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hard drive help

Hi, I have windows xp home service pack 1 with a 40 gig hard drive. I want to buy a 160gb seagate hard drive, but I read that windows xp sp1 cannot support hard dives over 127gb. I also don't think my mother board can support it either it's bios where designed in 2001 and I don't know how to tell if they can support large drives. But if I made 2 partitions one for extra storage and one for linux would my computer be able to detect its full capacity? It should be something like 80gb and 80gb once multi partitioned but what if it turns out to be something like 80gb and 47gb. If I get the 160 gig would my computer be able to manage it once multi partitioned? Or should I only get a 120 gig?
Whatever you read about SP1 is a myth, and besides you can easily get SP2 if you need it.

The only thing you should worry about is getting the right type of harddrive (IDE or Sata) for your motherboard, and I'd guess that your mobo doesn't support SATA drives.
Incidentally why haven't you updated to SP2? Might as well make the most of support for XP Home considering Microsoft are "retiring" it at the end of the year, and therefore providing no more support for it.
My motherboard has a IDE no Sata. And when ever I try to update to sp2 I get errors like missing or corrupt files so I just leave it alone and dont bother with it. On the Microsoft knowledge base it sais that xp home sp1 will not support hard drives bigger than 127gb. There is an atapi driver that will make my computer support it. But I don't know how to get it if the sp2 installation does not work.
I think I know why my computer won't update and how I have missing or corrupt files my ibm deskstar is nearing the end of its life (it's 4 years old). I constantly get those little notification balloons that say that it cannot write to certain Hard Dirve sectors. Also when I boot up, defrag, or do anything that requires the hard drive to work a little harder it starts to make clicking noises. My current hard drive is going out so can someone please tell me if my computer can support a 160 gig with 2 partitions so I can hurry up and get one before my computer crashes. And also I figured out how to get windows xp to identify larger drives, but what about my motherboard. Will firmware or bios updates fix that?
xp home is pants
all you need to do is make certain the your bios can detect the harddrive corctly; in case with a 160gb one wont work, a 120gb hdd will work fine prolly (the motherboars have different limitations)

...and try to split the space in a few partitions since its safer to recover from a windows failure with a minimum data loss (basicly use a dedicated partition for the windows install and common software - for the rest use 1 or 2 separate partitions)
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