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Hand-feeding puppies

Are you a dog or cat person?
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I've just spent a sleepless weekend tending 10 new-born puppies. They were born Friday night/Saturday morning & unfortunately the mother wasn't producing any milk. That meant hand-feeding them with special formula milk every 2 hours from a special feeder similar to a baby's bottle but with a smaller hole in the teat. It was taking about 10 minutes to feed each pup, so by the time I'd fed them all it was time to start again.
It was a non-stop job from when they were born right through until about 9pm last night. That was when I noticed that the mother had finally started producing milk. Although I was absolutely shattered by then (no sleep for about 60 hours) I was so dosed up on caffeine I couldn't get to sleep (thank you Douwe Egbert's. I wouldn't have made it through without you!). I finally crawled into bed at around 11:30. I can't begin to describe what a relief that was.
I was quite pleased, though, that in all that time I only got pooed on once!
But it was worth it. The pups are absolutely gorgeous, albeit extremely noisy. They all squeal like piglets in a blender apart from 1 that sounds like a seagull having a fight with a cat. They're 3/4 German Shepherd, 1/4 Rottweiller (mum is GSD x Rottie) so they're going to be a real handful when they start running around.
Has anyone else got any nice puppy stories to tell? Or stories about other animals? I'd love to read them so post them here.
My dog was abandoned by her mother as a pup. SO she was hand fed for manyweeks!
Lily is a husky shepherd cross (but we thought she was a lab shepherd, until she got older, and we got clarification from her mother's owners... so we really weren't prepared for all the running!!!)
She's amazing. I have epilepsy, so I rely on Lily to warn me before hand when something is wrong. She's saved my life a few times over! I've been well for a long time now, so she's not super well trained or anything, but I don't know what I'd do without my dog.
I've always been a cat person... but now my loyalties are divided!
Dogs just seem so much more protective, loyal, and they aren't called "man's best friend" for no reason. I'm definitely a dog person. Cats annoy the heck out of me.
I came across my cat wailing in the garden. A bit sympathetic I stroked it. Then I seen a fifth leg sticking out if it's belly. I was shocked (about 13yrs old), and I ran into the house saying the cat's got another leg and it's hurting the cat. the cat had 5 kittens and I helped out.
I am a dog phsyco, to put it in terms. I want to open a dog sanctuary. I'm studying to be a Dog behaviorist. ANd I have a 107 pound pure bred German Shepherd Dog (GSD). My mom, too, has epilepsy, so my dog, Maxx, will always, when ever she would start to go into one, will start looking at her and do a low whine. Once we here it and see him looking at my mom we know that she is about to have another 1.

Maxx, too, is fairly well trained, but my family and I still have a long way to go with him. I always try to train him when ever and where ever I can.

We rescued Maxx from the Petsmart in Murrieta, CA(southern). When we got him he was slightly over weight and very weak. His owners had abandoned him when he was three years old. Maxx is now six. We have since moved to Montana on five acres of open land for him to run on. Maxx and I share a large basement, which I think that he thinks that he owns

About six months after we bought Maxx we got another GSD named Wiley. He was severly abused, but he prevailed for about eight months (that is eight happy months). But he died last year in August, I think (I don't pay much attention to the calender unless I have to). We think he died from a ruptured blood vessel in the brain.

Ok, this getting hard so if you want to know anything just let me know. I can also give training tips. And the advice I'll give DoctorBeaver is to start training those puppies as soon as they can walk and have them trained every day until they are three or so.

So long, Mike
Thanks for all your great stories.
I never cease to be amazed by the way dogs just seem to know when something's wrong. I had a GSD x Rhodesian Ridgeback until last July when I had to have him put to sleep 1 month short of his 16th birthday. He always knew if I was upset or feeling low. He'd sit by me with his chin resting on my knee.
I've still got 9 other dogs, though - 7 English Mastiffs, 1 Rhodesian Ridgeback & a Jack Russell (I've posted a pic of the JR in the Pets forum). And don't confuse English Mastiffs with Bull Mastiffs; English are much bigger. Mine weigh upwards of 160lbs & the biggest is a hefty 270lbs - so I know about big, heavy dogs! The English Mastiff was used as a war dog to bring down knights on horseback. There's a famous line from Shakepeare's Richard III - "Cry "Havoc!" and let slip the dogs of war". That's a reference to Mastiffs. (I could tell a story about the word Havoc, but that would require a separate post lol)

I've also got 11 horses & a donkey called Doris.

Mike, thanks for the advice. I do happen to know a bit about dogs, though. I've had dogs all my life & I used to foster aggressive dogs for the RSPCA (the UK equivalent of the ASPCA) to make them re-homeable. I've had many a good tussle with aggressive Rotties.
im not really a dog or a cat person... but i prefer dogs... cats r unsociable bitches Laughing
What does a cat even do? It just sits there. It won't go and fetch if you throw a stick. Useless!
I like dogs and cats, but I'd have to say I prefer dogs cuz I am allergic to cats. Besides you can have fun playing with a dog, cats are a little uptight for my tastes (I'll be the only uptight one in the house thank you), and if I am going to have to support this animal for the rest of it's life...I better be able to have some fun with it.

We had a Doberman puppy once that was just not the brightest criiter on earth. He was so much fun just watching him trying to run on a hardwood floor, it was hilarious. He wouldn't be able to stop and slid right into the couch or not be able to get his footing and just run in place...I think he was having as much fun with as we were Smile
I am more of a 'dog person'.. Have one Yorkshire Terrier.. In my country, it is illegal to keep cats as they are nomadic in nature and can cause a nuisance..
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