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cooking shows

My it's just me but I really like shows about cooking or food. Anybody have any favorites? I like Both Iron Chef shows, Good Eats and Ham on the Street.
The classics would have to include "Julia Child" PBS shows and "Great Chefs of the World" as well as Galloping Gormet (Graham Kerr).

Graham's more recent show focused on healthy food. I am not sure if this show is aired anymore.

Alton Brown's show "Good Eats" is in my opinion the best show - regardless of skill level. I have had many years experience working as an assistant Chef, yet I have learned much from Alton's show.

The classic Iron Chef series is a classic. The first run of Iron Chef America used William Shatner, didn't it? I am glad that Alton Brown is a part of the show. Being a vegetarian, I sometimes have to change the channel when the them ingredient includes any foods that they have to kill.
I didn't know that there was another Iron Chef America Series. William Shatner as the chairman had to be really weird. I was the American version would use stranger ingredients. The origianl would use stuff that I would never eat in a million years but somehow those episodes seemed more entertaining.
Good Eats Rocks!!!! Alton's recipes work great and I'm in no ways a professional chef. Emiril's recipes, on the other hand, well, let's just say they need some improvement.

I remember the first Iron Chef America. It was on channel 9 here in New York, I believe when it wasn't UPN yet.

William Shatner was the chairman and they filmed it in Las Vegas or something like that because it had a carnival atmosphere. I think they had 3 iron chefs, Todd English, Kerry Simon and Roy Yamaguchi, I believe. Curiously, Todd English and Kerry Simon were both challengers on the new Iron Chef America.

Shatner was great! He would prance around on stage wearing this full length embroidered coat and spill missives about himself the chairman. So unlike the current chairman who doesn't do much talking. And he always says the same thing every week. It's probably the producers who restrict him, which is unfortunate because the character of the chairman can be one of the more defining characters in the myth of Kitchen Stadium.

Ok, I wax on too much. Anybody watch Lidia's Table? That is one HOT MAMA!
wow, i didnt kno people actually watched those shows... u guys r the first ppl ive ever heard of that like them. hmm. i like this forum, itz crazy....
Good eats is my favorite cooking show hands down. Alton is not only an entertaining guy to watch but he does more than just show you how to throw the ingrediants into the pan and then what the final dish looks like.

He breaks down the chemistry and physics behind the basic techniques of cooking so not only do you know what works but why it works.

To me knowing why something works makes it easier for me to make my own recipes work, or even make an improvement or a new spin to an old family recipe.

my second favorite show is Food 911 however. Again the reason I like it is because the host and for some reason his name has slipped my mind spends time covering common mistakes made by the average arm chair chef. I know I have made more than one of the mistakes he has covered on his show.

Sorry to say while Emeril is entertaining to watch I have yet to actually learn anything useful from him, well other than Pork fat is a good thing.
Tyler Florence (sic?) is the host of Food 911, but I haven't seen him in a while.
my favorite is on HGTV, that young lady who sounds like she is from Minnesota, always has a great meal done in under an hour.
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