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Newbie Skateboarding Question

My girlfriend gave me a skateboard for Valentines Day -- very sweet of her, it's just that i've no clue how to skateboard. However, I do fairly well snowboarding... but to my dismay skateboarding seems nothing like snowboarding. Anyhoo, it seems that i'm most comfortable having my right foot near the back end of the skateboard while my left foot pushes, so it's like my left foot pushes, and leads -- is this bad? I hear most skateboarders have one foot lead, the other push, if this is better in the long run i'm going to break the bad habit now. Any experienced skateboarders care to shed some light?
You can do it either way. I think it's more common to push with the back foot. I feel a lot more comfortable that way. Try it out. Maybe you can do it both ways after a while.
in your case pushing with your front foot would be called "mongo". There isn't really any difference. I don't skate mongo, it's pretty much all the same. Ithink the only problem you might have is during the approach for certain things. Skate bowl or vert, you don't push at all Very Happy What matters is doing what feels right. PM me if you've got questions
Whatever you do, never push mongo. You really wan't your front foot over front trucks. Mongos I know push with their front foot and keep the other near the rear trucks. this sux for balance and it takes a little time to get back into ollie position. Also they all look like unco zoobs.
Skating is sick, don't give up.
Mongo - Minus style points, plus control points.

Basically, you'll get made fun of if you push mongo. It can also lead to hip problems if you do it for long enough (too much swiveling, etc.). It's probably going to be easier to just learn how to push regular - I used to push mongo, and it only took me a few weeks to get comfortable pushing regular. Hope this's helped, and good luck with skating! Smile
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