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Women and Men want the same. Why is it so complicated?

Women and Men want the same. Why is it so complicated?
No, psychologically, the feminine drive is for affection and relationships, the masculine drive is for stimulation and excitement. If I had time I would show you the reference journals i read that.
Women are more socially interactive, and Men like to figure out why the world works. Although it can't be so easily summed up, that's how I'd do it!
I think men and women want the same things in essence, but not so much in the same dosage.

And that obviously doesn't apply to every single male and every single female in the world.
What is complicated? What is the same?
I think that men want someone to take care of, someone to hold. And women (most) want to be taken care of and held. Sometimes they want just to be with someone who understands them. Sometimes they just want sex. There are so many drives out there that it can't be summed up in a single generalization. For me, I personally want someone who really understands me and I can have a good time with, without being uncomfortable, awkward, or nervous.
Well, men are still a mystery to me, deep one second and making acting like an idiot in front of the football game the next, but I can tell you what intelligent women are like from an objective view. Well, as close to it as I can get. Sluts and ditzes, well...

We are irrational creatures. While many of us have good heads on our, we expect you to "get" us. But then our sense kicks in telling us that it is simply impossible. So, what we seek is someone who tries to get us and provides some excitement or allure. We interact with many facets of communication, and we aren't necessarily more socially interactive then men, sometimes we just want to curl up with a good book, but our friends dragged us out to party instead. So, when we find the one, we want a NIcholas SParks novel romance sually, or sometimes one that is more Harlequin paperback, full of twists and turns. You never know.
I think it was put best a comedian (Unfortuantly I forget his name)

Uknown comedian wrote:
Men need sex to feel love and women need love to have sex.
Lennon wrote:
No, psychologically, the feminine drive is for affection and relationships, the masculine drive is for stimulation and excitement. If I had time I would show you the reference journals i read that.

Although for the most part I agree, I'd have to say that there are just as many girls out there driven by "love and affection" as by "stimulation and excitement".

Keep in mind alot of textbooks have alot of outdated information based on presumption, bias and unreliable sources.
(Alot of the problem with this is that women tend to be quieter about their sexual issues/interests/feelings/etc, and more prone to lieing to seem more "innocent". Because of the whole "go son" vs. "slut" inequality).
(And, I mean historically speaking, it wasn't that long ago women were thought to derive absolutely no pleasure from sex).

We are driven differently in other ways though. Men are more sensitive to visual stimulation than women, and women derive more from exhibitionism than most men. Hence what we want (sexually) compliments each other.

As for complicated, that's less a sexual issue than a more social/interactive issue. Arguments etc. Women want to talk it through and compromise, men want it finished and won. etc. etc.
1. Men are from Mars and women are from Venus.!!!

2. Lack of understanding for each other`s way of behaveior, and why we behave the way we do!!

3. Jalousy and love!!

4. Power in the relationship!!

To be honnost I don`t know...........But I DO KNOW yhat if you love and respect the other person, it works out at lot easier.
Woman can have baby but man can't
zarky wrote:
Woman can have baby but man can't

Haha... Really i don't think anybody wants the same things. Men don't want the same things as each other, women don't want the same thing as each other, I mean look at Ghandi and Hulk Hogan, they have very different desires. So to match Ghandi with Mother Teresa is the key, and Hulk Hogan with Miss Elizabeth. People who really do want the same things probably wont have as complicated a relationship as two people who want very different things. Its like the old saying "birds of a feather flock together."
Hmm. Complicated? I don't know about all that. I know that I've called certain men stubborn, but I doubt that I've ever considered boys as complications. I don't pretend to understand every facet of the male species, but I figure they bleed blood and breath oxygen the same as I do...
I just think that girl`s and boy`s are being seperated from each other(i mean boys are being together with boys and girls are bein together with girls). Make our childhood better. Some1 call the president
Personally I don't think it has to be as complicated as many people make it out to be. Sure, men and women are inherently differant, but those differances can actually compliment each other under the right circumstances. Compromise and understanding is the key to any relationship, each person has to give a little to make things work out. Understanding your partner is essential to any good relationship also, if you can't at try to understand what your mate is trying to say, or at times read between the lines, you may be doomed from the start. Chances are if you are serious about any relationship you will do your best and try your hardest to make it work out...but that effort is only rewarded if the other person is willing to do the same.

I don't remember who said this but here ya go...."Love is a burden to heavy for one to bear, but is easily carried by two".
Code of Ruin
I reckon one of the most important parts is our personality. It determines with who we get along and with whom we don't. If 2 people get along then the chance is larger that they get the same they want.
yes, men and women want the same thing, but in differant ways. what is it they want? intimacy, and that doesn't just mean sex. it takes a lot of work from both sides, and usually women and men have differant basic desires that complement each other. men want beauty, women want to be beautiful, for example.
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