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LF2-one of the best of 2D fighting games

Little Fighter 2 (LF2) is the evolve of Little Fighter 1 (LF1). This game is a popular freeware fighting game for Windows.

LF2(little Fighter 2) was created by Marti Wong and Starsky Wong since 1999 and released in a long series of updates. Its popularity has been substantial thanks to its simple yet addictive gameplay, its great replayability and free at the point of use availability.

The game can have up to 4 human players on one computer and 8 characters in network play at one time. Gamemodes include VS mode, Stage mode (where 1 or players move through the environment killing increasing numbers and difficulties of enemies), Championship mode and Battle mode(involving mass armies led by a player).

LF2 was one of the most known game in the world, it is popular in these 4 regions

There are 5 main LF2 regions in this world, I use the geographic location, belief, lanuage to classifiy them.

1. Hebrew speaking region
The Hebrew speaking region is(and was) the most orginized LF2 region in the world. They spread mainly in Israel(offical lanuage of Israel), the West Bank, the United States and by Jewish communities around the world.
One of the most important Hebrew LF2 website is
From, it has traffic ranking of 142,304 in the world
From a staff from, he said there is about 1000-2000 people viewing it per day.
Hebrew(HE) speaking region are good in game playing skills.

2.Erou-America region
In this region, most people understand English, even they don't, they do understand a latinlinke lanuage. one of the best DCer that still working on LF2, MH, is in this region.
in this region, there were a lot good sites, but they all go down
For now, the biggest LF2 site other than offical and in English is is also a good one

Erou-America(EA) Region have good spriter, DCer and players

3.Trd. Chinese speaking Region
This include Taiwan and Hong Kong and anyplace that use Simp. or Trd. Chinese outside Chinese Mainland. they has 2 goals. One is to reach the highest level in fighting skill, one is to reach the hight of data changing.

The most important place for Taiwan LF2 lovers are

The most important place for HK LF2 lovers are
There was once a LF2God's website, it's the BEST site for Skill ever.

Trd. Chinese(TW,HK) Region have good spriter, DCer and the most important, Best players

4.Simp. Chinese Region
The most useless region of all, it's located in China Mainland, this is the region lack of DCers, Spriters and good players. Mainly because only kids in China play that game, and no one go into that game long enough to make them interest in DC.
The most inportant place for Mainland LF2er's are

Simp. Chinese Region(ML) have no spriter, a few DCer and a lot players.

people in all those region goes to (most people in ML does not)
There are some people that who travels around each region. one of those famous ones are HC, Nanaya, Kaixa, Ricky, Marshell and Mgccl(exept Mgccl and Marshell, other people involved in EClf2)

In the world of DC, there are many DCers. DCers are the people who use they life for DCing. Here are some of the world's best DCers

3 Masters over the sea:
HC: HC is from Singapore, one of the most respected DCer and Spriter in the world. He was one of the DCer who can answer almost any possible quesion.

MH-LF2: Mgccl, another DCer, once said "In the DC community, MH is the one I look forward when I was a cheap DCer". He has wrote some Data changing stuff that we still use in today.

YinYin: the last of the "3 Masters over the sea", skills has been shown in his Alf2

2 Expert in Mainland
WuChiYing(Translation: Wingless Eagel): The most powerful DC master in China mainland, who has a great DC level when he is not even in high school, Mgccl describes him as Genius
Mgccl(Translation: There is no translation for this name): A great DC master who explored and helped the growth of Mainland LF2 community. "The first time I meet Mgccl, I thought he was a cheap DCer like most ones in China. But time passes, I found he isn't so cheap after all. In fact, he is better than me in some way." said Wingless Eagel. He was the first person to crack the credit's encryption in lf2.exe.

5 Advanced Dcer in HK
There is too many DCers in HK, but these ones are GREAT...
CL: the maker of the R-LF2, one of the first to use Chinese characters to lock the data
Nanaya: The authour of SEED-LF2, which has adoupted Tomcwy's Iron Horse technic(I don't know what that is....)
BingHuoTianWang(translation:Ice and Fire Sky Lord): Nanaya descript him as a DCer who is better than him and a little bit cheaper than Windmill. The DCer has made a LF2 skin which looks... good
Sam2003: don't know much about him, but he completed all my DC challenges.
ξRiver£流河£~☆♂: The person who made DRLF2, the technic he used are great... one of the best version of LF2, much better than R-LF2(in some way)

3 Super Dcer in TW
FriendForever(or sometimes called Rainbow): He wrote the DC guide that has take a lot DCers into the world of DC.....qoute from Mgccl. "He is the man who lead me into the DC world"
MeiYingTianJi(Translation: it's too hard for me to translate it... just call him MY): He is the maker of Dark and Light sword man, you can download them at, He is also a great spriter. his sprite are like puppets.... He is one of the firsts who made the polyfusionattacks, which means the attacks must be proformed by a lot people.
Tomcwy(maybe he is in HK...):from the word of Nanaya. "Tomcwy amazed Windmill by some of his grand works like iron horse. Windmill even thought of let him be the TW's most powerful DCer after Windmill lose his interest in DCing. here is his work on Iron Horse

Darklord: one of the first to experment on cpoint, and one of the first to experment on fusion and polyfusionattacks.
Windmill: A person who made things that people think will never happen happen. he is the first few people to use HEX editor look into lf2.exe. you can see more about him in the post in the game4fans.

these 2 people has been respected by all the DCer in the world

and to tell everyone something, from the friend of Windmill,Nanaya, I know Windmill didn't found anything interesting in the lf2.exe to make him better in DC

I've just downloaded it. My next lan party will totally have some tiny fighting men.
Great, Laughing At last, some one want to play this game~ I mean some kind of adult
Lf2 OWNS! everyone sould play it!
I used to play LF2, but got bored of it pretty quickly. The game is fun - but too simple, and having 2 human players on one keyboard causes it to screw up sometimes (at least, on my computer anyway).
but the thousands of modified version are fun...
like R-lf2, robotical world LF2 and thousands more...
I play this game before. It was really good. But I got bored quick because I could not play it with people on the net. Mad Well, I actually I did not try to find people. hehehe

Good game thought.
I played LF2 before, but now I play LFO(Little Fighter Online). LFO is much more better then LF2...
Give a link please. So every body can see it. Now we are talking.
I love multiplayer games. Laughing Cool Cool Cool
Sound cool! I'll try it.
Can't forget the time when I play Street Fighter on Nintendo with my counsin. Nostalgie of my childhood heh.
yeah! give a link to LFO please! anyway R-LF2 just totally rocks my world with all the players' hell moves and all! I go to until Mgccl posted so many links to other versions! My friends will be surprised to see me playing all those cool players while they're still playing R-LF2. And who made LF2 anway? From what I know, a hong Kong guy made it with another Hong Kong guy! Man, these guys are brilliant! I hope there's an LF3! ROCK ON LF2!
why don't you go to the offical LF2 forum
I used to love this game, but the online play never worked for me unless the computers were on the same network or something. Even then, it could be laggy. But the single player was intensely awesome.

Has the game changed since I last played it 2 or 3 years ago?
This is such a awesome game!! Last time we had this game in our school computers everyone would fight over the computer just to play LF2 but then the administrator found out and he just deleted the game from the school folder and disabled the download! Sad
to play Network game out side a network, please read this post...
To play LF2 online, please go to my site
I was playing it about 1.5 years ago hehe.

Nice game, though Cool
where can i find modified version of the game?
lmao i first knew of it through playing the chinese version. i mem-hacked it for infinite "MP" and did all the combos and they all that was so fun.
man i totally havent had any update frm this game for ages, and now reading your post, i just remember how crazy it was playing this game with my pals lol!!!
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