cats are the best.

The eldest is named Grendel, and he's as evil as his name. His "credentials" as well as a picture of him can be seen here:

The "middle child" is Deus (DAY-oos), which is the Latin word for "God". He of course isn't God, but he's an angelic little guy, truly sweet. Here's his link:

The youngest is a little Calico girl I rescued named Raissa (RAY-sah). She's insanely cute and playful, even at age 2 when they're supposed to calm down. Did I mention she's cute?

Cats rule !!!!!
Well, I dont have any,
but my favourate pet would be a dog definately.
This is in contradiction since i like dogs but unfortunately they dont like me!!!!
i have been bitten by dogs for atleast 4 times. HJad to take 14 injections twice and 3 injections twice.
Still I like dogs.
My favorite pet is a cat, because they are independent and intelligent.
for fishes, i have 2 goldfishes and 1 angelfish. on the other side of the aquarium are 2 sharks and 2 fishes that i dont know (the juz have these evil teeth). yeah, predators and peace-loving fishes.

i also have a small dog and a cat (to bad he's slightly deaf)

but i really like fishes...(those that jump out of the water when feeding time)
i like cat, anything about cat. Cat very" inteligent i think ...

i also have a fish, but i don't like so much like a cat Smile
I had hamsters, but they died. Maybe of old age. But she was a good gal. Think she past cuz another mate tried to intrude and take away her territory. Man, fierce creatures. Wow. Cat fights! Hmm, hamster fights! *Meowrrrr*
dogs,dogs,i like small dogs Smile
Dogs are definently the greatest pets in man kind. You'd think they'd be called man's best friend if they weren't? Anyways I have a dog named Laney.

Ahhhhh! Too big! Laney's a beautiful dog, but, please, smaller pics! Laughing
I like all types of pets. I have had cats, dogs, birds, fish, turtles and hamsters. Unfortunately with my schedule right now, the only thing I have are 2 gold fish that have turned white.
My favourite pet is cat, dog and fish.
I have got 5 fish.
I haven't got cat and dog. ;(
But in future, as grow buy . Wink

I thank,
I salute,
Merth Jerbeises.
Ive got a dog, a female yellow lab, and fish.

I like them both for different reasons. The dog is quite obviously a lot more of a companion, but there is something very serene and peaceful about watching fish.
i have a bird. its name is charky. it is an african grey parrot. he got extreamly jealous whet my son was born becaust we spent all our time with the newest addition to our family. when my son started walking he just loved the bird. one day he pointed at the bird but was to close and the bird ran down and bit his finger. since then i coverd the sides of the cage with plexi-glass and the bird seames to be warming up to our son.
urangkayo wrote:
i like cat, anything about cat. Cat very" inteligent i think ...

i also have a fish, but i don't like so much like a cat Smile

You are the same as me! I agree that cats appear very inteligent and Goldfish are sooo relaxing just to watch swim about their tank Smile
I love "my" goldfish pets. Actually, they are not mine. It is HP's. But whenever I come close to their aquarium, they always get excited and wants to kiss (look at their mouth) my hand. Sad, the glass seperates us. Huhuhuhu. Funny, because it doesn't work for my other officemates.
My favorite pet is dog.. they are mans bestfriend. they are really really loyal and can depend on.
Woofy is my best friend.

I have not a dog or cat Embarassed Sad
i have a cat called mitzi:P
she is so cute, we took her from the streets when she was very small,
but now she is not very small and little fat :O Wink

cats are the best!!

In my Mom’s house we had at different stages a Vervet Monkey, a female Squirrel Monkey named Papoutsi, a pair of Squirrel Monkey’s called Guru & Grieks and a pair of Marmoset’s fondly referred to as “The Watoosies”. Monkeys are the most awesome little poop-slingers in the universe.
Ludo Lambrechts
I love all of my pets, but if I have to choose one I choose my white Chihuahua called "Daisy"

Ludo Cool
my favorite animal is dog and his name is oscar as i got it on my birthday when oscar awards were going on and they are our best friend Applause
my favorite animal is dog and his name is oscar as i got it on my birthday when oscar awards were going on and they are our best friend Applause
3 yr old cat named Pruts
She always looks as if she's really angry but I love her

Mostly dogs.

I had a domesticated rat for a pet when i was younger, he was awesome.

Dad's a big cat fan. So we have always had a cat.

Had a turtle once, though we should have called him Houdini, he would always find his way out of his inclosure.
i have six small birds
I have a siamese cat named Leo and a rotweiller dog (!) named Tai.
They're both good friends of us and very charming.
i have a dog named prince and im going towalk with him 5 times a day i very love my dog <smiley flood removed by James007>
chicken...they give me meat.when they grow up
Cats! Two, one male, one female. Mog and Trisha Smile Neat little furballs Very Happy
Of all animals that I love, I think dogs are the best in terms of companionship. Otherwise all other pets have their own advantages depending on what we want.
I love my fishes for the asthetic quality. So soothing and relaxing just watching them swim. The drawback would be the work needed to maintain a healthy system for their suvival (in a tank of water).
I love birds for their character. Keeping a magpie and a shama at the moment. Getting a parrot later on.
Anyway there are many online resources on keeping pets on the net that are great. It makes research & sharing much easier vs the yesteryears Wink
I have four fishes!
two carps - one is 3 years old, and next is 1 years. i havent yet named them.
remaining two are gold fishes.

i like them.
i got about 70 fishes in a 600 liter aquarium and two dogs one german shepherd and one dwarf pinscher.

Got pictures of the dogs but not the fishes:

german shepherd - Inex:

The dwarf pinscher - Julius:
I don't have a pet as such, but a lovely long haired cat (I call "smokey") calls to see me every evening for some food, and a warm up by my fire.
He sometimes stays the night if it's a little cold outside, and rubs his head against my knees whilst picking a comfortable position on my lap for an hour or two, OK, he's not my cat - dont think he's anyones - but I would be well dissapointed if he ever stopped turning up in search of his free meal!
My favourite pet would have to be Joey my aunt's Newfoundland dog. The dog is just crazy. Usually Newfs are quite lazy but this gut can scale an eight foot fence...up hill and he is 120 ponds. Lol he usually is rather gentle but when he see's a cat who ever is walking him is a gonner. He has to wear one of those construction vests just so cars can see him in the nightime.

I would like to have a little cat. They are very cute... And also better than dogs, I think. Dogs can become a big size monsters. I couldnt like these animals... I feel always as if they wanted to bite me Laughing Laughing

By the way, I am sure my mom gets angry if i say her that i want to have a dog... She hates animals at home... Maybe beacuse of cleaning? I don't know but sure it would be very hard to keep clean a house with an animal...
Dogs are my favorite pet animal. My family has owned several while I was a child.
Hamsters! I have two, the female is pregnant Very Happy! A Dove Syrian Hamster and a Chocolate Syrian hamster! But I'd like to have Chinchilas as well... But I'm not allowed to! Evil or Very Mad
Use to like cats, now dogs.
i really like parrots...i have one at home
My favorite animal is the dog we got from the SPCA last year. She's a beagle mix and she won my heart from the start.

She has many great qualities: she only barks at intruders and wild animals like foxes, she has amber eyes that match her fur, she doesn't ruin the furniture, she isn't a biter, she has a sweet temperament, she gets me out in the woods on a winter day.

Some of her drawbacks are: she sheds a lot, she pees on any carpet she finds, she can't be let off the leash or she is just gone.

Now, for my favorite book about animals. Animals in Translation by Temple Grandin. She is an autistic woman and a professional animal behaviorist. She talks about how she feels that animals and autistic humans are very similar. Mainly, neither autistic people or animals can filter out the many details of what they see, because they see in pictures, not words. Every page taught me something new about how people think, how animals think, and how people and animals can communicate better for the improvement of both. Get it and read it now!!
Bubba wrote:
Do you have a pet??

I have a dog and a cat.
My dog is a Newfoundland.

Here is a picture:

I have A pet also, I have a cat, it black colour.
I like cats very much! I have two and soon probably get one more cat! Laughing Very Happy Smile Surprised Very Happy Smile
Delko wrote:
I like cats very much! I have two and soon probably get one more cat! Laughing Very Happy Smile Surprised Very Happy Smile

You are crazy man! I like cats too but I have only one!!! It’s enough for me!
I like your picture! It’s very cute! Is it difficult to make this one?
Shanks wrote:

You are crazy man! I like cats too but I have only one!!! It’s enough for me!
I like your picture! It’s very cute! Is it difficult to make this one?

My wife tells me the same! Laughing But I am what I am! I like pets that’s all! Cool
Anyway about your question I made it by one simple prog video_avatar
It converts any video to .gif. Very useful especially if you need make an avatar! Smile Smile
Good luck!
Many thanks Delko!
i have star tortoise he is about 5 years old ....
xxx1312 wrote:
i have star tortoise he is about 5 years old ....

I heard that tortoises live about 100 years! Is it true?
I have always been a cat person. They make me feel better and they never have to be let outside when it is freezing cold or pouring rain.

They can tell when you are depressed, eat practically nothing and can take care of a variety of common household pests.
well i have a street cat whose sleep with me every night
Dalmation, Labrador and a Jack Russel Dog
My favorite pet would have to be fish, although I no longer have any in my house. I've raised a number of them over the years, and I haven't gotten bored of their not-so-smart ways of living. XD

One of my favorite pets had been my comet goldfish; I had it since approximately mid-1997, and it died in mid-2004 due to chloramines poisoning. It had become partially blind due to a previous bout of water poisoning (my comet was one of the few fish that did not die from it), and it was sad seeing how it would feed on the floor everyday.
I like cats and dogs, (Cats way more though) Sry all you dog lovers, i just really don't like how most dogs smell. I love kittens most of all. (They're like furballs on legs)
my fave animals are dogs. i have a blonde lab. Smile
Well i, for a change have always kept strange pets. I've had 4 green lizards, afterwards i had 2 thorny devils, and my last pets were 2 Argiope aurantias. Its what you guys see in your gardens, those gigantic yellow and black spiders that look like tigers.

Here are some images of the pets i've had. Please note that these are NOT my pets, they just belong to the same species.

The spiders:

The lizards:

The devils:
I have a bearded dragon named Ajax. For those wondering a bearded dragon is a lizard with spikes all over. He actually makes a great pet if any of you were thinking a lizard would be boring. Ajax can be taken out and petted just like other animals like a guinea pig or a hamster. I also like to let him run around outside in the summer. I got my beardie after I had a turtle that died. Because of my mom having allergies I can't get a dog or cat but I’d have to say a bearded dragon is probably the next best thing. Ajax is one year old. When I bought him he was four months old, I thought this was good because baby animals are more likely to die like my turtle did at a very young age. Here is a picture of a bearded dragon, I was going to post a picture of Ajax that I wanted for art until I realized I had already turned it to outlines.
I have a dog, a german sheppard named Ozzy after "you know who" Ozzy O Cool

so my favourite pet gotta be Dogs then Smile
my fav animals are the so-called "man's best friends"
the DOGS!

i have a maltese at home. (: here's a pic:

I love dogs for many reasons.When people and dogs do things together it is good news all around. Many of these activities provide the structure that helps people learn to better communicate with their dogs. The dogs have a better opportunity to learn good manners. That makes them easier to live with and less likely to be given up. The activities help people get in touch with one another to share information. That also helps people to learn about dogs, to avoid problems, and to solve them in a healthy way. The activites provide exercise in a fun way that boosts the relationship. The exercise, in turn, reduces boredom. A dog that exercises with its human is less likely to have behavior problems. A wonderful side benefit is that these activities can be a mental boost for humans and dogs alike.

Bye and have a nice dog
I am a lucky owner of a completely black cat i found last spring. We love him and he seems to be a part of our lives. Bu tmy idea is that cats require very responsible owners, because of their careless lifestyle.

If someone isn't sure if he's a proper owner for a cat I can answer some questions in this matter. Well I don't claim to be an expert. I can only tell you what that lovely looking furry creature can do at times he feels uncomfortable or unsatisfied with his owner... (like hardware destruction and stuff) One should really love his cat and have a lot of patience with him.
I guess my favorite would be a lion or a monkey. But I am quite happy with the cat I already have Razz
I hawe a dog what is colled Wilma. She is 4 yars old and still like to play all the time.
A 1 year old rednose/bluenose pit who's the mellowest, goof of a dog, and a germanshepard/chowchow whos bossy, the good thing about him is that if he was a person, his iq would match up with albert einstien(or however its spelled) himself.
i dont have a pet Sad
i would like to have a dog Smile
I have a flame point siamese. He's a 19 pound cat named Ring (rather large I know, but he's a mix breed with a tabby). I also have a red tail shark, and a plecostomus.

I love my kitty. He's such a cuddly boy. He can be agressive when he needs to be, but for the most part he's pretty passive. He's very lazy. He's getting up there in years though, but seems to be in good health and spirits.

The plecostomus is getting huge. He's over 8 inches now. He's actually pretty handy to have around. He keeps my tank clean. Oddly enough he gets along great with the shark too, which is about 6 or 7 inches.
I am owned by a 12 year old German Short Hair Pointer named Utah. I inherited her when my Dad remarried (About a year and a half ago) a lady who was not really a dog person and has an allergy to cats and dogs. She is great company and graciously allows me to share her home as long as I keep the dog treats coming and rub her ears on demand. Although she is 12 years old, looking at 13, she still thinks and acts like a puppy. She has more energy than I do.
My hamster have die last winter. *still crying* His name was NEMESIS ! Haha a real killer !

I have buy 3 fish... Today Very Happy
Really cool, my appart looks better. Nice for deco too. So double effect, beauty and fun.

I have two dogs too, they are really funny. Big one, BOXER if some know that race. Great annimal, always ready to play, get some pat, can learn some trick and defend you if trained. Well really nice animal. Also called best friends of human ! And that's true !
i have a beautiful parrot
I have 4 cats and many fishes at home.
my doggie Pepsi and my cat Mbolo
my favourite pet is dog'my dog's name is prince.
Very Happy
Golden Retrievers are definitely the best pets. I have two. Molly and Max. They are true friends. The only problem is until they're about three years old they are worse than any two year old ever thought about being.
I love my PC. It's my pet. His name is desertwind
kevin briggs
my favourite pet is a dog.when i lived at home with my parents i was not allowed a dog so rabbits,hamsters ang gerbils had to do untill i moved out and got a house of my own.
now i have a rottweiler as a pet (not a gaurd dog) and can understand why my parents did not let me have one when i was living at home.
dogs do take a lot of looking after,care and attention,but i will always have a dog for the rest of my life.
not only do dogs gave you so much back in return but they also keep you fit,having to walk them once or twice a day.
the only bad thing i can say about dogs is the cleaning up of there dirt Sad
My favorite pet is a dog. I don't like cut they're rude Wink
I've grown up with dogs as pets and find them very loyal and adorable. If I have to choose just one, I'll choose a dog. Very Happy
cats, cats and cats!
maybe parrots or snakes. I like snakes. But mostly i like cats. They're so kindly and smart...
I wanna have crocodile in our bathroom but my mother says "I cut your hairs while you sleep" Smile And I think nasty about girls that want to have big dogs Smile
I used to have 10 gold fish but then they all died so instead i changed my tank to tropical and now i have two angel fish! Very Happy
I have a greyhound X (Lurcher) called Dino and he's lovely. We adopted him from the RSPCA. He has his own page on this site and receives praise and treats from other dog lovers. Check it out and give my doggie a treat while you're there.
favourite pet, has to be my parrot, really love my parrot to bits, he's quality except when he bites me someetimes, it kills because his beak is so sharp.
I have a pet here, too. I have two girl cats their names are Muning and Kuting... In the Philippines, Muning is a familiar name for a cat while Kuting means kitten (Philippine Language - Filipino). I have a four little kittens too, their names are doggie, bantay, doglas, and tagpi (most of their names are for dog). But unfortunately the four kittens are died... Crying or Very sad
i have 1 cat, called pia
my favorite pet would have to be a dog, not just any dog but a golden lab. wish i had a house so i could get one right now...gotta get out of this apartment soon. Smile
my adorable lovely cats...they are so just adorable..i dolove to take care of rabbit..hmm but 4 cats sometimes quite a handful
I love the dogs..!! but I am telling being sorry I don't have a dog.. ='( Rolling Eyes
i have a cat
i love cats
I haven't a dog, but I like my grandad's dog. Its name is Bob and it is a German "Pastore".
Evil or Very Mad Twisted Evil
I have a bird called Jackie. He's yellow and white.
She is very lovely!!


i have a cat named Tobe... he's a plain ol' cat, i guess you'd call him an American Shorthair? with a manx tail. he's black and white with yellow eyes. we think he's brain damaged... his previous owners were some completely stupid kids that would literally throw him across the house to where he would hit walls, so now he doesn't quite behave like a cat. he's awesome, bc he loves to play (he's more like a dog than anything), but at the same time, i kinda wish i had a real cat Smile

i'm wanting a dog... we have a 20 lb limit at our apt, so we're thinking some sort of teacup poodle cross, so it'd be too small to annoy our downstairs neighbors as well as not shed.
I can't pick a favorite pet. Right now I have 2 cats... Zoomer a short hair grey tabby, and Lancelot a long hair all white siammes mix.... 2 dogs 1 brindle boxer named Duke, and one tri color beagle named Heidi. As well as LOTS of guppies which I breed (12 adults right now), a rainbow minnow that my wonderful brother (<--- note sarcasm) put in the tank, and a placastamas. We will also be adding 2 dragon fish from holiday presents.

I've had lots of differnet pets, including dogs, cats, rabbits, mice, rats, birds, fish, salamanders, reptiles, frogs, and even a spider. I would LOVE to have a Boa, but want to make sure I'm done having children for sure before i get one Wink I love having all of them, because they are each unique and lovable.
Currently I have a Golden Retriever, and his name is Tyreese the name was taken from the actor Tyrese whom I like. My dog is a 14 months old my Dad gave it to me last February of my bday and It was a big surprise to me to have Tyreese I wanted to have a Dog for a long time till it was my bday then my dad surprised me with a dog now i enrolled him on a K9 school to train...
I've had lots of pets but my favourite had to be my pet bunny Jim! he was half lop-eared and was the coolest rabbit ever, passed away last year Sad RIP.
My favourit pets are cats since my family has a few, currently oldest is at 16 years.
I love snakes[/code]
Its sad when pets die
The world is a place where mice can run free
Koi I find the most beautiful animals which are there. I have always had myself a pond. Now I live in a flat I had dispose of him Sad
My tropical fish, so peaceful, so easy to maintain. No noise, no fur on the blanket, no need to take for walks and takea poop scoop with.

What could be better than pet fish
hmm... favourite pets... that's a tough one since so far I had 2 dogs, a german shepherd and a doberman and a pretty large aquarium in which I tryied to keep all kinds of fish from piranha to goldfish, ofcourse not all in at the same time.

Its hard to pick a favrourite pet as long as you love animals, but at least in my case the aquarium was mostly meant to offer a source of relaxation after a tiresome day at school/work while the dogs offered great company in my spare time.
I haveing a dog so its dog Razz
I have a dog called trouble. She is 7 years old and very playful. (we didn't name her!)
Son Goku
Actually i have 1 cat and 7 dogs (three of them are sold). One of the dogs are 8 years old, and the others six are Poodles. I prefer dogs. I don't know why, it's just a personal preference.
favorite pet is a dog. we have 2. We had 3 and for a month we were down to 2 but then got a 3rd again through a will. we are now back down to 2.

our dogs we recently lost were large pure breads and over 11/14yrs

cats are kewl because you can leave them for a day or weekend and not worry.

plus people are more willing to cat-sit (not catsup) while you are away vs our rottweiller LOL.

fish would be neat to watch but I dont have that kind of spare time.

birds are quite useless for me as per the time comment above.
Me, I like cats because I think they're cute and cuddly and huggable and I love to play with them! Especially when I throw a ball of yarn at my cat and he starts to chase it! wew! he's really cute!hehehe... Wink
My favorite animal is cat! I love cats. Wink But I also have a pet fish. I name it goldie because its a gold fish. Wink
I've 11 shrimps - fire reds. they've 3,5cm and swim in my 100l aquarium Smile
I thing they happy, they start to multiply.
firstly i'd like to say hi this'll be my first post but definatley not my last.

so back to the matter in hand
well, we got my first dog one and a half years ago, skye she is a jack russel cross very loving and very energetic,
then came another dog jake the staffy cross he is a true staffy in everything he does (and very cute),
then we adopted johnny about 3months ago,
now the story behing johnny is the same as alot of other greyhounds
he was like a puppy when we got him although he was 3 years old,
he had never seen stairs before and for the first couple of nights i had to carry him up the stairs, after a cuple of nights i had to teach him to walk up the stairs (how funny).
he's a dab hand at it now.
that's it really....

for the dogs anyway ; )
i have a terrapin and a turtle
the terrapin is called teddy (don't ask just couldnt think of anything to call him)
and the turtle is called turtly (again couldn't think of anything)

they've got great personalities (for turtles)
I hace seven cats, they are my favourite animals.
I got a dog now, a beagel.. She is sweet but just follow her nose...Smile)
Bubba wrote:
Do you have a pet??

I have a dog and a cat.
My dog is a Newfoundland.

Here is a picture:

I don't have any pet.

Since this thread is about pets I have a query for you all.

I read somewhere that the Pet Dogs looks like and behave like their masters after being with them for few years.

Is it true? Did you notice any behaviour of you in your dog?
Omg i love cats! I have 2 cats in my little apartment and they are so cute.
Theyr names are Nicky and Labutza! I will put maybe another time some pictures with them!
My dog Bitsy.

She's there everyday to come home and greet the whole family.

Shwe can be a little mean tho

dogs. i have two shepherd mixes. i like dogs the most because i can tell that mine really love me. they get sad when i have to travel and don't see them for a few days.
Whe have all sorts of pets but my favorite are my 3 bunny's. I like them cause you can kiss and hug them and they're almost always nice.

Futher whe have another 3 bunny's from my mom(so 6 in total) 9 cats(whe started with one cute litle cat who every time dropped her litter in our house and left) 3 big parrots and 2 small parots. A lot of chickens, 1 dog, and some fish. For the people who wanna know. Yes whe live in what whas once a farm. Wink
undoubtedly, cats are my favourite. anyway, i like all animals in general and i think it would be interesting which is the most favourite pet for the people on this forum, statistically.[/img]
I LOVE cats/kittens when ever i hold one i just want to squeez it as hard as i can Exclamation Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
Favourite pet? definitely a can ignore them if ya don't feel like paying attention and if you really get sick of it you can eat it Wink
I have a dog, and 2 cars.

Recently had a rat (my favourite pet) but it died of old age, in my arms. Sad sucks.
i currently hav 1 cat

i used 2 hav like 4 but they ran away Sad Sad Sad


i want 2 get a fish real soon

theyre easier 2 take care of than a cat

and ill probably give the cat responsibilities 2 my brother

so yea
I love dogs and hamsters. My parents disallow me to get my own pet. Sigh..
[quote="Bubba"]Do you have a pet??

I have a dog ............his name is duke....n i love him so much.....
My favourite animal is dog. I have dog called Misiek. I like cats too Smile
My favourite animal is cat. I've had many pets in my life.. Lots of cats tho But I dont have any now except some chickens that my mom really likes cause they lay eggs Very Happy .. My mother hates cats cause they mess up the place so she gave our cats away to our family friends. Crying or Very sad
Do you have a clitoris and labia or do you have a penis.
I have fishes Very Happy
I have two dogs. They are not so beautiful, but they are mine. Smile
I have two dogs. A tan chihuahua called Nikita and a tri-colour chihuahua called pedro. they are not really lap dogs. I'm sure pedro thinks he is much bigger than he actually is. They are great guard dogs
i love dragons

but i also love cats i have two Razz
My favourite pet is probably a cat (or kitten, more specifically), basically because they are soooo easy to look after and they hardly need to be trained at all.

My second favourite pet would have to be a dog, but they can be hard to train. We have a little Border Collie pup at the moment.
I have had a lot of animals for pets, few of them are:

1. Dogs
2. Cats
3. Pigeons
4. Parrots
6. Rabbits
7. Guinea Pigs
8. Fish

Recently, while I had gone to give my exam at a center I found a injured eagle chick, it had lost one of it's eyes.

I brought it home, it soon got well, and flew off, I still feel sorry for it. True it is now free but, it would have been better if it had lived with me, maybe it might not be able to look after itself properly with just one eye. Sad

My dream pet is an owl or a Monkey!!

- Mayank
Defenetely a cat ... but I,m allergic to cats Sad . That's why I own a dog - Siberian Husky.
i have a dog, 3 fishes, a parrot and, shit, i don't know how it's says on english Very Happy , i think it is chinchilla; this:
(it's not mine, from google)
I like dats and dogs alltho I love Monkey the most.
But I live to close to main road so a lot of my pets became...roadkill...*snif* well life goes on *shrugs*
I have a smart dog right now! and I really love it! I like cats too! and birds!
I used to have a cat she was called "Ben"
Yep a girl named Ben,we kept the name as she had already been given later to find out he was a she.
Anyway when I was at school one day I shouted to my friend across the playground "BEN!" but what came out was a kinda gay sound you know when you call your cat in for food or something,I was so embarrassed

My favourite animal is a turtle! I don't know why but ever since i was a kid I always loved them. Another one is a dolphin~they are so cute! My mom said for my 16th birthday she will get me a turtle or a dog! i'm hoping for both ahahaha
My favourite pet is dog. However, i can't have it by the reason of my allergy Sad But i hope that sometime there will be possible
i would rather ahve dogs but for now i am content with my three cats.
i have two dogs
the firsts name is koko
the second names is prince
(and this is my favorite pet)
I've had many pets along the years but by far my favorites are dogs.. and my current German Shepherd is on the top of the list Very Happy
Master Yoda
My parents used to have pet cats from even before I was born Shocked
I love cats and until a few years ago I had loads of them... My favorite was this fella Kane, who looked more like a dog than a cat Twisted Evil
But sadly all of them died many years ago Sad Sad coz there are a lots of dogs around where I live and sadly their number has increased in the recent past and now I'm unable to have a pet cat... Evil or Very Mad
I do not have animals, the only one that I had was a fish. Sad
My favorite animal is a dog, which is funny because up until about a year and a half ago I was always afraid of dogs, especially larger ones. Then my spouse and I got a Boxer puppy, and I couldn't imagine being without dogs now, especially Boxers! We also adopted another Boxer about 6 months ago, and we couldn't be happier.
Ive got 2 dogs Cool
dog Rolling Eyes
Dog is the best pet for me! Its a mans best friends and can help you sometimes specially in troubles...

Many events shows that dogs are very useful. Can search a tiny piece of illegal drugs or something like that, but not that reason why i bet on dogs.
its simply because its lovable and easy to breed.
I have a pug that is fawn color! She is fantastic. Her name is Asha and she is spoiled rotten.

Pugs, and dogs in general are great!
I like dogs. They are so cleaver and funny. And they are always happy to see you when you come home, and if you had a bad day, after walk with dog you will become in a good mood - for this I like them most.
I love dogs and a Newfoundland is a sweet dog, but cats are horrid creatures.

Bubba wrote:
Do you have a pet??

I have a dog and a cat.
My dog is a Newfoundland.

Here is a picture:
my favorite pets are dogs. The biggest dogs , those wo are great, gentle andsleeping all the day
well i love ALL animals, but i hav a dog called sasha and a cow called jodie. i also like cats Very Happy

my dog sasha Very Happy
fishes are great, they just swim around Smile

i like
Arabian horses
of course cow's hahah coz i like milk !
I like most of animals. But I like most dogs and horses.
i have a cat.... and her name is thorpa... she is so pretty and adorable, she is going to be 5 this summer... and i love her.. aren't cats the most perfect pet ever???
i really love white small dogs. i wish i can have them, but i can't because im a college student. I also love little white rabbits. In korea, there are species called mini rabbit. They are really small compare to the other ones. I wish I can have them, but I do not think they sell more of that kinds. I also heard they die in early age.
i don have any pet rite now. i wish to have a dog - corgi. they so cute
I like pets very much..
its really nice to play with my pets.
My favorite animal is my Leopard Gecko named "Penguin".
Oh, and my sister's dog is kinda kool too.
Hmm...favourite pet...

Well, I'd have to say dog (Greyhound, Labrador, Yorkshire Terrier, German Shepherd, Pug et al), cat (I wove my little ninja), hamsters and of course, ferrets.
dogs.. i love dogs.. siberian husky being my favorite..

I love dogs and bunnies - they are so cute and inteligent! I had one for many years and he died last year Sad
I love hamsters the most because they are cute but and they are also easy to take care. The hamster that I am taking care of appears to be smart. She appears to also love hamster treats. However, one thing to take note of is that hamsters will usually bite at you when you first get them. You have to create a good relationship with them. However, it is the personality of some hamsters to bite your finger so nothing much can be done.
I have two cats, Tessa and Mr. Z.

I took Tessa from an animal shelter. Mr. Z was found on the street when he was a tiny little kitten. I just couldn't walk away when I heard him meowing. He got really fat now, probably because he compensates for undereating when he lived on the streets. So I sent him to live with my grandma for a while and lose some weight as I can't control his portions because of the other cat. I kind of get a feeling that I won't get him back, though Smile

I would really like to have a dog someday, but right now it's not possible as I live in a very small apartment.
Bubba wrote:
Do you have a pet??

I have a dog and a cat.
My dog is a Newfoundland.

Here is a picture:

I don't have any pet but like have bull dog
My cat Missy <3
I love my dog, she's all black and white. Best colours, what if humans were all black and white what a prosperous world we would live in.
I have many pets at home, I have a dog, 2 cats, a parrot and so many pigeons.
I have never had any pet so far, but I really like cats. Very Happy
My dream is a corgi, but I have a cat, Laughing I really adore cats, but still i want a corgi some time in the future
My daughter favorite pet is giraffe baby.She likes her a lot.She is so choosy in eating.but when we will say giraffe baby loves to eat this,then she also start this is good for us.
I have a snake and a dog also.
I got an unusual connection from some lamer site fanpop,it asked for cookie clearance.I denyed it as it has absolutely NO reference to this site.Anyone know what it will be fore?
My girlfriend brought dog and he is so cute Smile
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