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Best Player, Normalizer/Converter & MP3 vs WMA?

I want to normalize and convert all of my MP3 files to WMA. Well, I'm sure I want to normalize, and I've heard that WMA files are smaller and give CD quality at 64Kbps. Anyone know if that is true?

So what is the best normalizing program? (That is, making it so that all the files are at roughly the same volume level.)

Thirdly, how can I copy files from within a music player? I'll use whatever player will allow me to copy files from one directory to another within the player.

I download a lot of old standards (for which there is no copyright) so I end up with a download directly chuck full of unfamiliar songs that take me a long time to decide if I want to keep or throw away. When I decide to keep it I want to move it to another directory. It is excrusiatingly difficult to do, none of the players that I can find will do it so I have to go into windows explorer, find the file and copy it from there. I found a program that will copy files in playlists, but it won't delete the copied file. So I found another program that will compare directories and let me delete files from one directory that is in both. It is still a pain in the butt, in fact, if I'm only doing one file this is harder than the original method. If the music player would allow me to copy files it wold be VASTLY easier. But I've googled and googled and googled and I can't find a program that will do it?
I'm not sure about normalising, I just normalise my MIDI files using master control.

The WMA-MP3 converter is available for free all over the internet, trial versions mostly, easy to search and find.

That is all you need when converting music files.
You could normalise mp3s in an Audio Editor such as Audacity...
I have another problem. That is I want to convert all of my audio books to WMA (to keep them small in size). I know that human voice's frequency range is smaller than that of music and 1 channel output (mono) is fine. Could someone kindly help me with the following questions:

1. What is that best setting that I should use for bit rate/sample rate?
2. How about CBR, VBR?
3.Is there any good software for this purpose you would recommend?

Thank you
Hmm, I don't know if this will help much, but I usually convert my songs using iTunes, it does it directly. I'm not sure how good the quality actually is, but it sounds alright.
I think, there is plug-in for Audiograbber, that can grab MP3 to WMA. I like MP3 more. WMA is heavier.
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