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assembly compiler problem

im trying to learn assembly language and im having a problem with the compiler that im using...or more the .hhf library file.

when i go to compile a program in HLA i run the compiling script in command prompt it comes up with the error saying that the stdlib.hhf file couldnt load. I have tried all the help readme's and what not and it has done nothing.

If anyone has any ideas as to the solution to this problem please let me know, i would really very much appreciate it.
If you're running under Linux make sure that you either add the directory with the libraries to your PATH variable. Otherwise copy the required libraries to the same directory as your code. A lot of libraries are optional as well so make sure they're actually installed! Also, if you're using an online example note that library names vary from compiler to compiler.

Apologies if these are common sense to you. Cool
Well, I'd suggest you trying another compiler, other than HLA.

HLA is pretty friendly but sometimes it just won't work, at least with me. I'd recommend you using nasm or w32asm.
thank you for the replies, i figure i would just post up there code here to see if anyone could help, dont laugh though im new to all this and its my first go around so its the over used first program we all love.

program helloWorld
#include ( "stdlib.hhf" )
begin helloWorld;

stdout.put( "Hello, World of Assembly Language", nl );

end helloWorld;

i figured out that i didnt specify the system variables in windows correctly so i fixed that but it still doesnt work right for some reason. If anyone could try to compile my code there and let me know how it goes and check for errors please do, i sorta need to get over this hump to continue learning.
ok i just tried to change one variable in it and i came up with the error saying that there was a problem with my os.hhf now, the stdlib.hhf works since its finding this though so thats good.

here is my os.hhf if you see any problems please correct and repost or link me to a place were i might find a good os.hhf thank you.

#if( ! @defined( os_hhf ))
?os_hhf := true;

namespace os;

// Note: os.win32 and os.linux specify the operating system
// in use. This file must be manually edited as appropriate
// for use under Windows or Linux so these constants contain
// the appropriate values.

win32 := @global:true;
linux := !win32;

end os;

ok another thing, in posting that last post i realized that the documentation right there said to manually specify the os, but i tried doing it the way that it says and i dont know how to do it, i tried doing

os win32;
os; win32

but none of those worked...any suggestions?
hey ted... guess who... I've got a sugestion, buy a better freaking book... lol

well I was looking around last night and found a whole bunch of examples that work but none of them were was simple as the book said. he is the most commom one:
..MODEL flat, stdcall

MessageBoxA PROTO near32 stdcall, window:dword, text:near32,
windowtitle:near32, style:dword

..stack 8192
message db "Hello World!", 0
windowtitle db 0

main proc
invoke MessageBoxA, 0, offset message, offset windowtitle, 0
main endp
end main
^^nice try, but i was actually closer with the one i had....
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