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Nice site- would like new members

Hey guys,
Speaking on behalf of the omnamo site. We would appreciate new members to our site. Our site also has a forum which you can register at. we mostly focus on tech talk. We are always open to new programs. However, the site is currently under construction. I personally, would like for you guys to go to soon and if possible e-mail us and suggestions or ideas to us.
Thank you for all your support or help.
The design of your website is really nice and I love your font...
It's just a little bit slow, and you have got some broken links...
(programms) I will check your site again later, because it is still in construction...
The font is cool as well as the logo at the top. I really like the templet you used. Over all good work. I like how you keep the forum to a min. number of boards. Smart idea. My only suggestion would be to add something telling you when there are new posts. That would make it much easier. What kind of forum are you using? I would suggest uploading php. Much better I think. For example frihost is a phpbb. It would be ad free if you didn't want the ads.
I like what you have done with it and It has a nice flash opening.
I'll visit the site often once there are tutorials and more content on there.
If I were using a screen reader, I wouldn't be able to view your site at all... Rolling Eyes
i really would not make my text into a image file. it just makes it look very low quality. And for the background i would use a darker gray. when you use gray for a site. You should always use a dark gray for the background like #2d2d2d
hey..this is mokhi..really your site has a brilliant layout..and good forums..
keep on this great work..thanks
Your site has a great layout, i think that your site is gonna be a succes! Good joB!
Wow thanks for the advise. Really appreciate it. I will keep updating more info here. But we came up with some tuts and progs and a new forum too. Thanks a lot for your advise.
wow... the whole thing is actually made out of graphics.. Laughing Good Job..!
Looks nice but maybe you should preload the images on the main page, first load is a lil' slow and I'm on broadband.

Also the animation on the front seemed a bit clipped (the T on abstract didn't appear til half way through
The omnamo site now has a new layout and the images have been converted to text. I have to thank the programming team. Wow! I'm in the programming team. Yea well me and the team decided to use dreamweaver and one of us looked at a tut. Since this is our first website project I guess we could look at a tut. Anyways, that was random.

So if anybody wants to check it Please do join our forum that would be great.
Wow! VERY nice look to the site. I usually don't like the light-text-on-dark-background approach, but yours has just the right contrast to make it both readable and not to tiring for the eyes.
WOW! This is the admin here. Thanks for all the great feedback and thanks popnbrown for starting this. This really makes me want to keep working. Well, I need tutorial requests or program requests. Or, if you want a weblayout made for you or a program, please contact us.

BTW, all the text on the site is no longer in image files and the fourm is php now as well. Also, I have changed the site so that it is viewable comfortable at 800*600 but is better on higher settings.

In order to get more content, in need requests.. please request!
Well, I have heard a lot of you comment on the look and layout of the site and well as the logo. Well, if you would like a graphic, logo, maybe small website, flash video, tutorial, or program made for you, please visit the services section of the website. Right now the services are free of charge so you have nothing to lose!

BTW(when you click the services section and if you only see the time, be sure to click refresh a couple of times)
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