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Personal Web Server?

Does any one know how to set one up using your routers, wan ip and port.

iv read up on it but when i connect it allways gos to routers settings.
Because the forward is not working, allthough i have set it up right.

any ideas on this?

what kind of router/modem and software do you use?
I am trying the same with ubuntu/apache a wrt54g router and a speedtouch modem.
Have you asked your service provider about hosting. If your service provider doesn't let you host becuase it will tie up there internet company then they wont let you do it. If they don't allow it and they do it anyway they are allowed to sew take away your computer or simpily just cut off your connection.

Otherwise last time I checked you needed special software to do it do a yahoo or google search (whichever is your favorite) and see about hosting software.
I know that is why i am using apache. And also another computer can't acces my website, I can only see my site from the server itself if i look at localhost or . So it's not the software and neither the provider.
So you have your server connected to your router? In the control panel for your router look for port forwarding and forward port 80 to the IP of your server. If you have a firewall make sure it doesnt block it either
already done.
Modem called it NAPT and router called it port forwarding
I forwarded it from the modem to the router and from the router to the computer. It worked the same way with another computer with azureus(51)
True, if you don't have a great upload speed then don't consider putting your server public. Also, if your hosting on a windows system, be aware that without being properly secured, your open to a DoS (Denial of Service) attack.

Read up on DoS if you do not know what it is right here.
the problem could also be that your ISP is port blocking. You might be able to get around this by changing the port the web server uses to 8080 or something else. You will also have to reconfigure your router to reflect that port change too.

Also, make sure the IP others are trying is your external one and not the IP of your actual pc as your router sees it. That is one of the most common mistakes I have seen with people attempting to run a web server on their home pc for the first time. They give their friends the wrong IP to use.

If you do change your port number, make sure the URL you use also reflects that port change (ex: ) Make sure that / is on the end and you begin it with http://
You will need a broadband connection in order to make hosting your own site viable.
You will also need a static IP address. If your provider gives you a dynamic IP address then go to there you will get a domain name type address (
Every time your dynamic IP changes dynu will always point "" to your routers new address.
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