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To Apologize... is it easy??!!!!!!!

Do you feel it's easy to say sorry to someone you hurt?
Yes I feel it's easy
 30%  [ 8 ]
No I feel it's insulting, (even if I was mistaken)
 15%  [ 4 ]
No I feel it's difficult, but I'll apologize as I believe that I must bare my fault
 53%  [ 14 ]
Total Votes : 26

Saying you're sorry can seem awfully tough, but it gets easier with practice and delivers bountiful rewards.

Steps: 1. Think about what happened and what it is you are sorry for doing.

2. Write down your apology; this will help you organize your thoughts and calm your nerves.

3. Practice what you plan to say until you feel comfortable with it.

4. State clearly what it is you are sorry for doing.

5. Acknowledge your actions without making excuses.

6. Share your feelings about what happened - avoid blaming, exaggerating or saying empty words.

7. Listen to the other person's response without getting defensive.

8. Offer to make amends if appropriate.

9. Move on. Once you've apologized, let it go.

Think of an apology as a commitment to the relationship rather than an act of weakness.

Be honest. Only apologize for things you truly feel responsible for; don't apologize just to make an unpleasant situation go away.

Say it in writing if a personal confrontation is just way too scary.

Give the other person some time to sort out his or her feelings - don't be discouraged if you aren't completely forgiven the moment you apologize.

Some opinions:

Only the truth

Whatever you do, don't apologize just to make things easier. Never, ever go with the "Yes, dear" approach. Although it will earn you short-term relief from a stressful situation, it is dishonest and it does not accurately describe how you feel. If you do not feel sorry, do not apologize. Acknowledge that you love the person and that you want to make them happy, and that perhaps you are sorry that you can't see level on this issue, but do not apologize for the action if you would do the same thing again in a similar situation. They will respect you for it, and if they don't, they are basically asking to be lied to all in the name of avoiding small-time relationship shrapnel.

Don't think you loose

Do not think you lose when you apologize to someone. If you are apologizing not by threat, you are the winner, no matter what. Because only people with self respect can admit their mistakes sincerely and without any hesitation. Most of the time you will be surprised the way the opposite person's attitude changes. When you hate someone, both of you are losing. Hatred kills, love heals.

Important Note For Honesty:
These words aren't written by me, But I read it one time on the internet in one of the forums & these touched my heart therefore I saved it on my computer & wrote it for you all.
it depends its hard to say your sorry if you dont mean it but for me when i say sorry i mean it and its not too hard to do because i know it has to be done.

It's usually difficult for me... ego and all. Just swallow the pride and go if it's something important. However, if I don't care about the person, then don't expect anything.
I read that it's really hard to apologize for Chinese people.

Anyway, in my opinion, a real man should always apologize if needed. Even though it's sometimes hard.
It starts off being somewhat difficult, and me being the stubborn one I am, it takes a bit of time to sink in. After that, I know the apology is neccessary, and it flows out smoothly.
The way i see it is that it all depends on the peopel you are talking too. If it was someone you knew well it is easier. But if it is someone you have never really talked to but you know him and things it is a little harder.
It's not that hard, I can say them all the time
it's only hard when you think you are right the other are wrong
I always find it difficult to apologize to someone I care about. To have to make an apology implies you did something wrong in the first place, and by that action, or inaction as the case may be, you may have hurt someone you care about. That's the part that akes it difficult for me, admitting I did wrong is one thing, owning up to hurting someone....that's where it gets complicated.

All in's never easy to say your sorry...if you mean it that is.
Yes it is easy.

I'm sorry for this pathetically short post.

^Demonstration of how easy it is to apologise.
It is very hard for me to apologize, I'm one of those perons that always thinks they're right, even if they're not and I know it, but I still find it hard to apologize, specially if I know I'm right. I guess it depends on the subject and to who I apologize, I find it easier to apologize to girls than boys, don't know why since I was really shy with girls before. Very Happy
I think apologizing is easy, as long as you're sincerely sorry for whatever you did, and that the person you're going to apologize too can accept it. Actually I was going to go somewhere with this, but I got distracted by iTunes, and now I totally forget what I was going to say. So I guess I'll just stop talking now.
I tend to find it really difficult in the moments leading up to it. But once it's over, it ends up not being as bad as I anticipated. I've just got this problem with a little thing called "Opinion." To me, if you're wrong, you're just wrong, no "if's, and's or but's" about it. I've always been that way, and I'm really analytical.

I hope it'll get easier with time. I can really come off as a jerk sometimes.

I came across a beautiful poem on apology, I am sharing this with all,
this is written by Tina K. I hope You will enjoy this:

by Tina K
How do I tell you I'm sorry -
With a gesture, a look, a touch?
How is it I never realized
I hurt you so very much?

I do not ask forgiveness,
A comfort I'll never deserve.
I merely want to let you know,
But I cannot find the nerve.

To finally confront you, face-to-face,
To look you in the eye,
To face your wrath, your apathy -
Too terrified to try.

You called me selfish, I turned away,
I festered and I fled;
Cutting and wounding and lashing out,
Just to see if you bled.

Betraying and deceiving you,
I surely had no right
To snatch away such a precious gem;
A dark thief in the night.

Four years and forever passed
To bring us to this day,
When I present these simple words
I never thought to say.

The time has come, it's long past due,
To put aside my fear;
Would this confession torture you,
Or have you longed to hear?

To hear those two forbidden words,
To vanquish all the pain,
To understand my dearest wish:
To know you once again.

The years aged me remarkably,
Though they have not made me wise;
I do know I erred irrevocably -
For that I apologize.
Wow, it's really very wonderful, pathetic & valuable peom..
if i know im in the wrong, i can apologise... no problem Cool
Code of Ruin
If I have done something wrong then I will apologize for it. I don't need any motivation to do so. However when someone feels I have done wrong I reckon I didn't, it can be really hard to make me apologize. Then I am likely to require a mediator to look at the case and that will judge who is right. However if I am sure that I am being double-crossed or if someone will try and force apologies for something I didn't do, that person must have patience like a rock.
it is easy if u are apologising to your friends.. apologising to parents can be a bit difficult for me though..
thiamshui wrote:
it is easy if u are apologising to your friends.. apologising to parents can be a bit difficult for me though..

Ya I must agree with that, hard to say why though, maybe it's because its harder to admit that we are wrong to the ones who have tought us right from wrong.

However i will say that appologising is easy, but meaning it is not
it depends on what you have done wrong that you need to say sorry...

and it also depends on the person whom you feel sorry. i mean his/her characters. if s/he is a kind and "wide" person, then it's quite easy.

i always felt sorry for what i 've done. So, i always say sorry. My friends has become 'normal' to it...
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