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Live in Relationship

Live in Relationship

This subject is new to the Indian culture. New in the sense, Live in relationship is being popular in metro cities only and that to between the persons from high society like those television and movie actors and actresses. But in the rest of the country, it’s somewhat unacceptable.

I have heard that in western countries like U.S.A., Canada etc., Live in relationship has been happening at common levels. They do not consider it as something new or unreal. I am not sure as if at what level this holds true but am sure that in western countries the ratio of live in relationship would be more than that of in the eastern countries.

Has anyone of you been in this kind of relationship? If yes, what is it like? I mean how does it feel staying together having emotional and sexual relationship but without getting married? Does it bother you? You think it is better than the marriage?

I have also heard that in live in relationship; the guy simply uses the girl both emotionally and sexually. Where as the girl’s feelings start diverting towards love and when she proposes the guy about her love feelings, the guy simply leaves her saying it was for the mutual benefits and nothing more than that.

Recently, an Indian Television Model committed suicide due to unhealthy relationship with his boyfriend with whom she was having live in relationship. It was said by Media that the guy refused to her love proposal and moreover he was having more than one affair at the same time while having live in relationship with her. As eventually that girl fell in love with her and when she proposed him, the guy simply ignored her and left her and then she committed suicide writing the suicide note that “Such kind of crucial time comes in life of the people from my field, but I couldn’t tolerate the depression anymore and that’s the only reason I’m committing suicide.”

This is the negative side of live in relationship and there must be some positive and healthy experiences. Share with us your own live in relationship and if not, your views about the same.
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