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Michael Jackson 'Suicide' virus spreads

As usual, the malicious code writers are capable of using any trick, even the name of a famous person, in order to infect as many computers as possible. The latest example is that of the virus already known as "Jackson". The British online security company Sophos has released a warning regarding the spreading of a spam email, which pretends to offer information regarding an alleged suicide attempt by the pop star Michael Jackson. The email directs the user towards a website, for the complete news. But in the background, the website triggers a download that places code for a Trojan horse on the PC. This malicious code can be used as a proxy for sending spam messages. Also, it is able to connect itself to an IRC channel, through which it is able to receive commands or install other malicious codes.

The email contains the message "Last night, while in his Neverland Ranch, Michael Jackson has made a suicidal attempt. They suggest this attempt follows the last claim was made against the king of pop. 46 years old Michael has left pre-suicid note which describes and interpretes some of his sins. Read more...", and has the subject "Re: Suicidal attempt".

"The sick minds behind viruses and other malware often exploit celebrity names and news stories in an attempt to infect as many people as possible. All computer users should be very careful about clicking on weblinks in unsolicited email or launching unknown attachments", says Carole Theriault, a security consultant for Sophos.
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Have you guys read this one. You will be bursting with laughter.
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