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Windows Movie Maker problems.

I finished a project about 4-5 months ago when I was still using this software. I've had serious problems with it ever since then really and never had it saved properly. I would really like it to be done as a lot of effort went into the content. First time round it took about 18-20 hours of editing in one weekend between two people and refused to save properly the first time. Later after a lot of the main stress of it was over I attempted the huge task solo again that took less long probably because of more editing experience or something. It had exactly the same faults even though the project wasn't exactly the same.
What happens is it saves the project fine but when you open it typically 50% of the video will work (i.e. the rest is black). I is I think random because exactly the same each time (with altering the project) it will be black in different places. I have checked all the footage and there are no dead links. I remember once the audio cut out for about 20 seconds as well but as I said it seems quite random. I'm pretty confident I haven’t mixed video formats and they are all ASF files (not that it should matter anyway).

Any ideas? Would be much appreciated. I would usually not go to a forum and sort it out myself but this has dragged on too long. Thanks for you help.
I dont' gett this 100% but if you took a song to add to it then you moved it somwhere else it won't work when editing. Are you saving the movie file? If you are then see if it works like that. But if you have a song for instance on your desktop then import it to your movie. Then after you do that you put the file in another folder the song won't be found. Try doing that for the aduio. All of your files (Pictures, movie files, songs.) Must not be delted or it will not be found. They must also be in the right place. I really can't tell you much without actually talking to you so feel free to contact me on aim or msn.

Look at that if it is looking something like the Xs you either moved or deleted those files.
Yeah I checked for dead links. It has been a long time since I edited it last and a lot of stuff get's deleted on my PC but I checked all the links... it's not a problem with those. Even if ANYTHING was missing it would just display those parts as black. And sure as hell 50% near enough of my footage isn't missing/moved. I kept everything in one main folder that I didn't touch so that didn't happen...
Talk to me on aim i might be able to help you. Take a screen shot of what it looks like and show me please.
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