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Science Prospectus

For students interested in Science Courses:
Science students nearly always end up in laboratories, either research labs, as technicians or just lab analyst. There's always jobs for chemistry and biology students in labs. Physics students nearly always end up as either lab technicians or research. Labs are for the guys in white coats. Everything from Genetics to Forensic (CSI) investigation, there's loads of really cool jobs, and some of them are really deep and complex where there's loads left to be discovered, especially in biology
Mathematics is a science too, and is purely abstract thinking (diagrams, formula's etc) if you're good with numbers.
Engineering is also a science and it's really interesting to know how things work, and to be able to design things that work is challenging and interesting.

A Bachelor Degree is always plenty for a solid background in whatever field you want to get into. A diploma will get you a good start for entry level, a certificate is good for a step-course to a higher level course. A masters and doctorate is good if you're heading for the expert level, and you can only do these after you get your Bachelor Degree (there are some exceptions).
Mmm... Research technician is probably an interesting job, but you don't make a great deal out of it.

But it's better than an arts degree, where you doss around for a few years then go into unemployment. Razz
Start as a research tech, stay in school, get involved. Before you know it, you stumble across Bucky Balls like Professor Harry Kroto and his team.

Who knows, what if the team you picked to earn pennies with discovered a way to produce nanotubes by the mile? Then you would be building the elevator to space that is captivating everyone.
The money you can earn (salary) with good qualifications especially in research is outstanding.
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