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This worked before, but not anymore

<!DOCTYPE html Public "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN" "">


 <title>Chaos: A Stonemaul World of Warcraft Guild</title>

 <!--link to the CSS file-->
 <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="css/layout.css" />

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<div id="banner"><img src="images/Zealots.jpg" width="100%" /></div>
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<a name="newsitemEEFAZpplpAOpPRkfDe"></a><img class="newsAvatar" src="" width="13%" /><div class="newsInfo"><strong>Guild Roster</strong> -- Posted by <a href="">Dranus</a> on Saturday, February 11 2006<br /></div>
<div class="news">
Hey guys, Cha&oslash;s has a <a href="">Guild Roster</a> Now, which can be accessed by clicking that link, or the link saying Guild Roster at the side. With it, we can see who's in the guild, as well as their items if they have the <a href=""> Character Profiler</a> addon.<br /><br />Get the addon and follow the steps in the roster...<br /><br />Also check out the Multimedia/video and Reccomended Addons section, :D<br /><br />Peace
<div class="newsComment"><a href="cgi-bin/coranto/iSay.cgi?Page=Comments&ID=EEFAZpplpAOpPRkfDe">Comments <!--(<?php include(""); ?>)--></a></div></div>

<br /><br />
<a name="newsitemEEFAuyVyFAPChzufgu"></a><img class="newsAvatar" src="" width="13%" /><div class="newsInfo"><strong>Guild's First MC Run...</strong> -- Posted by <a href="mailto:changethis">Anubis</a> on Thursday, February 9 2006<br /></div>
<div class="news">
Today's run into MC was a first for Chaos since inception. All in all it was a resounding success, with the guild bank receiving 2 fiery cores and some other junk loot. But, we were able to work as a team, listen and managed the first bridge, with only a 25 man team... 15 more and we would have surely gave Lucy a smack or two...  All in all, well done, lets get the numbers out and get at it for Saturday afternoon 3pm server!<br /><br />Cheers,<br />Anubis
<div class="newsComment"><a href="cgi-bin/coranto/iSay.cgi?Page=Comments&ID=EEFAuyVyFAPChzufgu">Comments <!--(<?php include(""); ?>)--></a></div></div>

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<a name="newsitemEEFAFlEZuAjxZPSFkY"></a><img class="newsAvatar" src="" width="13%" /><div class="newsInfo"><strong>Current Guild Raid Status</strong> -- Posted by <a href="mailto:changethis">Anubis</a> on Wednesday, February 8 2006<br /></div>
<div class="news">
As the merger between Zealots and Raider of the Lost Orc are in full swing, we now have a total of 85 members in the guild, with only 9 being less than level 60.  As I generally setup the raid schedule for MC and ZG, I would highly recommend and expect most every member to get themselves keyed and sign up on the guild calendar.  Ventrillo is a must and login specifics can be found on the guild info tab ingame.  CT raid is a requirement for all and decursive is highly recommended for all those who debuff and cure (priests, mages, shammies... etc) Let's get the numbers out and get this on a weekly occurance... after all, isn't this what we all are here to do?  PS... Don't worry about not having enough +FR gear... it will come in time and we are working trash mobs and tactics!!<br /><br />Cheers,<br />Anubis
<div class="newsComment"><a href="cgi-bin/coranto/iSay.cgi?Page=Comments&ID=EEFAFlEZuAjxZPSFkY">Comments <!--(<?php include(""); ?>)--></a></div></div>

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<a name="newsitemEEFAkyZkVZHIahYpFj"></a><img class="newsAvatar" src="" width="13%" /><div class="newsInfo"><strong>Merger</strong> -- Posted by <a href="">Dranus</a> on Monday, February 6 2006<br /></div>
<div class="news">
Zealots has now officially merged with <a href="">Raiders of the Lost Orc</a>, to become Chaos... so over time the layout and URL of the site will change too, the green will become red, and the Zealots will become Cha&oslash;s...<br /><br />EDIT::: To those who havnt noticed, I have changed things around a little...  The banner, and colours for one... And more to come...
<div class="newsComment"><a href="cgi-bin/coranto/iSay.cgi?Page=Comments&ID=EEFAkyZkVZHIahYpFj">Comments <!--(<?php include(""); ?>)--></a></div></div>

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The problem seems to be in the news.txt.. It worked b4 the servers went down, and now it doesnt anymore, as with half the things I have on my page...
Stubru Freak
Where can we see that page?
its uploaded at but you cant see it, thats the problem... it comes up with some bs error...
I know I get the same thing...... On my site that is
Wait... what did it used to do, and what goes down now?
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