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Updates of the Cartoon Row

Lucknow, Feb. 17: Haji Yakub, a Samajwadi Party minister in Uttar Pradesh for minority welfare and the Haj, has announced a cash reward of Rs 51 crores for the head of the cartoonist who had made the offensive cartoon of Prophet Muhammed.

The insulting cartoons were first published in a Danish newspaper, and then republished in other European newspapers, sparking off Muslim indignation and anger across the world. Haji Yakub added that the person who brought him the head of the cartoonist would be given gold equivalent to his weight.

“The person who has insulted the Prophet does not deserve to live and anyone — irrespective of his nationality — who eliminates the cartoonist will be rewarded with a cash prize of Rs 51 crores and gold equivalent to his weight,” the minister said while addressing a gathering of Muslims who were demonstrating in Meerut on Friday to protest against the offensive cartoons.

Although the minister said he had made the announcement not as a minister, but as an “honest Muslim”, he later said that he had made the statement after consulting the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, Mr Mulayam Singh Yadav. 51cr for cartoonist’s head: Haji

NOW this is Really shamefull for india , we all know Up is the worst state in india , but a minister making such announcements ? really pisses me off

in another news

Cartoon protest turns violent

Hyderabad, Feb. 17: A protest rally of the Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (MIM) in the Charminar area against the publication of derogatory cartoons of Prophet Muhammed turned violent on Friday. The rally did not have police permission, and the police did not anticipate the sudden outbreak of violence.
Six persons, including a police official, were injured as protesters stoned and damaged four buses and five cars and burnt two two-wheelers.

The protesters attacked two jewellery shops at Gulzar Houz near Charminar, and an ATM centre, none of which was looted. Two other shops were also damaged. The affected areas were Pathergatti, Gulzar Houz, Charkaman, Charminar and Moghalpura. The BJP organised a counter protest in front of the Charminar police station to demand action against the rioters. The injured, including special branch inspector M.N. Ghori, were treated as outpatients in Osmania General Hospital and private hospitals in the old city. had no role in violence, Akbar says

What ever they trying to do will only bring hatred towards thier religion , i feel sorry for these illetrate Muslims ,
I think there's plenty other topics for this to fit neatly into.

Yesh, it's madness.
Pretty sad;
really really sad for a minister to say such things;
its unbelievable imo.
Lennon wrote:
I think there's plenty other topics for this to fit neatly into.

Yesh, it's madness.

yeah there are topics , but those topics have taken some other turn , like people now debating whats written in the bible ,

other one is support danish ,

this topic is about india , india never reacted this way before ,

but i am scared if this happens again thier will be riots in india , the Hindu majority will not like these muslims ,burning down buildings and shops ,

they will too come out ,

point to note : when ever there is a riot in india , people die in 1000s Rolling Eyes so i really hope this doesnt happen
I hope, court will take action against him.
man seems that its a great way to be popular all around the world in few seconds. just make a website abt this and you are popular right away. i mean look at the cartoonist, he is as popular as george bush himself.

also about the minister,

i think he has done a crime according to the law of India and shd be punished for this. also, from where he will pay such a large amount of money ? from government's fund
That's so sad... The whole thing is sad, too many people are angry and this is not good at all.

And yes, I think he has done a crime according to the law of India and if it's not a crime it should be... I don't know what else can happen about this mess, I'm really sorry for the world who has to watch all this every night on the news. Let's see what happens next.
tdb18 wrote:
That's so sad... The whole thing is sad, too many people are angry and this is not good at all.

And yes, I think he has done a crime according to the law of India and if it's not a crime it should be... I don't know what else can happen about this mess, I'm really sorry for the world who has to watch all this every night on the news. Let's see what happens next.

yes it is a Crime in india , and he will be arrested soon i guess , since he is the minister ,people are trying to justify his actions ,

the muslim law board was quick to distance themselves from this . atleast one muslim body in this world acted responsibly .

maybe cuz it is made up of lawyers only LOL
An Israeli cartoonist has launched an "anti-Semitic cartoon contest" to poke fun at fellow Jews in response to a furore among Muslims over the publication of caricatures of the Prophet.

Cartoonist Amitai Sandy said he was inspired by violent Muslim protests and the launching of a Holocaust cartoon competition by an Iranian daily that said it wanted to test the boundaries of free speech espoused by Western countries.

"We thought it would be a much braver thing to do to publish cartoons about ourselves, rather than our adversaries," Sandy said. "We want to fight fire with humour."
"We will show the world we can do the best, sharpest, most offensive Jew- hating cartoons ever published," Sandy wrote on his website.

"No Iranian will beat us on our home turf," he added in reference to the cartoon competition being held by Iran's bestselling newspaper to lampoon the annihilation of six million Jews in the Nazi Holocaust during the Second World War.

The Hamshahri newspaper said it was holding the contest to test the boundaries of free speech.

In the latest violence over the drawings, first published in a Danish newspaper last year, three people were killed in Pakistan on Wednesday and franchises of Western firms were set on fire.

Now that is a Good reply to all idoits
KANO, FEBRUARY 19 : Troops enforced a curfew in parts of northern Nigeria today after protests over cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad triggered riots in two cities that left 16 people dead and 11 churches burned.

In recent weeks, Muslims around the world have been protesting against the publication of caricatures of the Prophet, but Nigeria’s unrest was the bloodiest and most sectarian yet seen.

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In the Borno state capital Maiduguri, Muslims turned on the local Christian minority after police broke up a rally against the drawings, burning shops and churches, and killing 15 people, police spokesman Haz iwendi said.

According to a witness, trouble broke out in Katsina when the crowd had begun protesting against rumours that President Olusegun Obasanjo might change the Constitution to allow him to stand for a third term.

Meanwhile, a Saudi-owned pan-Arab newspaper printed today a full page apology from Jyllands-Posten, the Danish daily that first published cartoons of the Prophet. “These drawings apparently hurt millions of Muslims around the world, so we now offer our apology and deep regret for what happened because it is far from the paper’s intention,” said the statement titled “apology” in big bold letters addressed to Muslim citizens and printed in Asharq al-Awasat. it was signed by the paper’s editor-in-chief Carsten Juste.

“We did not set out to offend or insult any religion. We apologise for being misunderstood... I hope this clears the misunderstanding and god bless,” said the statement.

The Danish cartoonist whose depiction of Prophet Muhammad sparked worldwide violence has broken his silence, saying he has no regret for his action and that freedom of expression and the press were vital to a democratic society. In an interview to the Glasgow Herald Kurt Westergaard claimed he had no regrets about his actions, despite the $one million bounty put on his head last week by a Pakistani cleric, which has forced him to go into hiding. Asked if he had expected the controversy the caricatures would spark, he replied simply: “No, no.” When asked if he regretted drawing the cartoon or its publication, he said again: “No.”

On the other hand, several people were injured in police firing and violent clashes between Pakistan’s security forces and members of Islamic parties who defied a ban order and held a protest rally today against the publication of Prophet cartoons. Though the government had banned today’s protest programme by Muthahida Majlis Amal (MMA) and put its president Qazi Hussain Ahmed under house arrest in Lahore, officials later permitted them to take out a demonstration near Parliament for a short distance.

Armed police and para-military forces fought with the protestors at the Abpara junction. Police first tried to break the crowd with baton-charge and later fired tear gas shells. Later, several policemen were seen firing live rounds at the protestors who hit back with a barrage of stones. —AFP/PTI[/quote]
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