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Has anyone here played a lot of Killzone. I'm considering picking it up, but I wanted some input.

I've heard that its enemy AI is something new, can anyone confirm this with some examples (Look at those Fri$ add up).

Also, how is it for two players? My wife and I like play games together, and I was wondering what kind of Cooperative modes it has. Can you set yourselves against a team of bots in a deathmatch? Can you play the story mode with two players?
I got Killzone for the ps2 and i have to say that the game is pretty tight. It isnt two player however. It takes time to play and is somewhat well thought out. The graphics are all there for your typical ps2 game.
I havent played number one of killzone, But Killzone 2 for the ps3 looks mighty insane due to the trailer i saw recently. I might consider picking up the first one. I would say its worth it, but i havent seen much good reviews about the first one. Who knows, maybe there all a bunch of liars. If you pick it up tell me, its about $20 canadian here in canada.
Yea, thats actually the main reason i got killzone, because of the graphics that sony presented at the release of the PS3. But you have to realize that the game isnt actually going to look like that. It's just a concept, you know.
Actually, I've heard from really excellent sources that those are the real graphics from in game. All the animations in the trailer are scripted, but those are definately the actual in game graphics. There are a few dead giveaways that it is not prerendered.

1. The weapon site on the rifle the main character is carrying is just showing a standard cube map, not a reflection or an enlargement of the surrounding terrain.

2. Take a real good look at the jeep that we get to see twice. One is actually a slightly lower detain model to consume less processor space.

3. There are a lot of partical effects on screen at once, but notice how few textures are actually used in them. There is a lot of memory conservation going on, which is the historic way of telling that something is being made on a Sony system.
Pretty decent game. Not anything revolutionary, but none the less it's one to pick up if your into console FPS's, I did and found it to be a good game. It has good singleplayer gameplay and even better multiplayer gameplay. Smile
It was a good game, but not really any difference in enemy strategy, structure or strength. I would have hoped for more selection weapon wise and a more interactive story-line. However, it was a fun game and i would suggest it to anyone. The funny thing is, i bought it while searching for kill.switch, another good game. :p
Yeah the first game was good, wish I had the network adapter set up so I could play it online. I prefer the single player to that of halo. (personally didn't like the really cartoonish looking aliens of that game).

I'll definately<sp?> get the second one, even if the graphics aren't as good as the previews.

To answer the original posters questions, there is no actual co-op mode i.e single player mode for two. However, there is a multiplayer mode (with two humans for non-network games) that allow you to fight with/against bots.
From what I've heard and read from multiple sources (that admittedly I don't have to hand and will have to dig out later) the Killzone 2 tech demo wasn't made with the PS3's internal processing unit and is just a representation of what they will try to achieve. So far it looks like MGS4 is the game that is furthest along in development PS3 wise.

As for Killzone on PS2, it was an enjoyable game to play. The four different playing styles of the multiple characters added an extra element to the gameplay. I've yet to test it online however, so don't know how well the multiplayer will work. For me the only real annoyance with the game was the way that the sniper sight handled. Difficult to explain, but as I enjoy sniping sections of games I found this system to be difficult to use.

The 3rd-Person view Killzone game for the PSP should be interesting. At least it shows some developers moving away from direct ports.
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