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Website for team clue

Yeah, this is my cs-clan's website:

I'm not finished with it yet (then again, when can one ever be finished with a website) - not at all, really, I just started on it. I use only Frontpage, Photoshop and paint, so don expect too much, and I'm not very skilled, but I post it here so that you can watch it as I proceed with the work. You'll find that the site is in Norwegian, but maybe I'll make an english version too sometime. First of all, I'll concentrate on making the site look somewhat decent Rolling Eyes
From the little graphics you do have, they look pretty good. It doesnt look like you're that much of a beginner at all. However, it does seem that the graphics are big in file size, in that they take a little more time loading. This is one of the biggest troubles in website design so you do have peopel who understand. What i would suggest for you it to use photoshop and optimize the image. It may get dumbed-down and not look as nice as it did before, but just expirement to get the best looking picture with the smallest file size. Also, that frame on the bottom. I love using frame however you may want to format it a little better. The insdie, I am not sure what you are doing with it but you are still in the early stages so i cant really give any advice. however, you may want to get rid of those scroll bars so it would look more attractive and less of an eye sore.

Well, there is not much more i can tell you at this point in time other than keep up with what you are doing, look into optimizing your images, code and techniques and keep going.
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