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who like warcraft (any version)
i do i have warcraft3

PS: world of warcraft include in this post
HEY give us some hint
I just got off World of Warcraft and couldn't be any happier, (Hint: costs too much >.<)
is there a WOW free demo somewhere?
Nintendoboy wrote:
is there a WOW free demo somewhere?

yes kind of. almost any player can send you a activationcode that will let you play 10 days. however you'll still need the game.

this 10 day account also comes with a number of limits. you cannot trade with other players, nor use the auctionhouse. plus plus your maximum level is 20.
those testaccounts can be transfered to fullacounts once you buy the game and pay the monthly fee.

btw there already is a WoW thread here
yeah you can kinda play for free indefinitely, but i'm not sure if it's legal. They claim its legal but I'm not sure:

played abit but it's costing much time & money so i recommend not to play it... =)
w3 is good... at least it's story...
I really liked W3, but don't know much about WoW, because It's cost to play. also it need internet conectsion... that sucks
but WoW's point is there, it gives you chance to RP... you cant do all these with AI...
True, but Wc3 has one of the best scenario designing communites I've ever had thepleasure of being a part of. With TDs, DotA, ENFO's Team Survival, Night of the Dead, and countless others...even though the original game more or less sucks, the scenarios more than make up for it, in my opinion.

Anyone try DotA Outland? I really like that but nobody seems to play it (U.S.East server).
i like wow and w3 big warcraft fan in general
i love war craft 3 and the expansion frozen throne... very entertaining, strategic game.... Very Happy
I just LOVE tha warcraft series Very Happy
Warcraft 3 with Frozen Throne is unbeatable! I could play that for months without getting bored. Though, I don't have it on the comp anymore because it takes up to much time Razz

I can recommend Warcraft 2 and the first Warcraft to, they are great classics! Smile
WaRCraFt III Playa HeRe
i have warcraft 2 and 3 both online lol
quite hard games to play online cus all the time i get smashed
Warcraft III expansion ->Favorite game. I mostly play custum games cause they are much more fun than ladder games.
I'd play them but apparently Warcraft III is worse than the others on and WoW I don't like the commitment of monthly payment... looks awesome though!
Warcraft 3 was alot of fun. I used play the Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos. Just mass casters and you'll win. They were mighty strong before Blizzard debuffing after the release of the Frozen Throne. Anyways seems like my friends stop playing. Crying or Very sad

I was an average player. I was a burden to them. Sad Anyways they were pros and won tournaments. Fun game.
ive never gottan into rpg's... but wow looks like a crazy fun game ive played my friends a couple times.. but its wicked hard to figure out all the stuff.
i just recently got World of Warcraft, its expensive but i think its worth it, it keeps my attention and most games dont....
Well im playing worl of warcraft prety long now(1 year) and i still realy love it, great game
Clan NOaC for the win ;o

3 Year Warcraft III ROC & TFT player here. Drop in channel Clan NOaC & Azeroth sometime if you want to play.

Intense protocol & micro XD
i love all of em apart from WoW never tryd it. gona w8 for world of starcraft Very Happy
TonkPilz wrote:
i love all of em apart from WoW never tryd it. gona w8 for world of starcraft Very Happy

haha yeh this would be cool, hmm this reminds me how much i want starcraft ghost
I would like to play WoW but i need a job first >.<
Its a pain when u got no money lol
Very Happy
I have finished warcraft 3 three times Very Happy It is really a great game. Thanks Blizzard. I played warcraft 2 too. But it is too old so i returned to warcraft 3
The Warcraft franchsie on the most part is an excellent one. From the first Warcraft to World of Warcraft, they are games loved by almost everybody that plays them.
I own the entire series, however World of Warcraft takes up most of my free time.

I have yet to see the weather effects in 1.10 though.
now now ppl... WOW is a ok game.
see the thing is that when you have to pay a monthly fee (2 month fee in wow) ppl think "this has to be a good game!" so eventually they get hooked, i've got it and played it but now i realised that it's only a ok game... The other reason its fun is because there are other ppl playing too, unlike singel player game eg. fable. so yer i don't like wow anymore for anumber of reasons.

anyone up for a game of dota in wc3:ft??
LOVE DOTA, really addictive. when you look back at the replay you'll always find yourself very stupid because the hero will run out kill or get killed then go back to heal and go out to kill again.

ya i still love it
World of Warcraft is by far one of the most entertaining warcraft game ive yet played you can go on for hours at a time and yet not feel bored.Blizzard really has come up with their crown jewel.(Although it would be better if it was free Wink )
WOW sucks !!!

Warcraft Frozen Throne OWNZORS!!!

always will peace.
With being one of the best competitive ladder systems on the gaming scene right now and with good gameplay, decent balance, and a lot of agile strategies, Warcraft 3 is definitely a must buy for all RTS players.


see Very Happy
RaMo wrote:
WOW sucks !!!

why? is it just because u think u have to pay for it? (as a matter of fact u dont... u just have to find a private server)
I love Warcraft 3 and Frozen throne. Never really played WoW. In my opinion, its not worth paying for a MMORPG monthly when there are games like Knight Online that operate completely free. And, I suppose now that I've brought it up, Knight Online is a beast of a game and if you've never played it you definitely should.

The scenario building is definitely really good in Warcraft, but I think that the normal gameplay is still good. It can be a little slow, but the hero element really gives it a dimension most RTSs don't have. And also, the whole clan system being actually official with ranks and everything is good.

I'm more of a casual gamer, though. So maybe I just don't get the finer aspects of other games.
Warcraft 1 and 2 were cool.
REally, those were games.
But WOW... I mean wtf...
It's so commercial. Making everybody addicted.
And this 10 days trial thing for free for somebody else if you buy it.
Making even more poeple addicted -.-.

and I am watching a video about wow atm..
graphic sucks -.-... and all that stuff standing there..
play ut2004.. and soon ut2007... then you have somethin...
and you have to pay for it once only.... -.-
Not that I'm defending WoW, I've never played it, but web videos are usually terrible quality. I wouldnt base your opinion of a game's graphics simply on a video that was of poor quality.
WC3 is a good game.
...i like alot all the Blizzard games (three Smile ) and Warcraft is a game that i play since version 2, it has very good balane beetween things and nations,and thats what a good strategy game must have.
RoughitforGreen247 wrote:
Not that I'm defending WoW, I've never played it, but web videos are usually terrible quality. I wouldnt base your opinion of a game's graphics simply on a video that was of poor quality.

Maybe the graphics aren't as good as on this video. Of course the quality is
a lot worse then it actually is.
But it can't beat anything like UT2004 or Far Cry.
I'm just not such an RP guy that's probably why I don't like WoW *g*..
But I'd try it for sure if it would be for free.....
I played warcraft 3. This is a great game. I had to wait a long time for this.

The graphics is great, and the game plan and the plot is mind blowing.
And the strategy: its great too.
But to be true i had to finish it with cheat.

I still remember the voice : "Yes MiLord"!!!
and Prince Arthus saying : "Sound Plan"


keep on commenting.
Smile I like warcrat3 play with battleNet

I like DotA all-star
I really liked WC3 and The Frozen Throne. That reminds me that I should reinstall it on my mac. The story, gameplay and graphics are really cool. I have never bothered with WoW though. I also love the Starcraft series. It stinks how Blizzard screwed us Xbox owners over with Ghost because it looked like one heck of a game. It sucks that they flushed it down the toilet and so I consider this game vaporware and a game that has moved on to the afterlife! I can't wait for a Starcraft 2. Its gonna be mind blowing to say the least. The original games are still until this day masterpieces so I can't wait to see what a 21st century Starcraft would look and sound like, They have all but confirmed its existence but unfortunately Blizzard is a turtle like developer that takes "centuries" to churn out new games. And it also stinks how much attention they are giving WoW because that has already proved disastrous for Ghost and could mean an even longer wait for Starcraft 2 and Warcraft 4. Oh well...
I still have the original warcraft, and i have warcraft 2 with both expansions on my old dosbox.
I still play them from time to time(mostly WC2)
I don't think i will ever get World of Warcraft, because of the monthly payments, if i do a MMORPG it will be Guild Wars or something else without a monthy payment. But i don't see that in the near future, because RPG's take so much time out of your life. Most of my free time is spent on JavaScript/HTML editing for my site. And am now learning PHP.
I love the classics of the original warcrafts, and think they were the best of thier time, and I played the WC3 demo, and might purchase it some time.
To me Warcraft 2 has been the best game so far.
Well I'm on WoW too and I'm totally, completely, utterly addicted.

I havn't tried any of the other warcraft games. Are they worth getting if you already have WoW?

By the way I met this girl in WoW yesterday who is into BDSM and pony girl in RL. She plays a lvl 20 undead worlock. I asked her if she wasnt 'flogging a dead horse'. lol
I've never played warcraft 1, 2 or 3, but I play WoW, it's a great game, I suggest you don't knock it till you've tryed it. But it's very addictive indeed. You have been warned!

If it was free, I'd be SO SO SO happy. Oh, and the graphics are actually really good, I've yet to see a video that matches up to them.
i played WC1, WC2 and WC3 but i never play WOW. Because my computer spec is too low. Crying or Very sad
And for 1, 2 and 3. I love WC3. it's very fun and excited. Wink
Warcraft 3 is famous here, not the original game, but the maps that user creates, DotA. Everyone here is playing DotA! Sorry to WoW, it cost more than other mmorpg games here.
Anyone tried WarCraft 3: BattleChest ? I heard that it is a new expansion pack is maybe I would get it by this friday.
I have been playing world of warcraft for months now... I love the game you cant believe the fun you can have in it. However as others stated it's a game that very fast will cost a lot of money for you.
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