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Bird flu

This is from my gcse

Today Iraq was investigating its first suspected case of bird flu, which a teenage girl died of flu-like symptoms in Kurdistan, which borders eastern Turkey. The 15-year-old died in Raniya after developing a severe lung infection, it was announced today by the World Health Organizing (WHO). The town is on a lake used by birds on a migratory pathway south from Turkey, where 19 people are known to have contracted the disease but yet not confirmed. Officials have ordered that all dead domestic fowl must be burned and buried and any migratory birds captured are to be killed.
"There are suspicions that they died of bird flu, but it is not certain yet and is not proven by laboratory checks," said Dr Abdul Jalil Naji, who leads the bird flu department in the Iraqi Health Ministry. H5N1 stands for Haemagglutinin5 Neuraminidase1, the 5 means that Heamagglutinin is in position 5, the same goes for Neuraminidase but with a 1. The H5N1 virus has killed at least 79 people in six countries since late 2003, according to the WHO, we asked WHO if we can join with there investigation, they said to us they would be delighted to. We went to Iraq and the WHO head quarters, at the WHO head quarters we went into a meeting about the Preparations for a flu pandemic, Chris Potter, of the WHO said that although the H5N1 avian flu virus is clearly a threat, its spread has led researchers to ignore another strain that history suggests is more likely to trigger a pandemic. It is almost impossible to form a pandemic for the H5N1 because the values of the Haemagglutinin 5 Neuraminidase 1 keeps moving, they have made a pandemic ,Tami Flu , but some say it doesn’t work but Martin Ohigho-Lawrence, of the WHO said to us ‘‘The Tami Flu will only work if it was taken at the right time and with the correct dose, so far we have not seen a failure in the Tami Flu. We are trying to make a new medicine that will be better and also be more reliable’’. We wasn’t allowed in the lab area, where they was experimenting to try to make a pandemic. We went to Iraq and interviewed Dr Abdul Jalil Naji, who leads the bird flu department in the Iraqi Health Ministry. He told us ‘‘Although we have accepted the necessity of watching H5N1 closely and developing vaccines’’, Then we met Professor Doolittle Robites he said that scientists must be careful not to focus their efforts too closely on a strain that may turn out to be the wrong one to worry about. Monitoring programmes need to be widened to ensure that the first signs of a resurgent H2 strain are also picked up. We went to do our own investigation at the most know place to have Bird Flu, Japan, we went to Dr Hong-Neugen at his ward in the Hospital jainraptin, the hospital is only for Bird Flu. He explained that if we get hit by the a new flu pandemic, we might all die because most of the scientists are all focused on Bird Flu so there are now some scientists who looking for a new pandemic.

By Professor Shear

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