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Beware..if you have a norton anti-virus 2006 illegal..

hello..this had happen with my friend..while he was running live uptade ..for norton antivirus..2006..he had a message from the company said that the trial version has know he has a norton illegaly so beware from live update..or install the 2005 version..that's it ..goodbye for now
well thanks for the warning *i dont use Norton*
and i buy softwre lol
too risky these days they can trace it back to you and you will be in jail getting raped daily
This is what you get for using pirated software. I would suggest you use AVG for free. It is better than Norton and totally free! Very Happy
also avast is a good free antivirus (certainly better than norton)
Arno v. Lumig
Personally I prefer NOD32, it isn't free but it's a very nice virusscan. It isn't that expensive either.

Don't download illegal virusscans, because if it contains A virus you'll never know about it until it ruins your PC.

Greetz, Arno
use zonealarm internet security suite.. it has a firewall, antivirus, antispyware, im protector, etc etc.. vy multi-functional.. of course it comes at a price.. Very Happy
personaly, i dont like norton... not impress with the program... it donest delete the viruses it finds wen i run a scan... it says "delete failed"... i mean wats the point of running a "3-hour" scan and not having all the viruses deleted...
and by the way, i dont use pirated softwares either... i wuld rather pay than take a risk... =) you can et norton for 40$ now.. (more or less)...
yea what is the best antivirus program to use anyways? I'm iffy about Norton myself. Confused
i use AVG aswell cos it is firstly much faster and more reliable than norton
i find it to be more reliable and it doesnt take as much memory (RAM and HD space) as norton

AVG is way better
Nortons is too slow, no matter how good your computer is, it will slow it down no matter what. Try trend micro or zone alarm, much much better.
personally i use NOD32...have been using it for the past 3 years absolutely 0 problems...
ppl also recommend bitdefender but i never tried it so i cant recommend it

in any case, whatever you do, try not to use norton Razz
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