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My Special Survey

So I was at my school yesterday, and being bored as I was during math class, I decided to come up with some sort of survey to ask the rest of the class.

Here's what it was:

I asked all 25 of the other kids in my class whether or not they believed in other life (i.e. on other planets. You know, aliens.)

I got a total of THREE kids that believe in aliens.

Then, I asked if they believed in God.

The total of TWENTY FOUR kids believed in some sort of God.

I was totally taken aback. Why on earth would people NOT believe in something that has millions of chances of existing on the millions of other planets in the known universe? However, they will believe in some invisible power that contols all of our lives and seemingkt created the universe.

Hello, new here.

Buddy, in the end it's all a question of faith. While I personally don't believe in God (and do believe in aliens, somewhat, sort of), I can understand and even justify the religious faith of others. It's like in that book, A prayer for Owen Meany. The main character justifies his faith with an example: he goes to a basketball court that's near a church with his best friend during the day, and sometimes at night. Then he asks his friend whether or not he can see a statue near the church at night. The friend replies that he can't, but he still know it's there. The protagonist then says that it's the same situation with God: he can't see Him, but he knows He's there.
People believe in "some sort of God", because they have faith. The whole principle of faith, is to believe in something though there is no logical, physical or scientific evidence. If there were, it would no longer be "faith". Many people don't believe in aliens because they don't have faith in them,
I think the concept of 'faith' is kind of stupid. Faith is just believing in things with NO EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER. Like... I have faith that the sun is actually a giant potato, in which live angry gorillas. You'd call me stupid. What is so different between that, and god?
Faith is just believing in things with NO EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER.

That's the point. That's why it's called faith and not "give me scientific evidence and maybe I'll believe you".
You were asking the kids, i wonder if they have a picture of the universe or not. But for God, they were taught by their parents everyday i think. And everyword from parents are always correct to them, so they believe it.
Here's your answer:

I have seen (firsthand) proof of God's existance.
(Mainly in answers to prayers)
I have seen scans of my friend's head before and after we prayed that God would cure his brain tumor (which He did).
I have heard God's voice.

I have NOT seen proof of alien existance.
However, I consider myself rational, so if I have any real reason to believe in them, I will.
I have never seen anything done by aliens or heard them.
i don't believe, or disbelieve, in alien life. if there is aliens, cool. if not, cool. matters not to me. kinda selfish though to think that God would only make us, and not sombody else too.
We had to define something or someone that would have responsibility over us. In addition, we have to have someone or something to blame if something goes wrong(God) and if something goes right('miracle') we have to thank someone(yes, God!).

This is God.

Hmm, about Aliens and the Universe:
1. There is a chance, of course.(well, we are somehow in this universe, aren't we?)

2. The Jewish Kabbala expalins that the whole existence is built of 7 realms.

The lower one is called Arretz = ארץ = "Land":
The first man, Adam, was thrown from heaven to the lower realm(which was created after Addam's sin). In this realm there was pure darkness, nothing else.
Before that, Adam has lived in "Heavens", the place of pure light that has no timeline. Anyway, the book of "Zohar"(=light) explains that Addam was very afraid of this darkness and decided to change. He was moved to the second realm.
This place of darkness also called The Edge of the Flipping Blade( להב החרב המתהפכת). This name states the terrible torture of this darkness.

The second realm is called Addama = אדמה "Soil":
In this realm, Cain and Abel were born to Adam and Eve.
Because of Cain's act(killed his own brother), Cain was sent to "Land".
The creatures(aliens if you want) that live in this realm are all farmers who seed seeds and they are sad all the time. Because of their low self esteem they have no free will. They are able to enter OUR realm, but they become human and also very negative types of human.

Cain has learnt his lesson down at the first realm, he was moved back to the second one and then to the third one.

The third realm is called Arraka = ארקה = "Ground":
The inhabitants of this realm are based upon Cain's image.
They have "2 heads", means: 1) they can, at the same time, decide "in favor of" and "against", 2)They actually have 2 heads.
Also, They have the basic level of free will, but they aren't fully aware about things around them. Some are pure Good, but some are wicked. They aren't very intelligent. They are described, by the book of "Zohar", as very small creatures with enormous physical strength.

The builders of the Babylon tower were in these realms:

The forth realm is called Gai = גיא = "Gorge":
This realm is huge! Huge as hell itself.
The inhabitants of this realm are all rich and wealthy, whoever will get to live in this realm will haev a chance to earn some big money Very Happy
This realm has a connection point with OUR realm at the place called "Gai Ben-Hinom" in Jerusalem.
Thousands of years ago, people who lived there used to sacrifice humans in order to connect to the "Gorge".(not Jews)

The fifth realm is called Neshia = נשייה = "Forgetfulness":
The inhabitants of this realm are described as tiny beings without noses, they only have 2 holes to breathe.
Means: 1) They do not have the ability to "filter" their acts. They immediately forget the act they've done a short time ago.

In addition, there is a place in the south America called "NASCAR".
The whole place has very deep energy.
The Inca have built the furrows there. You can see the whole picture only from a bird's eye view. These furrows are basically guidelines for U.F.Os and this place is connected with the "Forgetfulness" realm.

The sixth realm is called Tzia = ציה = "Wasteland":
The inhabitants of this realm are looking exactly as human beings, but they are always need water. So they come to OUR realm to take water from rivers and other sources.
They have a very strong desire to meet us.

The seventh realm is called Tevel = תבל = "The Universe":
Yes. Our whole "big" Universe is the sevnth realm.
We have the maximum level of free will. Means we can be the directors of our lives(if we'll want to Wink ).
It also says that only in our realm, people(or aliens) are able to bake bread. The bread symbolize our ego, and only because of our big ego we reached the maximum level of free will.

There is a higher realm.
Angels and pure souls are living there.
This is the realm of infinity and pure light.
Guess what i'm talking about.

This is an article I've actually edited and translated:

Those aliens and realms are described by one of the most important and 'holy' books Judaism has after the Torah.
So, erm... you can think whatever you want.. I also was quite surprised and a little bit amused by this article.
But maybe it's true.. who knows?
There are lots of chances of life out there and some small eveidance of previous life, cetainly evidance of things like Water and streams rivers and plants on other plants, I don't believe in 'Aliens' as such, but I do believe there might be life out there, what we might call 'intelligent' or not. Though I think there is no God, and that the bible is wrong on many accounts and has been proven on many accounts, doesn't stop peoples right to believe in something that is obviously false.
The proof of God is clearly out there (a.k.a. The Bible). You must just step off of your pedastal and put God before yourself. You choose to ignore him.
That's somebody else's problem if they choose not to believe. That's their choice. And it's my choice to believe. Don't tell me my beliefs are false. And I won't criticize yours.

People always whine about how others "push" their religion on them, when "non-believers" do the exact same thing. Ironic.
Jeslyn wrote:
Faith is just believing in things with NO EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER.

That's the point. That's why it's called faith and not "give me scientific evidence and maybe I'll believe you".

Only when our understanding of the world conflicted with what is stated in religious texts did faith become something like what you say.
At the risk of getting into something that looks like it might turn ugly...

There is a mathematical model for predicting life in the universe, and it it almost certain that it is out there; though "life" is a pretty broad category -- anything from amoebae to creatures so fanr in advance of ourselves that we would not recognise them as "alive" in any way we could understand.

There is also a mathematical proof that there must at least be another dimension we don't fully understamnd; our brains are not fast enough to hold and process even an hour of televesion, apparently (Ode magazine from January summarizes this).

I guess, the conclusion of that is that there is more in this life than we can fully understannd.

To answer the original question, though, I think we are more likely to think about (and therefore maybe believe in) things that affect us; and for those who believe in God, he is a part of their day to day lives... however, for those who believe in aliens, in general, i tmakes no difference to their day to day lives.

There is also the question of culture -- in many places it is culturally acceptable or evem outright encouraged to believe in God; conversely in many places it is discouraged or seen as "crackpot" to believe in aliens.
There must be something out there in both cases. Something that controls life, and something that creates life. Why would there be such a big universe if it was only us on our small little planet?

One day someone will find somthing out there.
its all down to faith as the first reply
I think that the reason that so many people believe in some sort of God is for a few reasons. They either dont want to think that there life is pointless and that they have some putpose here. Or because they are affraid to die. Because any after life even hell id better than just seasing to exist or because they dont want to take responsibility for there actions.

About the aliens. Aliens arent as cool to believe in as God is also, God has been around for thousands of years where the believe of Aliens is a realitively new idea.
shut up
This universe has so many powers, so many forces, so many perfect objects. Aliens could not have done it. This universe had to have had some sort of higher power build it. Take a Boeing 747 for example, sombody had to come up with it. I did not just go poof suddenly appear out of nowhere. somebody had to design it. The universe is so complex and well designed that somebody had to design or plan it.
Soulfire wrote:
The proof of God is clearly out there (a.k.a. The Bible). You must just step off of your pedastal and put God before yourself. You choose to ignore him.

... *silence*

How, exactly, is the bible proof of god? The bible is a book, a thing of paper and ink. It was written by humans. Some time *after* the time of Jesus. (For the record, yes, I am aware this particular part of the argument applies only to the new testiment). It is printed by humans. It is editted and revised by humans. The bible is no more 'proof' that god exists than, say, Harry Potter is proof that dragons exist. The only difference is the church says it is real (and, to be fair, they have just a *bit* of a biased standpoint).

*Prays to, ha-ha, god that you *honestly* do not believe the bible to be considered absolute proof. It is, at best, unimportant evidence*
sometime ago people told me this
Religion belief are different than any belief in the world
that's why it's different
thiamshui wrote:
how did life form? why is there even a world, a universe? it is an interesting world.. if there is God, who created God? Rolling Eyes
i also wonder aout this....

i dunno if there's god nor aliens, but i don't really care either, because beliving in god won't make him believe in me and help me, and aliens won't bother me until they'll come to earth(not that i'm saying that there is, but if there are then that's what i think)
and about what u said about people believes, it's not known why people believes in some things and in some they don't, i think it's because of what they learned at home...i donnu
When I think of the possiblity of aliens I look at the near impossible criteria there would have to be for them to exist as we do. Our particular situation is ridiculously rare, we have a moon that's a perfect distance away, we have Jupiter to protect us from space debris, the sun, the proper elements to sustain life (we were lucky to get H2O etc) and everything. Since space is infinite this could probably happen elsewhere but to some people's mind this is still very amazing. Believing in aliens is at least as easy as believing in God. Christians say they feel Him there, so that would be more proof to them than vague images of UFOs.

And yes I recognize my science up there isn't perfect but I'm busy making a point look up the facts yourself if you're interested Wink
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