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Mikhail Bulgakov?

Did anyone here read one of those books: Master and Margarete or the Heart of a Dog? I like them a lot. Very funny, very original and beautiful written. Being critic towards the early sowjet society they might seem a bit old-fashined on the first glimpse, but I think still they are timeless good literature.
Also a favorite author of mine, Bulgakov's prose is easy to follow and his witty humour made me laugh out loud several times when reading Master and Margarete. I must find the Heart of a Dog soon.

I agree that, at first glance, the text can seem a little old-fashioned, but if one just keeps on reading that fact is soon forgotten. Mostly perhaps since the characters are so well described and of course can be found in any society of today.
A friend of mine recently gave me MP3 cd of Master and Margarete, I listen to it in the car and whenever I do something that doesn't require much thinking Smile I think its a good way to "read" classics if you don't have a lot of spare time on your hands. Plus I don't think I would read past the first 10 pages of Master and Margarete Smile it gets more interesting further into the book, but a little confusing at the beginning Razz
I read Master and Margarita a while back. The first part was very funny, for instance the scenes of people running out of the theater naked. Yet, the ending was very disappointing, since at that time I only cared for the story (plot).

I read this book very fast (in 2 days) because the story was so interesting, so I feel like I missed the finer structure in the plot and language. Next thing is finding a good translation in one of the Slavic languages that I understand, and rereading the book, this time for enjoying its literary qualities.
I agree with almost everything said here. I think Bulgakov has as fine a sense of humor as anyone I've read, with the possible exceptions of Mark Twain and Leonard Wibberly (The Mouse that Roared and others).

Plus I love the idea of this cat. I already knew a good bit of Soviet history, but after I read the book the first time I went back and took a closer look, which helped to make sense of some of that early murkiness that several people have mentioned.

For reasons that I am not yet able to explain, this book reminds me of Steven Sherrill's The Minotaur Takes a Cigarette Break, which is set in my home state, North Carolina. I guess it has something to do with the equally fine sense of humor, not to mention the excellent writing.

Or maybe it's just thole absurdist idea. Yes, I like absurd.
Ioana wrote:
Did anyone here read one of those books: Master and Margarete or the Heart of a Dog?

I have read Master and Margarita, but not Heart of a Dog. It took a while to find a good translation that really captured the essence of the original. So much is lost in poor translations. Not only that, but there are two versions - the "censored" version and the "uncensored" version.

I must say that the version I finally read through was really good and seemed to capture the spirit of the original really well. I do speak some Russian, but I was still more comfortable reading it in English.

I believe that it recently played on TV in Russia. I have never heard of a good English film version though. Pity - it might make for really good entertainment, provided the director understands the original well enough.
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