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Canada and U.S. no shows in Olympic Hockey

What does everyone else think? Both Canada and the U.S. have been big disappointments. You could say Canada more so than the rest since they were expected to win it all. The U.S. hasn't played horrendously, but they can't find a way to put the puck in the net. On the other hand, I'd say Finland and Slovakia from Pool A and Pool B are the big surprises. I'm glad to see both of them doing well. Finland amazes me with only 5 million people they always seem to be in the top 4. They deserve a Gold medal this year.

I don't like that both the U.S. and Canada could both still win Gold even though they haven't done squat. It's more likely that Canada will run the table than team USA. Even thought I'm rooting for the U.S. I won't be upset if Finland beats them. I'd like to see the Finns pull it off just this once. I'll be rooting for them. Slovakia too. Marian Gaborik has out of this world speed and his linemates are top notch. No one can stop them. Put that with a hot goaltender and they could be the Cinderella of this year's Olympics.

Is anyone watching? What about The U.S. Women getting upset by Sweden. Pretty sad they couldn't even get the matchup everyone wanted with Canada. Oh well, maybe the Men will match up in the medal rounds.

That's all for now. Let's hear from you hockey fans out there.
The US teams in hockey and basketball, poor showing in the last world tournament, are all suffering from the the advanced stage of the "Golden age of FRAUD".

Everything is overblown by TV going in. We have NHL players and they will dominate...blah, blah, blah. Bode got the same treatment.

Its a GAME. Both sides are preparing and playing to win. Does the US think that 25 year olds in Finland are weak or stupid and hence their big advantage.

How many time do we have to learn the same lesson. We need more humility, and from our past performances, we certainly have EARNED IT!
Team Canada is a team of individuals. I'm not totally surprised they didn't gel, especially with such avid scorers on the line-up. Each player is both playmaker and scorer, none more so than Vincent Lecavalier, Joe Sakic, Todd Bertuzzi and Markus Naslund, so its natural that each player in such tight games would like to be the difference maker. The entire list has a lot of personality and ability and I'm just looking forward now to 2010, where Canada will win gold at home ( in Vancouver ). Home ice will be refreshing for Canada and I dont think their hockey will be as rushed or panicky.

Look for Canada to have a strong list ( again) on paper, perhaps even stronger, but this time a team that clicks. I don't believe Gretzky was the best choice as executive director for the team but that decision has been made now and there's no turning back. Perhaps a proven successful coach such as the Av's Tony Granato or the Canucks Mark Crawford.
I only saw the Finland-US match. Was very exciting, considering I don't normally watch ice hockey. I'm surprised teams like Germany don't go so well, considering that ice hockey is quite big there. Smile
nopaniers wrote:
I only saw the Finland-US match. Was very exciting, considering I don't normally watch ice hockey. I'm surprised teams like Germany don't go so well, considering that ice hockey is quite big there. Smile

I think part of the excitement present in Olympic hockey is the wider rinks. You can really see the skilled players performing on the larger stages. International rules don't need to use gimmicks to create excitement either, like shootouts after every game and wierd new lines.
what i found funny was mike modano of the US team saying they need younger players, when he himself has to be over 40 years old. haha....ive never liked modano.
Heres why each team resulted as they did.

Sweden - Solid goaltending, Great teamwork, Passion
Finland - Young players, Lost several key players including Kiprusoff
Czech Rupublic - Great Talent, Lost Hasek and Elias
Russia - Amazing Young Players, Nabokov wasn't great
U.S. - They need better players, When the Offense was good, The D was Bad and When the D was good there was no offense.
Canda Although they had the talent, No teamwork
Latvia Lack of NHL players created a problem
Kazakhstan A team that is very inexperienced and needs improvement
Germany Goaltending was amazing, Offense and D need to step up
Italy A hometown team just couldnt get anything done. Need to play more
Slovakia - A suprise record, Great teamwork, passion, and overall play. Just didnt have the talent
Switzerland - Solid goaltending helped them in this olympics.

Sweden - Gold
Finland - Silver
Czech Republic - Bronze
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