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No, I'm not really a fan of Inuyasha. Everytime it plays I change the channel five minutes later. Laughing All my friends loves it, I'm the only one that can't watch it ! So... I wonder why people likes this series. What about you?
I have never heard about it Wink
Where are you living ? Cause in Canada it's less known. If it wasn't of my friends, I wouldn't know about this series!
I no likey inuyasha, it just seems to go on forever for no reason at all. I do admit, though, I did like the first episodes...but...argh...
My sister loves it though...

Oh, and Miroku is one of my favourite characters ever.
lol Miroku pwns. As does Sesshomaru.

I actually stopped watching it on TV, due to VCR troubles. However, I hope to pick up some of the DVD box sets and catch up that way (I was up to about the Band of Seven).

Indeed, until the Band of Seven came along, I was starting to get bored with it. After the battle with Ryukotsuse (sp I know), it seemed to get kind of dull.

The first episodes were magnificent, up through when they started getting obsessed with Naraku. They didn't go the route I would have gone, had I been making the series, but it is still very good.
yeah i'd have to agree that i don't really like it. i watched a few episodes and it didnt really appeal to me.
InuYasha is okay. I like the comics but the show annoys me. My friend is obsessed with it but I can't see why.
One thing the show has going for it is awesome voice acting. Dubs aren't usually that good, but so many of the characters' VAs in InuYasha's English version are spot on, it's incredible.
Haha, I didn't really like it, but i got quite stuck on it ever since i joined my siblings when they watched it..

Haha, i guess i just liked the references to mythical creatures, spirits and things that not many people can see but are everywhere.
It's a pretty decent show.
You really get hooked on and are dying to watch the next episode once you see it. Otherwise, it's prett okay.
I wouldn't die to watch every episode!
I used to read it when I was little, but I stopped at volume twenty (which I guess was pretty late). I watched a few episodes of the anime, and it didn't appeal to me, either. Makes me wonder if Viz had more motives than one to donate all those Inuyasha DVDs to my local library, though. @.@
yea inuyaha aint that bad :/ I just cant believe they are still amking episodes
I loved so much Inuyasha,
There is someone that have some link about this cartoon for posting to us?
i like it but i cinda lost intrest due 2 bordom
I used to be a big fan of it; however, that was almost five years ago. XD;

I guess I sorta stopped reading it (never really got around to the anime) around when volume twenty was released in Japan; by then the States already had a giant fanbase that scared me off.
There's probably already a topic about this but...

The first season of Inuyasha was ok, because the chemistry with Inuyasha and Kagome was very well done, I mean, putting two people who completely hate eachother on a quest which could decide the fate of so many people was such a good idea. Until they feel in love with eachother and tons of other stupid characters joined. The fights used to be fun to watch, but now they are slow and predictable, and I hate how they keep showing what everyone is thinking! Augh, it just really annoys me how bad the series became, and I don't think there is any way to ressurect it. It's just become a stupid love story, where everything falls together perfectly. That's not what makes a story interesting.
god, its wayyy too long. lost interest, did inuyasha ever kill naraku?
*parakiss wrote:
god, its wayyy too long. lost interest, did inuyasha ever kill naraku?

Although I haven't read Inuyasha for a while...I would not be surprised whatsoever if Naraku's still alive. I think I remember reading about the death of Kagura (was that her name? That wind demon that was a part of Naraku), so I'm guessing Naraku would still be alive.

Sometimes, villains in long series remind me of the Energizer Bunny 'cause they are injured greatly, and still find the will to keep on going. @_@
I liked it but then I started getting into full metal alchemist so I watched that instead. It os actually a realy good show. I think its alot better than inyuyasha. You know what though maybe I will go watch inyuyasha on demand scince you broght it up
Inuyasha is an enjoyable anime. Really long and I hope the storyline gets wrapped up soon so I can see it get animated. This anime had a very good collection of music.
i think it was the length that made me lose intrest also the romance i guess
But at the later part of series 2, Inuyasha's sword(forget what it is called Embarassed ) learnt even more moves then just the 'wind-cutting' move... There was also one move that could shot diamonds out of the sword. The diamonds ae able to penetrate naraku's barrier.
Heck yeah! I got seasons 1 and 2 in the collector's edition. ^^ Sorry had to brag, my hubby got them both for me. Inuyasha is awesome. I really like Sessie too. ^^ for obvious reasons. I think I just have a thing for bad boys.
i liked it but i hated the ending i'm not going to say how it ended b/c it's a spoiler and i'll let u see for yourself.
I liked so much Inuyasha.
There is a very funny cartoon.
Here on Brazil there are no new episodes.
Someone can tell me how many seasons there is that show?

Yea inuyasha is great i love it.....

It is my favourite tv-series right after the simpsons Very Happy

I reckon Inuyasha is way way over rated, theres a lotta betta shows...i just cant name any at the mo:P Either way i used to watch it a bit. Then I got bored of it.
I love Inuyasha tooo....I first watched it on animax and wouldn't miss it at any it is not being aired here in INDIA but I still miss that wonderful cartoon series. I haven't been able to find its comics here even after lot of efforts though. Sad
Long and repetative... Not a big fan of it.
Hm... whether InuYasha is good or not is kind of hard to say for me... I did rather like it at the beginning and even halfway through the series. I mean, even with all those fillers... I suppose since I loved the anime at the time when I was really into, yeah, you could say that this anime was great. But then later, I was so busy with stuff and couldn't watch it anymore. I ended up putting the anime off for... months, I think. And then afterwards, continuing from where I last left, I have to admit... it started to get on my nerves. With the fillers and how damn long it was. And then... man, the ending gave the final blow. I totally dislike the ending and I would go on but, y'know ^_~, it would be spoilers. But if anyone still does want to know, just ask and I'll be happy to fill you in.

-- scryoko
well. It's good for the first time, but It turn boring now... The story is too long, and more complicated [I mean hard to be understand].
I have followed Inuyasha for several years, both through the anime and the manga. The website that had been posting scanlations of the latest chapters has now finally stopped & the only thing I can find are text translations. Better than nothing, but it's less pleasurable to 'read' the story than to 'see'. I have all the Inuyasha anime episodes burned onto CDs and all 3 movies as well. I'm glad the anime finally ended, as it was getting old, but the manga is still going strong! The 3rd movie is my favorite - it was extremely well-done.
inuyasha's SO FREAKIN AWESOME!! m'god. i like inuyasha in cool sword poses with tetsaiga (sp?).

INUYASHA ROX!! it's a cute love story too! ^^
I enjoyed Inuyasha. I stopped watching it only because I could no longer find the episodes. Did they cancel it before it was finished? Or did the fanbase just drop off.
I adore InuYasha, but only the manga version. I mean, the anime just sort of.... I don't know, slippped away at the end..... Some people say the manga's too long, but I love it this way! Cuz that means there's more to the story!! Long mangas are awesome, like Naruto and Meitantei Conan... *glomps*
Re: Melchizedek

I enjoyed Inuyasha. I stopped watching it only because I could no longer find the episodes. Did they cancel it before it was finished? Or did the fanbase just drop off.

Inuyasha, the anime -- I'm not quite sure if the manga is finished yet, finished a few years back I believe. Though I'm not entirely sure when the anime finished, I can assure you that it is complete. Hm... I'm not sure how you go about obtaining the episodes but I think it's easier to get them if you actually go and buy the series, movies, etc. If you do that though, I suggest that you purchase the ones where they offer like... a complete set of the entire series or something, instead of purchasing the anime season by season because if you buy it season by season, it's actually more expensive that way. And, if they actually sell it this way, you should buy the movies with the series as one too -- that'll also save you some money. But then again, of course, that's all up to you. ^__^

-- scryoko
Inuyasha the anime endeda at 167, but the storyline isn't done yet.
I like it alot to an extent Yes i hate the fact that it is extremely long but also like it as well. But i really hate the fact that it ends in a cliffhanger. Grrrr anyway now that i am over that i give it a 7/10

If someone want see Inu Yasha manga you can visit this site:

nice site! thanks for the link, although the story is quite limited. Smile
its hard for me to tell what characters are male or female. they all look like girls.
Hi people,

Anybody has some good site about this serie? With good caps, videos, information, anything?

I will apreciate so much...

Thanks for antecipation. Wink
Well i like Inuyasha as a whole. It was really awesome at the beginning. I was starteing to dislike it in the middle and when the fillers came, but again it got better. It has a lot of action,so this will be nice for action freaks. The only thing i really disliked was the end. No spoilers from me though Laughing
I used to love it at the beinning, but now I'm pretty tired of it.
I think it is a good show, a bit long, but for the most part it is okay. It started out really strong but if you watch it now it has gone the way of pokemon boring, repetitive, and there us no end in sight.
I knew this anime but i never watch it
my sister watched it she said its wonderful

But (talonsmallville) can you tell me what your nickname mean ???
i dont understand it ..........
The anime ended badly. Really badly. It was sad really. It ended so abruptly without any real meaning. You don't know what happened between Inuyasha and Kagome. And Naraku doesn't even die. You call that an ending?

Just read the manga and be done with it. It's a lot longer but atleast its ... real.
This show really irritated me towards the end as well and it got to the point where the character especially Kikyo were so stupid and idiotic I couldn't take it anymore. Plus he ending was so terrible. Much better stuff out there.
i love Inuyasha, but i'm getting tired of how long the series is getting >.< i wish they'd end it already! it's even longer than Ranma -- and that manga is 38 volumes long!
the son of inuyasha and kagome is so cute,
it looks like baby inuyasha....
Inuyasha was a great series but the ending left unanswered questions. The manga is still going on though. The Kikyo vs. Kagome battle started to get on my nerves. I just wanted them to accomplish there mission instead of figuring out who gets Inuyasha. The anime tried to focus more on the love story than the original point. That was the only thing that me mad. Other than that I really like the series. I still haven't seen all the movies and I need to get around to watching them.
Well, since I'm more of a romantic (and enjoy my usual fight scenes) then obviously Inuyasha is for me. I still do like it but keep in mind I haven't seen much beyond the first 2 seasons.

And there you have it. Short and sweet. And yes, I probably would have wrote it differently if it were up to me too.
Prince naruto
im number one fan of inuyasha
no one dares to speak ill of it
or else

im just joking
this anime is reall great watch will be amazed

i love kagome
Watched a few episodes of it.
The one thing I did not understand is why they call it Inuyasha.
The guy gets pwned by literally all the people.
He loses most of the times sparing the times when he gets this sudden surge of adrenalin.
His language is so informal and far from being that of a hero.
Man, I prefer that Lord guy more than Inuyasha.
^I used to think the whole anime went like....gain a jewel shard......lose 2 jewel shards...gain a three jewel shards. It seems like they where getting nowhere for the past 100 episodes.
hhmm..this anime. not bad but is not my favourite Razz i knew there are a lot of fans, i only can say everybody's taste different Smile
Shikon no Tama - The Jewel of Four Souls: Aramitama (荒魂, Courage), Nigimitama (和魂, Friendship), Kushimitama (奇魂, Wisdom) and Sakimitama (幸魂, Love)
Han'yō - commonly translated as "half-demon". They are products of a union between a yōkai and a human, and are often considered as an outcast in both human and demon society.
Obake - ghosts, goblins and monsters from Japanese folklore, including spirits of the human dead.
Inugami - dog-like demons
Yōkai - belongs to a class of obake and generally has a sort of spiritual or supernatural power. Some possess part animal and part human features.
Taiyōkai (Daiyōkai) - an especially strong and powerful yōkai. Literally "great yōkai".
Taijiya - yōkai exterminator.
Kitsune - fox yōkai from Japanese folklore known by their magic tricks.
Hōshi - Buddhist monk.
Miko - although commonly translated as "priestess", miko are actually young female attendants at Shinto shrines.
Shakujo - Buddhist staff.
O-fuda - translated as "sacred sutras" or "spell scrolls". Papers which hold special powers and are used against yōkai.
Tanuki - raccoon dogs from Japanese folklore.
Nekomata - A cat older than ten years is said to receive magical powers and two tails.
Sengoku Jidai - Sengoku period, feudal Japan.
Saimyoushou - Hell Wasps
Goshinboku - Time tree. For example: the one Inuyasha was sealed to.
Shibugarasu - demon crows
Shōki - demonic miasma
Jyaki - demonic aura
ive caught a few episodes not half bad...kinda cool i always wonder what gives inspiration for some of this stuff.
i used to like this show a lot -- primarily for Miroku and Sango -- but the story is longer than Ranma 1/2 now, and it's still ongoing! Fans have already written multiple conceptions to the ending, and they're probably better than the way this manga is going to end... Rumiko Takahashi-sensei, end this already before you lose all your fans! Laughing
Inuyasha is awesome, but kinda draggy.
and i really dislike the ending of the anime.
However, i still love it! Very Happy
Show was quite funny in places, but the whole love triangle between Inu and the girls just annoyed me, it was like 'stay dead! just stay dead! it's boring!!!'
I wasn't much into anime before this, been watching Beserk at the moment Very Happy
yeah i love it too. d way he bhave like dog r so funny
I like the show. I was disappointed because it would show at 11:00 at night when I had to go to bed for school. Now that I am at college, I don't have to worry about that, I had the DVD's.
I LOVE INUYASHA! I THINK ITS THE BEST! i cant believe people dont like it. VIZ rocks! they also made naruto wich is cool to!!!!!![img][/list][/b]
the one above this one is me! im suzume
My friends say im obssesed with inuyasha Laughing Boo hoo! but i addmit i am.....
I love Inuyasha but never I see the ending Crying or Very sad
i dont get why people watch this series... the same thing happens on every episode... he fights a demon, gets a shard... the end
Kirara wrote:
I love Inuyasha but never I see the ending Crying or Very sad

same goes for me. I enjoyed the anime so much (and I really really love the soundtrack too) but I never had the chance to watch the lots of episodes i missed and the ending. my sister who don't watch anime also got interested in Inuyasha.
its okay, but i hate to say it but the ending was never aired here T_T
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