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Currently reading Hagakure,,, anyone read it and what are your thoughts
For the information of our fellow readers, Hagakure is the "book of the samurai" supposedly written during Japanese middle age.

It contains lots of aphorisms and short stories designed to enlighten the reader on the "way of the samurai" . I first saw this book in Jim Jarmush's movie : Ghost Dog.

The movie was sooo cool and the quotings from the book so well intricated to the story and full of mystical meaning that when the END credits finished, the only thing I wanted was this book!

I had a hard time finding it and was quite disapointed when I read it... There were not so much short aphoristic rules to reach the enlightenment.

But there were very cool short stories making you imersing into medieval japan ... I liked it, although the way we may understand the principles edicted inside the book in today's world is certainly not the same than the author intended at the time ....

Hum, I get the feeling I am beeing unclearthere, but for short, he wrote this book for educating people from those dark and violent ages to the way of moderation , the way of the samurai...

I am not sure we can fully understand what's in there without deforming it with our modern view .

For those who read it, do you agree ?
I also bought the book after having seen Ghost Dog. I found it in Sweden by chance when visiting an antique books shop and was really thrilled, since I, like roumainmichel, am a big fan of the film (and Jim Jarmisch).

I haven't read the whole book, even though I bought it some years ago. I pick it up when I feel like it to read one of the short stories or rules. Some of them are quite good to mull over, so as to be able to better understand the spirit of the time of which they were written. And also, I guess, the spirit of the way of the samurai.

I think that one of the funnier passages of the book (sorry, no page reference) is the part where advice is given as how to avoid sneezing in public.

I would say that the book, to me, holds both a historic value as well as a ground for meditations on a certain subject. However, for the latter I nowadays find zenbuddhistic texts more interesting.
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