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The Legend of Zelda

Anyone here getting the twilight princess for Gamecube this upcoming year?
Man it's a shame they delayed it. But it's also kind of good. I love and loved the zelda series since about 1997. I would call myself a diehard fan of zelda.
I plan to get it, but I doubt I will right when it comes out. I will wait until the price drops. I love Zelda, but I worry this game will not live up to expcetations.
Hell yeah i am actualy w8 for twilight princess befor i buy a game cube
Twilight Princess is going to be a best game of the year, and best game on the Gamecube itself. It's... just going to be great! Anyway Zelda is the one of the best RPG series that ever come out to the daylight. Remember brilliant first Zelda on NES? Just wait for the TP!!
I have always loved Zelda. Each one that came out was suddenly my favorite game. I remember when i got home after getting my N64 i played ocerina of time until my eyes were bloodshot lol. I cant wait to play polo with a monster as the ball in twilight princess.
Zelda is gooddddllly. Every game is a classic, even those bad CD-I ones that nobody has played. I personally am thinking of buying a Nintendo Revolution only because of the Zelda series.
I used to LOVE the Zelda games, all summer I would play Zelda games on N64 for a couple hours a day. The Ocarina of Time is, and will forever be my favorite game.
zelda is one of the best series out there =). no doubt i will get zelda when its released. and i have no doubt that this can be the best zeldagame ever. =)
Let's hope that this one is a real return to form after the "crazyness" of Wind Waker. It's looking good so far!
Windwaker ruled though(although, sailing does suck)

I don't know if I'll run out and get it like I did WW...the game seems dull and the world it's in seems as dead as Hyrule Feild in OOT...i don't know yet...

but it is Zelda, and I <3 Zelda...
The guys at gamespot seem pretty psyched to get their hands on it. It looks like cross between OOT and LotP, a mature link along with the dark world concept.

Horseback battle = amazing
How many Zelda games have you played? Owned? At one time or another, I've owned all of them, but people love to steal anything I collect for some reason Sad . I have loved the Zelda series since the first game. The only way I could love it more would be if I became some psychotic, obssessed nut-case over it, which I came pretty close.
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