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Taj Mahal – The Temple of Love

Taj Mahal – The Temple of Love

When the word Taj Mahal comes to our mind, we think of it as one of the wonders of the ancient world and we feel happiness on our cheeks. But do we know why is it the wonder? Is it just the unique construction made it a wonder? Is it just the sculpture for its wonderfulness? Yes, of course its construction model is outstanding made up of pure marble which if we buy from the market, we have to pay amount in crores of rupees. But these are not the enough reasons for its beauty. I will tell you one more reason that I experienced personally during my visit of Taj Mahal in the year 2005.

But first let us know who made Taj Mahal and why?

Mumtaz and Shah Jehan were married in 1612 A.D had 14 children together. The Empress Mumtaz used to accompany her husband in his military campaigns, and it was in Burhanpur in 1630, that she gave birth to her last child, after which she died. So great was the Shah Jahan's love for his wife Mumtaz, that he ordered the building of the most beautiful mausoleum on Earth for her, The Taj Mahal.

So you can see that the Taj Mahal was built with pure love. It’s a symbol of love standing for last many years. It’s rather a temple of love and I felt its beauty, the love with which it was built. There is a long passage between entrance and Taj Mahal. You have to walk almost half km. to reach the Taj Mahal. At my first look at Taj Mahal from the entrance, I felt some beautiful sensations within myself, my feet were being irresistible to reach to Taj Mahal and feel its beauty and my eyes were wide open, forgot to blink and kept stand still watching the real beauty of Taj Mahal. As I was walking through the passage my attention was right on the Temple of Love. I was out of the sight of hundreds of people walking by me. I felt like running to Taj Mahal and grab it. This is what I really felt. And from the straight passage (you can see in the following photo where I’m standing) it looked to mysterious that it grabbed my attention. I felt like some kinds of rays were coming from Taj Mahal and were blossoming my entire body and soul. Some magnet was making me crazy at that moment. I was just walking towards it. Man, look at that white beauty. How beautiful it is standing! I felt like Taj Mahal was smiling at me and welcoming me. The entire background story just flashed back in my mind. I felt like I was living in the ancient time of Shah Jehan

I felt the ineffable peace right from my toe to my head when I put my first foot on it. It gave the amazing coolness, a breezing sensation and made my heart rosy. I was more like in coma. I was not aware of myself for sometime and was stunned by overwhelming sensations that it was giving me. Then I was called by my parents as they wanted me to take a photograph of them. I realized that I was not alone there. Then I circled around the Taj Mahal for three times, just having my mouth wide open by observing that beautiful temple. I sat there without speaking a word and feeling myself in the ancient time of Shah Jehan.

I have visited several beautiful places in India but this was something different and unforgettable moment that I cherish till this moment of the ever lasting beauty. I wish you too can visit this lovely place sometime in your life. And yeah, if you visit it with your beloved one, your love will blossom forever!!

Yeah, This is Me at Taj-Mahal

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