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Making your own games

I was just wondering if anyone here makes their own games, or has tried to make a game?

I make games using Game Maker. It's really incredible and the community is great, they'll help you with almost anything.

I've made all kinds of games using this tool, platform, topdown, beat-em-up, rpg, multiplayer games and i'm currently working on my biggest project yet, an MMORPG (Ok, maybe just an MORPG because I don't think so many people are going to play it...).

You can even use it similarly to Visual Basic and create small applications. A really good music player has been created with Game Maker, SXMS.

Beleive me, if you're into programming, you'll love using Game Maker.

Any kind of comments will be greatly appreciated Wink
use c++ dude Very Happy
Another GameMaker gamemaker. Very Happy I also use GameMaker. You can download the games I made at my site (look in my signature). You're making an MMORPG? Hard to make! I'm busy with an RPG, but levelling up failed. So it will be some kind of weird RPG. Do you have a site with more info about that MMORPG? I'd love to play it when it's done.

the community is great

You really think so? I hate the GMC (official GameMakerforums). But other GamemakerCommunities are good.
feels like 100 years ago. i used to make games useing klick and play software (that sux by to days standards)

the best game i made whas a tank war game wher 2 players whuld fight in a arena whit ther tanks tru 20 difent lvls. and by getering powerups and points you culd buy a few upgrades after eavry lvl like more speed biger guns or beter armor
I made about three half-games that I never released in Flash. By "Half game", I mean osmething I started with a clear vision, and never finished.
DarkBasic could be an option to write your own games in a simple way. It is adequate if you don't aim for the A+ genre of advanced games. Its actually fun.
I need to make an online game for my future webpage.
I am learning flash.
Could anyone help me?
I need a good tutorial or free source game.fla
Thanks Smile
We're actually working on making a World-War II themed RTS game. Before you run screaming into the woodwork because of another WW2 game, this one will play completely differently Wink (And no zombies!

Anyone interested in helping out let us know. Twisted Evil )
I made few Games in Delphi. Using DirectX and OpenGL. But i finished only two of them. Not really finished, but you can "play" them Wink . I always wanted to mare a real-time strategy, but there is a lot of work on it and i never had enough time for that. As soon i will get web space account, i will share cource codes on web, if there is anyone interested. I spent few years working on those games, so it will be great if someone use some part from it.
Pyro Man
Yeah I like DarkBASIC but apparently it get's quite bad once you get into very big games. One of my friends had DarkBASIC mess up about 10,000 lines of code.
Yeah, I like to use opengl and c++ for game programming.
why not use rpgmaker2k3? its in japanese i think though, but my friend uses it. Really nice collection of rpg scripts in it to, check it out if you get time.
And if you want to make more, use RPG Maker XP. You can write scripts in there in Ruby language. RPGXP is similiar to RPG2003.
The RM series is very limited, but also very easy to use.
It can do a lot more than what it's credited for, but not much, pretty much a good place to start out though if you know nothing and want to make an RPG.
If you know more than nothing, it's always better to use something like GM.

I use RM2K3 myself...(duh)
this is pretty cool i wish i can make pretty tight games, man ima download it right now
Yea some of my friends made games with this. You can check some out at and go to games. The two at the bottam were the two made by gamemaker.

I tried making my own i had a dificult time so i gave up.
well, i've been using c++ technically but never worked with graphics... I'll try using DirectX after i use c++ better... Then i'll work with sid meier... olea!
still be a longg long way to be a game developer.. ahahhaa Laughing
I've been using GM for about 3 years now, but I've left it. C is what i'm learning now.
I tried using game maker but never could. It just wouldn't install on my computer. I hate it.
I absolutely love Game Maker! It's the best game-making program I've ever used (as the name implies), and believe me, I've used a lot of them. I used to have my own computer game company based entirely on this program and my imagination. While the company died, and I'm sure nobody heard of it (Bladecom), it was working pretty well for a while (mostly at school). It's a very versitile program, especially if you register it (I got lucky and bought registration at $15 USD, just barely before the price went up). I suggest anyone try it, so here's a link.

*Please note if you visit my old company's site, that that was a while ago, and my skills have improved exponentially since 8th grade*

I use Multimedia Fusion! Smile I've only finished one game but I'm currently working on a sequal to that game which will be finished in a couple days. I personally never got into game maker. I did try my hand at Blitz Basic, and I loved it, but it won't run on my computer anymore. Sad
GameMaker is great fun, especially for a hobbiest. I used to use it a lot, but I've been more into music production lately.
I have just finished new version of my arcade game. It's made in Delphi with DirectX.

Try it if you with:

It's controled only with SPACE Wink , and there is an online Hall Of Fame where you can upload your records ( on the same page as download ).
You made it with Delphi? Isn't Delphi hard to use?
Delphi aren't easy, but it is great choice when you want to start with real programing. It's surely much easier than C++ or sililar things. But it's not made to make games, so you have to improvize. But i made a lot of games there with no problem at all Smile
I know a few scripts and C++, try youtube. Surprised
wow that sounds really promising, though i havent really got that far from game maker, and ended up studying c for game development.
C/C++ are a good choice for making games. There are so many open source graphics engine on the internet today like OGRE3D, Irrlicht that uses C/C++.
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