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truth about Islam's violent teachings, .. depraved founder

REVEALED, at long last: the whole "politically incorrect" truth about Islam's violent teachings, bloody history, backward culture, and morally depraved founder
PLUS: Why the Crusades were justified wars of Christian self-defense against centuries of Muslim aggression
The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades)
by Robert Spencer

Exclusive hardcover edition -- not available in stores!

When PC propagandists assure us that jihadist terror doesn't reflect "true," "peaceful" Islam, they're not only wrong, they're dangerous -- because they lull America and the West into letting their guard down against their mortal enemy. And not only do self-appointed "experts" lie elaborately and persistently about Islam -- they have also replaced the truth about Christian Europe and the Crusades with an all-pervasive historical fantasy that is designed to make you ashamed of your own culture and heritage -- and thus less determined to defend it. But now there's a remedy: in The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades), Robert Spencer reveals all the disturbing facts about Islam and its murderous hostility to the West that other books ignore, soft-pedal -- or simply lie about.

This book is a unique guide to the bloody teachings and history of Islam, and to the Crusades that still stand today as the Western world's most sustained and successful defense against the warrior hordes who were inspired by those teachings. Exposing myth after myth of the "Islam means peace" establishment, Spencer (director of and the bestselling author of Islam Unveiled and Onward Muslim Soldiers) here tackles all the hot-button issues regarding Islam and the Crusades.

Not "politically correct" -- just true:

* The Crusades: unprovoked Western aggression? How, in fact, Muslims armies overran the predominantly Christian Middle East, then drove deep into Europe long before any Crusade was even contemplated -- and did so in obedience to core teachings of the Islamic faith

* How the much-ballyhooed (and grossly exaggerated) "Golden Age" of Islamic culture was largely inspired by non-Muslims

* Muhammed: the "Perfect Man"? That's how Muslims regard him. Details about his licentiousness, cruelty, and ruthless ambition that make him a dangerous role model

* Muhammad as "Prophet": how he received convenient "revelations" that justified his insatiable lusts and numerous marriages -- including one to a 9-year-old girl

* How Muhammad ordered -- and rejoiced in -- the assassinations of his enemies. How he lied and broke treaties as a matter of course

* Muhammad vs. Jesus: proof that Christianity teaches peace and Islam violence -- and that there is nothing in the Bible that rivals the Qur'an's exhortations to warfare

* The stifling effect Islam has on science and free inquiry, accounting for its failure to prosper -- and hence for its murderous envy of the West

* The ghastly lure of Islam's X-rated Paradise for suicide bombers and jihad terrorists

* Islamic law: how it institutionalizes oppression of Christians, Jews, and other non-Muslims in Islamic societies

* How the Qur'an and Islamic law treat women as nothing more or less than possessions of men

* Islam's only overarching moral principle: "if it's good for Islam, it's right"

* Why Western leaders who think non-Muslims can "win hearts and minds" among Islamic jihadists are naïve

* Why modern-day jihad warriors despise democracy and will do all they can to resist it

* Filmmaker Theo van Gogh: murdered on an Amsterdam street in broad daylight for offending Muslims -- and other signs that violent Islamic intimidation has come to the West

* Why Europe could be Islamic by the end of the twenty-first century

Above all, Spencer details how the jihad that the non-Muslim world faces today is in direct continuity with the one the Crusaders fought against. It continues today in Europe and even in America while pressure groups intimidate the media into silence about the real nature and goals of Islam. The whitewashed Islam they present, argues Spencer, hinders our ability to defend ourselves against Islamic terror.

Spencer also explains here what we must do to stop the jihad onslaught not only militarily, but culturally. He maintains that we will not be able to defeat today's Islamic jihad without recovering pride in the superiority -- yes, superiority -- of Western, Christian civilization. If we surrender our culture, he warns, soon we will be surrendering our homes. But here at last is a book that helps you reclaim the glorious past of our civilization -- and thereby defend that civilization more effectively in the present.

"A clarion call for the defense of the West"

"The jihad that the Western world faces today is identical in its motivations and goals to that which Europe managed to stave off almost a thousand years ago - thanks in large part to the Crusades of which the West is now ashamed. Today's jihad, as Spencer illustrates here, is proceeding on two fronts: one of violence and terror, and another of cultural shaming and the rewriting of history. Here is a devastating riposte to that revisionism -- and a clarion call for the defense of the West, before it is too late." -- Ibn Warraq, author, Why I Am Not a Muslim, editor, Leaving Islam and What the Koran Really Says

"Sweeping away the politically correct myths about a tolerant, peaceful Islam brutalized by demonic Christian Crusaders, Robert Spencer in this powerful, important book lets the facts of history speak for themselves. Spencer's rousing, straight-talking book is a much-needed antidote to the poisonous propaganda that compromises our current battle against jihadist murder." -- Bruce S. Thornton, author, Greek Ways: How the Greeks Created Western Civilization

"Spencer reminds us of the consequences of our failure to come to grips with the message and implications of Islam. And he warns against the spirit of masochistic self-loathing that permeates the Western elite class. In a sane world Spencer's recommendations -- notably that the upholders of sharia should be treated as political radicals and subjected to appropriate supervision - would not be deemed 'politically incorrect' but eminently sensible." -- Serge Trifkovic, author, The Sword of the Prophet

Awesome. I'm getting one now.
Great, more ignorant hate-mongering rubbish. Just what the world needs.
Seriously, it is the "west" that have had the world under siege the last three centuries, at least. Don't kid yourself into thinking that the west is somehow inherently benign and acting on good intentions. It's all about money and control of resources.
You forget (or never knew) that the crusades also sacked and destroyed Byzantium, the seat of the Eastern Orthodox church. St. Francis certainly thought that the crusades were blood thursty treasure hunts for the sinful.

Mohammed was monogomous until the death of his first wife. After that he had a total of four wives. By implication, the above quote makes it appear that he had dozens of wives. In fact, the marriages were political alliances and matters of state rather than licentious affairs.

Now, as to the Qur'an, here I do not disagree and must instead take issue with the respondant. No educated person who reads the Qur'an can come away thinking that the Qur'an is a book of peace. It is filled with condemntation of 'many' (implying most) non-Muslims. But few Westerners realize that Mohammed is no the author of the Qur'an. It was dictated to him by an unseen entity. That in of itself is certainly a cause for concern.
Not sure bout the details and facts. But its true that the koran was written after his it was probably written with some...artists own "creative expression" aka..misguided teachings.
LMAO NOOO, it was writen during his life maybe you should read a bit and find out, and no artist could write that its just 2 perfect of a book. and in another post yes that guy was right alot of the muslims dont follow the book and put in their own crap, if u actually follow it their should not be any wars in the world and yeah these people fight mostly for the resources and power. usa is running out of resources and it needs more, canada (im here) has stuff they need so if a war errupts between us and the USA, the usa will surely loose it i know we will suffer casualties but the usa will be destroyed. so yeah lol i went off topic with that.
And what is that based on?Really...TRY to find out some history before u type. History says....when mohamed was around...his homies were too complacent to think of noting his teachings down. When he's gone. Then only they got off their butts to write it down. It was written over the course of a few caliphs....thats like many many decades.
The stifling effect Islam has on science and free inquiry, accounting for its failure to prosper -- and hence for its murderous envy of the West

I contest this point. – The Islamic Empire was enormously successful. Islam requires followers to read and recite the Qur’an in Arabic, thus Mosques are also schools where reading is taught. Despite the Islamic empire stretching far beyond Arabia, muslims were united by their common language. Such an educated population stands in stark contrast to the ignorant illiterate populations of Europe where only the nobility and clergy were generally educated.
Well someone is obviously obsessed.
That is a ridiculous accusation. No religion has a flawless history, but this is just plain out slander that is trying to appeal to the worst in people.
@gonzo, I suggest you stop violating forum rules now.

You can keep your "politically incorrect" propaganda out of this forum.

I don't even feel obliged to explain why I've -locked- this thread.
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