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Visual glitches

recently, my computer has been having glitches when it starts up. things like large white areas, the screen not refreshing, and the resolution changing from one setting to another without any help. this only happens when i start up the computer. once i have looged in, and everything is done starting, it stops, and everything works fine. but anytime i play a game, or use a program with 3d overlay, it has glitches again. no resolution changes, but you see weird things happening, and the game will sometimes freeze for 30 or so seconds. i can't figure what is doing this. i have tried virus scanners, spyware scanners, and error fixers, but nothing is working. and i have the latest definitions, too. my virus definitions database is three days old, so it protects against the latest threats. if anyone can tell me whats the problem, i would much appreiate. by the way, i have a nvidia geforce mx4000. if you guys need any more info, i can give it to you.
Is there any Nvidia advanced configuration software running? If so, it could be a bad installation or bad settings - check the Nvidia website and download the latest graphics controllers, and that might fix your problem.

If it doesn't, let us know.

Good luck!
already done. got the newest forceware drivers for my card. i could use my backup video adapter, but my mom would kill me if we had too, because she loves playing the sims 2. i also tried windows update, but i already have the latest service pack.
Sometimes the newest forceware drivers aren't the best especially with your video card. The newer forceware drivers are optimized for the latest video cards which I believe is the 7800 series.

For the MX4000 series, I'd recommend the 56.xx drivers and above because they have DX9 API support, which you want if you want to run DX9 games. Otherwise I'd go with the 4x.xx versions of the nvidia drivers.
on my other comp. (with an mx vid) the best drivers i found were the 74's or the 77's... can't remember which offhand... any newer driver than that was fubar..... you've gonna have to test to see which are the best for your system.. when it comes to nvidia especially, the newest isn't always the best
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