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IE 6 and IE 7

i want to know about the new features and tools in Microsoft Internet Explorer vesion 7 and generally the differences between this version and and version 6 ..
Why not have a look at Microsoft's official site:

There's a fairly comprehensive feature list there.
I have been using IE 7 since it first became available for beta. The largest benefits I have noted have been the tabs (finally!) and the Anti-Phising feature that checks pages for potentially fraudulent information.

I have encountered a few bugs, as well as one rather minor annoyance (you can open an new Tab, but not specify a default home page for that tab.)

The largest bug I have seen is that if you open too many tabs, it croaks. I am sure this is just a 'feature" based on the beta version I have been running though.
IE sucks, IE 7 might be better than IE6 but it's still bug everywhere stuff....
Now, I use Maxthon(which use IE6 core) and Firefox(to see if my site can be viewed in geckos)
yeah i stubled across the beta awhile ago but aint had the guts to try it because ive herd of the bugs. I use firefox as back up incase ie dies (as per usual) Its Lame i hope ie7 is much more improved!
I have had no more problems with IE7 than any other browser version. Thus, to me, the benefits of IE7 over IE6 are greater, so I use IE7.

That said, I am also a huge proponent of Linux Systems and Firefox. :)
I've been using IE7 (BETA) for more than one month without facing any major problem but recently i update to IE7 (BETA 2), I always facing a problem is that whenever I browsing with IE7 suddenly prompt out a error message asking to send the error to Microsoft and all the IE windows will close no matter it's in the same windows with it's tabled feature nor another windows.

Anyone has solution to my problem. Thanks
Difference betwen IE 6 and IE7 beta is clearly defined and explained by the Microsoft website...
I use IE7 Beta 3 that I integrated into a Windows XP SP2 install, that is the best way to do it using a program called NLite, and it works just great, as a backup I use Mozilla Firefox 2 Beta 1 that now also has antiphishing capabilities in it.

To answer your question IE7 is better than IE6 as it contains tabbed browsing and also the antiphishing facilities and pop up blocker.
I was origianlly using IE7 but i have found many glitches, and also it takes longer to load. One such problem that i have found occurs when viewing websites that use a frameset. i dont have the time to go into details now, but basically i think that as microsoft are still testing it then, there has to be problems, i have switched back to ie 6 for the time being.
Which beta were you using? 1, 2, 2 second edition Wink, or beta 3?

The only one I had any problems with was the first version of Beta 2.
I now have Beta 3 installed and so far have had no problems at all.
Though I recently installed Opera and really really like it so far
i have beta 3, IE7, i like it so far, has a cool phisher blocker thing, and a little more secure, tab broswing is cool. u should get it, looks cleaner too, easy buttons
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