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Haiti the beautiful


protests in Haiti

I spent five years growing up in and falling in love with Haiti. It seems to me that even though Aristide ended up being corrupt, the poor majority wanted him in power because he did more for them than any other leader ever did. He actually funded things like schools and clinics in slums and the countryside.
Even though he was corrupt and even irrational, he did more for 'the people' than any other leader before him, giving Haiti's destitute majority some hope for a better future.
Then he was ousted by yet another coup d'etat.
When people lack a real sense of power they either give up or try to grab that power before it slips through their fingers.
Anyone who has ever been to the sad but beautiful and impassioned country of Haiti knows that Haitians are not people who easily give up.
That is what we are witnessing now.
Until the rest of the wealthy world really commits to helping the Haitian people become educated and atleast somewhat self-sufficient, we will continue to see these cycles of violence. It is easy to blame the rich in Haiti - then we don't have to take any responsibility.
Such a wonderful country...
What do you think should be done for Haiti and how?
nopaniers wrote:
What do you think should be done for Haiti and how?

I think Haiti will need help with all of these areas until it has the infrastructure and knowlegde of how to manage on its own.

-schools are key, lots of them all over the country - so haitians can be better equipped to help themselves

-outside investment

-international monitoring of corruption and drug trafficking (drug traffickers probably fund a lot of Haiti's thug and coup activity)

-environmental stewardship to preserve the tiny patches of tropical rainforest that remain scattered around the country and to promote environmentally sustainable economic practices. A large reforestation effort would be nice too.

-once stability is achieved (as in this president actually finishes his term and is able to pass power on to the next candidate in an orderly fashion for a change.) Then maybe Haiti can once again exploit it's opportunity as a tourism destination (it is a caribbean island with unique artistic, musical and cultural heritage afterall)
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