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Hey everybody ;) HTML or Blog?

Hi everybody

First of all, a big thanks to FRIHOST. What an insane idea. This concept actually rocks. No doubt about it. Second. I am in the process of finalizing the basic layout of my site. And Im wondering. Would I be better served with a Blog of some sort? Keep in mind that Im merely a (very) basic HTML dabbler and not really able to pull of sophisticated tricks. What do you think? Any ideas in regards to improvement, either visually or the general interface (or lack thereof)? Rolling Eyes

With kind regards

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it's ok to have a blog in your own site. like for example, in a personal site, you'd add a blog in the main page like i did. but you may need some blogging software like wordpress, b2, mt, greymatter etc. although if you're new and you know nothing about php, their codes etc then you may need to learn it first. or you can just blog manually and just add a comment script if you want other people to comment on your posts.
I made a homepage and a different page for my blog-though I may switch them and have my blog link to the other page. Keep your blog as your homepage and make other pages as you learn HTML.
hmm I think you should do html. Download a template from some place like or somewhere and you can get help on how to code it there. Or, blogs are cool too, but I would go html/php.
Like mentioned before, it is okay to have a blog in your own site. I've seen plenty of (professional) sites having them (and a lot of these are winamp skinners/art type sites). There are scripts for blogs and as far as I know, html won't cut it for a self functioning blog. I'm starting to learn PHP/MySQL and I've already made my own blog and stuff like that so I don't think it'll be difficult for you Smile.

The site that I found to be very helpful was Spoono.

That's their tutorial page.

The tutorial I used for my blog was the "Comment Board" tutorial (Note, you need some knowledge of PHP/MySQL). What I like about Spoono is that it explains as it provides the script, and it even provides the entire script at the end. Unlike other sites that just give you the script.

I hope that helped. If you're looking for blog scripts, there are plenty at
neither, use Mambo Open Source
A blog in your site is better, because you can update it easly and your friend or family can post comments. I don't use a blog script or site personally. I use something CUTENEWS, it's free, there's no any ad in your site and what's even better, you don't need a sql data base, you can personalize your templates.

Try it! This is the address where you can download it:
Why not have both?

You can place a blog section in your website and write them for people who cares Wink lol. For my website, I'm soon making my front page a blog with navigation to free templates etc. or watever i'm going to make later on.
I have a Blog in my site. I like designing and blogging. Smile
yes i ahve got blog in my web site too...
if u want only blog u can use this site;)
10 mb free..
Silvershore wrote:
yes i ahve got blog in my web site too...
if u want only blog u can use this site;)
10 mb free..

what language is your site?

I can't understand a thing..
threezeroone wrote:
Silvershore wrote:
yes i ahve got blog in my web site too...
if u want only blog u can use this site;)
10 mb free..

what language is your site?

I can't understand a thing..

I think his blogging site is in turkish

I have blogging sites for you like: but ot's in french ...

Uhhmm ... Having a blog in you website is agreat idea, but then just use scripts for it, like dotclear, which for me is the best one and is starting to spread all around europe and the world. visit, it's really great! and available in many many languages.

the question is whether making it your frontpage or not. I think I'm just gonna put a link to it, it's not the main part of the site and Ii want my readers to read scientific articles rather than my states of mind Very Happy
I'm lazy Laughing Razz

I use my alloted space over at MSN Spaces and use to create code to use on my site to generate links to my blog posts. Very Happy
i prefer to use them i did...because html you can put anything while in blog you can put all your journal...or personal diary Very Happy
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