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problem with my internet explorer

Lord Klorel
When i am visiting my website for a check-up and i am watching my video files, suddenly my IE shuts down.

It is only when i am visiting my video files. I have splitted up the files on many pages, but it don't help a thing.

Is it just a fault in IE or what could be the problem?

I hope that someone can give me a good solution.
Here is your sulotion. Get firefox It won't let you down. Bust service ever. IE has problems so that is why you should Get fire fox So loos IE and Get fire fox
Do you get an error or anything? Or does the Window just close? Can you give us a URL that this happens on?
I've seen this happen before - it's likely to be related to the videos or the video playing software.

Perhaps most likely, your playback plugins are damaged or corrupt. Try updating media player (or the media player plugin you're using) to the latest version or reinstalling if it doesn't work.

If it's the same video or the same site that keeps crashing your browser, it's more likely to be the site itself. A dodgy media file could also lead to the crash.
Lord Klorel
When I access the pages, the images of the video don't load, so they don't play when I hover over them. I'd suggest that this is an overly-complex design. Why not set the videos up to play when clicked? This may be easiest to do by converting them to flash files.

The other option is to set up an html page for each video so that a user clicks on the thumbnail and are taken to another page where the single video plays automatically.

I've never used FrontPage myself, but there's clearly something wrong with your pages. A simpler design would be easier to use and implement in my opinion, but it's obviously your site and therefore your decision on how it operates.

I hope this is some help anyway.
Lord Klorel
In Internet Explorer the video's can be seen.

It are the other browsers like Firefox, Opera,... they can't show them.
That's because it must use an Internet Explorer command rather than a standards-compliant (ie. Universal) language. You need to decide whether or not it is worth having a website that users on other browsers can't use. Bear in mind that no Linux users, very few Mac users and over 10% of PC users won't be able to see your site the way it should be.
Lord Klorel
if i read everything carefully then you are recommanding that i convert my video files in flash files.

So that almost everyone can view them.

Is that right or do you mean something else?
Lord Klorel wrote:
if i read everything carefully then you are recommanding that i convert my video files in flash files.

Yes, it's possible to do and it should then be platform-independant, (ie. it won't matter what Operating System or browser the user has - they will still be able to play the files). It is also easier in Flash to add a button to the thumbnail that is "Click Here To Play" - this way, you can keep all your videos on one page instead of having to set up a load of new pages for each video.
You could also try a different format of it like quicktime. Quicktime is on almost every computer. Unforunetly I dont thing Linux or others will see it only PC and Mac.

Flash is correct and would be your best option because PC, MAC, and other. will be abile to see your movie.
Lord Klorel
Can somebody tell me where i can download a free version of video to flash converter?

I have searched everywhere, but all the programs are not free. Sad

and i am not going to pay for such program. Evil or Very Mad

If someone can give a download from such program and it works good and the results on my website are good, he will receive a donation from me.

How much? You will see. Twisted Evil
Lord Klorel
I have solved the problem in viewing the video files in other browsers then IE, but the only problem left is that video's starts automatic.

How can i change this?

I used a html code that i have entered in the design:

<embed src="" width=200 height=55 autostart=false loop=false>
<noembed><bgsound src="" loop=infinite></noembed>

This the code, but the video's starts automatic, or is it something from Windows Media Player that make them start.

I hope that someone can tell me or give anthoer html code that is to be trusted then the one i use.

If you want a preview from my raised problem:
Yeah, get firefox. Or Opera (it is ad-free now).
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