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Windows update problem..


Yesterday, I thought I'd install Linux on my system, so I did. It all went well and smooth, but it wouldn't recognize my modem so I thought I'd get rid of it. To make long story short, boot loader that came with it totally messed up my system. I manage to fix it by using fixmbr command from recovery console, but it broke IBM Recovery software and partition magic could not sort out partitions, and it was causing major problems. Thank god I made recovery DVD when I got it because loader messed MBR totally and it broke everything. Whole system had to be re done. Created new partitions, installed windows...anyway, it worked. But I've major problems now with Windows Update. I reinstalled system three times last night thinking there is something wrong with the setup (first I thought it was due to WU v6), but it there shouldn't be. I restored it once a few months ago and it worked, and I did nothing special this time.

I thought I'd use and go with v6, it got installed, I had Windows Installer downloaded so I installed it manually since download failed. When I did, I checked for updates and got 17 of them (critical), but whenever I click on install it just shows Preparing to Install, and download never begins. IE just freezes. I waited for 20 minutes and nothing happens. The only way I can end that Window is through Task Manager. I thought it was due v6, so I reinstalled (twice) and same thing happens with v5. Sometimes IE would stop by just clicking opening WU domain, and the other time it would just freeze when I manage to get to page and click on Install. It just says preparing to download. This only happens with WU. I've never had this issue before. Anyone got any suggestions what might be wrong?

I tried disabling firewall (just for a couple of minutes to see if it were some settings). I did have NAV installed, which I removed totally. Could that be it? Although I did it before and I didn't break anything. I would like just to get all updates and image my system and proceed with installing rest of the software. Any help would be appreciated.
this zip file contains two batch files that i have used many times to fix windows update issues:

sounds like you know what you're doing, but, unzip and run them both.. voila
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