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Road Biking


ANyone out there woad bike?
I'm thinking of getting a new bike. I currently have a Trek 1200 2005 model. What would be the best one to get now? I'm strating to race and do Triathlon...I was looking at the Trek 5000, any tips?
Hi there.

I’m a roadie.

The Trek 5000 looks like a great bike, although I think Specialized are better value.
I ride an S-Works with Dura-Ace and Ksyriums. My first race of the season is on Saturday.

My best tip for you is to join a local club or team, they’ll sort you out… and if they don’t, join a new one.
Hi PaddyB,

did you get that bike sorted out? If not first thing decide on your budget and the amount of money you want to spend. A tri bike is different to a road bike so it depends on how many triathlons you're going to do. A tri bike has a different geometry to a road bike

You could always get a road bike and put a set of clip-on tribars to it.

As was already said join a tri club or cycling club and they will put you straight. Always best to have some you can talk to directly and give you advice that way.

Also make sure you get fitted properly to the bike, be weary of shop trying to sell you one without measuring you up properly or trying you out a few different sizes.
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