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Windows Vista

How good is Microsoft's upcomming Operating System, Windows Vista? I would like to know from someone who's tested the beta version.
I have no idea if windows new operating system will be any good but if you really wanted this question answered shouldn't you have posted it in the Computer software and hardware section of the site??
Do you want to hear what Microsoft are doing:
The new game that is coming out - Halo 2. It won't work on any OS's other than Windows Vista, so when you buy the game, you have to buy an OS with it as well Shocked

I wonder if they will package the two together Laughing
I aquired the beta of it but I still havent gotten around to trying it, I'll get back to you people on this once I get it installed.
I wasent aware that there was a beta version of it. Tell me where you got it I would love to try that out.
{name here}
I've heard it isn't that good. Microsuck's forums point out many flaws and problems, in Vista and windows in general...
Moved to computer hardware and software.

Well, I am very curious about Vista... I did hear it would need a very powerful machine to be able to run... Crying or Very sad
James007 wrote:
Moved to computer hardware and software.

Well, I am very curious about Vista... I did hear it would need a very powerful machine to be able to run... Crying or Very sad

Yes but if your lacking ram, just buy a few flash drives.

From the windows vista homepage wrote:
External memory devices

Adding system memory (RAM) is often the best way to improve your PC's performance. More memory means more applications are ready to run without accessing the hard drive. However, upgrading memory is not always easy. You must learn what type of memory you need, purchase the memory, and open your computer to install the memory—which sometimes can invalidate your support agreement. Also, some machines have limited memory expansion capabilities, preventing you from adding RAM even if you are willing to do so.

Windows Vista introduces a new concept in adding memory to a system. USB flash drives can be used as External Memory Devices (EMDs) to extend system memory and improve performance without opening the box. Your computer is able to access memory from an EMD device much more quickly than it can access data on the hard drive, boosting system performance. When combined with SuperFetch technology, this can help drive impressive improvement in system responsiveness.

EMD technology is both reliable and secure. You can remove an EMD at any time without any loss of data or negative impact to the system; however, if you remove the EMD, your performance returns to the level you experienced without the device. Wear on the USB drive is not an issue when using it as an EMD. A unique algorithm optimizes wear patterns, so that a USB device can run as an EMD for many years, even when heavily used. Finally, data on the EMD is encrypted to help prevent inappropriate access to data when the device is removed.

This looks like a great feature that I want to get my hands on. (I wonder if its in the beta?)
I haven't got/tried the Beta, but a friend of mine did!

He said it was good, though, tons o' bugs, i'm sure all the holes will stay in the full version.
I don't know if its true but I heard that Microsoft may scan your computer if Windows Vista is installed and remove any illegal software if they feel it is nessisary
I'm pretty sure they cant scan your computer without your premision, they can scan their own program certainly, they can scan programs you give them premision to scan certainly, but deleting programs on your computer? well its your computer so doing that would be like me getting on bondings computer and whiping his entire hard drive clean because I thought it necessary.

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