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Kylie Minogue thanks fans..

I hate the way the media can twist something around and make it look so bad...

When news first broke that Kylie had cancer they made it seem like she was acting like some queen diva making everyone clear out of a hospital ward so she could have privacy. I am glad she has responded, here is the article....

MELBOURNE, Australia (AP) -- Kylie Minogue has thanked her fans for their support since she was diagnosed with breast cancer, saying she'll have more treatment when she returns to Europe.

Minogue had surgery in Melbourne last month to remove a lump from her breast.

"I am getting through this one step at a time, and your messages of love and support have been greatly appreciated," the 37-year-old London-based singer said in a posting Monday on her Web site.

"Rest assured I am being well looked after, though it will be a long road ahead. I will be receiving future treatment on my return to Europe."

Minogue said she was "delighted to learn that some good things have come of all this."

"I've been informed that since my diagnosis thousands of women had become more aware than ever of the risk of breast cancer," she said. "Being 'breast aware' plays a major role in early detection so I was especially pleased to hear that younger women in particular are being more proactive with breast examination and talking to their doctors."

Minogue urged fans not to "believe everything you have read" including "the repainting of my hospital room pink ... imported English bodyguards ... more imagined boyfriends ... diverted ambulances ... an 'entire hospital wing' for 'my entourage' and other equally ridiculous stories."

She said rumors of her medical condition and treatment "are rife and generally incorrect."
Wow, I didn't know Kylie got breast cancer. Hope she will get well soon. I really like her songs, very upbeat. I know, the media can really spead rumors. They like to make celebrities look bad. I am glad she responds back to clarify those rumors and tell her fans not to listen to those. LOL. What stage is her breast cancer? Is it serious?
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