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Ultimate Frisbee

I just want to continue here, because my thread was locked in main Forum Crying or Very sad .

Ultimate frisbee is a real sport !! Only problem is, that it's history isn't so long. Only from 70's. So there are not so many people playing it, and not so much money in it Wink . But it is a sport like every other team sport. There is World championship and such things...

If you haven't tried it then please don't judge it...
My friends and I have gotten into the habit of playing Ultimate Frisbee every Saturday afternoon. It's really a lot of fun, we usually play for about 3 hours and as we get better, we've been putting more strategy into the games and trying to design different plays even. I really can't believe it's not more popular than it is right now, because it's definitely one of my favorite things to play, and that's coming from an avid sports fan!
I remember we had to play it in PE one year, it was quite fun...never knew it was so big of a sport though.

Must be what I get for being american. xD
It's so sad that there aren't more people playing it Crying or Very sad . I hope Frisbee will join other Olympic sports soon. Maybe in 2008 or 2012. There are still problems with organization on world level ...

I used to play (or "train") back home in Slovakia, we have great international teams Wink , but i'm in Lisabon for 4 months now and here are only few posibilities to play ...
Yeah, Ultimate Frisbee I believe is played in most public schools in the US as a recreational activity for P.E. I haven't played it for awhile since I moved into an ROP class which allows me to not take P.E. Thank you engineering! ^^ But anyways, it is a fun sport to play, whether it is with friends or against other teams.
Trent DeWhite
I'm currently playing in a pyramid league with a group of friends. Although we're definitely one of the younger teams in the league, we've fared pretty well considering we have a relatively inexperienced lineup (albiet with some strong handlers). In retrospect, I don't understand why I didn't consider ultimate a sport before I started playing in 2005. My previous concept of ultimate was that it didn't really require players to be "athletic." Boy, was I wrong! Embarassed Granted, you can be an out-of-shape individual and still be a good ultimate player... however, to be a well-rounded player requires both skill and endurance. It's definitely become one of my favorite sports. Very Happy
Heyyy. Ultimate frisbee is the best ever dude. I love it when they throw that frisbee and just catch it...its awesome. Running up and down the field (depencing on the size of the field) can be a great work out and most people sweat, sometimes even the goalie. Its sooo fun to just grab that frisbee and launch it down the field and hope your team or even your goalie. I havent been able to watch the actual sport yet, due to ist rarity on tv, but i play often and love the sport.
Trent DeWhite
kcthomas44 wrote:
Running up and down the field (depencing on the size of the field) can be a great work out and most people sweat, sometimes even the goalie. Its sooo fun to just grab that frisbee and launch it down the field and hope your team or even your goalie.

Uh, dude, there isn't a designated "goalie" in Ultimate. Everyone plays offense and defence, sure, but there isn't a "goalie." Confused
I've never played it, but have seen many people practicing and some of them are dalm good - bouncing the frizby of the groud and stuff - looks good
Boy, ultimate frisbee sure brings back some memories from college. I used to love to play, but no one that I know now has any clue what it is or how to play!
Frisbee golf > Ultimate frisbee. I am sorry, but it is true. What other organized games can you play with a frisbee?
Freestyle discing isn't technically a sport, but it can be competitive, I suppose. Other than that, I can't really think of any. Variations on Ultimate Frisbee like box drills (3v3 to the same effect of half-court basketball) aren't really sports on their own.

I have to say that if there is one thing that is hurting the reputation of ultimate frisbee, surprising as it sounds, is the inclusion of the game in PE classes. I am a member of a very competitive high-school team and have also played it in PE and can honestly say that the only similarity between the two is the name. It has become mockingly called Gymby, for the sheer rediculousness of the situation. People play it and assume that gymbie is all there is to the sport, where in frisbee more so than almost any other sport I can think of, that is certainly not the case.
Ive been playing ultimate for like 5 years, and where i live we have a summer league wheres theres like 8 teams from around the state who come and play together from sponsored businesses. This year my team won 'Powered By Jesus' is the team name actually.
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