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i want to use a 2 second internet browser

Lord Klorel
Hello everyone,

I am using IE as main browser, but i want to use an other browser as well.

I want still to use IE as main browser, but another browser must be accesseble for some tests i want to run for checking my website.

Can somebody explain how i can use 2 or more browsers without system conflicts?

FireFox en Opera are the browsers i want to use.
You wont get any system conflicts if you install Firefox and Opera. Just don't coose "Yes" when you are asked if you want to change Firefox/Opera into your main browser.

I would recommend to use Firefox as main browser, though.
Just install the other browser(s), but keep IE as your default application for opening webpages. There shouldn't be any other conflicts.

Edit: See above (got there before me!) Wink
Lord Klorel

I am working now with firefox.

I have only one problem. When visitors are coming to my website with firefox, they can't view my movie files. The files are in the WMV format.

How can i solve this problem?
i do it the same way, just install them all Cool Exclamation
I have 4 web browsers, and there are no system conflicts. I use Firefox as my main browser, and then I keep Opera, Netscape and IE as my "tester" browsers

The only problem I have is that I have MSN Messenger, which of course acts as a notifier for your hotmail as well. When I press on the mail button, it opens it up in IE, because MSN is from Microsoft and they don't care whether you have Firefox as your main browser, MSN will open up in IE
Lord Klorel wrote:
I have only one problem. When visitors are coming to my website with firefox, they can't view my movie files. The files are in the WMV format.

Users should be able to view WMV files no-matter what browser they are using. WMV is not an Internet Explorer dependant filetype - it can be viewed on virtually any Windows platform without additional software. I think that a Firefox plugin might be required to view some media in the browser (depending on how they are embedded in the page), but I'd suggest that you include a "Right-Click here to download" option in case users don't have the plugin.
Lord Klorel
My website is build with FrontPage 2003.

Is it possible that i can update this from out of FrontPage?

Or should i write that the files must be downloaded, before viewing.
I've never used frontpage before, so I don't know how it deals with embedded clips. All I would suggest is that you add a small text link underneath the video clip on your page stating "if you can't see the video above, click here to download" or something to that effect - it will need to link to the video file (for example link: It's probably the simplest way to solve your problem.
I'd recommend switching your movie format to .MOV or something like it. Anyone not using Windows Media Player won't be able to use your files as it stands right now.
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