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i use frontpage

i use this program frontpage here the docu. Designing surveys is an art unto itself, requiring careful analysis, skill, and an absolute attention to detail. On the other hand, coding or developing a Web page that contains an electronic form that collects the data from a willing participant is often just as arduous. That is, until Microsoft® FrontPage® 98 or higher was released. If you use Microsoft FrontPage to both design and manage your Web site, you are in good hands. FrontPage makes developing and publishing a Web form or survey a breeze. Moreover, it doesn't require that you know any programming or scripting languages that interactively collect and dynamically display results from a database as you will see in this tutorial. But before I move on to actually creating an online survey in this demonstration, there are few things you should understand about designing a form from scratch.

The first step in designing any survey, be it a one-button opinion poll or an elaborate multi-page form, is to sketch out the survey on paper or develop it in Microsoft Word or use Microsoft Visio®, a powerful, easy to use diagramming tool. Next, carefully think through all of the variables or questions to elicit the best response, then lay out the fields in logical order, and most importantly keep the form concise. Nothing is more irritating than having a seemingly non-relevant question pop up from nowhere while taking a survey. You need to keep in mind the participant's time constraints and interest. It's also not a bad idea to tell the survey participant where to find the published results of your survey or how you plan to use it. Another important tip is to refrain from collecting personal information about the survey taker, obviously for reasons of privacy.

nice huh
and i say - dont use frontpage for designing. they create so much of junk codes....

dude.... it depends on the professionalism and the way ppl is comfortable with... i prefer to start with photoshop and notepad/dreamweaver and endwith the best possible design

so its no wonder as to why ppl didn't respond to your post much!
I have used frontpage too;
when i was new to coding but after a while i realised its really a piece of shit Very Happy
So if you want it right use Dreamweaver; or even better: notepad Very Happy
I used dreamweaver when i was in the early stages of HTML and webdesign. It helped me out quite a bit. Yet, i was learning more and more pretty fast and son discovered FrontPage not to be all that I needed. So, i looked into dreamweaver, and my god I am so happy that I did. it has to be the best thing outthere for website managment, design and matenince. It does all you want and more and its even better than frontpage for beginners. It is all i use now and for right now, I'm not using anything else. Of course note-pad is the basic thing to use, but if you are going really big into design and fuctionality and optimising your code and what techniques you use to o things and just go father into detail, dreamweaver is your bets friend.
Not really something you want to admit to. Especially with a big chunk of copied text.
well.. frontpage is the worst program ever. if you intend to create a website in frontpage its better not to create a website. instead try to learn to use photoshop and real html. its makes it easier and more professional. just give it some time - html is pretty easy to learn and photoshop comes after a lot of pratice but the results are good.
I am in the very early stages of building my website. I have a Flash website template that I am going to modify. How good is Dreamweaver for doing this type of work?

The only experience with web building that I've had in the past was with and old version of Frontpage. To say the least, I was not too impressed with the limitations it had. It was also a nightmare to go back and try to fix something or change afterwards because it generated all kinds of weird code that was difficult to follow sometimes.

I also have the same website template in non-flash (HTML only) code. I will probably start off doing only the HTML version, and when I get better at it, I'll offer both as an option in the index page. Does that sound like a good alternative?
If your after a basic site than frontpage will suit all your needs, and more if you want to learn more advanced stuff. Like adding a search bar or a poll. However for my dynamic stuff you'll need something other than frontpage, useing that stuff however will drastically slow down your site production time. That is why i use frontpage, site looks lame but it can be put together really quickly
Yup, I'd go along with that. You can spend hours, days, weeks even years using different proggies, but the end result is a lot of code sits on your desktop and never gets to the site. If you want to keep a site up to date with the least amount of imput FrontPage is fine.

Or you can play with the code Cool
My experience with Frontpage is not so good as compared to Dreamweaver. Dreamweaver has lots of more options. The "Office integration" leaves pages with a lot of KB. It's not like Macromedia studio integration which is only directed to the web. Well, but do people care about that in fast nowadays connections. As long as your site works.

So there isn't the need to be so perfect, to make everything occupy the least space, to build the groovy stuff inside Photoshop or Flash, to use a database with PHP or MySQL, but also don't underestimate these factors.

It depends on your site needs.
Frontpage? You guys have it better. I began with Microsoft Publisher. Big mistake! It can't handle graphics well. I shifted to Dreamweaver at last!
I can't believe how easy it is to use. Files and folders are all well organized. Links are just drag it and point it. Layers are the best!!
You know, I wouldn't admit to using Front Page if I were you Wink
But seriously, I've jsut spent the last few days converting a site for a client who paid someone to build their site for them. But the guy used front page, and the code is a mess that you can't change ANYTHING. And it all looks great, but you cna't just host it anywhere...
Front page is fine if you just want to throw something up and have it work. But if you care about the quality of your code and the future of your page (like, if you ever want to update, or make changes), it's really worth learning about the code, and moving up to something else.
I always recommend learning to manipulate an external CSS. It's well worth the effort.
I didn't even have to read the post, your title told me everything. Get AceHTMLPro. It's 1000% easier to use and 1000% more effective.
Did you try NVU ?

It's free ! it's standard-compliant, it's all someone could want... but no one knows it Sad
Nvu looks like a real winner! I've never heard of it but I'll definetely check it out. Thanks for the hot tip.

Antoine_935 wrote:
Did you try NVU ?

It's free ! it's standard-compliant, it's all someone could want... but no one knows it Sad
I also use frontpage.

Can anybody give me step by step instructions on how to connect my form to an access database without using code. I think I know how to connect to the Northwind database but when it comes to any other database except Northwind, I get a connection error when I use the same procedure as I did with the Northwind one.

is it also possible to connect to another database except Access such as mysql or sql server etc...

Thanks in advance
I just want to echo the props for NVU. It's very similar to Dreamweaver, and it's FREE! I happen to have Dreamweaver, so for the most part, that's what I use, but I started looking for a free solution just for fun, and found NVU. I can't say enough great things about it!
Frontpage is for beginners, it creates a lot of unnecessary code and just makes it harder to edit later. I used it at the early stages when I just started playing around with web design, trying to make my own homepage.
I think a lot of people use it because most of the time the software is already there and with Dreamweaver you have to download the program, then pay for it or find a crack Wink Once you get into web design you'll find dreamweaver has more functions even for beginners.
Pretty much everything that could be said has been said about how much FrontPage sucks. If you aren't very good at codeing you should use Dreamweaver or if you are good at coding use notepad *basks in wonderment at the glorious program* cause notepad is not for word processing it's used for coding and hacking. To put it to you straight stop using frontpage and switch to dreamweaver, and if at all possible only use windows for gaming and use Linux for everything else. Cause microsoft makes crap programs, the only program worth anything is word. I mean they are basing longhorn after linux so what does that tell you?
FrontPage is fine as long as you don't use it to design your webpage. The end result is a mess of code. Your much better off using Dreamweaver or Textpattern.
Dude, are you trying to advertise M$ Front Page? That is a lot of text for something that Web Pages That Suck says, "Contrary to public perception, Web Pages That Suck (WPTS) does not just feature web design car-wrecks. If I just wanted car wrecks, I'd put up only sites created with Microsoft FrontPage."

When I first started out I used a really crappy program for web designing also. Then I discovered that there were actually web standards Shocked . Putting the site I just created through the validator I also discovered that the pages I created with that program did not validate according to those standards Shocked Shocked .

That's when I learned to put away the gimmicks and actually code for myself. Lot's of HTML editors out there that make the job fast and easy with out compromising the code.
where can I download DreamWeaver?...I've totally forgot their website...

EDIT: Forget it, just searched for it.
yup! dreamweaver is the best!!
I love my Dreamweaver 8!!! I like it because:
It has auto-upload FTP
Great code reminder
I don't use design view much, but it does pretty good code
Frontpage I used to use, but I haven't used it for... about 10 months. Since I started doing web-design better.
Adds: For graphics, I use Gimp and Fireworks. I don't like Photoshop for some reason.... *shrugs*
Studio 8 (Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash) The educational version is a good discount. I'm starting to learn actual html, but I find that using a WYSIWYG editor and using a view that lets you see the designer/graphical interface and the coder interface at once, let's me learn how writing html works. I think it would have been alot harder to learn just by using notepad. But good coding skills and a text editor is the best way to go, no extra code, I'm just not able to work that way yet.

Front Page is garbage. I used it a little at the very beginning of my experience with web design. I didn't realize how crappy it was until I learned Dreamweaver.
I actually set up Joomla and started messing around with it, but found it to be too cumbersome and ackward. I then started playing around with Nvu and really like it. It reminds me a bit of Frontpage, but seems to be a nicer tool. I'll have to keep working with it to see what I can come up with.
Dreamweaver is so dam complicated. im 14 and ill think ill stick to FrontPage. until next year when i get taught how to use dreamweaver at gcse level in ict.
Admitting one has a problem is the first step to recovery.

But seriously. I just want to echo what everyone else here has said:
If your serious about web design, don't use Frontpage. It's microsoft's way of dumbing down web designers.
I'm in the process of helping my boss with a website for his wife's business. He really did try, but he used Frontpage. I finding bits of code that I've never seen before in my life.
It's like this:
<script language="JavaScript1.1">
document.write("<hr noshade='' width='95%' style='height:1;color:black'>");

A javascript to make a Horizontal Rule? Seems <HR> would be so much more appropriate.
I'm not trying to down him. He really did try and SOMEONE told him he could make webpage with Frontpage. So he gave it his best shot.
I use front page. and i found it alright, but ignorance is bliss right? Because my friend has dreamweaver and he could do so much more stuff and it looked soo much easier, so he gave me a copy but i don't know how to use it. Where do i start?
p.s i use photoshop to design my site then i export it to html
Joomla . A nice web designing that i never met Razz
i use dreamweaver because of its simplicity its soo easy to do everything rock on all u dreamweaver users!!!!
express editions are free and really good for front-end development, I really like their wysiwyg (what you see is what you get) features and drag-drop components, but I use dreamweaver because it's liter
I used to depend heavily on FrontPage & Dreamwaver in terms of web design, but nowadays, a text-editor & Firefox is enough.
Google Chrome is ok.
Firefox plugins like Firebug are great supplemental tools.
Both Firefox and Google Chrome are able to inspect element, which helps me a lot in designing the layout and color scheme.
I think I will never switch back to FrontPage or Dreamwaver again, yes, these kind of software add a lot of junk code and unnecessary spaces into your file.
That sucks a lot, especially when web page speed matters.
By the way, writing source code using a text editor does improve your understanding of HTML&CSS.
But I really wanna know if there is any cool web design software which can provides me with cross-browser live view of the webpage,you know, compatibility is really a big headache for me and many other web developers, which shouldn't have been though.
DreamWeaver is definitely better than Frontpage. Cleaner code, for one thing.
codegeek wrote:
DreamWeaver is definitely better than Frontpage. Cleaner code, for one thing.
Frontpage is completely dated as well. And no longer supported by Microsoft. We now have Expression Web and I think it must be close to version 5 by now.

Just found this neat tutorial for MS Expression Web 4 - think this is going to be my assignment for this weekend - I bought Expression Web 4 last September in Canada, and haven't downloaded it yet:

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