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Asian guys can't get girls.


On a side note, anyone else notice this? They make a good point though why asian guys can't get white girls at the end -- well atleast it's one of the possible conclusions i've studied for asian american studies.
Really great video. I watched the ENTIRE THING.
Yea, I'm an asian guy, Can't get any girls, asian or white... I'm doomed, jk, Lets hope I can get some in college.
I watched a bit of the video, it was funny, but I don't think there is really any truth to it. I've seen lots of asian guys with girls, a few happily married. Anyways, I'm white, and I don't have anyone, haha.
*SIGH*....I'm married so I can't get girls wife would work herself into a perfect little tizzy if I tried.

Then she would divorce me to death.
lol...anyone can get girls if you want to, just don't set your standards too high!
lol all my asain friends dont have girls, maybe they are gay? joking about that, but ive never even thought about that. Its a pretty funny video but i got bored midway through
I know a few Asain dudes that can't get girls, and everyone hates them because of the way they act, all supirior and arragant (SP?). So i can understand why really, though it is a shame I cannot watch the video (64bit PC 64bit Browsers = No 64bit Plugins). Though I'm sure it would be very interesting to watch.
Yes We can no longer let this go on! I SAY WHITE WOMEN SHOULD DATE ASIAN MEN SINCE ASIAN WOMEN DATE WHITE MEN!....but what about black people? YOU SEE ASIANS ARE RACIST TOO!
Calm down man...
Jack_Hammer wrote:
Calm down man...

oooh so thats were black people come in...the end of the chain....That was soo funny...I was wondering when they were going to usde that pun...
shadedflame wrote:
Jack_Hammer wrote:
Calm down man...

oooh so thats were black people come in...the end of the chain....That was soo funny...I was wondering when they were going to usde that pun...

u dint understand the video then . the black people come in top of the chain Laughing
asia guys can't get white girls...?

maybe you haven't visit hollywood yet..

u can try there...

money makes the world go around... don't forget that
is it real?????

i do not believe it

i am asian!!!
Funny, yes. True, probably not. I think the Indian guy had a lot of insight, a lot of it is a culture thing.
hahahah, thats hella asian, when i went to college in chico, ca, it was nothing but white girls. my goal was to have sex with at least one WHITE girl before i graduated and i accomplished it my junior year. majoirty of the people at school were white, and more than half of them were females, fione white girls. so one night at the local bar, a white girl comes up to me and says i like asian men, and so we chit chat next thing u know she's back at my house we have sex and she leaves in the morning, it was nice!!!! so at least i can say i had sex with one white girl....
because Asain people are NERDs... that's all
don't have time to watch the whole thing
any one know is there anyway to save that to the hard disk?
Heh, fairly amusing video. Pretty well done actually.

Mgccl wrote:
because Asain people are NERDs... that's all
don't have time to watch the whole thing
any one know is there anyway to save that to the hard disk?

Ah yes, way to maintain and perpetuate the stereotype.
Grimboy wrote:
Funny, yes. True, probably not. I think the Indian guy had a lot of insight, a lot of it is a culture thing.

I think people would better understand the video if they lived in a semi populated to heavy populated Asian community in the United States.

Now i'm not saying asian guys really can't get girls, but it is true that around here in California it's rare that you see an asian guy with a white girl, it's always an asian girl with a white guy. They even have a name for it: "Yoko-Johns." However, in studies, they have concluded one of the reasons for this is in fact that in general, Asian American men are more passive than white males. It's really part of the culture.
very not true...
Liu wrote:
it's always an asian girl with a white guy.

Maybe I haven't seen much Yoko-Johns, but I haven't seen a white guy with a HOT asian girl. Hot ones still prefer Asians.
It's a funny movie but not make sense. In fact, it is none business with Asia, white. The guy who can make the girl happy every day will earn the heart of that girl.
Yes they can. Chinese are asians and they're everywhere. Wink
Take it from a Chinese girl. The real reason that we get with the Caucasian guys is because then we don't have to deal with insane mothers in law. Also, they do have more confidnece. Which is helpful. And they're usually a bit less obessed with DDR. Laughing
Living in New York, I think most of the time, it's a matter of who's got the b*lls to go up to a woman (any woman) and tell her she's hot without her thinking he's a stalker or a psycho. Humor helps. I think asian guys are a little too shy or a little too stoic to let a woman know they're interested. I agree about the caucasian guys having more confidence, but then caucasian guys are who are in control in this country.

A lot of my asian female friends tell me that they always know when a white guy is interested, but they have trouble telling if an asian guys likes them.

Now as for those insane asian mother in laws; Who do you think they were before they became insane? That's right, they were the same asian women that all us guys lust after! Laughing
KKK, the problem is culture....
that's why now it's the time of a new culture difusion...
So what I say is... To speed up the Uniteation of the world, let's us all have interacial marrige...
BTW, I'm Asain, and I promote interacial marrige for the Indians...(I thought India are part of Asia)
That's not true. There are so many guys who get girlfriends.
I think most people are just sucked into the Asian Boy Stereotype.
...You know.
That Asian boys are nerdy, play video games, and watch anime.

Which is sometimes true.
But most are not.
Having gone out with an Asian girls more than white girls, I'd say it really depends of the people. All this "oh you're white" or "black" or "asian" or "blue with pink spots" has nothing to do with it. If two people like each other that's good enough for me.

As for Asian guys not getting white girls, well you should tell that to one of my best friends who is happily married to a white girl. Some of the nicest guys I know are Asian... and the cutest girl I know too Wink It really doesn't make any difference where your parents come from if you love each other.
I will never go to canada if it is really true, by the way, in which country of the world do Asian guys get most of girls? Twisted Evil Laughing
This really bothers me as an Asian-American. White males with asian females is becoming more and more common, but it is much less likely for an asian male to get a white female. I know a couple of people like that, and I can't help but feel like they breaking some kind of stereotype, like they were representing us or something.

Most of the time, it just seems like Asian males end up with Asian females. Nothing wrong with that. It's just that it seems like we are more limited to our racial boundaries than other races.

Who's fault is that? White people, who don't find Asians to be worth dating due to their depiction in the media as generally non-sexualized? Or is it the Asian males fault, for not pursuing outside of their own race?
hey, man, do not be so upset, you have asian girls also, i think the color of your skin will surely not be a big obstacle on your way of pursuing love, love will come and your lover will be accompany with you as long as you accompany with her, so, huyaa, have a good day.
Thanks for video it is very nice and i think true too:)
HUH .. Very Happy girls ?? Very Happy what about guys ?Very Happy we can have them Very Happy HEY ASIANS don't rush !!!
I am a Chinese and 21... have decent looks and i m tall and buffer than most white guys... don't like Chinese girls... likes girls but huge anxiety when a real one shows up... don't drink... don't like to party but i m pro at DDR... like to get in a good fist fight... have weird interests... social outcast... military nutter... have problem talking to strangers... spend 16+ hour per day on my laptop(work+study+entertainment+Hentai)... have very strange ideas about the meaning of life.... Degree in Computer Science(Yes, i was in college at age of 16 for a 5 year degree)... I can count number of girls i have talked to in my life time... professional internet troll... Freaking loves anime and Scifi(which cause me to speak Japaneses and other Alien Langs)... like to live in places with heavy snow(Rochester or Buffalo) so i can cool my 30 thousand dollar heavily moded super computer better.... Kagami is my Wife

I am done with real girls, never had one and never have one. All i do is be nice to them and do their homework for them. I is going to program an AI and call her MIKUchin then marry her.. and this will be the END of my miserable life, well miserable in eyes of normal people.

Anyways, GOOD LUCK to all yo other Asian guys other there looking for sex. I m tired of competing against redneck Joe from California.
The video has been removed by the way. And since this topic came back up the list, I thought maybe I could some comments based on the remarks made by people back then. (I did not get to watch the video, just a commentary of the remarks made)

It is true that Asians tend to be more conservative and shy. But to stereotype and say that Asian males will not get a Caucasion partner is a rather strong and baseless remark. Like many replies had pointed out, there are cases of such union. The higher possibility of a Caucasion male with a asian female compared to the other way around i would agree that it has to do with culture. A shy and conservative female may still be sought after (in fact, they make interesting targets due to the hunting instinct inherent in males). However, like in the animal world, if a shy and conservative male is unable to show his ability to protect and take care of his partner, he stand a lower chance of getting a mate, regardless Asian or Caucasion.
Us Asian guys love girls.. I don't believe there is one Asian guy out there never though about white girls. He may not try to have sex with white girls because he is too shy to and would make up excuses such as he is not interested in a white girl. Over all problem, us Asians are just far too shy. I know alot of Asian guys would disagree with me, but that is because those Asian guys are more western than Asian. For my case which is true for most Asian guys, if i like this this one girl i would watch her from a distance and avoid her almost at all costs, and if she noticed me and came up to me and ask if i did like to take her out, my first and immediate response would be I have no idea what you are talking about and run away fast as i can. Pretty much if you have seen enough Anime you would sort of understand Asian guy's though pattern. Lets put it this way, A Asian girl gets a ass full of white guys following her every where and treating her like a goddess, over time she did make couple of guys lucky. on the other hand, we follow our ideal partners silently, and if there is dialog or some advancement, us men would just pack up and ran away fast then we repeat our self the next day. Relation ship development takes years. So there you go, this is why Asian dudes get no girl and i am speaking from my experience and all my friends experience. Besides that, there are a bunch of us Asian guys that are not interested in HUMAN.... we like imaginary charters(from game+anime+music) since we have been disconnected from human emotion for our entire life time.

Conclusion: Shy + no confidence + bad body image + negative promotion on TV + weirdness +don't even try or accept = ME and million others
Become a hipster and move to a large urban centre.
Did not watch clip.
Though I guess if asians do not get girls, one most important factor can be they are not sincere to get any white girl due to cultural or religious reasons.

More over white girls a think in the similar way that asian cultural values may make the life different what they must have, so why they (white girls) should go for that option.

More over, it would be true if asian guys themselves tell that they tried but failed. Instead of this I read one asian guys comments that he wanted to sleep with a white girl and got what he wanted to.

anyway .. Take Care, Good Luck
Sorry dudes, but some people say asian guys dont have girls got they got short penis ...i think that might be a factor too
i believe most asian guys are hot!
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