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MSN Launches 'Search and Win' Contest

MSN has come up with a new plan to draw users away from Google: free stuff. The company launched a contest on Monday that will give users a chance to win prizes simply by using the service's search engine. Over $1 million in prizes will be available during the months of February, March and April.

Prizes include gift certificates from American Express, Target, REI and Nike. MSN will also be giving away Canon PowerShot digital cameras, HP Digital Entertainment Centers, and Creative Zen Sleek MP3 players.

Three selected winners will additionally be able to donate $10,000, $25,000 and $50,000 to the charities of their choice.

1,200 keywords would be initially linked to prizes this month, with more keywords added in March and April. Users would find out if they were winners in the subsequent result page after entering their search term.

A consistent third in search engine ratings behind market leaders Google and Yahoo, MSN is looking for ways to entice users to make the switch. So far, the company's efforts have been largely unsuccessful, which could be why it is looking towards promotions to increase its visibility.

Yahoo has also considered a similar promotion.

"Whether you want to win a cool prize or give back to your favorite charity, now is a great time to try MSN Search," MSN Search marketing director Lisa Gurry said in a statement.

Search and Win

Animal wrote:
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Whenever a window pops up and says I have won a fabulous prize, I automaticly close it... I suppose I won't be winning that contest.
I will stick with Google guys... they are working hard on the project and their search engine is still the best around.
Gmail is great too.

I have nothing against microsoft, as I am an happy user of many of their products, but when it comes to internet search, Google gets first place, no way.
It's rather sad when a company must start bribing people to use their product.
Hey, google is running a contest too!
If you search for just the right keywords, you'll get a site that you wanted to find!
What confuses me is, do you ever hear about the people that win?, I certainly never do...

Makes me wonder whether any of these compatitions actually give out any prizes, and also if you think about it, billions of people searching MSN with billions of queries, one million into a few billion doesn't work well.
I bet you would win if you searched for;
'Microsoft is great'

eh, to be eligible to win you have to be atleast 18 years old, and an US resident... considering the fact that google is the most used search engine world-wide i don't think msn will grab too much of their surfers. Google is an evil which will rule the world very very soon and there's nothing yahoo or MSN can do about it Evil or Very Mad

Crying or Very sad <---- my honest opinion
Jack_Hammer wrote:
I bet you would win if you searched for;
'Microsoft is great'


Yes. You'd win a free stay in 'Happyland' where nice men in white coats will provide full meals and service.
MSN still has a long way to go to beat Google.. they should seriously consider to strip all their links, pics and stuff and make their interface simple like Google..
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