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Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure

Coming February 2006

Play as Trane, a "toy" graffiti artist with the street smarts, athletic prowess and vision to become an "All City King" — the most reputable of all graffiti artists. Along your quest, uncover the mayor’s deep, dark secret… and use your fighting talents and high-wire graf to expose the city's leader as a corrupt tyrant.

As you struggle to save a neighborhood from an oppressive government, one question stands out: What if graffiti could change the world? Risk your life battling city authorities and rival graf gangs — mere obstacles in your attempt to get your tag up. And in this city, not just any tag will do. You’ll have to "Get IN, Get UP and Get OUT".

A revolutionary storyline written by Marc Ecko
World-renowned hip-hop artist Talib Kweli as the voice of Trane
Fighting mechanics that combine kicking, grappling and punching, along with improvised weaponry
A groundbreaking graffiti gameplay system, designed to sharpen your skills as you tag with Aerosol, Rollers, Markers, Wheat Paste, Stickers and Stencils
Eleven distinct city environments, with 20 gameplay levels
Unique “Intuition” system, allowing you to find ideal places to tag
Authentic tags from more than 50 real-life graffiti artists, six of whom appear in-game as mentors
A digital “black book” to store unlocked tags and graf images

The Evolution of Graffiti:
As Trane grows from “toy” to “All City King,” his style and the state of graffiti evolve…
Begin in the 1980s’ train culture scene, where subways were prime targets for gaining fame; continue to a version of the silver-train era, a time of extreme anti-graffiti tactics when the government’s battle cry was “Take Back the City!”

Trane’s Abilities
Combat – Master a unique fighting technique and use improvised weapons
Graffiti – Create tags in pressure situations, using multiple skills and styles
Intuition – Follow your sixth sense to find the best spots to tag
Sneak Mode – Infiltrate areas and avoid capture as you creep silently through the city

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a bit off-topic:
I just read yesterday that the australian government has forbidden to sell, play and import this game.
Because it could influence kids to make graffitis, which is against the law.
But Gta, where you kill people, isn't forbidden!
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