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9/11 videos

9/11 videos, shows what really happened.

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Hitler lied many times, but many Germans believed him.
Stalin lied many times, but many Russians believed him.
Roosevelt and Churchill lied many times, but many Americans and English believed them.
Bush lies many times, but many American believe him.

Right now, Bush and Blair wash the brains of the people with the story about "nuclear threat from Iran".
They prepare the stupid voters for the next war.
Here is the truth behind their lies:

Dear A-Letter Reader:

In less than ten weeks, a broadside will be launched against the U.S. economy. The man holding the trigger is Iran's newly-elected president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Over recent months, he has become the most dangerous man in the world. He's also the greatest potential threat to your wealth in 2006...if not for many years to come.

In this letter you'll learn four ways to protect the value of your hard-earned wealth from Iran's attack on the American economy. You'll also discover how one group of investors is taking advantage of growing geopolitical volatility and seeing 18% to 58% returns--in anywhere from a single day to six weeks...and longer term gains of as much as 794%!

But first, I have to tell you about the biggest threat of all from that isn't grabbing the headlines...

President Ahmadinejad knows exactly what
weapon can hurt the United States the most,
and it's not the atomic bomb
The media has made a lot of noise about Ahmadinejad's nuclear ambitions, probably with good reason. But they've said very little about his far more devious weapon of mass destruction--one that could plunge the American economy into chaos in less than two months.

"Iran's new president seems dangerously unfazed by world opinion."
--The Economist

It's called a petro-euro.
The petro-euro is the biggest threat to your wealth since the last world war. In fact, some people think it could start the next one.

By the start of the Iranian New Year--March 20, 2006 on our calendar--Iran intends to open its own commodity market for oil and gas. This new bourse will be similar to markets in New York and London with one critical exception...

Trades will be conducted in euros, not dollars!

Why does this have oil-backed U.S. leaders like **** Cheney contemplating a nuclear strike against Iran? Because Ahmadinejad's economic ploy threatens the U.S. dollar's monopoly in the global energy market.

Oil is traded in dollars on the New York and London exchanges, and oil-exporting countries deposit much of the proceeds--commonly called "petrodollars"--into western banks. That gives the U.S. a huge advantage when prices go can simply print more paper dollars to pay for oil.

It's also a big reason foreigners have been stockpiling dollars and dollar-denominated assets like Treasury bills. But once foreigners no longer have as big a need for dollars, they may stop buying our dollar-denominated debt.

"Mr. Ahmadinejad very likely believes that the best way to guard against regime change from without is to emulate North Korea by swiftly advancing Iran's nuclear capacity."
--The New York Times

Not only will we no longer be able to finance our runaway trade and budget deficits with printing presses, international demand for the greenback--and the buck's value--will drop like a stone. Already, the central banks of China, Japan, Taiwan and Korea have announced intentions to lighten up on their U.S. dollar holdings in their currency reserves.
And the moment oil becomes denominated in a different currency, such as the euro, the U.S. becomes like every other country in the world. We would have to earn euros in order to pay for energy instead of simply printing more dollars...not a happy prospect when you consider that the dollar has plunged 27% against the euro in the last 4 years.

Here's just a taste of the implications--and opportunities--this new energy economy could create:

Soaring gasoline prices, driven by an ever-widening gap between the euro and the dollar
A spectacular rise in gold as investors flee the's already projected to go to $600 an ounce or more this year...perhaps even $800 an ounce if Iran implodes. Some analysts even speculate that oil will be denominated in gold, not euros, by the end of the decade!
More expensive goods and services as the dollar's value declines, higher energy costs create a de facto "consumption tax" on everything that must be transported or manufactured
Less American influence over global oil, plus more competition as OPEC forms new alliances with developing nations like India, Pakistan, and China
America's rivals have been trying to shift the oil economy toward the euro for years. They hope that if enough major oil producers switch, the rest will flee the dollar like rats leaping off a sinking ship, weakening the U.S. role in global oil and gas markets in the process.

A major shift in the global energy economy is now underway. And if you think a military attack on Iran will automatically solve the problem, think again...

Why a U.S. attack on Iran won't save the dollar

President Ahmadinejad is far more threatening than Saddam Hussein ever was. The U.S. Department of Energy puts Iraq's sustainable production capacity at no higher than 2.9 million barrels per day. Yet, Iran produces 4.1 million barrels per day.

Overall, Iran is now the fourth-largest oil-exporting nation in the world. It also holds 25% of the world's natural gas reserves.

The U.S. doesn't buy any of this oil, but many other nations do--to the tune of 2.6 million barrels per day. That means we can't bully Iran as easily as we could Iraq.

It's a Catch 22. The threat of nuclear weapons in Iran is real this time. Yet an embargo or a military attack against Iran could leave key U.S. allies and trading partners facing an even greater energy crisis.

On January 31, 2006, The Financial Times put it this way...

"Iran is OPEC's 2nd largest oil producer. A halt in its oil production would send international oil prices to more than $100 a barrel, analysts predict."

Any disruption of the Iranian oil supply would create critical shortages worldwide. Countries that depend on Iranian oil will have to look elsewhere...creating more competition with the U.S. and sending prices skyrocketing.

"If Iran were to pull all of its supply off the market, world oil prices might well flirt with the record reached after the last Iranian crisis. In gas-guzzling America, that oil shock was followed by the worst recession since the second world war."
--The Economist

China currently imports more than 13% of its oil from estimated 300,000 barrels per day in 2005. And they've recently signed the biggest oil and gas deal in Chinese history, cementing their energy relationship with Iran for the next 30 years.
Russia also has multibillion-dollar deals with Iran, including LUKOIL's minority stake in the Anaran field near the Iraqi border. Iran has a $40 billion natural gas deal with India, and Iranian crude is critical to Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and parts of Europe.

Ahmadinejad knows the world needs his oil more than he needs them, and he's threatened to cut off the supply himself if Iran's nuclear ambitions are thwarted. His threat is a serious one, because other oil-producing nations aren't prepared to take up the slack if the Iranian oil faucet is shut off...

Oil demand will skyrocket--no matter
what happens in Iran
A Morgan-Stanley report has predicted that global demand for oil will outpace the total supply capacity by 2-to-1 in either 2006 or 2007. Another recent report by Goldman-Sachs predicts that oil could go as high as $105 a barrel.

There are plenty of reasons for these kinds of predictions...

Saudi Arabia--the world's largest producer--is already producing at maximum capacity. Yet, in July it told the world that OPEC will not be able to meet Western oil demand in 10-15 years. It was the first time OPEC had ever made such an announcement.

Central Banks Dump the Dollar

The Washington Post recently reported that China, which holds the world's 2nd-largest foreign currency reserves, plans to "optimize the structure" of its reserves. Translation: they're going to dump dollars in favor of other currencies. The central banks of Japan, Taiwan and Korea have also made moves away from the dollar in the last year.

At the same time, China recently overtook Italy as the world's sixth-largest economy. At its current growth rate of 9.4%, it will bypass the U.K. and France by the end of this year. Its oil consumption has doubled in recent years and could double again by 2020.

India is close behind with a projected growth rate of 6.8% in 2006...and its energy needs are also expected to double by 2020.

Russia, the Middle East, and Venezuela haven't invested in enough resources to maintain a supply cushion. Americans haven't cut back on gas purchases or switched to more fuel-efficient vehicles. And they don't expect that to happen until pump prices hit $4 a gallon!

But by that time, it will be too late for most investors.

What the plunging value of the dollar doesn't drain away could quickly be gobbled up by soaring energy costs. Those costs will not only make it more expensive to drive and heat your home, they'll drive up the cost of everything that is shipped or manufactured.
Why in the world would anyone want to watch those horrible videos over again? It was a tragic event that effected so many lives.

Granted, the US may, or may not have know about it before hand, but at this stage of the game it's a little late to blame one person for thier failure to do something about it.

The US is always getting threats of some kind and not all of them can be taken seriously. I am not trying to downplay what happened, if someone in power could have stopped it they certainly should have.

But to rehash the events over and over again will solve nothing. Except for the possiblity that there are people out there who just get thier kicks off watching people die needlessy.

What possible good can come from watching these videos over again?
Seriously, I can't watch these videos anymore. I've watched too many videos and shows about it and guess what, like Vrythramax said, watching it over and over again will solve nothing!

It's something REALLY sad, the world has changed a lot after 9/11 but one thing is remember the people who died and other thing is keep showing a day that everyone wants do forget, although it's impossible. Waching these videos is useless, in my opinion, what we have to do is remember the people not the events and try to make a better world....

well i think that ppl shuld remember the 9/11 but this is to much... i know all of the videos seen them so many times... show it once a year so everyone will remember and know whay happend but not dayly...
the incident is indeed sad and shook the world.. let's pray and hope the 9/11 peace will find peace.. and pray that nothing like this will happen again.. it's ridiculous for humans to be cutting the throats of their own kind.. what do they stand to gain? humans should work together to make this world a better place, and care for other fellow beings on earth.. we humans are masters of earth and our technology is so advanced.. we should really make good use of technology..

technology is indeed a double-edged sword.. it can do wonders but it can hurt us as well.. let's hope the world will be peaceful and free of wars and terrorism..
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